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Full text of "A catalogue of the collection of books on angling belonging to Mr. Dean Sage of Albany, N.Y. [microform]"

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Wtti^TMR.N.Y. U5M 








Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions Kistoriques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notos/Notss tachniquas at bibliographiquas 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

K Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagie 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurAe et/ou pellicul6e 

r~l Cover title missing/ 
[~n Coloured maps/ 




Le titre de couverture manque 

Coloured maps/ 

Cartes gdographiques en couleur 

Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 

I — I Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 


Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relli avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La re liure serr6e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distorsion le long de la marge int6rieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text. Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais. lorsque cela Atait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas dt6 fllm^es. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppl^mentaires; 

L'Snstitut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a M possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-dtre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger una 
modification dans la m^thode normale de filmage 
sont indiquAs ci-dessous. 

r~n Coloured pages/ 


Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommag^es 

Pages restored and/or laminated/ 
Pages restaur^es et/ou pelliculies 

Page? discoloured, stained or foxed/ 
Pages d6coior6es, tachetdes ou piqu6es 

Pages detached/ 
Pages ddtachies 


Quality of print varies/ 
Qualiti in^gale de ['impression 

Includes supplementary material/ 
Comprend du material suppl^mentaire 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partieilement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6x6 filmdes 6 nouveau de facon 6 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film^ au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessous. 
















s du 

r une 



>n d 


The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Library of Congress 
Photoduplication Service 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^ (meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol V (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 




L'exemplaire filmd fut reproduit grdce d la 
gdn6rosit6 de: 

Library of Congress 
Photoduplication Service 

Les images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition et 
de la nettetd de l'exemplaire film6, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprim^e sont filmds en commenpant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, selon le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont film6s en commenpant par la 
premidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernidre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles sulvants apparaftra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbole — ► signifie "A SUIVRE", le 
symbole V signifie "FIN". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvont dtre 
filmds a das taux de reduction diffdrents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul cliche, il est film6 d partir 
de Tangle supdrieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en biis, en prenant le nombre 
d'images n^cessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mdthode. 







The De Vinne Press certifies that this copy 
is one of fifty copies printed from type in the 
month of October, 1896. 







M ^ MHtWW* - !!!! II <m- 

,0m^ktUimttli K I i i M l iTW i II r ii ii. l i . u rn II ' i f i iM iiiM. -r i ' i n n 




^^i.i^;.-...,.^.,^;;^ts^ . ,JMm i i i i ii n i i i i iii rti ii WMir ii M ii iiiiw 










IT it beyond quettion that Angling literature ii In quality, •• 
perhaps in quantity, greatly superior o that on any other 
branch of iport. 

It has employed the best powers of men In all ranks of life, 
the pursuit of the gentle art arousing the fever of writing to an 
extent unknown as the result of any other amusement; so that 
it may be said that the use of the rod in this connection, as 
well as in the conventional methods of pedagogy, is a strong 
incentive to literary activity. 

Surely no one ever heard of a cook' or a conjurer* inspired 
by the delights of the hunting-field or by the love of the gun to 
write books on the chase or on shooting; yet Angling literature 
owes two of its important items to gentlemen of these useful and 
amusing professions. Men learned In the law have written with 
care and pains on this fascinating subject; the foremost scientific 
man of his day* gave us "Salmonia," and in nothing from his pen 
were the charm and grace of Sir Walter Scott more apparent than 
in his long and elaborate review of this work. 

The strong, masculine intellect of Christopher North, the gentle 
and refined minds of the poets Gay and Thomson, were exercised 
on this theme, so attractive to cultivated men of all professions. 

X ThomM Barker, " Art of Angling," 1651. » Herman Boaz, " AngUr't Progre»i," 1789. 

* Sir Humphrey Davy. 

I ? 



»i < Mgif w ii>i m 9m$m 




To the clergy, however, as a body. Angling seems to have fur- 
nished the strongest inducements to writing, while yielding many an 
efficient simile and timely wsming for use with their errant flocks. 
Other branches of sport, it may be said to their credit, have also 
occupied their leisure — hunting, sho«.icing, coursing, horse-racing, 
cock-fighting, etc.; but on none of these interesting topics has the 
cloth done better, or, it may be said, so good worf;, as on that of 

The most eminent of th.* class, by reason of her sex, learning, and 
accomplishments, v'^s the revered prioress of Sop well, Juliana Derners 
(her name probably was first so corrupted by some printer's devil), 
or Julyans Barnes, according to the archaic and more fitting nomen- 
clature. By the Roman use she was of the clergy, but her name, as 
well as that of her priory, would now doubtless be unknown outside 
of ecclesiastical records but for her labors in the fields of sporting 


No doubt the Rev. Henry Newland wrote and preached good ser- 
mons, and may have published chem ; but his book on the river Erne 
is now what keeps his memory green. 

The Rev. Dr. Bethune we of this generation know as an eloquent 
and learned man, who led many to grace ; but posterity will chiefly 
remember him as the writer of the best of the many that have ap- 
peared of the bibliographical prefaces to "The Compleat Angler" — 
a book on Angling by itself, full of knowledge of the art and com- 
passing the whole field of its literature. 

At the present day, the author of " Little Rivers " nobly upholds 
the reputation of his profession as an Angling writer, showing in his 
charming pastoral sketches and essays the fine sympathy with and 
appreciation of nature that go so frequently with the practice of the 
art What other literature of nature or of sport can show two men 
writing together through years with infinite pains, no recompense, 
and scant appreciation, as did Thomas Westwood and Thomas Sat- 

, _....jii i ■m—< ii T— * ■^'— ^ 


^^.f^,9.t^.m,mi^iimtMiif^ ^^^•*- 



chell ? They deserve, quite as much as Izaak Walton, a monument 
at the cost of Angling collectors. 

The cause of the relative value of this literature over that of any 
other sport is not hard to determine. Angling, from the general ease 
with which it is pursued, and the scenes amid which its feats are per- 
formed, attracts men of refinement, scholars, and lovers of nature to 
a much greater degree than any other sport— sport, with the English- 
speaking people, nearly always involving the taking or risking of life. 
In cettain phases of that in question there is a spice of adventure 
and conflict that pleases the bold while it does not deter the timid, 
and to the reflective and imaginative Angling opens a field of won- 
derful extent. 

Then the charm of the surroundings, and the opportunity given by 
the practice of Angling for the study and appreciation of nature and 
natural objects, draw toward it many who are competent to assist in 
forming a literature. In hunting or shooting, the entire attention of 
the sportsman must be steadily devoted to the matter in hand, his 
pleasure is not of a tranquil character, and all his surroundings are 
considered in relation to their effect on his sport. 

The Angler, on the contrary, in his most fruitful days has hours for 
meditating on every phenomenon of nature. While waiting on some 
lonely, wood-embowered kVe until the first blush of the morning or 
the glory of sunset tells the trout it is time to dimple the surface of 
the water or to throw themselves above it in the joy of existence, 
what a delightful opportunity comes to him for enjoying the calm 
beauties of the scene I In the shorter spaces of time, while rest- 
ing a big salmon on some rushing river, or even when the fast- 
hooked fish is sulking behind a rock in the middle of the current, 
the wild and picturesque surroundings appeal strongly to the sensi- 
tive imagination. 

Julyans Barnes, whose works on " Hawkynge," " Huntynge," " Cote 
Armure," etc., are scarcely less famous than " Fysshynge with an 








X Treface 

Angle," vastly p sferred the last-named sport, and thus explains her 
choice : 

" And yet atte the least he [the angler] hath his holsom walke and 
mery at his ease, a swete ayre of the swete savoure of the meede 
floures: that makyth hym hungry. He hereth the melodyous armony 
of fowles. He seeth the yonge swannes: heerons: duckes : cotes and 
many other foules with theyr brodes. whyche me semyth better than all 
the noyse of houndys : the blastes of hornys and the scrye of foulis 
that hunters: fawkeners & foulers can make." 

In collecting on many subjects, of which Angling is one, it is hard 
to draw the line where the subject ends or merges into another. 
Angling, ichthyology, and pisciculture overlap each other, in certain 
writers, to such an extent as to offer many puzzling questions for 
decision to those forming collections on either topic. A book on 
caterpillars and butterflies was once offered to me by a bookseller 
as an Angling work, because some artificial flies were made in the 
likeness of these insects. Another book on engraving, containing a 
portrait of Hollai*. was brought to my notice for the reason that Hollar 
was known to have etched a cot<ple of Angling plates. 

There are many books of travel which contain more or less on An- 
gling; novelists frequently introduce Angling episodes in their works 
and probably no writer of sermons has failed to utilize the familiar 
figure of the enemy of mankind with a baited hook, for he haV%ver 
been depicted as a fly-fisher, waiting patiently for the bite of a human 

There is, unfortunately, no rule by which to determine how much 
Angling matter is required to make a book eligible for a collection on 
this subject. Leaving the matter thus to the fancy of the collector 
makes all collections liable to criticism; but so long as "Walton's 
Lives," which are as destitute of Angling material as the Prayer- 
book, is considered an important item in Angling collections, the 
door seems open even to entomological works. 


,iJt.,. i y < r . ,.f . OT ri ri i nHHn i| tr n T ;'-'--"-"-*-" 



It is gratifying to know that most collectors of Angling books are 
themselves anglers, and have been brought to the task through sym- 
pathy with the sport, and with the woods and waters which have in- 
spired its literature. A man may write acceptably on the science of 
navigation without ever having been to sea, on painting without any 
practical experience with the brush; a man of peace may give valu- 
able instructions on war ; but nobody can write a purely theoreticajU 
work on Angling and not be found out. This fact is gradually be- 
coming known to writers wont to believe themselves equal to tack- 
ling any subject, and the result is evident in the improvement of the 


We have just reason to expect that in this country the love of An- 
gling among the growing numbers of educated and cultivated men 
may make its literature a good second to that of Britain on the same 

'"'^j^'*- D. SAGE. 

Albany, N. Y., January 15, 1896. 








■ritaH— >navMMMo*<n''«i>' 



Am J. L. The River Dove, with some quiet thoughts on the happy practice 
of angling. [By John Lavicount Anderdon.] London, Pickering, 1847. 

Collation : pp. iv-agfi. Plate inserted. laP, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. 
" A fnrmer edition WM printed for private circulation m 1845 without date, or printer's name, and 
with the following title : ' The river Dove ; with some quiet thoughts on the happy practice of 
angling, near to the seat of Mr. Charles Cotton, at Beresford llall, in Staffordshire.' Six 
copies of this edition were printed In 4°, and six of the ia° sixe on tinted paper. The number 
was limited to twenty-five. The author, in his introductioii, thus addresses the reader : ' Sir, 
the book I here present to you was put Into the printer's hands for the entertainment of a few 
gentlemen fishers. I heartily wish it were a more worthy tribute to the memory of those best 
masters of the art, Mr. isaar Walton, and Mr. Charles Cotton, 

" 'Alas that tbay are dead 1 ' 

The work is an Imitation of the quaint style of the assumed epoch, Walton and Cotton having 
been adopted a* models. It Is In the form of a collotniy, the interlocutors being an angler, a 
painter, and (occasionally) their host. The scene is in Derbyshire, in the footsteps of Charles 
Ci tton, aloni; the immemorial greensward of Dovedale. A biographical notice of Anderdon is 
prefixed to his posthumous work, 'Geron,' 1877; and 'A series of views,' taken by an artist 
under his instructions, of Beresford Hall and the river Dove, was issued with a brief preface bv 
his brother-in-law, Mr. F. Manning, in 1866. " Sit.fitc. 

A., J. L. The River Dove, etc. Another copy. 

19°, full green morocco, gilt back, gilt sides, gilt top. 

Adam. Robert. See Schuylkill. State in Schuylkill. 

Adam, William. The Gem of the Peak; or, Matlock Bath and its vicinity; an 
account of Derby ... to Matlock Sixth edition. Derby, Mozley, 1857. 

Collation : pp. xil-384. Illustrations. ia°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. It con- 
tains : " ny-fishing, "^p. «8; " Fly-fishing in the Wye," p. 156; " in the Derwent, " p. 183; and 
" in the Dove," p. ai5. Bit.fUe. 

Adam, William. Dales, Scenery, Fishing Streams, and Mines of Derbyshire 
and surrounding counties, historical and geological. London, Kent; [printed 
at] Wirksworth, 1861. 

Conation : pp. vi-173. Plate*- ia°, half green morocoo.gik bade. From Thomas Westwood's 
CO?! Vion. with bis book-plate, monogram, and autograph, " T. Westwood 186a," on fly-leaf. 


M W w i 'iWW b., i ii m i 

aa ft ii l awMi i wii 





3 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Addison. Joseph. See Coverly, Sir Roger de. 

AdvanUges. On the Advantages and Utility of a proposed new Treatise on 
the Art of Angling. London, printed by C. Whittingham, 1833. 

# Collation: pp. 15. "". half green morocco, gilt b»cli, gilt top. Very icarce. 

Adventures of a Salmon In the River Dee. By a friend of the family (1, t. 
William Ayrton). Together with notes for the fly-fisher in North Wales. 
London, Pickering, 1853. 

Collation- DO. 104. Platei. i(P. half crimion calf, gilt back, with original paper cover 
bouSd In /rom Si collection of Thomat Weitwood. with hii book-plate, and autograph 
memorandum on fly-leaf : " Attributed to Mr. W. Ayrton. T. W. 

Adventures of a 5almon In the River Dee. Another copy. London, 
WhitUker, n. d. 
Platei. x(P, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Aflalo, Frederick Q. See Paske, C. T. 

AKMsiz. Louis Jean Rodolphe. Histoire Naturelle de» Poissons d'Eau 

douce de I'Europc centrale. Embryologie dei salmones par C. Vogt. 

Neuchatel, Nicolet, 1842. 
Plates Elephant folio, half green morocco, gilt back, g«t top. by Z»ehnidorf.wiA original 

oaOT^cover Sund i^ V 35 le*ve. printed on one .ide only The text is in f^nf "*- Fr«nch. and 

KImw. The 5a platea. many o^rhich are finely colored, have a title-page Ated 1839. 

Akerman, John Yonge. Spring-tide; or the angler and his friends. A 
series of fishing scenes, with Ulustrations of the Westcountry dialect. Lon- 
don, Bentley, 1859. 

Collation : pp. xv-ioa. lUuatratloni. ifl°. fUll crimion calf, gilt back. Bjlt edges. From 
thewUectioiSFThomS Westwood, with hi* book-plate, and monogram on fly-leaf. Auto- 
graph letter of the author inserted. 

Akerman, John Yonge. Spring-tide. Another copy. 

x«o, half green morocco, gilt back.Vgilt top. 

Akerman, John Yonge. Spring-tide. Second edition. 1852. 

PUtes. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. The motto of the book Is : 
" Lord, who would live turmoiled in the court, 
And may enjoy such quiet walk. a. t»«^^'^^,p^ .. ^ „„^ yi." 

•••M.».r in nnr rMollection ' lavs a writer in the 'Gentleman's Magaiine." 'has the con- 
te^ffive mnTt^Sfn b;«"?^de^ more attractive, nor the delight o a country bfe 
iS^Sh irifti tAier oVmore dUcrimlnaring test, than in these pleasant pages.' Bit. fisc. 

XXn nil' 


Catalogue of Books on AitgUnp: 


eatiM on 

mily (i. /. 
:h Wales. 

•per cover 


ns d'Eau 
C. Vogt. 

1th original 
French, and 

ends. A 
ct. Lon- 

Iges. Prom 
leaf. Auto- 

las the con- 
. cotintry life 

The Angler. See Angler's Almanac 

Aldam, W. H. A Quaint Treatiic on " Flees and the art a' Artyficiall Flee 
making," by an old man well-known on the Derbyshire streams ... a cen- 
tury ago; printed from an old MS. never before published. . . . With edi- 
torial notes and patterns of flies and samples of the materials for making 
each fly. London, Day, 1876. 

Collation : pp. xv-91. With two chromo-lithographic faciimilei. 4°. doth, gilt edgei. The 
vartoui patterns and tamples are inserted on heavy cardboard in an oval, with raised edge 
to protect them. 

Alexander. Col. 5ir James Bdward. Salmon-fishing in Canada. By a 
Resident. Edited by Col. J. E. A. London, Longmans, i860. 

Collation : xiv-3S0. Illustrations. Post 8 '. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Alexander, William. A Journey to Beresford Hall, the seat of Charles 
Cotton, Esq. London, Russell Smith, 1841. 

Collation : 13 leaves. Vignette title and plate. 4°, full sprinltled calf, cilt back by W. 
Pratt. "A facsimile of a somewhat -flat, stale and unprofitable' epistle. It is dedicated to 
'The Anglers of Great Britain,' and the preface commences thus: 'A Journey to BitEi- 
FORD Mali-, the skat of Charles Cotton, Esq., the celebrated Angler 1 Why. 
what an irresistible title I BsREsroRD Hall I there is something so charming in Its sound, 
that it cannot be described. To an Angler, it is the Tallyho of the Foxhunteh. A soul- 
stirring Neck and neck race to the HoRBE-RACER. The Down Charge to the Crack Shot. 
The SOHO to the Courser. The Rattling of the Rings to the Flt-hsher. or Troller, 
&c.' " BU. pite. Large-paper copy, scarce. 

See Otter, pseud. 

Alfred, W. H. See Epitome. 

Allan, R. See Ireland. The Sportsman in Ireland, 1840. 

Allcock, Sf. & Co. Manufacturers of needles, fish hooks, fishing rods, fish- 
ing tackle, and silkworm gut of every description. Birmmgham, Billing, 
Tacklemaken' pabUcation, containing 38 plates, illustrating their articles of manufacture. 
Folio, cloth. 

Allnutt, H. See Thames. Report of a Survey of the River Thames, n. d. 

Amateur Poacher, The. By the author of " The Gamekeeper at Home " 
and " Wild Life in a Southern Country." Boston, Roberts, 1879. 

Plate inserted. I9°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gUt top. Newspaper cUppings inserted. 


«B»i f I I'lmwiMiiiWiJw'ttii 'Wtoi'i' mV nii'-'iiiiiiiMn 

i i i)wr ii >i lll> iH ll iWM» w> <Hr i .ii|B 





I ' 

4 Cjtalof(ue of Books on Angling 

American Angler. Twenty plates of fith, the description of which, modes 
of capture, etc., are to be found in the "American Angler" of July 14, 
Oblong ifl". 

Amcrioin. The American Angler's Guide. Being a compilation from the 
works of popular English authors from Walton to the present time, together 
with the opinions and practices of the best American anglers. By an Amer- 
ican angler [John J. Brown]. New York, Burgess, 1845. 

Collation : pp. M4. Illu«lrationi. 16°, cloth. S«ld to b« iha Ant angling book writttn In 

American. The American Angler's Guide. Second edition, 1S46. 
Piatt. itP, cloth. Scare*. 

American. The American Angler's Guide ; or, complete fisher's manual for 
the United Stotes; containing the opinions and practices of experienced 
anglers of both hemispheres; with the various modes adopted in ocean, 
river, lake and pond fishing ; the usual tackle and baits required ; instruc- 
tions in the art of making artificial flies; methods of making fish-ponds; 
transportation of fish, etc. Fourth edition, with the addition of a second 
part. New York, Appleton, 1857. 

Collation ; pp. ate. tP, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. '| By John J. 
Brown, whose name appears for the flrat Ume on the title-pagr, In the 5th edition. Bit. pin. 

American PUh and How to Catch Them ; a hand-book for fishing. By 
an old angler. New York, Harper, 1885. 
Collation : pp. 95. Small 4°, boards, uncut. 

AmuMmcns de la ChaMC et de la P6cIm, oil Ton enseigne la maniire de 
prendre toute sorte d'oiseaux et d'animaux & quatre pi^. Avec . . . les 
plus beaux secrets de la chasse et de la p^che ; la maniire de faire les rets 
et les filets, etc. On y a joint un grand nombre de belles figures, et un dic- 
tionnaire de tous les termes usit^s pour la chasse et la p^che. Cinqui^me 
Wition, augmcnt^e. Tome 2. A Amsterdam et \ Leipzig, Aukst^e et Mer- 

kus, 1743- 

Collation : pp. vi-aS^-[76J. Illustrationi. iii°, boards, uncut. •• A reprint of tha 'Amusemena 
d« la Campagne ' of Liger, Bit. put. 

r,i.ii iieiiMiMara>"^vfi"ii«' 

iWiiniilii ... ,^^^iiK««iM>MMiaiiiriM<liM|iitMM^^ 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 5 

Andardon. John l^vlcount. See A., J. L. 

Afldtrton, John. Sprig* of Heather ; or, the ramblet of '« May-fly " with old 
friends. . . . Edinburgh, J. Meniies, 1884. 

Collation : pp. vlll-iAj. la ', elolh. Dr. Andtnon wu for many yaari a conlrtbutor to (h« 
Pi«Ul, ' under tha mm dtptmmt of " Majr-fly." 

Anderson, John. Sprigs of Heather. Second edition, enlarged. Edin- 
burgh, Menzies, 1884. 
CollatkNi : vilMno. ia°, clotli. 

Angl«r. An Amateur Angler's Days in Dove Dale. See Dove Dale. 

Anglor. The Angler. Sec Dagley, R. Death's Doings. 

Ancl«r. The Angler, comprising descripdons of the various kinds of fish. 

London, R. Macdonald, n. d. 

Collation: pp. 18. Illutlraliont. Sauare 18°, half green morocco, gilt back, gUt top, by 
Zaehnidorf, with original paper cover* bound In. 

Angler. The Angler; containing a complete description of all fresh-water 
fish and the most approved methods of catching them . . . together with 
useful hints to anglers in general. London, Groombridge, n. d. 
Collation : pp. yt. Plata. 30°, limp morocco. Scarce. 

Angtor. The Angler. How, when and where to fish in river or in sea. 
London, Dean [1871]. 
Collation : pp. 6». lUuitratad. 16^, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. 

Angler. The Angler. Another copy. 

lUuttrated. i6«, half green morocoo, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf, with original paper 
coven bound in. 

Angler. The Angler. See Catalogues, The Angler. 
Angler. The Angler in Ireland. See Ireland. 


mmtmtmmvum Wmimk 

■itthwifcai M — 11 1 i ii Trt* i i*i i " i i»>m i iii >..«, .liiUi!^,. 



• : ( 

1 1 

6 Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

Angler. The Anglera. Kight dialuguea, in verse. London : printed for E. 
Dilly, at the Koae and Crown, in the Poultry, near the Mansion House, 

ColUtlon : pp. IV-5A. I*°, full mntlUd calf, (III b*ck. by W. Prall. " Allrtbuird, and *ppa- 
ranlly on tufflclcnl ground*, to Dr. Thoma* Scoll, a dl»eniin|[ minlilar of Ipiwlch, lhi> author, 
among oihar work*, of a irantlatlon of ih« Book of Job inio KngtUh van* with noi*«, a highljr 
cuiogiitic noUce of which appear* In the ' Gantlcman'* Magailne,' vol. 41, pn. 36669. Ma 
(lied «l Huplon. Norfolk. 10 which placa ha rtmoved from Ipiwlch In 1775 'I hi* work wi» r«- 
priniail in Kuddiman* ' Collection of Karca, curlou*. and valuable piece*, both In proie and 
var*«, Edinburgh, 1773 ft 1713. and a larga portion of U wa* appropriated without acknow- 
ledgmant bjr I.alhy, in hi* poem 'The angler.' The original e<lltlon ha* become rare. In 
a prefaca entitled ' The booktellar to the reader ' occur* ine (ollowing humoruut )u*linc«tlon 
of angling : ' To a man of any compa** of thought and aiperlence in ihe world it I* well known 
(hat angling It not a mare recreation, but a hu*lne«> - a bu*lne*( which rmployeth mo*l order*, 
profetilon* and occupation* among men. Thli mighi l>e fairly priived bv an induction of par- 
ticular*. For1n«tanca we bookteller* angle for author*, and author* angle for a dinner, or for 
fame. Again, doth not the lawyer angle for client*, the doctor fur a fee, the divine for prefer- 
meni, the *tateimen for *ecrel*, the courtier for a pen*lon, and the needy for a place ? Further, 
what i* ha who oflferelh a briba, but a flilier for another man'* cun*cience? And wh*l li 'ia 
who takeih a bribe, but iha illly fli*h that i* caught with the bait ? VMiat i* here lald may 
*ufKce to *how the anlver*ality of our author'* *uT>lect ' ThI*, however, It very much In the 
tlrtln of the ' Royal recreation of Jovial anglert. " Bi*. fis*. Scarce. 


Edited by John Yonge Aii:er- 

Angler. Angler's Almanac fur . . 

man. London, J. Russell Smith. 

Collation ; pp. 04. ttP, original papar. 

Angler. The Angler's Almanac and Pocket-book for 1853, being a handbook 
and guide to the principal rivers, lakes and fisheries in Great Britain, Ireland, 
and Scotland. . . . By a practical angler. London, Cox [185a]. 

Collation : pp. ic6. Illuitralioni, iV, half green morocco, gilt back, gill top, by Zaehnttiorf. 

Angler. The Angler's Almanac, etc. Another copy, 1854. 

Collation : pp. loa. Illuttrationt. tti^, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 

Angler. The Angler's Almanac, etc. Another copy, 1855. 

Collation : pp. 108. Illiutrationt. ttP, half graan morocco, gilt back, gill top, by Zaehntdorf. 

Angler. The Angler's Assistiyit, or a new and complete treatise on the art of 

angling; containing every necessary instruction to practice with success this 

most healthy pastime, efe. London, Mason (1813). 

Collation : pp. 36. Plata. tP, calf. From collection of Thomas Wettwood, with hit book- 

Angler. The Angler's Assistant, etc. Another copy. 

Plate. r>, full mottled calf. gUt back, by W. Pratt. 


< mfmm-mm 1 1 ii ffl# » er.i«iiH»w w iin ai 



Catalogue of Books on Anglinn 7 

Angtor. The Angler'* AuiaUnt, etc. Another copy. 

Ptai*. 1^. (Vill polUhttI Mif. ilU tMck, gill top, uncut, by Rlvl*r«, with orlglnAl blu« pap«r 
•ovf n l>cund In. 

Angler. The Angler'* Companion ; being a complete practical guide to an- 
gling ; with the propertiea, name* and where to be found, of all river fi*h, tit. / 
to which id added Nobbe*' Art of Trolling. London, Hughe*, n. d. 

pp. ja Colortd pUi«. I* ', hair r«d moroco, glli back, gill lop, bjr Za«hn«dorf. 

Angler. The Angler'* Companion and Uuide to the White House Fixhery, 
describing the principal swims and best tackle, methud* and baits. . . . With 
observations on fishing generally. London, Cowic, n. d. 

Collation : pp. 35. *4 '. half grc«n morocco, gill hack, gilt top, by Zachnidorf. " Ai frontlt- 

ilaca II hai'A map of iha wattr,' or plan, «nowlng ih« bad '•wimi' In the Whita Houm 

Tha angling treatite li followed by ' A trolling eicuriion,' and a (ong antltled ' I h« 

•nglar • long,' signed by ). .Martin, to whom dickering atiribuiaa tha work 
Iha forerunner of 'The analer* gulda to tha Horta and Oroom,' tk., and 

panlon,' which follow.' 

. pitc. Tha Ant adillon. Vary *c*rc«. 

It it probably 
Angler'i com- 


Angler. The Angler's Companion, being a description of where to find and 
how to fish the various swims in the Horse and Groom, Lea Bridge, and 
White House Fisheries. London, Piper, n. d. 

Collation : pp. )6. Illu*lratlont. itP, half green morooco, gilt back, gilt lop. 

Angler. The Angler's Companion, etc. Another copy. Issued in 1840 at 

the " Angler's Guide." 

Illuitratloni. itP, half gretn morocco, gilt back, gilt lop, with original papar eovtn bound 
In. Vary tcarea. 

Angler. The Angler's Companion ; or perfect instructor. London, Hodgson, 
n. d. 

Collation : pp. *^. Folding plate, eolorad. iiP, half crimion ealf, gilt bacli. "Tba Mm* a* 
' Angler and Swimmer. ' " Bit. pise. 

Angler. The Angler's Complete Assistant ; being an epitome of the whole 

art of angling ; containing at one view, the harbours, seasons and depths for 

catching all sorts of fish usually angled for. ... 4th edit. Printed for and 

•old by J. Wilkinson. London (n. d.). 

Collation: pp.4. 4°, half brown morocco, gill back, gilt top, by Zachntdorf. "Thaftnt 
•dition, which ii without date, was iitued about 1780. " Bit. fiu. Rare. 





Catalogu$ of Books on Angling 



Angl«r. The Angler'n [)eti<l«ratum, containing the b««l and fuliett ilirections 
for drcMing the artiAcial (Ijr. With nome new an«l valuable 'tlona, by 

the author, from a practice of nfarly »>alf • cMitury. Hy it ^ Urk«, 

R. M. Edinburgh, Andenun, 1839. 

CoiUllM I pp. 4! IliiMtrallOM. i«'. half grMti muroecn. gill tMck. gill toy. 

Angler. The Angler's Diary ; or, forms for regiatenng the Ash ixVtn during 
the year; to which is prefixed a list of fishing stations in KngI u. By 

I. E. B. C(ox|. London, Horace Cox, 1866. 

CoUatkM : pp. I. Nmall 40, p«p«r. 

Angler. The Angler's Diary, etc. Another copy, 1867. 
CoUalloc : pp. 16. Small 4°, cloih. 

Angler. The Angler's Diary and Fisherman's Guide to the Rivers and Lakes 
of the World, to which in added forms for registering the fish taken during the 
year. [By L E. B. C.| London, Horace Cox. 1868. 
Small 4°. cloth. 

Angler. The Angler's Diary, etc. Another copy, 1873. 
Pott I', cloth. 

Angler. The Angler's Diary, etc. Another copy. London, Cox, 1872-76, 
1873 wanting. 
Pom fP, hair gratn morooco, gill back, gilt top. 

Angler. The Angler's Diary, etc. London, the " Field" office, 1877-79. 

Pod fP, half graan morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Angler. Anglers' Evenings. Papers by members of the Manchester Anglers' 
Association. First series. Second edition. Manchester and London, Hey- 
wood, 1883. 
Collation : pp. vli-ayu. Plata. f>, elotb. 

Angler. Angler's Evenings. Second leticii. 

CoUati ., pp. vlll-«83. Platai. 8°, cloth. 

Angler. Angler's Evenings. Papers by members of the Manchester Anglers' 
Association. Third series. Manchester, Hey wood ; London, Simpkins, 1894. 

Illiutrationi. S°, doth, uncut. 

■i f. ' . ' JW iil— 


Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 9 

Anfl«r. The Angler'i CiarUnd. Sec I'tarion. Kdwin. 
AngUr. The Angler'* Ould«f, » Jt;. tn manuitripi. 

»iwi'i'll?"i . Tlfft. "*"■'* "J'**!' ^''h'"!; "Jr J««qu«i V«m*rt ami ObMrvailone on ih« 
Pttbllc Rl|lil or Mahlni, itc, b^ PlMsior 

Angl«r. The Angler'i Guide ; containing easy inttructioot for tha youthful 
beginner, with leveral olwrvation* on fithmg, pointing out the proper times 
and leasons for the diflerent kinds of fiih, tU. By a Lover of (he Art. 
London, Smith, 1838. 

#W*aSI'*" ■ *"* **^''* '*'•*• '•'• "•" *•"• " ^ ''• ■ O*""*""'" ABgUr. wiib • ntw ilUa. 
AngUr. The Angler'» Guide to . . . North VValei. See Pritchard, W. 

Angler. The Angler'i Guide to the Hon* and Groom, Lea Bridge, and 
White Hou«e Fiaheries. See Martin, Rev. Jamet. 

AngUr. The Angler's Guide. With every necessary information for angling, 
ttt. London, printed for R. Holmes (1859]. 
ColUtlon ; pp. 3I. Foldlnf plai* and lltuiiraUonii. 16". half grMn calf, g llr back, gill top 

Angler. The Angler's Hand-Book; containing concise instructions for 
every department of the art, and two coloured plates of flies, including many 
never before figured. . . . London, Tyas, 1838. 
Collation : pp. «7. yi°. cloth. 

Angler. The Angler's Hand- Book. Another copy. 

yP, half gTMn morocco, gill back, gill lop, bf Kaufmann, with origlaal papar covart bound 

Angler. The Angler's Hand- Book. Another copy. Second edition. Lon- 
don, Tyas; Edinburgh, Menxies, 1838. 

Illustrated. 30°, cloth. 

Angler. The Angler's Hand-Book, Third edition. London, Tyas, 1840. 

Iljuitraied. yP, half crlmion calf, gilt back. From ThotnM Wastwood'i collecllon, wllh oU 
book-plat«, monogram, and three lines In his autograph Inserted. 

Angler. The Angler's Hand- Book. New Edition. London, Routledgc, 1846, 

llluMratad. 311°, clolh. 

Angler. The Angler's Instructor. See Bailey, William. 






i*i n i ,Ma<i i i» Mw 

I l*l>«l»H| 0« 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Angler. The Angler's Inrtructor. Giving a dctcription of each fish, and 
the rod and Uckle in general use. . . . London, Little, 1839. 

CoUttlon: pp. ai-ta. IlluitraUoni. «i°. half peen calf, gilt back, giU top. "A tackle- 
makert publl«illon. Variout Uiuei. " m.pitt. Scare*. 

Angler. The Angler's Magazine; or, necessary and delightful storehouse; 
wherein everything proper to be known relating to his art is digested in such 
a method as to assist his knowledge and practice upon bare inspection ; being 
the completest manual ever published on the subject ; largely treating on all 
things relating to fish and fishing, and whereby the angler may acquire his 
experience without the help of a master. By a lover of that innocent and 
healthful divereion. . . . London, Owen, 1754- 

Collation- DP. W-44. ia«, full iprinklad calf, gilt back, by W. Pratt. " By George Smith, 
whose iSiTreafl^iid to the prSface. The wSrk is arrang«J in the form of a dictionary. 
Bib. fist. Veryncarce. 

Angler. Angler's Magazine or Complete Fisherman; containing short, 
plain, and easy instructions, whereby the most ignorant beginner may in a short 
time become a perfect artist in angling for salmon, salmon peal, trout, pike, 
carp, perch, barbel, tench, bream, chubb, grayling, mullet, flounders, roch, 
dace, gudgeon, eU. With several observations on angling, angle rods, and 
artificial flies; directions for choosing the best hair and Indian grass; of the 
proper times and seasons for river and pond fishing; when fish spawn; and 
what baits are chiefly to be used, etc. Also, the method of rock and sea 
fishing; choice receipts for dressing fish; how to improve barren ground, by 
turning it into fish ponds; with plain directions for making a trout pond; 
the laws of angling, and the form of a license and deputation for angling 
To which is added the angler's dictionary, wherein everything proper to be 
known and an explana;ion of the technical words used in the art, are di- 
gested in such a method as to assist his knowledge and practice upon bare 
inspecrion. Together with the angler's new song. By a gentleman who has 
made angling his diversion upwards of twenty-seven years. Dublin, James 
Hoey, Jr., 1760. 
Collation: Title: p. lii-«^i^>o, Title r The Ang^^^ 

o3^TS uru'^fi^^d le^v^of adv^iilln'em;*^ 

6rown morocco puU-ofT case, rilt back. " The preface of tliit book is signed G. S. and it aoDcar* 

to be a combination of the • Gentleman Angler and ' Angler t Magaifne of 1754, 

and it appears 
■ Bib.pite. 



fish, and 

'A tackle- 

;d in such 
)n; being 
ing on all 
cquire his 
scent and 

orge Smith, 

ing short, 
f in a short 
rout, pike, 
lers, roch, 
rods, and 
iS8 ; of the 
awn; and 
k and sea 
ground, by 
out pond ; 
\x angling 
oper to be 
irt, are di- 
upon bare 
xi who has 
>lin, James 

lUn, iTte) pp. 
inclosed in a 
md it appears 
" Bib. file. 


. Tarfiwa 


Catalogue of Books on /4ngling 


Angler. The Angler's Manual ; or, concise lessons of experience, which the 
proficient in the delightful recreation of angling will not despise, and the learner 
will find the advantage of practising ; containing useful instruction on every 
improved method of angling, and particularly on the management of the 
hand and rod, in each method. Embellished with twelve plates, designed 
and etched by S. Howitt. Liverpool, printed by G. F. Harris, for Samuel 
Bagster, London, z8o8. 

Collation : pp. iv-a8. Oblong i6°, half calf. " The etchings good, the text trivial. For some 
details respecting Howitt tad his works, see Howitt." Bii. pitc. Scarce. 

Angler. The Angler's Manual. Another copy. 

Oblong ifP, half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by W. Pratt. 

Angler. The Angler's Map of the River Thames. See Ravenstein, E. G. 

Angler. Angler's Map of the Thames. See NetLerclift, J. 

Angler. The Angler's Museum. See Shirley, Thomas. 

Angler. Angler's Note-book, and Naturalist's Record (The) ; a repertory of 
fact, inquiry, and discussion on field sports and subjects of natural history. 
" Fast bind, fast find." The green series complete. London, W. Satchell & 
Co., 1880. 
Collation : pp. iv-193. Plates. Small 4°, half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Angler. Angler's Note-book, and Naturalist's Record (The) ; a repertory of 
fact, inquiry, and discussion on Fish, Fishing, and subjects of natural history. 
The yellow series complete. London, Elliot Stock, 1888. 

Illustrations. Small 4°, half roxburghe, gilt top, uncut. 

Angler. Angler's Note-book, and Naturalist's Record (The) ; a repertory of 
fact, inquiry, and discussion on fish, fishing, and subjects of natural history. 
The yellow series complete. London, Elliot Stock, 1888. The Second 

Illustrations. Small 4°, cloth. 

Angler. Angle'^s Note-book, etc. Second series. One of twelve copies 

printed on Whatman's drawing paper, this being No. 6, signed and dated 

" Elliot Stock, May 31, '88." 

' ' The Angler's Note-book " was the last work of Mr. Thomas Satchell, to whom anglers owe 
so much. L<etter of Satchell inserted. 


safttoaSfc.,, ^ft*!-^ 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Angler. Angler's Note-book, etc. Another copy. 


Anglei The Angler's Own Book, containing ample directions whereby a 
thorough knowledge of the art may be acquired, ek. . . . London, Mac 
donald (n. d.). 

Collation : pp. 5a. i(P. half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Kauftnann, with original 
paptr coven bound in. 

Angler. The Angler's Own Book. Gives a thorough knowledge of the art, 
etc. London, Neal (n. d.). 

Collation : pp. 3a. i&', half green calf, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehn«dorf, with original paper 
cover* bound in. 

Angler. The Angler's Pocket-book : or compleat English angler : containing 
all that is necessary to be known in that art. Also Nobbes' celebrated trea- 
tise on the art of trolling. With an appendix in which are improvements and 
discoveries never before published. The third edition. London, printed by 
H. K. Causton, Birch Lane; sold by James Aspeme, Comhill, 1805. 
Collation : pp. 148. Illuitrated. xfP, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Angler. The Angler's Pocket-book, etc. Another copy. Norwich, Payne 
(n. d.). 

Collation: pp. 108. 8^ half crimwn. calf, gilt back. " The author, in W» JJ^dreM jTb the 
reader 'deeiam that • The following opuscule, or essay on angling, is not compiled firom any 
w^k^'xttS bSt is a plin and awdfi nWraUon of matter of fact, founded on many years' expe- 
rience * A page ^w?h'v«- The anrlers commandments': * Thou sha^t "otfish when Ae 
wUid is coid.^etc. The treaUse by Nolbes is sUted to be 'prefixed' to the Norwich edition, 
but, as in the oihers. it follows after. ' ' Ba. fUc. 

Angler. The Angler's Pocket-book, etc. Another copy. 
Half calf. 

Angler. The Angler's Progress. See Boaz, H. 

Angler. The Artgler's Register. See Francis, Francis. 

Angler. The Angler's Souvenir. See Fisher. 

Angler. The Angler's Vade Mecum. See Chetham, J. 

Angler. The Border Angler. See Border. 

Angler. A Complete and Experienced Angler. See Markham, Gervase. 


iS whereby a 
i>ndon, Mac- 

n, with origioal 

ge of the art, 

h original p«p«r 

r : containing 
ebrated trea- 
>vements and 
in, printed by 

rwich, Payne 

iddress ' To tb« 
mpiled from any 
lany yean' expe- 
lot fish wlien the 
Norwich edition, 

Catalogue of Books on y^ngling i j 

Angler. The Complete Angler; with full instructions how, when and where 

to take the best kinds of fish, the proper tackle and baits required. . . . Lon- 
don, Elliot, 1855. 

Collation:. pp. 36. Plate and illustrationi in the text. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back. 

^. Weitwood 
See Elliot. 


M^'fifJ! " Reliiued. the following year, a. ' ElTlot'i CompIete*Angier.' -'*"'*"^' 

i, Gervase. 

Angler. Experienced Angler. See Venables, R. 

Angler. The Female Angler. See Lady. " The Accomplish'd Ladies' De- 
light." pp. 131-150. 

Angler. The Gentleman Angler. See Gentleman. 

Angler. The Jolly Angler. See March, J. 

Angler. The Modem Angler, containing the most esteemed methods of an- 
gling for every species of pond and river fish, eU. Derby, Richardson {circa 

Collation : pp. 34. Colored folding plate, containing fishing scene, and twelve different 
Ft™.'!:ie'^aWecSrS'?ir?L'S^^! ""'' """="'• "'* "'*«*"•' ^^' «>-" *-"»«' -• 

Angler The Modem Angler. See Salter and " Otter." 

Angler. The North Country Angler; or, the art of ang)-v,g as practised in 
the northem counties of England. London, Richardson, 1786. 
Go'idS^JtiSf.ttpl.^S!''- 8°. •>•»"«"«=«<'■«•'» back. From U.e collection of Thoma. 

Angler. The North Country Angler. Third edition. Leeds, Gill, 1800. 

Collation : pp. iv-87. Plate. 8 ', half crimson calf, gilt back. 

Angler. The North Country Angler. Fourth edition. London, Longman, 

v>^TldlnT-iaS?\t'fL.^fiU^'^f^''^^''''^' ^"*?ft-.,"'^' ""* edition Of this work ap- 
pearea m 1786 ; the second in the lollowing year ; the third (Leeds) 1800 • fourth iX^nA 1 i««» 

n Jt'*"!^" 'i'^'*"*' ««""'"'• 'h°''K»' "f'«<l «he • Fourth.' Chi.owy'.Ushot^ldha^e b^en 
called the ' North Country Poacktr.-T. W.-Nott oh fiy-Uaf/From THSoma! Wm.w^. o«i 
Action, with hi, bopk-plite, autograph «,d Ms' Z^^^SiJ^^tyA^ 'O^^^^ 
been called •' The Nor& Country Poacktr." ' says Chatto. • Most ahglen.* says*th s^wr 

«,f»7.?. """1"''* ** bag-rod a* the imum Htcmarum. as if one wiuld not be an angler wiX 
In i hoi"i? *i?"* .'.*'"*• .J' '? '° ^ "V""." *"' ' "l""* •«*»* how many short pleces"toft otfriwl 
m.1 ^"^ V »»»»'«»«■» 'hat I cannot help thinking I see the Squire trudging atone to \herive? 

!il;der"hi?(S"-I?pr" "iffS!?..^"^" "^^ ""' «"'* ""»"«• "*» "»• >«« >'^«»- '-'X"lli 





wS^.^!J! !SiS^5iS ? ^w^.4ifc& i' ^S^a&MK^^;^^^';^-^ 

14 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Angler. The Northern Angler. See Kirkbride, J. 

Angler. The Universal Angler; or, that art improved in all Us parts, espe- 
cially in fly-fishing, describing the several sorts of fresh-water fish with their 
properest baits ; also the names, colours and seasons of all the most useful 
flies, together with directions for making each fly artificially, in the most ex- 
act manner, the whole interspersed with many curious and uncommon ob- 
servations. Adorned with cuts of the several fish herein treated on. London, 

Collation: plate, title, one unnumbered leaf-v-viH; pp. i-i«o. 5 ?••»». Includine the 
front. PlateiTiaO. full mottled calf, mlt back, by W. Pratt. " Areprintof 'TheArtof AngHng, 
by R. Bowlker, with additioni." BU.fitc. 

Angler. The Young Angler, Naturalist and Pigeon and Rabbit Fancier, with 

hints as to the management of silkworms, etc. London, Routledge, i86o. 

ColUtion: pp. iv-ia4. lUuitration*. 16°, half green moiocco. gilt top. From Thomas 
Wettwood's collection, with hit book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf 

Angler. The Young Angler, etc. Another copy. 

Half green, levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Angler. The Young Angler, etc. Another copy. 

Half green, levant morocco, gUt back, gilt top. 

Angler. The Young Angler's Assistant; or, a new and complete treatise 
on the art of angling. London, Mason ( 1 8 1 3). 

Collation : pp. iii-^. Plate. 840, full crimion morocco, gilt back, gilt tides, center piece of 
a fith. From f homat Wettwoodt collection, with hit book-plate. 

Angler. The Young Angler's Companion, giving a description of all the 
diflcrent methods of angling . . . illustrated with filiy engravings, etc. Lon- 
don, March (n. d.). 

CoUation: pp. a6. la", half purple calf, gilt back, with original paper covew bound in. 
From the collection of Thomas Wistwood, with his book-plate, monogram, and autograph, 
" T. Westwood, i«*)," on fly-leaf and tlUe. A sixpenny pamphlet. 

Angler. The Young Angler's Guide. See Cheek, J. 

Anglican Friar. The Anglican Friar and the Fish which he Took by Hook 

and by Crook, a comic legend. By a Novice, A. F. & F. Dedicated to all 

lovers of angling. London, Darling, 185 1. 
CoUatlon : pp. 166. Engraved tide and plates. xa°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, 

by Zaehnsdoif. " This It merely fun biding In an angler t domino. Btt. fut. 

parts, espe- 
h with their 
most useful 
:he most ex- 
otnmon ob- 
1. London, 

, Includlnff the 
Irtof AngUng,' 

fancier, with 
Ige, i860. 
From Thomu 

)lete treatise 

, center piece of 

)n of all the 
3;s, etc. Lon> 

overs bound in. 
and autograph, 

ook by Hook 
dicated to all 

lit back, gilt top, 

. Second edition. London, printed for 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 1 5 

Angling. No title. London, n. d. 

Pngei 67}.tfW from Chamberi. Four pUtes Interted. 8°, half blue morocco, gilt baclc, gilt top. 

Angling. No title, n. d. 

Birt«'*/'f'^Hf'w!!- »""^ '■■""l.fT' il"^"?' •"** *»'" illuilraied by the insertion of four 
piatet. 4", ball blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Angling. Angling. A poem 
Slater, 1741. 

ofT^ntil^ '\lt^^fK\ J**' '"'■','* '^ •,?'?'.' *>"'^"' »'"• •"'' """ "lu«iraied by the insertion 
of la plates, some of which are proofs : full blue calf, gilt back, rUi edges. From the library of 

L^°'^?' ^}' ^'»,'^''•P'"•«■ " Thi» i« the second edition of the • Innocent Epicure/ which 

Thl r^^l^ i •"" ^,?* '1 ''"'••P<>'a«fon of ten new lines, beginning " Of arts 1 sing," tit. 

72^ri£idTi.n «<!h" 'V,"^""** '5 "» fi"' «*"»'• Tate, but on insufficient evidence. It has been 

V^^Mh^^^i^r^tt^\S?x'>::^^''''- •? \- ^ • '»"«. ""i'hof of '• Tnie Art of Angling, ' whose 

cttai'ii.rd^iisai'ir^e^'i srtirJis w'sieV •="'"" °' ■""""' '^'"' '^^ "'"°°"' 

Angling. The Alphabet of Angling. See Rennie, James. 



See Blakey, R.; Francis, F.j Lascelles, R.; and Chambers, R. 

Angling. Angling. See Sports. 

Angling. Angling Days. See Hodge, Davies. 

Angling. Angling Excursion. See Greendrake, G. 

Angling. Angling Idylls. See Davies, G. C. 

Angling. Angling in all its Branches. See Taylor, S. 

Angling. Angling Reminiscences. See Stoddart, T. T. 

Angling. Angling Resorts near London. See Wheeldon, J. P. 

Angling. Angling Sports. See Browne, M. 

Angling. Angling Streams. See Robertson, J. 

Angling. The Art of Angling. See Art. 

Angling. A Book on Angling. See Francis, F. 

Angling. The Compleatest Angling Book. 

Angling. The English Art of Angling. See English. 


►^ .^auf- . vjav^r -vn-i> . .^ i:si 2^:^:-^^H>j tJ..j^.: '■- -■Iv', 

l6 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Angling. An Essay on the Right of Angling, etc. See Essay. 

Angling. Handbook of Angling. See Ephemera. 

Angling. Handbook of Angling for Scotland, etc. See Roberuon. 

Angling. Hints on Angling. See Blakey, R. 

Angling. My First Touch of Angling. See " Biggish Boy (A)." 

Angling. Practical Observations on Angling in . . . Trent. See Trent. 

Angling. Practice of Anghng. See O'Gorman. 

Angling. The Pleasures of Angling. See Dawson, G. ; Milchel, W. A., and 
Whitney, J. 
Angling. Rules and Regulations. See South London Angling Society. 
Angling. The Secrets of Angling. See D. J., G. C, and Moffat, A. S. 
Angling. The True Enjoyment of Angling. See Phillips, H. 

Annals. The Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette ; a magazine entirely 
appropriated to sporting subjects and fancy pursuits. London. Printed for 

Sherwood, 1823-27. 

IllurtratedwlthcoloredplatM.portraiU, maps, and Ublet. VoU. 3-ia. 8°, half calf. "Con- 
taint many excellent fishing articles." Bit. ptst. 

Annals. The Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, etc. Another copy of 
vols 6, 7. London, Sherwood, 1824-25. 
r>, half calf. 

Armiger, Charles. The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet, comprising an extensive 
collection of scarce, curious, and original songs and ballads, relative to field 
sports, etc. London, Griffiths, 1830. 

16°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. " Contains twenty-fire tongi on 
angling." BU.pue. 

Armiger, Charles. The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet, etc. Another edition, 
with new title-page. London, Griffiths, 1834. 
Plates. 16°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 


Catalogue of Books on /fngling 



Jee Trent. 


: Society, 
at, A. S. 

azine entirely 
Printed for 

lalfcalf. "Con< 

)ther copy of 

; an extensive 
alive to field 

ty-fiTe tongt on 

Other edition, 

Armistead, J. J. A Short History of the Art of I'isciculture. . . . Leedi, 
Moxon, 1870. 

Collation: pp, 71. Illustr«tion$. 8<'. half brown morocco, by Kaufmann. 

Armstrong, JameA. Wanny Blossoms ; a new book of border songs and 
ballads, with a brief treatise on fishing, fly, worm and roe. Carlisle, Coward. 
Collation : pp. vlll-iiS. |6^ cloth. 

Art. The Art of Angling. London, Smeeton [area i8aa]. 

Engraved title and plate. a4\ half crimson calf, gilt back. 

Art. The Art of Angling. Another copy. Hodgson (n. d.). 

.„5?'li*i'.'!"-''?-^- EnP«vedUtleandpl»te. 24°, full brown crimped calf, gilt back. " Smee- 
vH, I li " 2 u* f°."'?'"» '^"L" Angler's Son».' at the beginning of the work and 'The 
Kod, Line and Hook, at the end. In Hodgson's reprint, the latter song is replaced by an 
Abstract of the Acts of Parllarnent concerning Angling,' which disappears from Dean & 
Munday s issue. The title In the latter is ohan«a to ''fhe Angler's Guide.' " m. pise. Both 

!?,.«t«Jt.'*..x'V"'. "=°"5*^'2j£,?/ Thomas Westwood. withlii. book-plate, monogram, and 
autograph, " r, Westwood, i860, on fly-leaf. » • » 

Art. The Art of Angling, or, perfect instructor in that useful and pleas. ^ 
recreation, including every necessary instruction as to baits, hooks, flies, 
worms, etc., and a variety of other interesting information to the learner, as 
well as to the most practised angler. London, Orlando Hodgson [1825]. 

Collation : pp. 16. 33°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Art The Art of Angling; or, the contemplative man's recreation. London, 

Pp. ago-aop only. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back. " It form* part of ' The Young Man's 
(companion, and is a grotesque mixture of sport and piety." BU. Hsc. From ThomaS West, 
woorfi collection, with'bli bot,k-plate and autograph, •' X/ WestwcitS. i86"'?on flyW 

Art. The Art of Angling. See Barker, Thomas. 

Art. The Art of Angling. See Brookes, R. 

Art. The True Art of Angling. See S. J. 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Art. The Whole Art of Fishing. Being a collection and improvement of all 
that ha« been written upon this subject, with many new experimenta. . . . 
Xo which is added the laws of angling. . . . London, Curll, 17 14. 

r>«ii..i.,. . nn vUiit and Indai Plate S". h«lf c«lf. "The tilUlon of 1714 ihould h«¥e • 
from p«" of w Umg> .h. dl.f.nce. •U^HuUl..r,^.. frcl,, v.rv 

K wMting Th.r. 1" « quotitlon on .he .lll«-p«fe. from Popei • Wlnd«jr Vore.t, which 

Sbove. From the librwy of Peter S»niey Benwell. with SU book-pUle. 

Arundo. Pieuti. Practical Fly-fishing Founded on Nature and Tested by th« 
Experience of nearly Forty Years in Various Parts of the United Kingdom. 
With instructions for imitating all the most useful flies; also, remarks on fly- 
rods, the best woods for them, and the best way of making, etc. Londor, 
Simpkin, 1849. 

Collation : pp. »*-««. i«°. h»»f oUve morocco, gilt bMk, gilt top, with original paper cover* 
bound In. 

Aihworth, Edmund and Thomas. A Treatise on the Propagation of Sal- 
mon and other Fish. Stockport [printed]. London, Simpkin, 1853. 

CollaUon: pp. M. lUuttrated title-page and folding pUu. uP, half red morocco From 
Thomas Wettwood'i collection, with hl» book-plata. 

Ashworth. Thomas. The Salmon Fisheries of England, i868, from authentic 
information obtained for the House of Commons, to which is added valuable 
and exclusive information, extracted from the Reports of the Commissioners 
of fisheries in France, America, Norway and Russia. London, Longman ; 
Bath [printed], Lewis [1868]. 
Collation : pp. 117. Plate. ifP, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Autobiocraphy of the late Salmo Salar, Bmi. Comprising a narrative 

of the life, personal adventures and death of a Tweed salmon. Edited by a 

Fisherman [i. e. George Rooper]. London, Day, 1867. 

Collation : pp. !«-«. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Za«hnidorf. '■ OrigJnjiMy 
pttbliSed in • MacraiUans Magiine.' Vol. xiv. p. 303; then reprinted as above and^terward. 
fncluded in the same authors 'Vlood. FleW and Forest.' See ftooper (G.). Bt». fuc. 

Autobtosraphy of the late Salmo Salar, Esq. Another copy. 

8^. paper. 

Autobiography of the late Salmo Salar, Esq. Another copy. 

8°. paper. 

sment of all 
menu. . ■ . 

■hould h«*« • 
rli, fecit,' v«rv 
ForetJ.' which 
cc« m«niloncd 

etted by the 
1 Kingdom, 
larks on fly- 
•. Londor , 

il p«p«r coveri 

ation of Sal- 


orocco From 

>in authentic 
led valuable 
, Longman ; 

a narrative 
Edited by a 

f. "Originally 
and afterwards 
lit. fisc. 


Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 19 

Ayrton. William. See Adventures of a Salmon, 1853, and Barnacles— Mr. 
Barnacles and his boat. 

B. 0. Guida Pratica del Pescatore alia canna Istruxjoni e Segreti dell' Arte. 
Torino, Moretti, 1868. Manuali-Morctti. 
Collation : pp. rt. ia°, pap«r. 

B.. J. The Epitome of the Art of Husbandry, 1669. See Blagrave, J. 

B., T. Piscatorial Reminiscences and Gleanings by an Old Angler and Biblio- 
poltst. To which is added a catalogue of books on angling. London, Picker- 
ing, 1835. 

ColUtlon : pp. xvl-ass and Index. Plate, and llluttrations In the text. i« ' half brown mo- 
racco, gilt back, gilt top. •• The RegUler I. continuous throughout, but the • CataloeuT whlc^ 

tion.'" Bit.fUc. 

fearful of wading beyond hi* depth, he has principally directed his atien- 

Bacon, 0. W. New Map of the River Thames, from Its source to the sea, 
with descriptive notes; being a guide for yachtsmen, oarsmen, anglers and 
excursionists. . . . London, Bacon, 1869. 
Folded to ta° site, cloth cotw. 

Baddeiey. John. London Angler's Book, or Waltonian chronicle; contain- 
mg much original information to anglers generally, combined with numeroun 
amusing songs and anecdotes of fish and fishing, never before published. 
Together with an entirely new description of the Thames ... and every 
river and stream within twenty mUes of London worth fishing in. London 
Baddeiey, 1834. 

Plate*. 19°, half crimson calf, gilt bade. ' ' Coari* and Cockney. " 

Collation : pp. Ti-Sc-vi. 

Baddaley. John. London Angler's Book, etc. Another copy. Titk-paire 
lacking. t^' r o 

Boards, uacut. 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Badham. Charles David. Prows Halieutict; or, ancient and modem 6sh 
UUle. London, J. W. Parker, 1854. 

Colltllon- DP »II-SS«. Po«l r". cloih. uncut. "R«priiH««l. In pjrt, from f ■;•"'• ^ •■?- 
•In. • n ihJnr.fiwVY noi^^^^^ \hm wriier hope* ih«t 'ih« tld. o( ih. v..lum. will .umdenUy 

not l..h-tclence. but n.h-uitl* / Chapter I. It on • Anei.n« and nwd.rn n.hln«. and Ch«jH«r 
II. ■ On ehe Aihlng-iMkla of th« nncUnU." " Bit. fit*. 

Badham, Charlaa David. ProM Halieutica, etc. Another copy. 
Po»t tio, h»W brown morocco, jili back, r«d edge*. 

Badham, ChariM David. ProM: Halieutica, etc. Another copy. 

Poit r>, poilthcd calf, fill bMk. 

Bagnali, Ocorc*. Piacatorial Rambles : or, the fisherman's pocket compan- 
ion. London, Kennett, 1865 

16°, half crimaon morooeo. filt b«ck, |1H top 


Collation : pp. vlll-ioo .... . -_ 

oflliomaa Wettwood, with hit book-pUla and monogra,., ».. "7— -• •,•,",-". k.',"tt;.«rti»« 
Weitwood. with auiofraph lattar of tba author lna«t«f Appearwl orlflaally In tha Sporting 



From tha cotlaction 
Preteniation copy 10 

Bailey, J. The Angler's Pocket Companion; a complete and superior trea- 
tise on the art of angling, containing every instruction to practice with suc- 
cess this healthy pastime. . . . Bailey's new edition. London, Bailey, n. d. 

Collation : pp, 38. Folding colored plata. i(P, half pean calf, gilt ^•«'«- '["""^"jfllfS 
of Thomai WaitWood, with Bli book-plate, monogram, and autor«ph. "T. Weatwood, 1880, 
on fly-leaf. 

Ballay, William. The Angler's Instructor; a treatise on the best mode of 

angling in English rivers, lakes, and ponds; and on the habits of the fish. 

London, Longman; Nottingham, Forman, 1857. 

Collation: pp. vil-iii. Po»t IP, half green c»lf, gilt back. ,From collection of Thomat 
We«wo«i wlK hla book-ptata, .utogrmph. ••T. Weatwood. i8<So." on fly-leal, and ima llnei in 
hU MS. Inserted at p. 31. 

Bailey, William. The Angler's Instructor, etc. Another copy. 

Half crlmion levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncut, by Alfred Matthewt. 

Bailey, William. The Angler's Instructor, etc. Second edition. Notting- 
ham and London [1866]. 

Collation: pp. vll-io«. Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, with original paper corara 
bound in. 

odern fish 

I lufltcknUir 
■nd In givt, 
uid Chapttr 

St compan- 

th« GoUacilon 
ation copy to 
lb* 'Spofting 

perior tre«- 

e with luc- 

lailey, n. d. 

OKI coUactlon 
iwood, iSfo." 

«t mode of 
of the fish. 

in o( Thomu 
i four Umi in 

). Netting- 

I paper cor«ri 

Catalogue of Books oti Angling 

B.ll.y. WIIIKm. The Angler', .„.,„,ctor. etc. Third edition [,87,1. 

Collation: nn. vlUia* i ..• .„ . .. ■ ' '' 


t»Pe°nl'nr«il.''?/'*'/*''. '""""""•»•• It", half gr«« ..n^^cc- cJl! }-a-k «1'. i ■*, .If dl(fc,.nc» b.iw.7„,h.N.,nnXS ,«.!!;!' 7 "' '.'" ''"" . V"" *" •"•"« "«•"'«» 
..p..lally a. r.i.rd. ib» na.ur. a^d IcVlSn o7.hrlmch ,l!i '"'.'"'I- ""' '" •"«•" •'«*>'•'•. 


Of Artificial nies and the Reaions Proper for 

•crtpi malarial for 'f h * Kiy'ftthT, (^uidi • vT.^VJ''"''' ""'""V"' 1^" ortglnarnmn.; 
Mrttd. from tb« collection „f vi""fl„Ji"'»' ^'""'•rou. mtmoranda luuMly In- 

Balnbrldf*. Qcorge Col«. 
Using Them, 1813. 

''"\UA^: w»K t;,7l,fTa';:rr'"„;!lL^^^^^ »»'!••.'" '"• """"'•iP'' "' G.„r,. Col. 

.^ malarial for 'f h 'KIv-ftthT, (JuT;- .'*"^'?"''«* "'"'y •"<•'"•'' T^' ' 

Mrttd. rrom ,ha collection of M, Oriio 

B-lnbrldg.. a«,. C. The Fly-Fi.her'. Guide. Illustrated by coloured 
F^.te. upward, of forty of the mo.t u.efuL 'accurate y 
copied from nature. Printed for the author. U verpool. Harri.. .8.6 ' 

*o I. •> '"'** ^igltrt. Dia. a. 

.". Half ifMin morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

The Fly-Fisher-. Guide. Second edition, with addi- 

Collation : pp. vlll-150. 

Balnbrldce. Qeo. C. ^ . „ ^^^^ 

tion.. Liverpool, printed by Cruik.hiink7.T28. 

fro'^m'XlLa^^ orsVr'w.lirain'';^^ '"r'^^K" j"' »'«'•• "-- 

Itctlon of ThoSla. We.twZt «,\",f "k^'.^'I""'*.'' 'f" M^ ."notation.. 

Large-paper copy 
Alio from tha col- 

, of Ihil fir.l mAUl^ .1 ■" r 

Collation : pp. vIII-im. Pl«tei 
Iha taat-book. of th. tjf-fi.her. TwilVe MDl'.'."of 7h." fi^.'^'i?.' **" '"'=''• «*" '"P- " One of 
greater ear.. u>d publl/hed at two gulnaaT^'" « .>(J'. " •*""" """ '" *"• ~'°«'«« *"h 

B«lrd, S. p. See U. S. Commiasion of Fi.h and Fisheries. 

Firenze, Chiari, 

BarbUri, OulMpp. (daBasumo): Coraponimenti poetici. 

Collation: pp. vi-to. 8° Daoar 
^wiy allu«lo"- - —5*-- '■ *^*^* 
not. in book 

^ec'I'eu'vIIlTJ^;..a'^'' \" °u' ''"«""«' '''**'*^ "« ^«^°-'^d many rare 
Wr^Tten b?TH ? 1° ^' ^"^'"^ ''^ *" ^'"'» ^^^^^^' '« '^at recreation. 

Wntten by Thoma. Barker, an ancient practitioner in the said art. London 

:^^''^^'''^'^^^'^'^^^-* i^- Sp^an' t'oT Wl.2Suy^„%1i?r ftaTy"'" 

• V 



Catalogue of Books on AnglhtK 

Printed by R. H. and tre to b« vM by Oliver Fletcher, nctr the Seven Siar» 
•t th« wMt end of St. Paul'i. Anno. Dom. 1651. Reprinted, London, Burn, 

ColUCon po t«^.«a it". Ml (ntMiMfMM, g(Iil>Mb, gtll littol. RaprtnlofMcoiidcdIMoii. 
Lonilon. |AS9, iwund In 

Barker. Thomas. The Art of Angling, etc. London. Printed in the ye»re 

Bound with "TiM CotMUjraiM'* Racrniton, ' i0s4- Lmi ImI I* In 

Collmlon : pp. It 

Barker. Thomai. The Art of Angling, etc. London. Printed In the yetre 
1653. Reprinted, Leeds, Inchlwld and Gawtrew, 1817. 

„ RoykI 4'\ h«ir brown morocco, gill t>«ch. illl top. uncui, by Z««hn»<lorf. 
royal qunrto* rafcrrad to balow. 

CotUtlon : pp. ttt 
On« of ih« iwtlva re 

Barker, Thomas. The Art ol Angling, etc. Reprinted, Leeds. Inchbold 
and Gawlrcss, 1817. 

ColUtton : pp. id. IP. half brown morocco. Kilt back, gtll lop. by 7.««hn«doff, " ThU edition 
WM wlthooi tn« ..uthor'i n«m». It U »om«ilmtt annaiad to conitt of ' Fha Countryman « 
Rerreailon.' 1654 4". Th« raprlntad coplai. we ftml from an ailvertliemenl, wara It In royal 
jp 6 In royal r, and 100 In damy •". Thay w«ra publnhed by Hoblnton and Co . l^ad», and 
Longman and Co.. I^ndon. IM. fit " This li tha Barker from whom Walton M»a C CooH 
pleia Angler." eh. j.) he darWad hit principal knowledge of fly-ftihlng. In which he himself wai 
no adept?'— />»•■ MlkuHt. 

Barker. Thomas. Barker'i Delight: or, the art of angling; wherein arc 
discovered many rare secrets very necessary to be known by all that delight 
in that recreation, both for catching the fish, and dressing thereof. London. 
Printed for Hunnphrey Moaeley and are to be sold at the Princes Ames in 
St. Paul's churchyard, 1659. 

" Thara It • time and leaion to every purpote under heaven. Everything ii beautiful In hli 
time. " Ecclei. III. i, ti. 

Collation : pp. ill-^. tfP, fUll green lerant morocco, gilt back. ' ' ' Darker'i delight ' Is alao 
Interted In the ■ Young Sporttman » Miscellany,' I-ondon. i8a6. l*'. One copy of (be re- 
orlnt by Bum wai on vellum and U now In thr Uenlton collection ; four were on «traw-colored 
DBPar. One hundred coplei were printed. The two yellum coplei of Burn i reprinu produced 
VCm. at a tale In Ian. ilit, but two paper copies were recently prlce<l «i jot In a booktellcr • 
cataloBue (I). In an • Kpltlla to tha Reader, prefixed to the iit edition. Barker itatet that ha 
wat born and educated in • Brac-meiU, In the llbertle of Salop.' And that be wat there ' a ftea- 
man and Burgetie of the tan>e CItle.' ' I am grown old.' he lella u*. 'and therefore am 
willing to let lorth my true experience that I have been gathering these fifty ye«"- 

" It?' Barker'! Delight.' this • Eplttle to the Reader 'It trantmogrifted Into an EpUtle dedl- 
catory. 'To the RlghtlWonorabla Edward Lord Moniagua. GenenJI of the Navy, and one of 
the U,rA% Commlitlonert of the Treatu7.' It opena thus: • Noble Lord. I do pretent thlt 
my book, at i have named It. BarkM-'s Delight, to your honour. I pray God send you hoina to 
your lady and tweet babe*. Amen. Amen." He speaks again of Ws experience, which, by 
•ome unaccountable arithmetical progreislon, Is extended this time, to ' three-score years, and 

^ JB oaane iw' "" " 

aiaiBii""" — '— ^^ -— .»« 


m^- • 

icven Stan 
lion, Burn, 

«ond tiililon. 
1 the y««rt 

ui ImI >• In 
1 the yetre 

f ZMhnMtnrf. 

i, Inchbold 

■ Thii edition 
ir« It In royal 
I., Ltatit, and 
» Myt ( • Com- 
B himMlf »*t 

therein are 
that delight 
'. London. 
« Armcf in 

«autirul in hit 

lallf ht ' It tito 
ipy of the r«- 

lints producad 

a bookteller'i 
ftatet that h« 
I ihare ' a frc«- 
1 Iherafora am 

I Epliila dedl- 
y, and ona of 
lo preteni this 
d you homa to 
nee, which, by 
ire yean,' and 

'** ' - " 1 

Catalofiue of Books on Angling 


ba and* by daeUtrtag thai Im lakaa aa much plaaaura in iha draaamg of Aah. a* In iha taking of 
lh«m. and lii ihaw how I can (wrfiirm it lu riirnlth any Lord* labia, <m«ly with irtmu. a> l( 
U (urnlthad with Ila<h. Um ifl .>r an >iuh«« Ami I hava a ilatu* lu pr»»ar«a Ihalr haallh (with 
b«lp or (i(Ml) lu go dry In ihalr Ummi ami tho** In angling, fur aga ukaih iha ;iU«.ur« rroin 

" Tha body of tha work baglna ihua : ' NobU t.ord, under favour, I will Knniilimani and nul 

• eaaa to your Honour. I mat with a man. and unon our dltcour**, ha fall out wlih ma having 

• goi«l waaiHm but nallh«>r Mumach nor ikill f *•« ihl* man may eome home by VVaapIng 
CroM, I min cauM tha cl*rk lo loll hu knell. It It the »»ry Ilka caM to iha gantlaman angler 
that foaih lo the rl»«r ft>f hit (il«atur«, ihia angler hath nelihar Judgaincnl nor ««p«rl«nia, he 
may <i>ma hom« lighl ittdirn at hU UUura.' 

■■ Harker wa« iha Aral pruiNigalor of the hereiy of talmonroe. He layi ; ' I have found an •%• 
perience of late, which you may angle with, and laka great Kora of Aih. . . . 1 he bait la tha 
rue of a »almon, or trout, If it he a large trout, thai ihe (pawnei be anything great. If I had 
bui known II twenty yean ago. I woufil have gained • hundred pound*, oncly with ihit bait. I 
•m iM.und In duly to divulge It to vour Honour, and no« o carry It lo my grave with me. The 
fraetiv nnglrr will murmur at me hut for thai I cart nut 

" 'Inn ' rnlargriii*nl ' of the iccond million cuniliu mainly of riillnary reclpei, and of aome 
icrapa of varte, roughly coopered and •tllT Jointed The culinary feature li of tuch fremirnt 
occurrence, ihal one I* apt lo take Harkrr for parcel angler, parcel cmik, and lo Imagine that 
when he dolfcd rod and cre«l It wa* to don ihe while nlght<ap and apron. 

•' r « thIi rdlilon of Markrr, »ome commendatory venra entitled ' Pleatant heiameler veriet,' 
bx • Mr. Hockenhull. are praAied. Uiie of them runa ihua: 

■" Markham, Ward, Lawaon, dwa yoM with Darker now compare ? ' 
Who wat Wa/d } The Kev. H. N KllacomtM •uggetit that he w"i» probebly ih- Irenilalor of 
' I h«i Secreli of Mauler Aleali of Itemonl by him collected out of divan eiceltent authors and 
now newlv corrected and augmeniad. tA>nd<m primed by William Stan. by for kichard Mel- 
ghen and Thomas lones and are to be sold at their shop with out lemple harre vnder S(, 
Clement's Church, 1615.' This edition seems to (m unknown lo bibllograpners. Two reclpei 
are given In it : ' To catoh river Ash, aitd • How to take great store of Ash ' (pp 138 and 150). 

" An objection h«l been made that there eilstt no trace of Waid s having written any subllan* 
«v.i work on angling, but It Is scarcely an objection at all In this case, Lawton being In pi. • ■ Ir 
thr same position, while even Mailtham w»« but a trader in oiher mens wlis as far a> ,>i ■ fuM. 
lUes on our sport are concerned I he three men are therefore not unfairly llnkeil, .. ih 1 ,^\^^^^ 
be remembered that at ihe period In Question (Hnckenhulls verses were probably »i'( ■ .1 ,.«fore 
the advent of Walton and certainly of Vanables) a triad of original angling writers .. 1 .i.« hrfVfl 
t^en hard to And. ' Bit. piK. 

Barker, Thomai. See Countryman. The Counirytnan'i Recreation, itis-). 

Barlow, Francis. Seuerale Wayea of Hunting, Hawlting, and Fiihing, ac- 
cording to the £nglith manner. Inuented by Francis Barlow. Etched by 
W. Hollar. 

If hunting, hawking. Ashing pleasure yeald. 
How much mav art exceede, as if in feitd. 
You vew'd eacn tport, by flgure so exprett. 
The seuerale wayea they take fowie, Ash end bcatt. 

And are to be fould by John Overton at the White Horse without Newgate. 
London, 167 1. 

Twelve plates, each neatly inlaid. Oblong 4", half red morocco, gilt bock, gilt top. 
tremely scarce work, if we may judge bv the absence of It from all the sale-catalor 
lectors that have come in our way. There Is no typed title 

An •%• 

sale-catalogues of col- 
I he engraved title consists of a 

KroU enclosing the above and it followed by twelv ~ plates, the subjectt of which are ■ Hara- 
hunting,' 'Sugg-hunting,' 'Cony-catching,' 'Otter-hunting,' 'Courting fa" 

fallow dear,' ' FoJt> 



i \ 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

hunilnir • • htwkine,' ' Pftilridge h«wklng.' ' Hem hawking.' Anelini[,' ■River fiihing 

1. 1^8) give* two tet$ 

iinor»ielv efiKTB/ea line, mi ui» •••" i^-vi ="»..■■ ■ — -. - = 

"ra copy we have leen, which l» probably of a more recent iwue, 
rh7'titi;"p;kediff«iwholIy from the a^Ue. U i. .tiengraved pl.t^ejlke the r_e.t.J,m jepresems 

for the original quatrain: 

" < The itag roui'd before ui, 
Away leemi to fly, 
And pant* to y* choru» 
The day '« iport when over, 
Makei blood circle right, 
And glve» y* briik lover 
Fresh charmi for y« night. 

Underneath the plate, but engr.Ycd alio, • A Mt of prinU of hunting, hawking and fishipg. 

*'"¥h'i?„'li[tes?hems!lvesrre divid^lnto two serie., numbered each from I to 6. The auatralns 
a,soIia;eS'w\?h?her«e"he' «ml and there i. no Aotic*abIe difference, except that tT.e plate5 

^''.^Mr Cr'awhattf Newc«Ue, ha., a fine early copy in hi. collection." Bit.pi.c. 

Barnacles. Mr, Bamaclw and his Boat; by (i. e. William Ayrton) author 
of " Adventures of a Salmon." London, Whittaker [n. d.]. 

Numerous illustrations. Oblong la^, half brown morocco, gilt top, with original paper covers 
bound in at the back. Scarce. 

Barnard. Rev. Mordaunt Roser». Sport in Norway, and Where to Find 
It. . . . London, Chapman and Hall, 1864. 

Collation : pp, xvl-334. Illtistratlons, Post 8°, half graen morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Barnard, Rev. Mordaunt Rogers. Sketches of Life, Scenery and Sport 
in Norway. London, Cox, 1871. 

Collation . pp. vill-319. 8°. Half brown levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncut, by Zaehns- 
dorf. Chap. 6 treats of salmon-fithing. 

Barnes. Dame Julyans. This present boke shcwyth the manere of hawt- 
ynge and huntynge: and also ofdiuysynge of Cote armours. It shewyth 
also a good matere belongynge to horses; wyth other comendable treatyses. 
And ferdermore of the blaysynge of arrays: as here after it may appere. 
\Cohph0nA Here in this boke afore ben shewed the treatyses perteynynge 
to hawkynge and huntynge with others dyuers playsaunt materes belongynge 
vnto loblesse; and also a ryght noble treatise of Cotarmours : as m this 
present boke it may appere. And here we ende this laste treatyse whyche 


^;.aiw.«ii >« » to- ' >«." w» ' « ' '''"''« r''' ''' "'''''<'' 'a & < «■ *'''' '' '■*' ■' " t""^ '^ 

tfH(i^if# I 'IWlWrtW 

a- — 

iver fiihing,' 
: title. 

[Ives two setl 
:h the above, 
uding, prob- 
irk AS having 
recent issue, 
ut represents 
>rsetnen, and 
e substituted 

and fishing, 

rhe quatrains 
tiat the plates 

:on) author 
I paper covers 
ere to Find 

gilt top. 

and Sport 
lit, bjr Zaehns- 

re of hawk- 
It shewyth 
le treatyses. 
nay appere. 
: as in this 
tyse whyche 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 25 

specyfyeth of blasynge of armys. Enprynted at Weitmestre by Wynkyn the 
worde, the yere of thyncarnacon of our lorde, mcccclxxxxvi. [Westminster] 

r„*,'J?f h?rM*-!!i7*.K*''**' J'"""-'"" rusiia. gilt back. "On the recto of the first leaf is a wood- 
xiJ„ M> *^ °" '*"* ""*" a «7iyP °' '"*=" *'"' ■ 'i»*'<- Beneath the latter follows the title. 
The register commences on the following leaf; a-e in sixes; f and g in fours ; h. 6 leaves- ii 
leaves ; a-e in sixes and d. 8 leaves. I^o pagination or catchwords. The ' Treatyie offissh- 
''?*''a /""^r ,""" °L' ^P'" "f"^"'"' and begins on the verso of g iv ; it is not in the edifion 
o nfLnT.'i.M"*"''*"'"^ of Wynkyn de WoV is on the last leaf jd viii. which hSs the devicS 
?n ^t r Jin.n I ''t"°- nT*u iT" vellum are in the collection of the Earl of Pembroke and 
UaV !,3.rX'"«^'K''"7'.^A'^"*''.'^"»*"2'- ^»'« Museum has also a copy on paper with the last 
U ,n,n?rfiiH^,;n?"'"'^*^f """bPPu "M3' con'oi" an elaborate account 6f this book, which 
is amp! fied and amended from Herberts notes and illustrated with facsimiles, in Dibdii^'a rdi" 
tion, vol. .1.. pp. SS-^. Dr. Dibdin mentions a third copy on velium. There are alio coSiei 
on paper in the Huth Library and in the Bodleian. ^ 

i. «mt^!l?.*J'j'/?"' ""L J""*"" ^■'""' h^'? "■■ Berners. to whom these treatises are ascribed. 

r,^t?.ri? JT, 1, "i"' '".*='"'"' ?" Second) who was beheaded in ijft. It is said that she was 
celebrat.:d for her learning and accomplishments and that she held the office of Prioress of the 
Benedicime Nurinery of gopwell, near St. Albans, but as far as we can leaS, thesi stateiSent; 
l^lZ F"f =°niec'Ve o' meager inference. The first edition of her Book if St A IbitTwaJ 
pnnted ty the school-master printer of St. Albans in i486. ' Bit. pise. "<"»»» was 

" The first leaf of the last sheet (d. i.) and the last leaf of the same sheet (the leaf bearing the 

^?ederi.*,!15w l^M*"'"? '""""*,• ^- ? ' "«.»"PP»ed 'n facsimile, and two other leT^esM 
needed mending had a few words made up in the same way; the only imperfections in the 
fnT^i,. ' K*^'"??,!?^ '° the Duke of Buccleucf. Inserted are lettirs from feernarf Quitch? Z- 
ing the above bibliography with additional matter." v""""-n. giv 

Hn'^ Irh^oh'K "*' °" '"^'""^ 'i ?"' ^"'X "*?, earliest, but by far the most curious essay upon ang- 
ling which has ever appeared in the EngUah, or perhaps any other, lanmase In the mo.t im 
portant features. Walton hat closely folf^wed thii pro<luction.°' iUS?^* " *" 

Barnes. Dame Julyans. The Book [of St. Albans]; containing the trea- 
tises of Hawking; Hunting; Coat-armour; Fishing; and Biasing of Arms, 
As printed at Westminster, by Wynkyn de Worde; the year of the Incama- 
tion of our Lor«i. 1496. London, reprinted by Harding and Wright, for 
White and Cochrane, and R. Triphook, i8xo, 

in.wi'^-rfi^';^.''^ ^.'f !«''">' «'°«>cco. gilt back, sides with gilt wreath in the center. broad 
T-Slf ".'^'^*"' K"* e?****. by R. De Coverlv. 150 copies printed. " The work cons sts of 
1 viSlHm "i"?;.,' .P- = ■ B'OKraphical notice,' li p. ;^ibirographical notice", 84 P. and* fi"aUy 
A blhHoZnhw'i'Tf"'' P"?<-"'»«m f«e»iml«e o^ the ad ^Utfon of • The B^kJo'f St. Albans.'^ 
t^^^Z^^l^f^ J"?®".' carefuUy and conscienUously executefl by Mi , Joseph Haalewood A 
few copies ofthisIntroducUon were publUhed separately." Bii.pite. ''i'" ""«cwooa. a 

Barnes. Dame Julyans. The Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle. At- 
tributed to Dame Juliana Bemers, reprinted from the Book of St. Albans. 
London, Pickering, 1827. 

Collation : 
"Printed . 

with'^%«2;J2u'nt^: ..'"^•5'^i.«"*5"'*»^««'- Ki'tbMk, with tiUe in gilt on s^de. 
- i-^ . "^ v*.fSP*;., B**-^(- From Thomas Wcstwoods collection, with bis 
e, and autograph, "T. Westwood i860." on the false Utle. 


\ 7-'' 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 



Barnes, Dame Julyans. The Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle. By 
Dame Juliana Beraers; being a facsimile reproduction of the first book on 
the subject of fishing printed in England by VVynkyn de Worde at Westmin- 
8ter in 1496. With an introduction by Rev. M. G. Watkins. London, El- 
liot Stock, 1880. 

Collation : pp. xtv-«4. Royal 4°, vellum boards, uncut. " One of the best tacsimilet ever 
executed." A*, pise. 

Barnes, Dame Julyans. An American edition cf the Treatyse of Fyssh- 
ynge with an Angle from the Boke of St. Albans. . . . (Reprinted . . . from 
the edition, London . . . 1827) Edited by G. W. Van Siden. (Glossary.) 
New York, 1875. 

Small 4°, cloth. For further reproductions of the •' Book 
Presentation copy, wiih followinf 

Collation : pp. 118. Illustrated. Small 4". "" — .-: -,-Vi "r "7 '■ li ' _ .w. 

of St. Albans.^'see L[eonardl M[ascalll. Presentation copy, w.ih following Inscnntion on the 
fly-leaf: "To Judge C. E. Pratt, with compliments of the American Editor. June, 1878. 
"Regards of Calvin E. Pratt. To Dean Sage, Esq." 

Barnes, Dame Julyans. An American edition of the Treatyse of Fyssh- 
ynge with an Angle. From the Boke of St. Albans. (New York) Van Siclen. 
Another copy. 

Extra illustrated, with 9 water-color plates, and numerous marginalsand o*«|i;|^»';^»J»"^'» 
pen and ink by David E. Cronin, x886. 

■■■••, ioow. Small 4°, full brown morocco, by Smith, with em- 
This edition is dedicated to the Willewemoc Club. 

broideted green velvet covers. 

Barnes, Dame Julyans. An Older Form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth 
an Angle. . . . Printed from a MS. in the possession of Alfred Denison, 
Esq., with preface and glossary by Thomas Satchell. London, W. Satchell, 

.. ^ _j _< aa v_._<. .._<...> Tha aHltinn nf ^nn copies was L 

the editor, Thomu 
un «.. ..,-.=«, ...--.. — P-. Esquire, with 1 
Inserted is a newspaper cnticism of the work. 

Collation • DD vii-17 and glossary. B^. boards, uncut. The edition of ipo copies was printed 
for presentation to ^.nS?sdThe English Dialect Society and othersT^ the editor, f^^^^ 
Satihell! PrwenUtion copy, with inscription on fly-leaf, " Dean Sage, Esquire, with Thos. 
SatchelVs best regards. AprU loth, 1884.'^ Inserted is a newspaper cnUclsn 

Barnes, Dame Julyans. An Older Form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth 
an Angle. Another copy. 
Small 4°, half roxburghe, gilt top, uncut. Two hundred copies, large paper, uncut, fine type. 

Barnes, Dame Julyans. An Older Form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge 
wyth an Angle. Another copy. 

8*, paper. 

iiii.ii;ii«i «!■' 

ngle. By 

t book on 


>ndon, El- 

csimiles ever 

( of Fyssh- 
. . . from 

afthe "Book 
ription on the 
June, 1878." 

! of Fyssh- 
V^an Sicien. 

Ilttstrations in 
tith, with em- 

iiynge wyth 
d Denison, 
V. Satchell, 

» wasprinted 
ditor, Thomu 
e, with Thos. 
he work. 

hynge wyth 
icttt, fine type. 


Catalogue of Books on /ingling 27 

Barnes. Dame Julyans. A Treatyse of Fysshynge with an Angle: origi. 
nally printed by Wynkyn de Worde in ,496. Edited by " Piscator " Edin- 
burgh, 1885. 

Barnes. Dame Juliana. See White, William. 

Barnwell. J^rud. The Game Fish of the Northern States. ii6K. See 
Roosevelt, R. B. ^ 

Barry. William. Moorland and Stream. Witli notes and prose idyls on 
shootmg and trout-fishing. London, Tinsley, 1871. 

mo'iS''gii.^tt^f.op^'"" "'"•'""''' ""' '"« '"»"'*'"' »'« ?'•"»• Post 8°. half brown 
Barry, William. Moorland and Stream. Another copy. 
•• P.n MSroS?*^* *'" '*"'• «"' "*"• ^^ °^'»«' '"-P'"* have been reprinted from the 

Bartas. Lord. See Du Bartas, Guillaume de Saluste. 

^A*^\ ^' ^' "^^ Ludicrous Experiences of a Humorous Angler. By an 
Old Fisherman. London, office of the " Fishing Gazette," n. d. 

Uiustration on cover and two plates. ie». paper. 

Bartlett. John. See Catalogues, Bartlett, J. 

Bassus. Cassianus. Geoponika. Geoponicoium, sive de re rustica, libri 
XX. Cassiano Basso schokistico coUectore. Antea Constantino Porphyro- 

genneto a quibusdam adscripti. Gnece et Latine Denuo recensi et 

lUustrati ab Jo. Nic. Nidas. Lipsia;, Fritszh, 1781. 

out the fUh inscribe Ke shTu thi wSrdS "Ih^ gS ot^^J'^^^L^? "^^JP* •"^«" 
the fish come to the same pla«i in a w^S^iine maSer" T^^^ '^" «"»™?'*l*'**y »«« 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

medico physico Interprete,' during the previous ye«r, at Venice tnd agiiin tt BatU, where edi- 
tion* were also Issued In 1540, and other years. The best edition in Greek and Latin i» that 
edited by R. Needham noted above. Th-re were Italian translations by N. Vltelli. Venetin, 
lua. 8vo. And by P. Lauro, Venetia, 1540. 8vo. A French translation by Antholne Pierre 
WM issued at Poictiers in 1543 in folio; and it was translated into English by the Rev. T. Owen 
and published in London m 1805, with the title ' Geoponika. Agricultural pursuits. 

" n is improbable that this Greek manuscript was know n In Western Europe when the Flemish 
' Boecxken ' was compiled, but whether or ro the contents of the latter are altogether diflierent 
and show an Independent origin. Ever since writing was invented fishermen all the world over 
have no doubt made note* of their favourite balU. " Bit. pise. 

Bassu«, Casslanus. Geoponicorum ; tomos 3, libros 9-30 continens. 

No title ; pp. 565-1874 only. 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, uncut. The text li In Greek 
and Latin. 

Bathurst, Hon. and Rev. Charles. Notes on Nete, oi ^he Quincunx prac- 
tically considered. To which are added miscellaneous memoranda. Lon- 
don, Van Voorst [1837]. 

Collation : pp. XV-X83. ia°. half green morocco, gilt back. " Dedicated to the 'Worshipful 
Company of Fishmongers. " A singular combination of net-making and preaching. Bit. pitt. 
From Thomas Westwood's collection, with his book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf. 

Beale, Thomas. A few Observations on the Natural History of the Sperm 
Whale, with an account of the rise and progress of the fishery and of the 
modes of pursuing, killing and " cutting in " that animal, with a list of its 
favorite places of resort. London, Wilson, 1835. 
Collation : pp. 58. Illustrations. 8°, paper. 

Beale, Thomas. The Natural History of the Sperm Whale; its anatomy 
and physiology . . . rise and progress of the fishery ... with an account of 
its favorite places of resort, to which is added a sketch of a South Sea whaling 
voyage . . . (Second edition, cnl.]. London, Van Voorst, 1839. 
Collation : pp. xll-393. Illuttrationt. 1*°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. Scarce. 

Becker, Bernard Henry. Holiday Haunts; by cliffiside and riverside. 
. . . London, Remington, 1884. 

ColUtion : pp. vill-SH- With frontiapkKe engraved by J. D. Copper. laOcjodi, uncut. 
With following inscription on the false title : " Dean Sage, Esq., with Thomas Satcbell ■ very 
kind regards. Hampslead, July ayth, '86." 

Bede, Cuthbert. Pseud. Glencreggan; or, a Highland home in Cantire. 
London, Longman, 1861. 

Mum and Illustrations, a voU. 8°, half red morocco, gilt backs, gilt \ay», uncut For ob- 
KTvationi reUting to fish and fishing, see vol. i, pp. 169, asi ; vol. li, pp. 165, 170, 0(9. 

■gMBWfi— aaapf 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Beever, John. Practical Fly-Fishing ; founded on nature. A new edition, 
with a memoir of the author by W. G. Collingwood; also additional notes 
and a chapter on char-fishing by A. and A. R. Severn. London, Methuen, 

Collation : pp. xxll-i-54. la^ cloth. 
Belton. See Ireland and Norway. 

Bennet, James Henry. Winter and Spring on the Shores of the Mediter- 
ranean. Fourth edition. London, Churchill, 1870. 

Collation : pp. xvl-tfai. IlliiBtrationt. tP, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt iop, by Znehns- 
dorf. Containi an account of the method of trolling in the Italian lakei. Reviewed under the 
bead of " Lake Trolling in Italy," In th« " Fiiherman's Magazine," Vol. ii, pp. 460-4. Several 
editions of this work have appeared. 

Bennett, Frederick Debell. Narrative of a Whaling Voyage Around the 
Globe, from the year 1833 to 1836 . . . with an account of southern whales, 
the sperm-whale fishery and the natural history of the climates visited. Lon- 
don, Bentley, 1840. 

Map and illtutrations. a vols. 8°, half brown morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by 
Zaehnsdorf. • r / 

Bennett, John Whitchurch. A Selection of Rare and Curious Fishes 
found upon the Coast of Ceylon ; from drawings made in that island and 
coloured firom life with letter-press descriptions. London, 1851. 

Royal 4", half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. Scarce. 

Bernes, Dame Juliana. See Barnes, Dame Julyans. 

Bertram, James 0. The Harvest of the Sea. A contribution to the natu- 
ral and economic history of the British food fishes. London, Murray, 1865. 

Collation : pp. xv-510. With jw illustrations. tP, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " By 
this writer is 'The National Herring Harvest,' in the 'Companion to the Almanac . . . 
for i88a,' pp. 50-61." Bib.piu. 

Best. Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Confirmed by 
actual experience and minute observations, exempt from redundancies and 
superfluities, which tend more to perplex than instruct With the proper 
methods for breeding and feeding fish, making fish-ponds, stews, etc. With 
several arcana never before made public ; to which is added the compleat 
fly-fisher. . . . London, C. Stalker, 1787. Original edition. 

CoUatioa : pp. s-iu. is°, half green moiooco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. Scarce. 



30 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Corrected and 
enlarged. Second edition. (1789.] 

CoHallon : pp. xli-169. Plate. la". half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehntdorf. 

Beit, Thomas. A Conciie Treatise on the Art of Angling. Another copy. 

Lackf the plate. Half calf. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Third edition. 
London, Crosby, 1794. 

Collation : pp. xli-iSS. Plate. M°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Another copy. 

I.ackf the plate. 19°, cloth. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Fourth edition. 

Plate. n°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling . . . interspersed 
with several new and recent discoveries . . . Fifth edition. 1802. 

Collation : pp. 186. Plate. xa°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Seventh and 
new edition, carefully corrected. London, Plummer, 1807. 
Collation : pp. 186. Plate. la", half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehndorh. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Eighth edition. 

CoUation : pp. i86. PUte. xa". half green morocco, gilt b«ik, gilt top. by Zaehnidor£ 

Best. Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. Ninth edition. 

Collation : pp. viii-aoo. Plate. 19°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 
Thit edition hat a different frontitpiece. 

Best, Thomas. A Concise Treatise on the Art of Angling. To which is 
now added Nobb's "Complete TroUer" . . . Tenth edition. London, 

Crosby, 181 4. 
CoUatlon : pp. vill-aSo. Pi»te. la". half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 



ijii II aiiitii iii'rirr -i-nr:,! . n — ' ""^ 

■*t>iii..i iimi'»» •v«^«p«*»** 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


revised, corrected, 

Best, Thomas. Art of Angling. Eleventh edition . 
and rearranged. Baldwin, 1823. 
Collation: pp. vlll-ass-j. Plate. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt lop, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Best, Thomaj. Art of Angling. Twelfth edition, revised, corrected, and 
rearranged by John Jackson. London, Tegg, 1838. 

Collation : pp. vil-a^e. IMate. 24°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnidorf, 

Best, Thomas. Art of Angling. Another copy. Original cloth. 

Plate. 84°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Best, Thomas. Art of Angling. Thirteenth edition [with new title-page]. 

Collation : pp. irtl-«46. Plate. yP, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Best, Thomas. Art of Angling. Another copy. 

Collation : 

1: pp. vii-fl46. 

room in the Tower of London." 


pP, cloth. " Be«t waa Keeper of HIi Majesty's Drawing- 

Bethune, Rev. Qeorge W. See Catalogues, and Walton, I. The Complete 
Angler. 1847. 

Bewick, Thomas. A Memoir of Thomas Bewick, written by himself, em- 
bellished by numerous wood engravings, designed and engraved by the 
author for a work on Brirish Fishes, and never before published. Newcastle- 
on-Tyne; printed by Robert Ward, Dean-street, for Jane Bewick, Gateshead, 

Collation: pp. «lx-344. (Vignette] illustrations. 8°. full polished calf, gilt back, inside gilt 
border, gilt edges. "The engravings are of fish and lishing scenes, prepared to illustrate a 
work, 'to match the histories of quadrupeds and British birds,' upon which Bewick was en- 
gaged at the time of his death. Greater progress has been made with the vignettes and tail 
pieces than with the fish, of which only sixteen blocks and one copper-plate were finished. A 
prospectus containing two specimens of the engravings, and printed on one side of an octavo 
S*';.*'*? circulated in i8a|. ' A History of British Fishes. ITie figures engraved on wood, by 
T. Bewick, it states. ■ is Intended to be put to press in i8a6 . . . Subscriptions received by 
all booksellers and by T. Bewick and Son. Newcastle.' Seven forms of this prospectus are 
tnumerated by Mr. Hugo, in whose ' Bewick Collector,' 1866. pp. 292-303, will be found a de- 
miled account of the proposed work. Should Piscator covet one of these golden links between 
bis puume and the famous North Codnirv engraver, let him beware of counterfeits. Two ficti- 
tious fonns have been provided for the unwary ooilictor ; one with an indifferent copy, reversed, 
of the Old Anjjier. and the other with a bad copy of the vignette of a man fishing, both taken 

from the ' Birds? 

fas abovej ; ' Ballan Wrasse and Smelling ' (eels in dead dog) ; and -John Dory and Pole-cat 
Fishing. Btt.puc. Fastened to the fly-leavei are some woodcuts by Bewick, printed from 
stereotypes belonging to the Rev. Thomas Hugo, taken from the original wood-Weeks. 



H iTH ■ P^ipW H i 

^3 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

BIbllotheca Piscatorla. See Catalogues, Pickering, W. 

BIckerdyke, John. The Book of the All-round Angler; a comprehensive 
treatise on angling in both fresh and salt water. London, Gill, 1888. 

AllUont, tup. 

BIckerdyke, John. Angling for Coarse Fish; a practical work on fishing 
for roach, perch, barbel, chub, dace, carp, eeU, etc., according to the methods 
in use on the Thames, Trent, Norfolk Broads, and elsewhere. London, 

Gill(n. d.). , ,^ 

Collation : pp. ylli-iaa. Ill«««.ioni. ia°. cloth, uncut. Firit dlviilon of the " Book o( the 
AlUround Angler." 

BIckerdyke. John. Angling for Pike; a practical and comprehensive work 
on the most approved methods of fishing for pike or jack, including an ac- 
count of some new tackles for spinning, live-baiting and troUmg. London, 
Gill, 1888. _ ^ , 

Collation: pp. vili-«6. Illu.tnitioni. M°. cloth, uncut. Second dlrUlon of th. "Book of 
the All-round Angler. ' 

BIckerdyke. John. Angling for Game Fish; a practical treatise on the 
various methods of angling for salmon and sea trout . . . graylmg and char 
. . . London, Gill, 1889. 
Collation : pp. Till-134. With over 70 engravings. iiP, cloth, uncut. 

Btokerdyke. John. Angling in Salt Water; a practical work on fishing 
with rod and line in the sea, from the shore, piers jetties, rocks and from 
boats, together with some account of hand-lining. London, Gill (n. d.). 
Collation: pp. vill-iia. lUuitratloni. u". original pap«:. 

Biddulph, M. S. See Forester, T. 

Blgslsh Boy, A. My First Touch of Angling. London (n. d.). 

Tuu <n M<* niuttrationi Square ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, glU top., by Zaehni- 
dorf The MS. tiU?U piSSSded^y a vlgnitte tiJTe, called •• Tomblewn'. f hames." The arti- 


i iii in> I H I — • -* ' "■■■' '■'"■ ' •" "" 


Catalogue of Books on Angliiifii 


'Book of 

Bigsby, John J. The Shoe and Canoe ; or, pictures of travel in the Canadai, 
illustrative of their scenery and of colonial life, with fattH and opinions on 
emigration, State policy and other |)oint8 of public interest. London, Chap, 
man, 1850. 

With nunitrout plates and mapi. • voli.. pott 1°, hair brown morocco, gill backs, allt iopi, 
uncut, bjr Kaufmann. ■ r . 

Binncll, Robert. Description of the River Thames . . . with the city of 
London's jurisdiction I conservancy thereof proved, both in point of right 
and usage, by prescrip n, charters, etc., to which is added a brief descrip- 
tion of those fish with their seasons, spawning times, etc.. that are caught in 
the Thames, or sold in London. With some few observations on the nature, 
element, cloathing, numbers, passage, wars and sensation . . . peculiar to 
fish in general, etc. London, Longman, 1758. 

Collation : pp. xvlv-a96. 8°. half Ruuia. Scarce. ' See Griffiths ■ An Essay to Prove.' etc., 
1746. This is the same book with a new tlUe." Bii.fise. 

Binnell, Robert. Description of the River Thames, etc. Another copy. 
Full sprinklH calf, gilt back, yeUow edges, by W. Pratt. 

Bischoff, Wllhelm. Anleitung zur Angel-Fischerei mit Abbildung und 
Beschreibung der hiezu sich eignenden Fiticharten. MUnchen, firaun und 
Schneider (1859). 

Collation : pp. viii-iefl. Mit Illustrationen von E. FrOhllch. Colored plates. t°, boards 
" Most of the artificial flies are identical with our own and the English names borrowed. The 
work contains a notice of the Danube salmon." Bit. put. 

Blichoff, Wllhelm. Zweite Auflage ; neu bearbeitet vom Bayerischen 
fischerei-verein. MUnchen, Braun [1883]. 
Collation : pp. xix-«8. IltualraUont. 8°, cloth. 


Catalogue of Books on /iHgling 

Blacker, William. Blacker'* Art of Fly-making, fU. ; compriaing angling 
and dyeing of colourt. With engravings of aalmon and trout flies, ahowing 
the proceM of the gentle craft a* taught in the pagea . . . Rewritten and re- 
viled by the author, Blacker himaelf. London, 1855. 

Cullxlon DD xt-«SQ. FUl«i. I«". '«" cru»h«ct green levant morocco, fill bach. Inild« jilt 
borderi «lli top. by ziShn»dorf. ' Thli title l« «ngr«*ecl t,u\ ih-re I. «n engr.vr.1 tin.l <:»loure<1 
fronti.plece of ' (ly-flfhlng / In thl» e<llil«n there .r« >o engraved pl.iei of flie,. fly m.ktn| 
and tackle, of which iS are coloured The work It a .trange medley of practical uiefulneit ana 
rhapsodical eitrayagance. The Inilructloni for fl»-maklng are pecullariy nredie and clear 
Somrparlt of (he • Calechlim ' follow the Art of Anjllng word for word; o herj are dit- 
Smilar The earlier edition, have .peclmen. of the ff e. wafered to the page. In thli anilcU 
Mting iha method of the lumpluou* volume for which anglen are Indebted to Mr. Aldam. 
BU.fU*. Scarce. 

Blackar. William. Blacker'* Art of Fly-making, tU. Another copy. 

itP, half red moroe«o, gilt back. glU top, by Alfred Matthews. 

Blackwater Chronicle. See Gierke of Oxenforde. Pieud. 

Blavrave. JoMph. The Epitome of the Art of Husbandry. Comprising 
. . . directions ... for the use of the angle, etc. London, Billingsley, 1670. 

Collation: Double pa 

Re plate 
!,' 7ur 

engraved by Shetwin ; title; "Tothe Reader." 1 unnuinberetl 

llliun IIQQ^/. unci v«|fdiiii«:iiini uiiw- 

and ' Concerning fiih and fiih-pondi, 

^ ^ _, will , , -, - 

leaf DO 1-106: "tabre,' 7 unnumbered leaves; title. " New Additions ; "Table, aun 
numbered le^vei ; pp. l-«o ; s unnumberwl leaves. Double page pUte engraved by Sherwin. 
Je'^hfn scored bi^wS calf, gilt back. " In the third edition jids). ' Brief eKperlinental dlrec- 
tioiis for the right use of the angle ' occiipy i» pages ; 
how to Improve them,' in part il, 7 V*t**- ^*- /"*• 

Blagrave, Joseph, 

Third edition. 

The Epitome of the Art of Husbandry. Another copy. 

, ,„.„._. .,.^..~. ....... la", lull sprin> 

]n this copy the (biding plate has b«en divided, 

Collation : Engraved plate ; title ; " To the Rewler. 3 unnumbered leaves , 
title. " New Additions ' ; pp. III-136 1 " Table." 4 unnumbered leaves. Plates, 
kled calf, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. 
and a part bound In front of each title. 

Blafrave. Joseph. The Epitome of the Art of Husbandry. Fourth edition, 
enl. London, Battley, 1719. 

PUtes. la", full sprinkled calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. New Utle-page with th« 
name of the author. Scarce. 

Blaine, Delabere P. An Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports; or, complete ac- 
count, historical, practical and descriptive, of hunting, shooting, fishing, racing, 
etc. London, Longman, 1840. 

p IIV-34U. Illustrated by above too engravings on wood. 8°, half brown Ruuit, 
lontolns one of the best and most voluminous treatises on the sport." Bit. fitc. 

Collation : pp. itv-940 

riltback. " Contains c..-_. . 
rem library of Thomas Harrison with hit book-plate. 





Catalogue oj Books on /Ingling 


g «ngllng 
I, showing 
en and re- 

k. intl<l« gilt 
tnd coloured 
I. fly making 
w-fuineai and 
Ml and clear. 
h«n arc dls- 
n (hit antlcl* 
Mr. Aldam. " 


Blakcy, Robert. Hinu on Angling, with suKgentions for angling cxcuniont 
in France and lielgijiii, to which arc appemicd tome brief notice* of the 
English, Scottish and Irish waters, iiy I'almer Hackle, Ym\. London, 
Robinson. 1846. 

Collation : pp. 1*1-3)9. ^- full graan aoorad ealf, gill bach. " Porilont of ihi* work ware rt* 
produced In ' Angling, or Huw to Anglo. Where lu Oo.' 1I54 Bit fiit. 

Blak«y, Robert. HintH on Angling, tU. Another copy. 

V\ half green morocco, gill back, gilt top. 

Biakey, Robert. The Angler's Coniplete Guide to the Rivers and Lakes 

of England. London, Whittaker, 1853. 

Collation : pp. xv-ilA. Plate. x(P, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. Sotnc chapiart 
have b««n puBllihed In the " L.ondon Sporting Magaiine." 


sley, 1670. 

rnble," a un- 
by Sherwin. 
mental dlrec- 
d flih-pondi, 

)ther copy. 

l-«i6: plate; 
a", lull tprin- 
been divided. 

rth edition, 

page with Iha 

implete ac- 
ing, racing, 

brown Ruuia, 
t." BU. pite. 

Blakey, Robert. The Angler's Complete Guide to the Rivers and Lakes 
of England. Philip, 1856. 

Plata. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Blakey, Robert. The Angler's Complete Guide to the Rivers and Lakes 

of England. Second edition, revised and enlarged. London, [printed at] 

Winchester, Kent, 1859. 

Plate. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gill top, by Zaehntdorf, with original paper coven 
bound In. 

Biakey, Robert. The Angler's Guide to the Rivers antl Lochs of Scotland. 
Glasgow, Murray, 1854. 
Collation : pp. viil-aos. ''■Xe- iA°, half green calf, gilt back. 

Blakey, Robert. The Angler's Song Book. London, Cox; Edinburgh, 
Oliver and Boyd, 1855. 

Collation : pp xv-a76. 8*^, full polished calf, gill back, gilt center-piece, gilt top, by Zaehnt- 
dorf. " Thirty copies were printed on larger sheets of paper, of several colours, ard these were 
misod in the binding. " Bib. piu. 

Blakey, Robert. The Angler's Song Book. Another copy. 

8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. One of thirty copies primed on 
sheets of different colours. 


96 Catalogue of Books on /ItiMling 

Blakty. Robtit. HittoHcut Sketches of the Angling Literature of all Na- 
tion«, to whii h is acUled a bibliography of Krigliih writeri on angling. Lon- 
don, J. Kuuell Smith, 1856. 

ColUtlon pit VI j«. ift-i.h^lf brown morocco, glli h«ck.|lll lop, l.yZ»«hn««lorf "AiMp- 
«h<Mt •n<l nc|ll|rni work, cUvoldof all r««l iilillly. A iiiirc farmijo of iiiniltr r»|pv«ni •ml Irrel- 
•v«nl o(imlT»cflniln«i» «w»fptin» from ml«cell«n«ou» lourtc*, of quoimlont Incoriyclly ttv»il 
•nd of Mxnllcd orlKliml p«»»ii»p« ih«" vatfurni-M dnd uncrrtnlniy of whirh rob ihem of all wolght 
and vulu*- Name, and dair» ar» wMom ftvrn, or arr j(l»Bn Inaicuralcly, ihu«, Oowera 
• (°onf*t*lon« Amalli, IJM. (ihraa con»tcu»l»e error* I) for (»ow«r'» ConftMlo Amanili, 1493; 
Llawallvn* ' Ntw Mlracla*, i«4«.' for 'Man Miraelaa," l6»«; Flatcher » ' l*urpla Uland and 
■ I'likcaiorle Krlog» i6ai.' for iftu; "Couniry f ■oni»'ntmani«, I7i).' '"' •*" ■ '•"" ' Innocrnl 
Kplcuro 1701, (or 16^; Brown* « ■ lltcatory Ktloguei, ila/, for tjmt : the • North Cotinlry 
Angler i«3«.' for 17M, and by way of calmlnallon, Wallou • Angler, itSii,' for 1653! Hul 
the crowning liUinder of the liook occtir» at pp 101-4 whareln the author de«crll)«« at aoma 
length what he contel»aa to b«i the • I'lacalury Kologuaa ' of Saniiaiartui, and wl:lch art 
really ihoaa of Moaaa Brownal •ITie Ptacatory Eclociie*.' ha aaaerti, are wall known, 
and than proceeda to Inform ua that Ihey are mimt In number. Ha glvaa the iiub)e«t of each 
with eitracit and at pp I7<»-I«l deMTlbei tha »ame iioema over again. rei>eaH the iub)ccti, bul 
thia lime atlrllnila« ihem 10 the rightful author I Mr HIakey i volume. It it biil fair to add, la 
radaemed from utter worthl««»na»a by tha eiccllani blbllograiihlcal catalogue of wriiera on 
angling ond Ichthyology appended to It by tha publlthar, Mr. John Ruaacll Smith. Si*. fHi. 

Blakcy. Robert. Angling; or How to Angle ami Where to Go. London, 
Routledge, 1854. 
Collation: pp. ill-il7. Illualratlona. 16°. half brown morocco, gtll top. 

Blakey. Robert. Angling, etc. New tcUtion. London, Routledge, 1855. 

lUuiinitloni. 16°. half green morocco, silt back. From the collection of Thoima Waatwood, 
with hl» book-plate and autograph, " T. Weitwood. iMo," on fly laaf. 

Blakey, Robert. Angling, etc. New edition. Routledge, London, 1857. 

Illuitratloni. 16", half green morocco, gill back, gill top, by Zaahnadorf. 

Blakey, Robert. Angling, etc. 1858. 

Illuairatloni. 16", half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, with original pap«r covara bound In, 

Blakey, Robert. Angling, etc. i860. 

llluatratlont. i(P, half green morocco, fill back, gill top, by Zaahnidorf. 

Blakey, Robert. Angling, etc. 1865. 

llluitratioiis. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Blakey, Robert. Old Faces in New Ma.sks. London, Kent, 1859. 

Collation- pp. vH-391. Plate. ia°, cloth. Containing " A Few Words about Ecli 

Word* on Pike ' ; "Dayi on the Tweed Sixty Years Ago. 
t>y Ueorge Cruikahank. 

A Few 

The engraved title and plate are 




>l all Na- 
ig. Lon* 

f 'Ainp. 

nl and lcr«l- 
rr»ctly g»v«B 
nt all wvlght 
u«, Oowcr'l 
anill, I49JJ 
Itland ana 
r ' Innocrnl 
rth Clouniry 
l«$3 1 Hul 
Ixi at *om« 
I wl:lch an 
.•II known,' 
>)rct iif each 
lubjrclt, but 
•Ir to add, It 
if wriifri on 
' B^.piH. 


dge, 1855. 

■ Wttiwood, 
on, 1857. 

art bound in. 


»"; "A Few 
knd plate are 

C^UlflgNe of Books on /InjuUnx 


BUnch^rc. H. «l« la. 

La Ptche aux Haini cle Mer, Parii, Didoi [n. d.]. 

Imperial 1^, MX cru>li«4 frean lavant morocco, gill 

Coltailon: pp. tgi-i, llluiiralloni 
bMh, ftll cdses. by Tou. 

BlanchAre, H. dc la. La p^che en Eau Douce, contenant toua lc» principci 
de la p<che a la ligne, la tictcription des cngins, den poifioni t\ dc» eaux ou 
ill le tiennent . . . Paris, Delarue |n, <1.]. 
Collation : pp, 104. illutiratloni. la'', paper, uncut. 

Blanchire, M. de la. La P^che et leu Poisiionii. Nouveau Dictionnaire 
g<n<ral dcs F^ches, pr*c<d< d'une preface par A, Dumiril. Avec illuitrationi 
desHin^ef et colorizes par A. Metnel. . , . Faria, Dclagrave, i368. 

Collation : pp. iv-ls«, Royal 1°, hill red morocco, gilt edges. 

Blanchira, H. dc la. La P6che et le» Poisioni. Another copy. 

Royal 1°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, with original paper covert bound in. 

Blanchire, M. de la. Oncle Tobie, le P^cheur. Ueuxiimc edition. Parii, 
Hachette, 1870. 

Collation : pp. 380. Illuttr^ de jo vignettei. iiP, half red morocco, gUt back, gilt top, with 
original paper oovara bound in. 

Bloch, Marc Elleser. Ichtyologie on Histoire Naturelle generale et par* 
ticuli^re Des Poissons avec des figures enlumin^es dcsHJn^es d'apres nature. 
Berlin, Paris, and London, 1785-97. 

la pant. In 6 volt. £y» full-page platei, colored by hand. Folio, full red morocco, gilt backs, 
gilt tide*, gilt edges. From the library of Johng WIngfleld Larkint, with hit traok-plaie. 

Blome, Richard. The Gentleman's Recreations. In three parts. The Sec- 
ond treats of Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing, and Agri- 
culture, &c. The whole illustrated with near an hundred copper-cuts relating 
to the several subjects, particularly all sorts of Nets, Engines, Traps, &c., are 
added for the taking of wild Beasts, Fowl, Fish, &c., not hitherto Published 
by any. The Second edition corrected with near one half of additions. 
London, Printed for R, Bonwicke, 1710. Contains at end The Laws of 
the Forest and Game; and also of Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, and Fowling, 






Catalogue of Books on Angling 


I ' 

accorcing to the Common and Statute Laws of England, In the Savoy. 
Printed by J. Nutt, 1709. 

Folio, calf. " A fine work, but of little practical value. Blome «ay« that the foundation of the 
second part wai ■ a tranilation from a French author entitled L* Rui»t innoctnf (meaning^i 
Rhus innoctntts), and that he collected all our English authors on the same subjects, Turber- 
vllle, Markham, and others, 'and methodically digested the whole Into ono entire bod:jr, 
taking above four years In getting the work 'rectified by such sportmcn as were excellent. 
Bib. piic. 

Boaz, Herman. The Angler's Progreta: a poem, developing the pleasures 
the angler receives from the dawn of the propensity in infancy till the period 
of his becoming a complete angler. London, J. H. Burn, iSao. 

Collation.: pp. 10. Illustrated. 8°, half calf. " This was the forerunner of the • Newcastle 
Fishers' Garlands,' and has been Incorporated with them, though Its poeiical value is under 
lero. Herman Boas was a professor of legerdemain and known as ' Le bieur Boai. fhe 
Newcastle edition of i8ao has on the title the woodcut, by Thomas Bewick, of a man anRling, 
used In 'Select Fables,' iSao, p. 190, which was afterwards purchased by Mr. Bohn and ap- 
pears in his edition of ' Walton's Angler,' 1856, p. 83. 976 copies were printed. It was ante- 
dated so that It might be the fii'st of the series. A few of the copies were printed with gold bor- 
ders." Bib.pitc, 

Boaz, Herman. The Angler's Progress, etc. Another copy. Newcastle, 
Emerson Chamley, i8ao. 
Collation : pp. la. Vignette title. S*. half green morocco. 

Boccius, Qottlleb. A Treatise on the Management of Fresh-water Fish, 
with a view to make them a source of profit to landed proprietors. London, 
Van Voorst, 1841. 

Collation: pp. vi-38. Htlfcrimwn calf, gilt back. From Thomai West wood's collection, 
with his book-plate. 

Boccius, Qottlieb. Fish in Rivers and Streams; a treatise on the produc 
tion and management offish in fresh-waters, by artificial spawning, breeding, 
and rearing : showing also the cause of the depletion of all rivers and streams. 
London, Van Voorst, 1848. 

Collation : pp. vlll-38. 8°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. From Thomas 
Westwood's collection, with his book-plate. 

Bol, J. Venationis, piscationisetaucupiitypi. . . [Noplace] 1582. 

Eneraved tlUe and 7 pUtes, by Carolus AUard, Small oblong 4°. half crimson levant mo- 
rocco^lilt b«k, gilt t'o5. "Contains 47 plat*. engraved by .* Gaile from the ^ 
paintings by J. Bol, representing hunUng, fishing, shooting, falconry, ttc. Bti. ptsc. 

Bol, J. Venationis, etc. (1600?] 

4» plates mounted. Oblong itP, half calf. 



he Savoy. 

dation of the 
meaning L4t 
ects, Turber- 
intlre body," 
excellent. " 

the period 

> ' Newcastle 
iluc is under 
Boax.' The 
nan anKliog, 
iohn and a\.- 
It was ante- 
irith gold bor- 


vater Fish, 
. London, 

I's collection, 

he produc- 
;, breeding, 
nd streams. 

'rom Thomas 


>n levant mo- 
;be celebrated 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Bompas, Qeorge C. Life of Frank Buckland. London, Smith Elder, 1885. 

With a portrait. 8°, cloth, uncut. 

Book. The Book of the Axe. See Pulman, G. P. R. 

Book. The Book of Fishes. Class Pisces. London, Parker, 1834. 

Collation : pp. i6o. Illustrated. 16°, full sprinkled calf, gilt back. yeUow edges, by W. 
Pratt. Published under the direction of the Committee of General Literature and Education. 

Book. The Book of Fishes, etc. Fifth edition. 1845. 

Illustratiotts. 16°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Book. The Book of Sports, British and Foreign ; devoted to the pictorial 
illustration of the pursuits of the sportsman in every quarter of tlie globe. 
London, Edinburgh, and Dublin, Spiers, 1843. 

Illustrated, a vols in i, 4°, full black morocco, gill back. " Each volume contains 50 en- 

r»ved plates, after Landseer, Cooper, Herring, &c. The angling subjects are as follows : Vol. 
J. J?. F'shennan,' by Sylvanus Swanquill; -Pike-fishing in Germany,' by Thomas Hood: 
• My GlendWl Friend, Will Ready, O I' bv Stephen Oliver. Vol. ii. • Perch fishing in Ger- 
njany, by Thomas Hood ; ' A Days Fishing with an Old Friend,' by N. W. ; • The Miseries 
of Angling, or the Contemplative Man's Vexation' (anon.); 'The Perch,' by Toho." Bit. 
fisc. Rare. ' 

Piscatorial Reminiscences and Gleanings. 


Boosey, Thomas. See B. T. 

Border. The Border Angler ; a guide-book to the Tweed and its tributaries, 
and the other streams commanded by the North British Railway. With an 
accurate map of the district. Edinburgh (n. d.). 

i6°, half red morocco, gilt top. 

Border. The Border Angler, etc. Edinburgh and London, Nimmo, 1858. 

Collation: pp. viii-ao8. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. From 
1 homas Westwood s collection, with his book-plate, and monogram on fly-leaf. Scarce. 

Borne, Max von dem. lUustrirtes Handbuch der Angel-fischerei. Auf 
Grund der neusten Erfahrungen in Deutschland, England, und Amerika bear- 
beitet von M. von dem B. Berlin, Wiegandt, 1875. 

Collation : viii-380. Mit 19s Abbildungen. 8°, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut, with 
original pictorial covers bound in at the back. 

Borne, Mail von dem. lUustrirtes Handbuch der Angel-fischerei. An- 
other copy. 






fc. . / 


Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

Borne, Max von dem. Wegweiser flir Angler durch Deutschland, Oester* 
reich und die Schweiz. Berlin, Wiegandt, 1877. 
Collation : pp. xU-aoo-xvt. lUustrationf. t6°, cloth. 

Borne, Max von dem. Taschenbuch der angelfischerei. Second edition, 
enlarged. Berlin, Parey, i88a. 

Collation: pp. vili-3a4. Illustrations. 16°, cloth. The first edition bore the title " Illut- 
irirtes handbucn der Angelfischerei. ' ' 1875. 

Bosgoed, D. Mulder. See Catalogues. Bosgoed, D. M. 

Bowdich, Mrs. T. Edward. The Fresh-water Fishes of Great Britain. 
Drawn and described by Mrs. T. E. B. London, Ackermann, 1828. 

CoUatioL : pp. 05. 44 plates colored by hand, and x containing 3 drawings. Imperial 4°, full 

rin morocco, gflt back, gilt lop and <bre edges, bottom untrimmcd. Autograph letter from 
W. Sabin relative to the rarity of this book inserted. The work was pubUshed at ;f la las. 
in parts, and limited to fifty impressions. Rare. 

" There we* recently sold . . . one of the rarest, most valuable and unique of modem an- 
gling books, a copy of Mrs. Bowdich's ' Fresh Water Fishes of Gn-at Britain," originally issued 
fti la numbers, the first of which possibly appeared In xSaS, judging from the title-page. It was 
published by subscription. . . . The title-page bears date i8a8, though this cannot be the year 
In which the last number actually appeared, for the water-mark upon the paper on which the 
rudd is drawn is dated 1830. The book is . . . well printed In large type on thick paper, and 
in addition to the water-colour drawings, which make its value, the description of each fish is 
pithy and concise. . . . Some few years ago, a copy in Mr. Sabin's catalogue was priced at 
some/nSor jf 40, and at the present time oiUy four complete copies are known. . . Theiarityof 
the volume may be inferred from the fact )hat the British Museum does not contain a copy, and 
judging from its bare mention in the ' Bibliotheca Piscatoria,' Westwood and SatcheU had prob- 
ably not known where to find one. . . . The value of ' Bowdich ' is eminently found In the 
water-colourdrawingsof44 British fresh-water fishes . . . the fish were drawn and painted from 
life, just as they came out of the water, before they had changed color or lost their bloom and 

" Purchased at auction, Dec. 14, 1887, from the library of J. Hirsh. sold at Sotheby's. From 
the pencil-mark on U:t of subscribers I should take this originally to have been Charles Ten 
nant's copy." W. IV. Saim's MS. not* mJty-Uaf. 

Bowlins, Tom. Reud. The Book of Knots; being a complete treatise on 
the art of cordage, illustrated by 172 diagrams, showing the manner of 
making every knot, tie, and splice. London, Hardwicke, 1876. 
Collation : pp. vii-4x. ia°, cloth. 

Bowlker, Charles. See Bowlker, Richard. 
Bowlker, R. See Angler. The Universal Angler. 

r ■•* 


& s si>! ^ -ttgiBS^fey 






md, Oester- 
ind edition, 

« title "IItu»- 

eat Britain. 

mporial 40, full 
ipn tetter from 
led at £i» las. 

of modem an- 
■iginally iisued 
e-p«ge. It was 
not be the year 
r on which the 
lick paper, and 
ofeacD fiih is 
! was priced at 
. Thesarityof 
tin a copy, and 
chell had prob- 
Y found in the 
id painted from 
leir bloom and 

theby's. From 
I Charles Ten 

i treatise on 
: manner of 

Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling 41 

Bowlker, Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling Improved in all its 
Parts, especially Fly-fishing. Containing a particular account of the several 
sorts of fresh-water fish, with their most proper baits. Also the names, 
colors, and seasons of all the most useful flies, eU. Worcester, M. Olivers 
CollaUon : pp. iv-95. 16°, half calf, interleaved. Very scarce. Thtnai: 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, and Compleat Fly- 
fisher. Describing the different kinds of fish, their haunts, and places of 
feeding and retirement. With an account of the generation of fishes, and 
observations on the breeding of carp, together writh directions how to regu- 
late pools or ponds. Also the various kinds of baits . . . directions for 
making artificial flies . . . with many new improvements in the art of an- 
gling. The second edition. Birmingham. Printed by John Baskerville. 
Collation : pp. viii-ix6. itP, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Bowlker, Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Third edition. 
Birmingham, Swinney [1780]. 
Collation : pp. viii-ii6. Plate. tfP, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Bowlker, R.chard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. [Fourth edi- 
tion.] 1786. 

Conation : pp. xli-iao. PlaU. 16", half brown morocco, gilt btxk. gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Fifth edition. 

Bowlker, Richard and Charles, The Art of Angling, etc. [Sixth edition.] 

Bowlker, Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. New edition. 

Collatimi: pp. sii-^oS. PUte. iSP, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zwshnsdorf. 






42 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Bowlker, Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 
Ludlow, Proctor, 1814. 
ColUUon : pp. x-170. Pl«e. itP, baW brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnwlorf. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 

Collation ; pp. x-170. Plate and llliutrationi. iff*, cloth. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 

Collation : pp. iii-M5. ifi°. half black roan. With this adition appears a new tide-page. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 

Collation : pp. iil-x54. Plate and iUu»trationi. 16°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, 
by Zaehnsdorf. 

Bowlker, Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 

Half brown calf. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 
Ludlow, Jones, 1833. 

ColUtion : pp. iii-iS4. Plate and iUuatration.. ifP. half brown morocco. gUt back, gilt top. 
by Zaehnsdon. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Aiigling, etc. Another copy. 

Collation : pp. iil-iS4- Pl*te and Ulu.trati«ni. 16°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 
by Zaehnidon. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Another copy. 

Plate and illuitration*. rt". half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Bowlker. Richard and Charles. The Art of Angling, etc. Ludlow, Jones, 

eiiiion appeared «» the n«ne of ^^^'^^^f;^^'''i^:':'{'^^':'{^l '^^li^^^'i'l^MiiTi 


iiiii i i riw-'-'r' -^^ -'' "'''""** '''''''^'''' 




Catalogue of Books on /Angling 


ther copy. 


ither copy. 
)ther copy. 


jther copy, 

sack, gilt top, 

Other copy, 
other copy. 

back, gilt top, 

Other copy, 
back, (ilt top, 
lother copy. 

ilow, Jones, 

back, gilt top, 
let. "The first 
oner in thia art 
«nsidered, and 
was conildered 

the most Anithed fly-ftsher of hli day. The lit edition, Haworth't sale. ais. ; i«d edit.. Corser, 
45, 43s. See also ' The Universal Angler,' a reprint of the first edition, with some few addi- 
tions, London, 1766, ttc." Bit. pise. 

Boy. The Boy's Book of Sports and Games. By Uncle Charles. London, 
Allman, 1850. 

Collation: pp. vlli-i«4. Square 84°, cloth. "Angling," pp. 63-66. With illustrations by 
Henry Sears. 


Angling, with engravings. 

Boy. The Boy's Book of Sports, including . 
London, S. Grieves (n. d.). 

^ Collation : pp. 357-318 only. Square 18°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt lop, by Zaehns- 
dorf. Published in 36 penny numbers. Bib. fisc. Scarce. 

Boy. The Boy's Own Handbook of Angling. London, March (n. d.). 

Collation : pp. 9. Illustrated. xfP, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf, 
with original paper covers bound in. 

Boy. The Boy's Own Illustrated Handbook of Angling. See Dyson, 

Boy. Every Boy's Book. Parts 3 and 3. London and New York, Rout- 
ledge, 1863. 

Collation : pp. y-fo-yn- Illustrated. ia°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Kauf. 
mann. "Angling, pp. 111-144. The first edition was published in 1856. 

Boy's Own Jolly Angling Book. See Hall, P. 

Boyle, Frederick. Camp Notes; stories of sport and adventure in Asia, 
Africa, and America. London, Chapman, 1874. 
Collation : pp. v-joa. 8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Boyle, Hon. Robert. Occasional Reflections upon Several Subjects, whereto 

is premis'd a discourse about such kind of thoughts. London : printed by 

W. Wilson for Henry Herringman and are to be sold at his shop at the 

Anchor in the Lower Walk in the New Exchange. 1665. 

Collation : pp. xxxviil + 064 + 909 and Table 419. taP, original calf binding, with gilt sides. 

Boyle, Hon. Robert. Occasional Reflections upon Several Subjects, etc. 
Second edition. London, Henry Herringman, 1669. 

ia°, original panel calf, rebacked. 

" Though the 4th section contains frequent allusions to angling, the details of the sport are 
inerely employed as the pegs on which to hang moral and religious reflections. ' For," says 
the author, ' being really a great lover of angling, and frequently diverting myself at that sport, 
tometlmei alone and sometimes in company, the accidents or that recreation were the true 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

theme* on which the followinB diioourM* were not the only medlUtiont I had made. pt»- 
coune IV. it entitled ' Upon Flihing with a Counterfeit Fly ' ; Dlicoune V. ' Upon a Hihe t 
StruBBlIng after having SwbUow d the Hook : l)i»cour»e X. 'Upon • (iihet Running away 
with tRe Bait ; and Di.cour.e XIV. ■ Upon c'atehing Store of Mth at a Halted Place. The 
flrit edition li rare. No name i» on the title-page, but the preface it tigned, R. B. Rev. W. 

A«**"urther' tpeclment of Angling tplrituallted we may cite here: Dr. John RawUntoiJi 

• Fithermen. FItheri of Men ; aBermon Preached at Mercers Chapel on Mid-lent Sunday, the 
a6th March.' Ixjndon, 1609, 4to. ' The FIther, a Vltltation Sermon. Preached at Horncastle, 
in LIncolnthIre, by Wm. Worthip, D.D.. and printed for Thomat f'av er. London, i6iq. 

• The Kltherman. A Semton Preached at Southwark, in Nottlnghamthire, by Jerome Phil- 
Hpi.' x6a3. 4'o-" Bit.fue. 

Boyle, Robert. The Hon, Robert Boyle's "Occasional Reflections"; with 
a preface, etc., by John Weyland. London, Cadell, 1808. 
ColUtion : pp. xlviii-iss and table. Portrait. Purple icored calf, by Merrick. 

Brabazon, Wallop. The Deep Sea and Coast Fisheries of Ireland, with 
suggestions for the working of a fishing company. Dublin, McGlashan, 

Collation : pp. lii-ax. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehntdorf. lUuttrated 
by William Cooper. 

Bradford, Charles Barker. Black Bass; where to catch them in quantity 
within an hour's ride of New York; best methods and baits fully treated 
upon, with salient practical hints upon choice of rods and tackle . . . New 
York, Pond Publishing Co., 1888. 
Collation : pp. 96. 8°, paper. 

Bradley, Rev. Edward. See Bede, Cuthbert. Aeud. 

Bradley, Robert. The Country Gentleman and Farmer's Monthly Director. 
Containing necessary instructions for the management and improvement of 
a farm in every month of the year. Wherein is directed the . . . breeding 
and feeding of poultry, rabbits, fish, swine and all sorts of cattle . . . Third 
edition with additions . . . London, Woodman, 1727. 
Collation : pp. xxi-i8s. Plate. 8°, mottled calf, gilt back, yellow edget. 

Braithwaite, Oeorge Poster. The Salmonidse of Westmorland; angling 
reminiscences and leaves from an angler's note-book. London, Hamilton, 


Collation : pp. xii-i88. Platea. ia°, cloth. A teriei of papers which originally ^oewed in 
the " Westmorland Gazette." 

-'■•*.>;T^";^fr^fcw--rf.i^f— -^j 

mode.' Dls- 
KHl • Fiihc't 
unning away 
Place' The 
B. Rav. W. 

t Sunday, the 
I Horncaitle, 
^ndon, i6ii(. 
Jerome Phil- 

ni"j with 

;land, with 

r. lUiutnted 

in quantity 

illy treated 

. . . New 

ly Director. 

ovement of 

. breeding 

. . . Third 

d; angling 
, Hamilton, 

ly apoewed in 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Bralthwaite, Qeorge Poster. The Salmonidse of Westmorland. Another 

Brevoort, James Carson. Notes on Some Figures of Japanese Fish, Uken 
from recent specimens by the artists of the U. S. Japan expedition. (No 
place, n. d.) 

''"f."..??'' *" *^'y' 9 colored platei, 4°. half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by 

- ass 

Z intdort. 

London and Derby, 

Briggs. John Joseph. The Peacock at Rowsley. 
Bemrose and Sons, 1869. 

wii'!!!'.1";i,P'''.'?""?!c f'"*-, ."".half blue morocco, gilt back, gl .op. -A pleasant little 
.TT^^ p. ij. V * "?r ^*'!"<'"'"- T^he author was a genial lover of nature and contributed 
vi-i u "• 'fi J^^ Naturalist.) much accurate personal observation of the habits of 
t)lrds, beasts, and fishes. He also wrote • The Trent and other Poems,' 1857." Bib. pise. 

Britain. The Fisheries Revived ; or, Britain's hidden treasure discovered, 
proving that not only our future wealth, but security, will depend upon that 
inestimable trade . , . London, J. Robinson, 1750. 

Collation ; pp. 61. Map. tP, half calf, gilt back. 

British Angling Flies. See Theakston, Michael. 

British Fish and Fisheries. London, Religious Tract Society, 1849. 

Collation : pp. vi-ja. 16°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

British. A Letter to a Member of Parliament Concerning the Free British 
Fisheries, with draughts of a herring buss and nets, and the harbour and 
town of Peterhead . . . London, R. Spa van, 1750. 

CoUation : pp. 44. Folding map and plate. 8°, half green calf, gilt back, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Brookes, Gilbert. Complete British Gardener. . . . London, Fielding, 

Bound with " The Complete Fisherman." 
Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling, Rock and Sea Fishing: with the 
natural history of river, pond and sea fish. London, John Watts, 1740. 

Collation: pp. xvi-449 and index, 

Plate. Vignette title end illustrations in the text. Calf, 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling, Rock and Sea Fishing. 1740 

Collation : pp. xvi-a49 and index. Vignette » 
calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. Scarce, 




Collation : pp. xvi-a4o and index. Vignette title and illustrations ia the text, la", fuU green 

Mii i J l T" ii ni i irT""! - 

46 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Brookes. Richard. The Art of Angling. Now improved with additions, 
and formed into a dictionary. In two parts. I. Containing an account of 
fish and fish-ponds : a new art of fly-malcing : the new laws that concern 
angling : the secret ways of catching fish by ointments, pastes and other arts : 
directions how to procure baits, and for making all sorts of fish-tackle, with 
the surest method of finding sport, etc. II. Of the great whale and whale- 
fishing, *t(. Illustrated with 135 cuts, exactly describing the different kinds 
of fish that are found in the fresh or salt water. The whole forming a valu- 
able Sportsman's Magaiine; and comprising all that is curious and valuable 
in the art of angling. London, T. Lowndes, 1766. 
Collation : pp. v«l-a93. PUte «nd lllu»trmtloni. la^. half c»lf. gilt back. 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling. Third edition, with great improve- 
mentt . . . 1770. 

CollaUon : pp. vill-M9. Plate and illiutratlon* In the text. ia°. full green calf, gilt back, 
gilt top, by Zaehnidorf: 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling. Fourth edition. 1774. 

Collation: pp. viil-304. Plate and lUuitmeiont In the text. ia°. full green calf, gilt back, 
gilt top, by Zaehntdoff. 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling. Fifth edition. 1781. 

Collation : pp. vlil-303. PUte and llltutrailoni in the text. ia°, full green calf, gilt back, 
gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling. Sixth edition. 1785. 

Collation : pp. viii-303. Plate and llluatrations In the text. i9°, full green calf, gilt back, gilt 
top. by Zaehnidorf. 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling. Seventh edition, with a great 
number of interesting additions. 1790. 

Collation : pp. viii-968. Plate and iUuttratlont in the text. la", full green calf, gilt back, 
gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. 

Brookes, Richard. The Art of Angling. New edition. 1793. 

Collation : pp. viil-«68. Plate and illu»trationt in the text la^. full green calf, gilt back, gilt 
top. by ZaehnMlorf. 

Brookes. Richard. The Art of Angling. New edition. 1799. 

Collation : pp. Tiil-968. Plate and illustration! in the text. 19°, half calf. MS. catalogue of 
nineteen " Fkfolks on Angling " on the fly-leaf. Page 151 imperfect. Scarce. 


id Jitiont, 
ccount of 
t concern 
ther arts : 
ckle, with 
nd whale- 
ent kinds 
ig a valu- 
1 valuable 

t improve- 
ir, gilt back, 

If, gilt back, 

ilf, gilt back, 

lilt back, gilt 

th a great 

\\f, gilt back, 
gilt back, gilt 
. catalogue of 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 

BrookM, Richard. The Art of Angling. New edition. 1799. 



Collallon : pp. vlll-«M. 
gilt (up, by 2aehnwlorf. 

Plat* and illuatrationt Ip ih« Itxt. itP, full grttn calf, gilt back, 

Brocket, Richard. The Art of Angling. New edition corrected. 1801. 

Collation: pp. vlll-a«8. Plate and llluitrationi in the t««t. i8°, half calf. From Thomaa 
Wctiwood't collection. Scarce. 

"In his preface, the author acknowledgei hii obligation* to Wlllughby. -As to the draw- 
Ingi, he adds, ' they were, wlih the exception of two. done by myielf ... the original prinii 
were done immediately from she life ' In other wordj the drawing*, were alio made (and 
badly) from Wlliughby. 'In the angling pan, he »ayi, ' 1 hud the atilitance of Mr. Chet- 
wynd. who i* allowed by all lo have great ikiU, thus di»ingcnuouily giving hit ihankii to 
Chelham, pa*«age» of wno»e • Vade mecum ' are copied lexiually. Dr. Hrookes wai al one 
lime rector of A»hney. In Norlhampton«hlre. The edition of i-jftb it said to have been edited 
bv Mo»e» Browne. There are other Dublin pirated edition* beiidei thoie mentioned above. 
One of theie i* entitled : 'The Complete Fiiherman, or Every Man Hi* Own Angler, being a 
dictionary of all the arts made u*« of in a*hing. The Afih edition, with great Improvemenis.' " 
Bit. pile. 

Brookes, Richard, M. D. A New and Accurate System of Natural His- 
tory; containing . . . the history of fishes and serpents, including sea-turtles, 
crustaceous and shell-fishes, with their medicinal uses. . . . London, New- 
bery, 1763. 
Plates. 6 vols. ia°, original calf binding. The history of Ashes is contained in Vol. 3. 

Brookes. Rkhard, M. D. The Natural History of Fishes and Serpents, in- 
eluding Sea-turtles, Crustaceous and Shell Fishes, with their Medicinal Uses. 
. . . The second edition, corrected. To which is added an appendix, con- 
taining the whole art of float and fly-fishing, the best rules for choice of tackle, 
and a description^of natural and artificial baits. London, printed for Carnan, 

Collation: pp. xil-a58, index. Plate. ia°, full green calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 
Volume ill only containing all that relates to fish. " The pi*catory note* appendeci to the natural 
history ore mostly extracted from :he 'Xit of Angling,' but the angling treatise in the appendix 
is not the same. The illustrations are engraved and are again roughly copied from Willughby. 
They, as well as the natural hiitory portion of the letter-press, had appeared in the auOior's 
' System of Natural History,' 6 vols., 17453, ia°." Bib.fitt. 

Brooks, C. and R. C. and R. Brooks' General Guide to Sea-fishing at 

Home and Abroad, with special reference to the river and sea fishing in the 

neighborhood of Plymouth. Plymouth, Brooks (1877]. 

Collation : pp. isa. 39°, half green calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf, with original 
paper covers bound in. Appended to a trade list. Bib. fitt. 




h ! 



4I Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Brooks. C. and R. Complete Guide to the River and Sea-fi«hing in the 
Neighbourhood of Plymouth ; together with plain directiont for preparing, 
preserving and u»ing artificial baiti. . . . Stonehouse, Brooka (n. d.). 
ColUilon : pp. vlll-^l. 14", halfblM morocco, illi b«ek, flU (op. 

Brown, John J. See American Angler's Guide, 1845. 

Brown, Thomas (of Norwich). Certain Miscellany Tracts. London, Bon- 
wick, 1684. 

Collailon ; pp. vKiS •". orif«n«l calf WndlBf. nA odgw, TnM:t» s and 4 «'••« of «ih«t. 
pp. 97-110. msarca. 

Brown, William. The Natural History of the Salmon ; as ascertained by 
the recent experimenu in the artificial spawning and hatching of the ova and 
rearing of the fry at Stormontfield, on the Tay. Glasgow, Murray, 186a. 

ColUtion: pp. 106. Illuitratloni. 16°. half brown morocco, flit back, tilt top, by Z««hn«dorf. 

Browne, John Ross. Etchings of a Whaling Cruise ; with notes of a so- 
journ on the island of Zanzibar, and a brief history of the whale-fishery in its 
past and present condition. . . . London, Murray, 1846. 

CollaHon; pp. «lll-5«o. Plates. •°. half brown morocco, gilt b«ck. gilt top, by Zwhnjdorf. 

Browne, Rev. Moses. Piscatory Eclogues : an essay to introduce new rules 
and new characters, into pastoral. To which is prefix'd, a discourse in de- 
fence of this undertaking. With practical and philosophical notes. . . . 
London, John Brindley, 1739. Ntxl with : 
Collation : pp. v«-«9. 8°, fall yellow celt Very scarce. 

Browne, Rev. Moses. Poems on Various Subjects. . . . (Piscatory Ec- 
logues: a new attempt in pastoral, on the plan of its primitive rules and 
characters. To which is prefixed an essay in defence of this underUking. 
The second edition, corrected and enlarged. London, Cave, 1739. 
CollaUon : pp. s-s-te. Plate mierted. 8°, half blue calf, gilt back. 

Browne, Rev. Moses. Angling Sports; in nine piscatory eclogues. A new 
attempt to introduce a more pleasing variety and mixture of subjects and char- 
acters into pastoral, on the plan of its primitive rules and manners. . . . 
With an essay, ^Ar. Third edition, corrected and very much improved. Lon- 
don, Dilly, 1773. 
Collation: pp. xl-is6. Plate. I8». fUll tprinkled calf, gilt back, by W. Pratt. 

ng in the 

don, Don- 
Mt of fl»h«i, 

ruined by 
le ova and 
, 1863. 

r Zathntdoif. 

S of a to- 
ihery in its 

r Zachnidorf. 

> new rules 
jrse in de- 
lotei. . . . 

:atory Ec- 
I rules and 


S8. A new 

£ and char- 
nners. . . . 
>ved. Lon- 

fha Sirlft ii a ciUtluMOcxi o( Eng< 

Catalogue oj Books on Angling 49 

Brown*, R«v. Moms. Angling Sporti. Another copy. 

H«lf vtta mor.K.0, gill back, gill lop. ■ I h« ■ PiMT.iofy KcluguM <.f Mr>Mt Brown' m* 
S P'u Vl*"*^' "i^;' lul.jec*! arc atfulio** I Anjiing »««iun>, .ir. I h« Wraiher II 
Nighl riihlngj or, Thf Nocniri..}. III. Th. River fintml.i. IV. I h« S.« Sw.ln. V 
k.n.Kh.l)^ VI Th,An|l.,^,Song, VII Th« H.rll.. VIII The FoilT. IX Th. 
Coniplalnu; or, Th« l-ri.nd.. Each ecloKua U dedicated to ■ (ri«nd or patron, 
and tighili eclogueiare not pl»c«iorl«l (n ihrlr »ul>)«cn -"^ - ■- 
llih rivers, ' Tha Fowlefi ' It «»(luilvely on fowling 

" I he author Infortm ii> thai these |M>«ni» were prodUMd In hU ihree-«nd twentieth year Thay 
may l>e accepted as a vory creditable pr- 'uctic - for to Juvenile un age Virgtl iin<l Theocritui 
apiwar to have r»een Br.iwne i modelt. lie fl.n edition wat anonymous Vhen the tuond 
•clilion was preparing for publlcallon, one of the ecloguei. • The Nocturnal, wai i.rintird In 
the ■(>enlleman » Magatlne, vol. vlll (I73«», with the ho|Mi that it would prove ■ an agreeabla 
•ntertainmenl an.l hasten the I. -mplealing hit iubtcrlplion' 

•■ Hrowne was borne in 1703 lie Xttv.tmv a |>eii cutter , but could ply Ihe pan at well at cut 
H, for by hit iHwlical conulhuliont he helr«!d to inalnlain Ihe literary reputation of the moit 
popular periodical of the day, the Mienlleman s Magailne,* published by Cave at St lohn t 
. Gate. In lyt^. Motet Hrowne published iw.i dramatic plecet, ' I'olidut or Oetlrested Live a 
tragedy and • All-bedevjllad. a farce. Me toon l>ecam« (we are toldj ' (he Hon and dictator 
of a club of literary wilt. At thit time he came Into contact with Dr, Johnson, and their meat- 
In- wat Ihe beginning of a friendship between them. Eventually Browne took orders and wai 
promoted to the vicarage of Olnry llucks. Hesidet the sljove workt. he wrote ' Percy Lodsa 
ia 2»' ""* '^""''■y 'houghLi. in blank varte. He died September 13, 1717, ag«l I4." 

Browne. Rev. Motes. See Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler. 175a. 

Browne, Peter. A Letter from a Clergyman in Ireland, giving an account 
of the taking of great numbers of fish, and of many sea-monsters, in the 
county of Clare, in that kingdom. . . . Published by Henry Davinson. Lon- 
don, J. Roberts, at the Oxford Arms in Warwick Lane, lyai. 

Collation : pp. 4a. 8°, half grean calf, gilt back. 

Buchanan, Rev. John Lanne. A General View of the Fishery of Great 
Briuin, drawn up for the consideration of the undertakers of the North British 
fishery, //f. London, Kay, 1794. 
Collation : pp. viii-as3. «°. half maroon morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Buckland. Francis Trevelyan. Curiosities of Natural History. A new 
series [called] the third series. London, Bentley, 1866. 

Plate*, a volt. Pott 8°, cloth, uncut. " There hare been teveral edlilon*.of each leriea. Tha 
firtt t«riet (1857) contain* ' Fith and Fishing' pp. aar-ajo; the tecond seriet (i860) : ' A Hunt 
on the Sea Shore pp. 151-336; the new teriei (18M): 'A Yorkthlre FIthing Match.' vol. 1. 
p. 40; 'Jack Flthlng on the Avon,' p. 86; 'Natural Hlttory of the Salmon.' p. 119; 'The 
Salmon Nett, p. 130. Fhete headings are not preterv 1 in Ihe later editions which contain, 
in an appendix, an account of the conveyance of a live salmon by railway." Bit. fiite. 



I , 




90 Catalogtu of Books on /Angling 

Buckland. PmncU Tr*v«ly«n. Curio«iti« of Nttural HUiory. Second 
aenet, fourth edition. 1863. 

Collalkm pp. ««1»-J«8. IUuMf»Ud. U/\ b-U Wu* morocco, fill beck, flit lop. by ZMhnv 

Buckland. Francis Travalyan. Curiotitlei of Natural HUtory. Seventh 
edition. 1863. 
ColUilon : pp. Ill-i«-j6t. lllutMUons. itP. half blue morocco, glU bwh, 0\t top. 

Buckland. Francis T. Fith Hatching. (With an appendix.) London, 

Tinitley, 1863. 
ColUiton ; pp. iv-cW. niu»tr«iloni. itP. h«lf blut morocco, gtlt back, gill top. 

Buckland, Francis Trevalyan. Manual of Salmon and Trout Hatching ; 
or, an explanation of the fiih hatching apparatus at the Royal Horticultural 
Garden. London, Tin»lcy, 1864. 
ColUUon : pp. 36. lUutirailoni. ia°. papar. 

Buckland, Francis Trevalyan. Familiar History of British Fishes. Lon- 
don [1873J. 

fnii.iion' on «i-«i« Illuttratlom. la". half blue morocco, gilt ba<k. PubUihed under tht 
dUMUon of iPrcLmmee of General Lll.«tura and EducatioS. appointed by the Society for 
Promoting Chriiilan Knowledge. 

Buckland, Francis Traveiyan. The Log-book of a Fisherman and Zoolo- 
gist. London, Chapman and Hall, 1876. 

Collation • DP. «v-#i»7- f lluatratloni. 8°. hall areen morocco, gill back, gilt top. Mo»t of 
thew artlcleiTave San publUhad In " Uad aiwlVatar.' />»/ 

Buckland, Frank. See Bompas, Life of Buckland. London, i88« 

Buffon, aeorce Louis !• Clerc, Comte de. Natural History ; embellished 
with . . . subjectt elegantly engraved. . . . London, Berger (n, d.). 
M<». half green calf, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. Chaps. a»-3S treating of ftshea. Vol. s only. 

Bulst, Robert. The Stormontficld Pisclcultural Experiments, 1853-66 
Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas, 1866. 

CoUaUon : pp. 3a, Plata.. Souara 16°. half greet; calf gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehntdorf. 
with original paper cover* bound in. No. 14 of '"^Oddi and Endfc 

Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 5 1 

Bulftr. a«orf« E. Leivet from the RecortU of St. Hubert'i Club, or 
rcmtni«cence« ofiporting flspeditions in many l«nd«. . . . London, Ilooth, 

ColU»}<in : pjp vlll-3ifl. I", cloih. uncuc. ■• Contain* ton.* •ngllnf m*ti«r, but naiihtr much 
nof impMriani. tM fin, 

Bun4. John WillUm Bund WIIIU. Salmon Problemt. London, Low, 

CoUaiioa : pp. vll-*i5. !•<>, board*. 

Burgess. Joseph Tom. Angling: a practical guide to bottom-fishing, 
trolling, spinning, and fly-fithing. With a chapter on lea-fiihing. Lon- 
don, Wame (1867). 

Coll»'ion ■ np. vlll-i»i, llluMraiatl. iff', half gTMn moroeco. gilt bach, flit lop, by Zaahn*- 
dorf. '• .orinlin pari of ■ The Coimlry Library an.! Kumlly Circle Uooki.' Wllh an admirabU 
and workmaniikn fioniUplaca drawn by A. W. Cooper. ' Bit. fin. • 

Burks, Ulkk John. The Boy'i Walton. A discourse on flthing. London, 
Ward, 1878. 
Collation : pp. 174. Illuatrailoni. 16°. half b!u«i morocco, gilt back, glli top, by Zaahnadorf. 

Burn, Jamss. The Fiihet' Complaint ; or, unfair sportsmen censured : a 
poem, in two cantos. Dedicated to anglers in general. Maidstone, Austen 
Collation : pp. 99. ia°, ftill p«U»h<d calf, gill back, gilt top, by Rlvltrt. Scarca. 

Burnand, Francis Cowlsy. The Incompleat Angler ; after Master Iiaak 
Walton; illustrated by Harry Fumiss. London, Bradbury, 1887. 
••, paper. 

Bumand, Francis Cowley. The Incompleat Angler, etc. Another copy. 

CoUatioB : 1-94. 1°, paper. 

Burnand, Francis Cowiey. The Incompleat Angler, after Master Izaak 
Walton. London, Bradbury, 1887. 

Illustrated (in color*) by Harry Furni**. 8°. full cnuhed crim»on levant morocco, gilt back, 
gilt inside borders gilt top. uncut, by Riviire. with original paper covers bound In. ' Only a<5 
cople*. coloured throughout bv hand. ThU 1* No. 15." "A copy sold last May by auction, 
bound In calf, for £* los, and was afterward marked by the purchaser /44s." AtS. nelt on 



" ill 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Busby, T. S. The Fishing Costume and Local Scenery of Hartlepool, in 
the County of Durham, painted and engraved from nature. London. Printed 
for J. Nichols and Son, 1819. 

Collation : pp. 8. Plate*. Small 4<', half brown levant morocco, with original Mper coven 
bound in. To be publiihed in three parti, each containing two engravings, royal folio, a aUe 
adapted to i!liMtrate the " Hlitory of Durham," by R. Surtees. 

Bushman, Old. f^eud., Horace William Wheelwright. Spring and rfummer 
in Lapland, with notes on the fauna of Luleft Lapmark. ... By An Old 
Bushman. London, Groombridge, 1864. 
Collation : pp. viii-407. Po»t 8*. half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Larkint. 

Cm H. The Fisher Boy, a poem, comprising his several avocations, during 

the four seasons of the year. 

" Inatt lua patia panrli." 
" Si Je n'ai pat (Tautret charmet, 
• J'ai aumoinslavMt^." 

By H. C. Esq. [i. e. S. W. H. Ireland.] Printed for Vernon, Hood and 
Sharpe. London [1808?]. 

Collation: pp. viii-ii6. Engraved title. tS', half black calf, gilt back. 

Cm H. C. Our House Wanning ; an account of the proceedings on taking 
possession of our new rooms, July X2th, 1888, with ... a prefatory poem 
by Cotswold Isys. London, Fly-fisher's Club, 1888. 

Collation : pp. 16. Two plates. iiP, vellum paper, uncut. Only 350 copies printed. 

Cm H. S. See Caulogues. Cotton, Rev. H. S. 

Cm J> B. B. See Angler. The angler's diary. 187a. 

Cm !• E. B. See Facts. Facts and useful hints. 1866. 

C»*», J. Pisciceptologie, ou, I'art de la p«che k la ligne; discouis sur les 
poissons, la maniire de les prendre et de les accommoder; La p6chc aux 
filets et autres instrumens, suivi d'un trait6 des 6tang8, viviers, foss^, r^r- 
voirs et les moyens d'en tirer avantage avec un grand nombre de figures en 
taille-douce ou description des pi^ges propre k ces diffirentes p6ches. . . . 
Par J. C. Troisiime Edition. Paris, Corbet, 1833. 
Collation : pp. svi-416. Illustrated. 16°, half olive scored calf, gilt back. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Cabinet. The Cabinet of Natural History and American Rural Sports. 
Philadelphia, Doughty, 1830-33. 

K/b"ISl"'j*''"*"^uV*'!*',*^'* coloured plaiet. 4°. 3 voli. in i, half green morocco, gilt 
back, ^It edjjei. Thit includes all that wa« ever publiihed. " Originally publiihed In a« 

Calrncross, David. The Origin of the Silver Eel, with remarks on bait and 
fly-fishing. London, Shield, 1862. 

Collation : pp. viii-^. 
cords the result of ' 


... ,-. . ._... 16°, half green roan, gilt top. "This amaiing little book re- 

_ .f ' a series of observations extending over sixty years.' ' The progenitor of 

the silver eel. says the author. ' is a small beetle.' 'of this 1 feel fully satisfied in my own 

-.T-j I '."H' "i"= »•"""■• " » """" txcw, 01 mis I leei luiiy satistied in my own 

mind, from a rigid and extensive comparison of its structure and habits with those of otlier in- 
?u*'i" .' . • '?^""'. '" '•" "=' *»' parturiUon ' is represented in a frontispiece, and the fact that 
the beetle is evidently a dead one would not. we feel assured, if Icnown to the writer, cause him 
to alter his opinion one Jo* Bii. pise. 

Cambridge Essays; contributed by members of the University. (The fly- 
fisher and his library . . . by H. R, F [rancis].) London, Parker, 1856. 

-ijJ'^/'JP?fr" '2'"^~-.J'^"» I''""'" Westwood's coUection. with his book-plate and auto- 
graph, " T. Westwood, iMo. on fly-leaf. 

Cameron, James. Sec Rag, Tag, and Bobtail. JPseud. A Rollicking Tour 
in the Land of the Gael. 

Campbell, Gertrude E., Lady Colin. A book of the Running Brook ; and 
of Still Waters. London, Low, 1886. 

" &It^ay RevliS'^Sis-S!' '-Si/.''*'*' *"' ^^' """"• *" •*"*' **' "**''" published in the 

Campbell, John. An Exact and Authentic Account of the Greatest White- 
herring-fishery in Scotland, carried on yearly in the island of Zetland, by the 
Dutch only. . . . Edinburgh, Brown, 1885. 

Collation : pp. vWv-js. la", cloth, uncut. No. 83, 110 copies printed, of which 100 are for 

i-^*; .t PI** /!?' "*P[™' *^?*? *■!• «*"?"?. "' *'*>. with an introduction of six pages added, giv- 
ing a sketch of the author, John Campbell. f « • -uucu, giv 

Campbell, John. A True and Exact Description of the Island of Shetland, 
together with an account of the great white herring fishery of that place, and 
the methods the Dutch use in catching, curing, and disposing of the herrings 
they catch there, and the prodigious advantage Britam may receive from 
thence. With many other various particulars; London, T. James, at the 
Royal Exchange. 1753. The second edition. 

K?"u'!?w= EP/-34- , 8°. half green calf, gilt back, by Zaehnsdorf. A paginary reprint was 
gv^vshad by Y. James in 1753. »ome copies of which bear the above tiUe £id%)th7rs a different 

at^mmm'^Mtmrntm^i «*-«•»« 

54 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Canada. Marine and Fisheries Department. Fisheries statements. ... Ot- 
tawa, Maclean, 1883. 

Collation : pp. xxidz-«te. 8°, paper. Supplqiaent No. a to tbe 14th annual report of the 
Department of Marine and FUheriei for 1881 

Canadian. See Handbook. The Canadian Handbook. 1867. 

Capel, Charles C. Trout Culture; a practical treatise on the art of spawn- 
ing, hatching, and rearing trout London, Hardwicke, 1877. 

Collation : pp. 93. i(P, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zuhnedorf. 

Capel. Charles C. Trout Culture, etc. Second edition. London, Lew, 

Collation : pp. vi-49. lUustratloni. ia°, cloth. 

Carlencas, Fillx de Juvenal. The History of the Belles Lettres and of 
the Arts and Sciences, from their origin down to this present time. . . . Lon- 
don, Duncan, 1740. 

Collation : pp. vii-909 and index. 8®, half green calf gilt back, gilt top, by Za<!hn«lorf. Not 
inBUt.pite. References to " Plihlng," pp. 993-303. Scarce, 

Carleton, J. W. See Sporting. The sporting sketch-book. 1842. 

Carpenter, William. The Angler's Assistant: comprising practical direc 
tions for bottom fishing, trolling, etc., with ample instructions for the prepara- 
tion and use of tackle and baits; a descriptive account of the habits and 
haunts offish, and a geographical and ichthyological account of the principal 
rivers and streams in England. London, Bogue, 1848. 
Illustrated. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Carpenter. William. The Angler's Assistant, etc. [Re-issued by] Rout- 
ledge, London, 185a. 

rZaehnsdorf. "The 
: of flies, taken from 

Carpenter, William. The Angler's Assistant, etc. Another copy. 

x60. half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Alfred Matthews. 


. . . Ot- 

eport of the 

of spawn- 
Ion, Lew, 

es and of 
. . . Lon- 

ttnidoit Not 

tical direc- 
le prepara- 
habits and 
le principal 

by] Rout- 

sdorf. "The 
», taken from 


See Clericus. Rambles and Recollections of a Fly- 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 55 

Carroll, W. The Angler's Vade Mecum, containing a descriptive account 
of the water flies, their seasons, the kind of weather that brings them most 
on the water. The whole represented in twelve coloured plates : to which is 
added, a description of the different baits used in angling, and where found. 
Edinburgh, ConsUble, 1818. 

CoU«tlon ; pp. vii-iaS. Pl«te». ia°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehntd<Mrf. 
JW^yj •* "~>«ed under the month* from May to September, ind eotoufed by han^^ 

Cartwright, Rev. W. 

fisher. 1854. 

Cassell's . . . handbook of fishing. London, Cassell (1868?), 

Collation : pp. 64. Illustrated. i69, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Catalogues. In alphabetical order. 

Catalogues. Bartlett, John. Catalogue of Books on Angling, including ich- 
thyology, pisciculture, fisheri-w, and fishing laws, from tlie library of a practi- 
tioner of more than fifty years' experience in the art of angling. Cambridge 
(Mass.), Wilson, 1883. 

Collation : pp. 77. 8°, doth, |^It top, uncut. 

Catalogues. Bartlett, John. Supplement, 1886. 

ollation : pp. a^. 3 plates onjapan paper, looielr inserted. 4°, paper. Presentation codv 
. inscription on the cover : " iJean Sage, Esq.. with the complImJStiof JohrTBaiilett" '^'^ 

CaUlogues. Bardett, John. Another copy. Without supplement. 

4°, boards, gilt top, uncut. 

Catalogues. Bethune, Rev. George Washington. A Waltonian Library; 
or, a list of such works as relate to fish and fishing, Walton and Cotton. By 
the American editor of "The Complete Angler." . . . New York, 1847. 

mj!^,'^, ?J**" ™o"*w»' «*>: b«ck, gilt top. • ' Sometimes annexed to Dr. Bethune's edition of 
Walton s 'tompleat Angler.' It oonsisU 0^300 works, irrapective of ichthyology ' m.pSc. 

Catalogues. Bosgoed, D. Mulder. Bibliotheca Ichthyologica et Piscatoria. 
Catalogue de livres et d'^crits sur I'histoire naturelle des poissons et des 
c^tacis, la pisciculture, les p^ches, la legislation des pfiches, etc. Haarlem, 
Looejes, 1874. 

ColUtion : pp. xx'^^^. 8°, half red leraat morocco, gUt back, gilt top, uncut, by ChateUn 
BibUotbeea of Mr. Westwood (xKi) has been incorporated with It «f txUmu." m.^. 

Collation : 


" i ii|[^i^w 

tii a ii ii'»i i »wi i i i jia iii w i i«wi,i>ii i i» iiii 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

CataloKues. Catalogue of Books on Angling. See Bartlett, J. 

Cataiogues. Catalogue of Books on Angling. See Ellis, Sir H. 

Catalocuej. Chronological Hand-list of Various Editions of "The Complete 
Angler," by Iiaak Walton and Charles Cotton, with a supplement embracing 
other writings of Wallon and Cotton, etc., i593-»893. Exhibited at the 
Grolier Club, December 9-39, 1893. New York, (1893). 
ia°, piiper, uncut. 
Catalogues. Clarke, Robert. A List of Books on Angling, Hunting, Shoot- 
ing, and Kindred Subjecto. Cincinnati, Clarke (1888). 
Collstioht pp. 39. ia°, paper. 

Catalogues. Cotton, Rev. H. S. The Very Interesting and Singularly Cu- 
rious Collection of Books on Angling, the property of the Rev. H. S. C. late 
ordinary of Newgate . . . sold by auction by S. L. Sotheby on Dec. 20th, 
1838. [163 lots.] London, Davy, 1838 

8°, half crimion calf, 

book loJd for £^ at. Bii.fise. - i- . , 

and autograph. " T. Weitwood, 1861, or. fly-leaf. 

Catalogues. Edinburgh. International Fisheries Exhibition. Official cata- 
logue . . . Edinburgh, Constable, i88a. 

Collation: pp. 134. lUaitratlofts. tP, paper. Held in Edinburgh from April lath to April 
99, i88a. 

Catalogues. Edwards, Thomas. Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of 
Books formed by the late Thomas Edwards, Esq., and known as the Landaff 
House Library, comprising . . . works on angling and other sports ... sold 
by auction by Sotheby . . . April 13, 1871 . . . London, Davy, 1871. 
Collation : pp. 57- •". P»P«'. priced. 

Catalogues. Ellis, Sir Henry. A Catalogue of Books on Angling; with 
some brief notices of several of their authors. London, printed by T. Bens- 

ley, 181 1. 

Collation : pp. ai. S», half call " OriginaUy iniertetl in the • Biitiih BibUographer.' ' Not 
moraSan rixqr detached cqpie. with titte-paee and inde» were talten off.' is noted by Sto-Hennr. 
h» thereviied bopy with MS. addition*, wfiich it now in Mr. Deniwni coUection. Thiji ia the 

lit back, interleaved, and priced in Ink. A copy of Samuel Gardiner'i 
From 'fhomai Wettwood's collection, with hii book-plate, 

SDorto.' i8m. and wan rainned, greatly enlarged and improved, by Pickering, ftom the revised 
c^mentS^ed above." BU.flc. pU. th? collection of Thorn- Westwood. with nine toes 
in his autoSraph on the fly-lefiT also two book-plates of James Walsh, autograph letter of Sir 
Henry Ellis, with newspaper cutting containing his obituary. 

jjuwjiiiii ir-'"''>*iitiii'^'~' I Hi^tpi «i» fHwr i-^^Mt-^-^ w i ■n"* ! n-i iwi mi 

:ed at the 

ng, Shoot- 

iularly Cu- 
. S. C. late 
Dec. 20th, 

el Gardiner's 
I book-plate, 

fBcial cata- 

iflth to April 

lUection of 
he Landaff 
; . . . sold 

[ling; with 
»y T. Bens- 

ipher.' ' Not 
by Sto-Henry, 
This it the 
onological se- 
uieVt 'Rural 
Mn the nrriMd 
dth nine lines 
h letter of Sir 

Collation: ^^. 
with ' numerous 1 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Catalogue*. Ellis, Sir Henry. A Catalogue of Books on Angling. Another 
copy. Interleaved. 
Bound with WillUm Chafln's "Anecdotes and History of Cranboum Chase." Very scarce. 

Catalogue*. Eyton, Thomas Campbell. Fishing Literature. Wellington, 
Salop: R. Hobson, 187 1. 

1L?,?'.Vhi,u'°'. "J'" 'T?""!"**'?^' K"»>ek. «i>« «0P. by Zaehnsdorf. •• Reprinted 
erous additions from ' Land and Water, 1870.'*^ Bii.^isc. 

Catalogues. Gosden, Thomas. A Catalogue of Engravings and Books on 
Angling and Field Sports; on sale by T. Gosden . . . London, Hodson, 

Collation : pp. 8. 16°, half green calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 
CaUlogues. [Grego, Joseph.] looi Books on Angling; being the descrip- 
tion of a most remarkably complete collection, for sale by W. W. Sabin. 
London, [Davy], 1883. 

riU h«w'*Ji,'*i5i;,"-??i; ^S^^** ""•• ■""* t'"' *»? •"*•> P'H'"- •"■ '"^ K««n morocco. 
£ w w" fil ?•■ I <>'*«'"•' P«P«r covers Wnd in. Contains a letter from Jowph Grego 
Mr n.^.;. ffci^!^!' "'^'PSPS' «»EP'nj« ot the editions of Walton's " Compleat Angler 
Mr. Qrego, the original owner of the collection, compiled the catalogue. 

Catalogues. Grego, Joseph. looi Books on Angling. Another copy. 

P«P«r. (Printen' copy) with a manuscript preface differing from the printed one. 

Catalogues. Satchell, Thomas. List of Angling Books. 

.i^^°LPIi?2f" '* '*«"«'«y'- Contains a letter from Thomajs SatcheU, Esq., fiiU of Informa- 
t^^JS^fo^gl ^^ *" "" ^U^^'o"- E"""'y '» ^* autograph o? Thomas Satchell 

Catalogues. Haworth, Richard, of Chancery Lane. Catalogue of [his] 
valuable library ... rich in works relating to . . . archery . . . hunting 
and fishing . . . sold by auction by Mr. Sotheby . . . March 7, i8a6 . . . 
[London, Compton], i8a6. 

^ ^°}^SS^' PP;i?3- *"• half crimson calf, gilt back, interleaved and priced. From the coUec- 
tion of Thomas \C^twood. with his bo<A.plate «md autograph, «• T. \^estwood/"n fly-leaf. 

Catalogues. Mitaer, John. A Portion of the Curious and Choice Library 
of J. M., Esq., including . . . Juliana Barnes's Boke of Hawkynge and 
Huntynge . . . 1496, etc. . . . sold by auction by Mr. Evans on May 18, 
18*9, and two following days. [88 lots.] [London, 1839.] 

eluded also 

graph 9te 1. ^ „ „„„ „... „.„,.„ ,„ OT,. ,„, 

of Thomas Weitwood, with his bookplate and autograph 

' ' ¥P; ^v "^ half iYimson calf, gilt back, interlettveu, priced, and 
) editions bv Copland and Abraham Vele, and a G^ m^ «]], 1506." B, 
in Ae third perwn tttm Mr. Milner to Mr. TripbooK iusertedT Fron 











Catalogue of Books on Angling 

CaUlogues. [Pickering, William.) Bibliotheca Piscatoria: a catalogue of 
books upon angling . . . London [W. Pickering], 1836, 

16°. half green morocco. g)U b«ck, gilt top. uncut "xx leavet. Forini «»>e •ppendix to 
Booiiy I ' rtictorial ReminT.cences.' Some copie. were li»ued »ep«f«'ely- >' ''"'"""•^ 
upon Sir Henry Ellis « Hit. amd coniltti of 180 worki, two or three of which, however, have no 
direct reUtioti to •ngUng." Bik. piit. 



[Pickering, William.] Bibliotheca Piscatoria. Another copy. 

16°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. 

Catalogues. [Prince.] A further choice portion of the valuable library of a 
well-known collector, comprising an extensive collection of works on angling 
and fishing, including beautiful copies of the first five editions of Walton . . . 
three editions of the "Secrets of Angling" by J. D. . . . sold by auction by 
ojiheby and Wilkinson on July 16 [1858] and two following days. [151 lots.] 
[London, 1858.] 

Svo half crimson calf. eiU back. The Waltons produced Ao loi. ; the "SccreU" lit, od 

«.d 4th editions KL. 14^^ •«<« ;fV^\, ^^ ^'- JT^?" 1?T',* ^"'^*"^ * ~"'*'"'"' 
with his book-plaft ani autbgraph, "T. Westwood, i860, on the flyleaf. 

Catalogues. Smith, John Russell. A Bibliographical Catalogue of English 
Writers on Angling and Ichthyology. London, J. R. Smith, 1856. 

pp. 47. 8°. half red morocco. ' ■ The catalogue appended to Blakey '» ' Historical 
iS printed ind paged separately, with a Utle. It contains 364 worka on angling. 

Collation: p 
llil.'/«f/' Fr^om'rhomaTwestV^T^U^onrwi^^^^^^ 


Catalogues. Snelling, Thomas. See Tutet. 

Catalogues. Tayleure ... An Entire and Extensive Collection of Books 
on Angling, Field Sports, etc., of a distinguished collector; including . . . 
Mr. James Wilkinson's original manuscript collections relative to fishing. 
Likewise , . . drawings, proof-plates and etchings of field sports by Howitt 
and Scott ... sold by auction by Mr. Sotheby on June 12, i8a8. [185 
lots.] [London, 183S.] 

Collation: pp. xv. 8°, full calf, priced in ink. 

Catalogues. Tutet, Mark Cephas. Catalogue of the Genuine and Valuable 
Collection of Printeyi Books and Manuscripts of M. C. T. . . . sold by auc- 
tion . . . February 15, 1786 . . . London, 1786. 

pp. v. 8°, half blue morocco, gilt back. Interleaved and priced. Containi no- 
lUe MgUni books p. aa and p.U Hound with " Catalogue of the Collection of 

Collation: , 
tices of valua 
Thomas Snelling." 

_j p. aa and p. 94. Hound with " Catalogue l 

"Frwn'the collection ofjobn 'i ro({j<. Broekett, withTiis book-plate. 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 


italogue of 

appendix to 
: wai formid 
iver, have no 

»ther copy. 

ibrary of a 
on angling 
alton . . . 
auction by 
[151 lots.] 

icrobi" itt, ad 
is collection, 

of English 

r's • Historical 
I on angling." 

n of Books 
iuding . . . 

to fishing. 

by Howitt 
838. [185 

id Valuable 
old by auc- 

Contalns no- 
e Collection of 

Catalogues. Valentine, Rev. W. The Rev. W. V.'s Interesting Collection 
of Books on Angling, Hawking and Archery, with some fine works on natural 
history connected with angling . . . sold by auction by S. L. Sotheby on 
July 4, 1839, [»76 lots.] [London, 1839.] 

Collation : pp. «. 8^, half crimion calf, jjIK back. Interleaved and priced. From the collec- 
/^estwood, with hit book-plate and autograph, " T. Wettwood, iMo," on fly- 

pp. 15. 
tlon of Thomaa We; 

Catalogues. Westwood, Thomas. Bibliotheca Piscatoria ; catalogue of the 
library of Thomas Westwood. For sale by J. W. Bouton. New York, 
Bouton, 1873. 

Collation : pp. iv-,4«. Plate, 4°, paper uncut. 

CaUlogues. Westwood, Thomas. Bibliotheca Piscatoria, etc. Another 
Paper uncut. 

Catalogues. Westwood, Thomas. A New Bibliotheca Piscatoria; or a 
general catalogue of angling and fishing literature with bibliographical notes 
and data. i86i. London, "The Field " office, 1861. 
Collation : pp. 78. 16°, half maroon morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

CaUlogues. Westwood, Thomas. A New Bibliotheca Piscatoria, etc. 
Another copy. 
Cloth. Mr. Orego's copy, with his shearing and marginal notes. 

Catalogues. Various Catalogues, Book-lists, etc. MS. title. New York. 

Bound in i vol.. 8°, half crimson calf, gilt back. Partly manuscripts and excerpU from sale 
catalogues PIckerinK s, Pepys s, Tayleuret, Millers, etc. From Thomas Westvroods collec- 
tion, with his book-plate and initials on fly-leaf, " T. W., 1861." 

Catalogues. The Angler ; Walton and Cotton ; " Salmonia, or Days of Fly- 
fishing." By Sir Humphrey Davy, etc. 
$1 leaves in MS. 8°, half green ca!j; fXi back, gilt top, A list of books on angling. 

Cathrall, William. Wanderings in North Wales ; a road and railway 

guide-book, comprising curious and interesting historical information, with a 

description of the . . . rivers, lakes, railways, etc. London, Orr (n. d.). 

Map and lUustraUons. 16°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " Angling," " Principal 
Rivers, Lakes, and Fishing StaHons of North Wales'" pp. 350^^. '^"u«.ip»i 







Catalogue of Books on Angling 



Second Edition of the Anecdotet and History of Cnin- 
London, Nichols, 1818. 


_ '(M«D. 

•airMt* from 


ClMfln, William. 

bourn Chase. . . . 

ColUtlon : pp. v- 
Ing"; " FUhin 
J.r: "Catalog 
" BUckwooU • 1 
with hi* gill book-plate. 

Chalk-itraam StudlM. See K.ingsley, C. 

Chamberlain, B. H. See Uraihima. 

ChamlMra, W. Oldham. Illustrated Handbook to the Aquarium and Fish 
Culture Department, pp. 85-178 only. 
Folding plate. 1°, half red morocco, gUt twck, gilt top, by Kauftnann. 

Chambers, William and Robert. Angling. (No title-page.) 

Pp. 6^.6a8. 4ptatet. 8°, thr««^uarter« blue morocco. From "Chambern Inforsaatlon 
for the wople, " No. 43. 

Charfy, Qulnlad. /\eud. The Fisherman : or the art of angling made 
easy. Conuining the most approved methods in use for fishing or angling 
for pike, trout, salmon. . . . Together with their seasons of spawning, hours 
of biting, and whatever else is necessary to be known by an expert angler. 
Also, directions in the choice, management, and application of the Uckle, 
baits, etc. . . . Likewise, remarks on the utility of fish ponds. . . . To which 
are prefixed, an account of several curious methods of fishing practised in 
Europe, ete. London, printed for J, Dixwell, 14^. St. Martin's-lane. 

Collation : pp. W-14& S^. full sprinkled cilf, gilt back, bf W. Pratt 

Charfy, Qulnlad. J^e$td. The Fisherman, etc. Second edition. London, 
printed for J. Smeeton (1815?). 

Collation : pp. iv-i4i. 8«>, half brown calf, gilt back. Scarce. Gregojayi the probable date 
of Mt edition wai itSbT "A compilation by George Smeeton, printer of St. Martin a-lane, who, 
5dU. h™ wife, wa. burnt to deatK. The work Is a mere ver&rtlm appropriation, wiAout ac- 
knowledgmeAt, from Saunders's • Complete Fisherman." The sewni edftion wa. subs^itu ted 
tor the ifshing treatise of Nicholas Coi. In a volume entJUed, ' The Nobleman s and Gentle- 
man's Recreation ' (n. d.), published by Smeeton." Bit. piu. 

Charleton, T. W. The Art of Fishing. A poem. North Shields, Pollock, 

Collation : pp. 80. 8°, half green calf, gilt edges. "Anattempt. aot atate so snccesstalasthat 
of John Dennys, to give a rffmed compendium of the mechanism of the art It is smoothly 
written, but mattir-oftact" H&t.piu. F?om Ubrary of T. Oosden, with his book-plate. Scarce. 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Chatto, William Andraw. Sec FUher, Paul (I^tud.) and Oliver, Stephen. 
Check, John. The Young Angler's Guide, compriiing instructions in the 

artu of fly.finhing, bottom-fi»hing, trolling, ek. Second c'' ion. London. 

Printed for J. Cheek, 1839. 

Sii'i"l!!l!l''!.!l?.'*.I'» T*^ "!!• ?"«™j;!"«» •"'' *«)<«««'•• *°, h«lf gr««> morocco, gill back, 
III lop, uncut. "A ucklemiilier't publication, of which there were varioue luuet " Bit tut 

ChMk. John. The Young Angler's Instructor; shewing what sort of rods 
and tackle is necessary for every description of fish usually angled for in the 
rivers and ponds in England. London, Cheek, 1839. 

oriX'l r-^rcSten b^utd In""' •"" ""'*• '"*"^'"'" «^" '"'=''' «"• •''P- "' '^'"^'"•""- -"" 

Cheek, John. The British Angler's Instructor, showing the rods and tackle 
necessary for every description offish usually angled for, with the most ap- 
proved methods of catching them. London, Howlett, 1856'. 

Collation: pp. o. Illuttrationf. 39°, half green calf, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnidorf 
"A trade publication, distributed grataitontly ^ Bih.piM. ^ ^aenniaon. 

Cheek, John. The British Angler's Instructor, etc. 1859. 

From Thomai West- 

pp. 131. Ilhu^oni. 390, half red morocco, gilt back, rrum inomiii weii- 
illon. wiU) bif bookppkte, monogram, and autograph. "T. Wettwood, i860," on 

wood! collec 

Cheever, Rev. Henry T. The Whaleman's Adventures in the Southern 
Ocean; at gathered ... on the homeward cruise of the "Commodore 

Preble." Edited by Rev. W. Scoresby 

CoUation : pp. xili-304. Plates. 16°, cloth. 

Cheney, A. Nelson. See Orvis, C. F. 
Chesshyre, E. Posthumous Songs, eU. 

CoUation: pp. 48. Portrait. 8°, doth, uncut. v.oin«jni : • ine rv 
'The JoUy Anglers, 'The Miseries of Fly-fishing * and ' Bottom Fishers." Bii.pite. Vtn 

Chetham, James, of SmedUy. The Angler's Vade-Mecum; or, compen- 
dious, yet full discourse of angling ; discovering the aptest methods and ways, 
exactest rules, properest baits, and choicest experiments for the catching all 
manner of fresh'water fish : perused and approved by many exquisite anglers, 
together with a brief discourse of fish-ponds : and not only the easiest but 

Fifth edition. London, Darton, 

Manchester, W. H., 1837. 

'Contains: 'The Pleasures of Fishing,' 







1 ( 

d Catalogue of Books on Angling 

most palatable way* of dretiing all torts of fish whether l)rlonging to pondt 
orrivere, , , . By a Lover of Angling. London, printed forlhos. Ba»»ett, 

Itavet ; p 
Iha library 

urtb«rt<l Uavaa : pp. i-ilo 
. 177 mUpflnteJ jji p. 110 mupilntwl 'tA. iff', half »*< 
1 of Jo^ph Crawhall. with hit booli-plaie *nd autograpl 

litla; "ThaP^'fa't »"" 

r mUprlnteJ jj; p. ifsmUpilntwl <'A. 

„. ..^. (»bla, at« , 6 unnutnl)«rad 

lalf red moroeeo, gill back. Krom 

foMph Crawhall. iMi," 

Chetham. Jamas, of Smtdlty, The Angler's Vade-Mecum, iU. The second 
edition illustrated with tculpturea and very much mlArged. London, Bas- 
sett, 1689. 

Collaaon-. dtU. "Tha Prafaca," 3 unnumbared laavts; pUte; PP- «-««,; P'«»e: SP'K''*?il 
"Tha Table "ali.. 4 u nnumbar;d Waa ; p. 9> ml.prlntad 61. ift". h\\ polUhad calf. «1U 
back, gilt top, by Rirltn. 

Chetham. Jamas. ('/^M/d'i^. The Angler's Vade-Mecum, ^fc. Third editi«B 
very much enlarged. London, Battersby, 1700. 

rotlailon- olate-tlila: "ThePrefaea," 3unnumberadlea»aa; plata; pp i-3«6. ••ThaTabla," 
•tc^ 5 unnumrat'v'. PlaVe., .6o,'l..:i .(.rlnklad calf, gff' badT ,ltl ' «op, ^y W Pr...^ 
"T 1' fir«t «(li u,n was uuhlUhtd •The autbo ih forborne, ha tayi in hU 
preUi*' to affix hla naA>« ; not that he !• a.himed to own It, but wUhe. the reader o regard 
fhTnBS mora Than empty ni^e..' Chetham . prefacet are In DIogene. "«'" ■ •="'• °"'' '^»"» '= ^ 
he e?capM from the category of manual maker., and take, rank a. one of ihe "'jf "'' *^''«" 
on the .tjort He i. In(l*l)t«il. indeed, to hi« forerunners, but acknowledge. It he improve, on 
Sie r .y.^m.. and cVlUa tent on to the fact He I. never usrvlle nor prariaristlc, •'way. .on- 
alt S?lmr. a l.ttle .uriy. There are uid (o be two edition, of ./.w. The one n"**** »l^« 
U a M^^nrnv ^'prini of the .econd. It ha. a rude woodcut ftontupietsa. 111 a border, headed 
WcC.pleJ'pUher/ and a .tlU ruder le.f of eight ft,h, d .po«d '» •'Kht "eparat* cut. 
onone pag«- fhe praise I. dated froto • Smedlay near Manche.tar In Lanca»hlre. Not. a6. 
i6M." Ba.fiff. 

Chitty, Edward. See South Theophilus, /rwrf. 

Chubb, Dacay, /*«<//. A Good Day's Fishing . . . London, Alfred Masson 
(n. d.). 

CollPtlon; pp. 16. Oblofig i6«, half brown morooeo, gilt buk, gilt top, by Katifmann. A 
Mrla. of humoroiJ s engravings. Bit. fue. 

Cigar. The Cigar. London, Richardson, i8a8. 

r.Ji.Hon- vol X DO Oa- vol. a, pp. 37«. Illustrated, a vol.., 16^, half green rn'>rocco, 
aiUb«kr''^VoL"a%nta?ni a bwlSquf angling adventure under the title of • Mlllpufh s 
C.;5S.-The WatenTark" " p. 9-9 Bit. A F«"" Thoma. We.twood 5 collection, with 
hii book-plata in each vomme. 

Clarke, CapUln. See Angler. Angler's Desideratum, 1839. 

to ponda 

ick. From 
rhall. iMi," 

lie second 
don, Bas- 

ird edition 

jy W. PruM. 
t (ayi :n hi* 
ler (o regard 

and CkUltic ; 
fflnal writers 
improve* on 
•tw«y* hot!' 
notetl aluive 
rder, headed 
iep*r«le cut* 
lire. No». wi, 

ed Mauon 
•ufmann. A 

een mnrocco, 
f ' MlUpufft's 
)llcctlon. with 

Catalogue of Books on /ingling 


Clark*. Kit. Where the Trout Hide. New York, Hrentano's, 1 889. 
Collailofi : pp, 115, llluMraiion*. Square i«", paper. 

Clarke, Kit. The Practical Angler. How, where and when to catch Aih. 
giving a description of Airtcricari game ♦ish caught with hook and line . . . 
and ail requisite information whcicby the novice can acquire the art . . . 
New York, American New3 Company, 189a. 

Collation ; pp. to/, niiutrated. itP, watered *llk with fly attached to out*lde cover, gilt 

Clarke. Rotiert. See Catalogues. Clarke, R. 

Clarke, S. C. Fishes of the East Coaat of Florida. 1884. See Van Doren. 
L. O. 

Clericus [i. e. Rev. W. Cartwright.] Rambles and Recollections of a Fly- 
fisher. With an appendix containing ample instructions to the novice, in- 
clusive of fly-making, and a list of really useful flies. By Clericus. London, 
Chapman and Hall, 1854. 

J Ea'lc* *^ P**"^** **"• «*" **«*• «*•» ««>P- «»«>«• Contain* eight engraving* by the Rev. 

Clericus [i. c. Rev. W. Cartwright.J Rambles and Recollections of a Fly- 
fisher. Another copy. 
Poat tP, half green m^wocco, gill back, gilt top, uncnt. 

ClOTteiM [i. e. Rev. W. Cartwright.J Rambles and Recollection! of a Fly- 
fisher. Another copy. 
Post 8°, hal/hiue moroooo, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaahnidorf. 

Clericus. Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing, with original illustration!. 
London, Casiell, 1874. 
Collation : pp. vji. laP, half green moroooo, gilt back, gUt top, uncut. 

Cierkus. Facts and Fane; of Salmon Fishing. Another copy. 
M", cloth. 


J » 



i4 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

citric* of Oxcnford*. /i/«<^. (I. e. J. P. Kennedy.) The BU«kw»ter Chroni- 
cle . a narrative of an expedition into the land of Canaan, in Randolph 
county, Va. ; a country flowing with wild animala tuch at panlhert, heart 
. . . ttc, with innumerable trout ... by "The Gierke of Oxenforde." . . 
New York, Rcdfield. 1853. 

Collulon: pfi M3 With ill(ulr»ilom from Ufa by RlnHher i««>. cloth. V«fy •c«e«, 

Cliff*. Charl** PrMl«rlck. The Book of North Walet; icencry . . . lakes, 
fttreaou and railwayi. Second edition. London, Hamilton, 1851. 

CollAltoB ; pp. jo». Illiutwiloni. ttP. h»U brown morocco, gilt back, gtlt »op. by Z««hn»- 

Cliff*. John Henry. Notet and Recollectiont of an Angler; ramblet 

among the mountaint, valleyt and tohtudet of Walet. With tketchet of 

some of the lakei, streami, mountains and tcenic attractioni in both divitiont 

of the Principality . . . London, Hamilton, i860. 

CotUttoB : pp. «ll-«54. l^, h»W r«<l morocco, flU bMk, glU top. uncut. From Thoma* 
WMtwood's coUecilon, with hi* book-pUti*. 

Cliff*. John H*nry. Notet and Recollectiont of an Angler, /,V. Another 
copy. London, i860. 

Half green moroMO. glU boak, g<lt lop, uncut. 

Cliff*. John Henry. Notet and Recollections of an Angler, ete. Another 
copy. London, Hamilton, 1870. 
ia°, half blue morocco, gill back, gilt top. by ZiwhnMtorf. 

Clifford. Charl«s. pseuJ. The Angler. A didactic poem. London, printed 
by W. Spilsbury, for J. Wallis, 1804. 

Collation: pp. ?IU-«a. la", half green morocco, gilt back, gilt lop. " Ru»»ell Smith attribute* 
thtt work to William "Henry Ireland, 'best known a* the Torg«rof the Shakipeare Paperi. 
lx>wndei doe» not cite It by name In hU llti of that aulhor't pubUcailon*, but Ktatei that ' he 
wrote a variety of poems and iioTeU.' The work It incomplete, conslating of but a tingle book. 

• The author will, by no meant,' he tayi, ' be nverte to make a more complete work of " The 
Angler " hereafter, ihould the pubUc encourage It.' From Its remaining stationary at thli point 
It probably lacked encouragement. With an amuting compJacency, the writer atturet u* 

• "rtere wlH not be found any timllarity between the «vo book* of the Halleutlct of Opplan Mid 
hit poem, any more than between It end ' The Secrete of AnjiUng.' a poem In three bo<At, 
publlthed by a certain J. D., Etq., 1613, anil which, though called a poem (I) would doubtlett 
have been at pleating and at ut«ful, and would have taught thoae tecrets which It piotettet to 
dlKloae, fully at welC had it not been (^MMMA^vfrrf." Bit. file. Rare. 

Clifford, Chart**. The Angler. Another copy. See Kentith. 

Full poUihed calf, gilt back. Bound with " The Kentith Angler," i8q4. 




im» #14 1 

it Chroni- 
ten, bean 
•de." . . . 


. . iAkca, 
. by Zaalu» 

; ramblea 
tetchct of 
I divuioni 

om Ttumuu 



>n, printed 

ilth •itribntM 
tare P«p«ri.' 
•tei thai ' he 
, tlngl* book, 
ork of *■ The 
r at thli point 
!r Miuras u« 
r Opplan and 
thra* booki, 
iild doubtlui 
t pioftSM* to 

Catalogue oj Books on Angling ^ 

ClutUrtHick, W. J. See leet, J. A. 

Coad J. See Grecndrake, Gregory,/^*//. 

Cociloffan. D«nU dc. A Tour Through the Animal World ; or. an hmtori- 
cal and accuratr account of near 400 animaU, birdi, flihea . . . etc., deacrib- 
ing their different natures, qualities and use . . . London, Noune, 1746. 

«£,*^*!!2!' !l!^L'^ *J PP, '"'^.V* """"••"bwH laar. PlaiM number on both ildM aad 
Mop al 17a. lao, hatfradealf. " Flthaa." p 99-11 j. Scare*. -n w.o .ram ano 

Col«, C. W..and Ralston. W. Mewn. Kamdene, Barnetburie, and D'AI- 
•ton'i Tour in the North. London, Simkin (n. d.). 

Collation : pp aj Iltumlnatrd cover and llluttrailoni Oblong, ia<». paper. 

Col«. Ralph. The Young Angler's Pocket Companion ; or a new and com- 
plete treatise on the art of Angling, aa may be practised with success in every 
river in Etigland ... the art of making artificial flies, whipping lines, and 
rod*. ... To which is now added a new and most successful method of 
Uolling and laying trimmers. Together with the best method of smelt fish- 
ing. London, printed for R. Bassam . . . (1795). 

Collation : pp. loS. Platei. i(P. brown morocco. 


Col«, Ralph. The Young Angler's Pocket Companion, etc. London, Mason. 

xSti^^thW^^^i. ',""•*"!!""*•■ J*'. h«lf brown morocco. From Thomaa Weitwoodt col- 
lection, with hit book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf. 

Col*. Ralph. The Young Angler's Pocket Companion, etc. Another copy. 
SftahSaSd 'otKarrsSkrS,'* '^''' "" "^^^ """ •*""""* «>' '«'* ^'^ »« "•«"«•• 

Colle(.tl«»ii, A Collection oi" AdvertisemenU. See England. 

Collactton. A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Valuable Pieces. 1771 
See Riiddiman, W. 

Colquhoun, John. The Moor and the Loch : containing practical hinu on 
most of the Highland sports . . . with an essay on loch fishing. Edinburgh, 
Plackwood, 1840. 

^Collation : pp. vlH-iaS. Platei. 8°, half brown morocco. n\ back, gilt top, uncut, by Zachn*- 

in iiifiiiiiiiai 




'^! '. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Colquhoun, John. The Moor and the Loch : conuining practical hints on 
Highland sports . . . with initructions in river, bum and loch fishing. . . . 
Second edition. London, Murray, 1841. 

Coltatlon : pp. xH-fl04. PtatM. 8», b«lf brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Ztehni- 

Colquhoun, John. The Moor end the Loch : containing minute instructions 
in all Highland sports, with wanderings over crag and correi, "flood and 
fell." Third edition. Edinburgh and London, Blackwood, 1851. 

CoU«tlon : pp. x»il-4o6. lUiutnttlonf. 8", hidf green morocco, gUt back, gilt top, uncut. 

Colquhoun, John. The Moor and the Loch, etc. Another copy. 
HaU grMO morocco, gilt back, gilt top, bj AXbnA Mattbawt. 

Colquhoun. John. Rocks and Rivers; or, Highland wanderings over crag 
and correi, " flood and fell." London, Murray, 1849. 

CoUation : pp. viii-iii. ^, half gman morocco, gilt top. " Afterward* incorporated with the 
third edition of ' The Moor and the Loch.' " Bit. pkt. From Thomai Wettwood i collection, 
with hif book-plate. 

Colquhoun, John. Salmon Casts and Stray Shots ; being fly-leavf.« from 
the note-book of John Colquhoun. Edinburgh and London, Blackwood, 

Collation : pp. x-aos. i(S°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehn«dorf. PMiages 
from thii work are included in the fourth edition of ^' The Moor and the Loch. Bti. piic. 

Colquhoun, John. Sporting Days. Ediaburgh [printed] ; London, Black- 
wood, 1866. 

"A re^.- 

lation: pp. vii-as*. 19», half oUv* morocco, gilt baci, gilt top, by Alfred Matthews 
!print oiarticles 'contributed to an Edinburgh weekly ioumal, paiMges from which ar< 
led in the fourth edition of ' The Moor and the Loch.' All Mr. Colquhoun • books an 


every page. All hU inttrucUons in Highland sporU are admirable ; the tportoman a keen xeit 
in capturing the denisena of moor ancTloch Mng^ttrongly tj^mpered wift *•»•_'?»«»» 'J?.!? 

pervaded with that love for wild nature and atrong lente of humanity to the creatures inhabl.^ 
ing it, which characterise the true sportsman. GenlaUtv and klndU ~' »— " - ~"" '" 

age. All his instructions in Highland 

■■'-g the denisens of moor and^loch U,.», -..-_,., ._,.-. „ _ — 
.„. „„,>. . .ag their habits and modes of Ufe. Mr. Colquhouns practical taowMge . 
and fisbing.bowever, is superior to bis attainments as a sdenMo naturalist. HU chapters on 
salmon anfl trout fishing teem with useful hints, while be Is IndispuUbly the tiint authority of 
his time on the wary SiUmgfinx and iu capture in the largmr Scotch lochs. Btt. fix. 

Colquhoun, John. Sporting Days. Another copy. 

la", half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnmlorf. 

Compleatest Angling Book. See Crawhall, J. 

Colvin, Verplanck. See N. Y. (State) Adirondack Siu^ey, Memoranda, etc. 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 


ConBidenition« upon the White-herring and Cod Fisheries : in which the 
design of carr>'ing on and improving them, in the manner proposed by a so- 
ciety trading with a joint stock, is fully explained, and freed from all objec* 
tions. . . . London, M. Cooper, at the Globe in Paternoster-row, 1749. 
Collation : pp. 58. 8°, half green calf, gilt back, glU top, by Zaebnsdorf. 

Contributions to Natural History, chiefly in relation to the food of the 
people. By a rural D.D. [i. e. D. Esdaile, D.D.] London and Edinburgh, 
Blackwood, 1865. 
Collation : pp. viii-364. ia°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Contributions to Natural History, etc. Second edition, 1867. 

Collation: pp. vi-378. la", boards. The second editiou Includes a '• New System of Sea 
Fishing," but the book chiefly deals with salmon culture. Bii. pise. 


Conway, James. Letters from the Highlands ; or. Two months among the 
salmon and the deer. London, Lumley, 1859. 
Collation : pp. viii-t43. Illustrations. Post 8°, half olivd morocco, gilt back. Very scarce. 

Conway, James. Forays among salmon and deer. London, Chapman and 
HaU, 1861. 

Collation: pp. xii-a48. Post B9, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt too, uncut. A reprint of 
the " Letters, ' In an improved form, with large additions. Bii. pist. 

Conway, James. Forays Among Salmon and Deer. Another copy. 
Half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. 

Cooper, Alfred W. See Francis. Sporting sketches with pen and pencil, 

Coquet. The Marriage of the Coquet and Ihe Alwine. [Woodcut.] New- 
castle upon Tyne: printed by S. Hodgson, 1817. 

80, half green morocco, gilt back. " The second publication of the Newcasde Typographicia 
Society. The dedication is signed by John Adamson, who neither claims, nor yet disclaims, the 
authorship. The two streams unite about ten miles above Rothbury, in a very Paradise for the 
angler. This fact forms the sole claim of the verser to admission into this list. They are an 
{nutation of Drayton. 277 copies were printed." Bib. pise. 









Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Coquet-dale. The Coquet-dale Fishing Songs. Now first collected and 
edited by a North Country Angler. Edinburgh and London, Blackwood, 

Collation : pp. viil-167. ia°, half blue morocco, gilt back, giU top. " The ' North Cottntry 
Angler ' wa« Thomas Doubleday. The collection consist* of Robert Roxby's contributions to 
the ' Newcastle Fishers' Garlands,' with others, in which Mr. Doubleday was wholly or partly 
concerned. It it accompanied with a history of their composition, and a sketch oi^the nfe of 
their author, by his friend and coadjutor, Doubleday." Bib.pitc. 

Cornish, J. A View of the Present State of the Salmon and Channel Fish- 
eries, and of the statute laws by which they are regulated . . . comprehending 
also the natural history and habits of the salmon, with some of its peculiar- 
ities hitherto undescribed. Together with the form of a new Act, etc. Lon- 
don, Longman, 1824. 
Collation : pp. xi-ai7. 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Cotton, Charles. The Compleat Angler. Being instructions how to angle 
for a trout or grayling, in a clear stream. Part IL [Cypher.] 

" Qui mihi non credit, faciat Ucet ipse periclum ; 
Et fuerit scriptis sequior ille meis." 

London, printed for Richard Marriott and Henry Brome, in St. Paul's 
Churchyard. 1676, 

Collation. License leaf. A; title, A a ;" To my most worthy," A j-4; "The Compleat 
Angler," B-H 8 in eights. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back This was sold separately, or 
conjointly with Walton and Venables, under the title of the " Universal Angler." Bib. fist. 

Cotton, Charles. The Compleat Angler. Another copy. 

Bound with Walton's " Universal Angler," 1676. 
Cotton, Charles. The Compleat Angler. Another copy. 

Bound with copy in brown morocco ca»e. 

Cotton, Charles. Poems on Several Occasions. London, printed for Tho. 
Bassett at the George in Fleet St. 1689. 

Collation: pp. vi-730. 8°, original calf binding. "Contains 'The Angler's Ballad,' p. 76; 
'To my dear and most worUiy friend, Mr. Itaak Walton,' p, 114; 'The retirement. 
Stanzes irreguliers. To Mr. Izaak Walton,' p. 133; ' Contentation, directed to my dear 
Father and most worthy Friend, Mr. Izaak Walton,' p. 35a." Bib.fiu. Scarce. 

Cotton, Charles. The Wonders of the Peake. Barbara Pyramidum sileat 
miracula Memphis. Mart Epig. Second edition. London. Printed by 
J. Wallis for Joanna Brome, 1683. 
CoUation r pfp. iii-86. 8°, full sprinkled calf, gilt bac!t, by W. Pratt 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Cotton, Charles. See Vaix. The Moral Philosophy of the Stoicks. 

Cotton, Charles. See Walton, Izaak. 

Cotton. Rev. H. S. See Catalogues. Cotton, Rev. H. S. 



Couch, Jonathan. A History of the Fishes of the British Isles. 
Groombridge, 1868-89. 

Containing aga colored pl«tei. 4 vols. V>, three quarters blue levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt 
i^£l' f,"""'' '''' ,^ ?"i r ^'*'' valuable work of a distinguished naturalist contains muchln- 
formation respecting the fisherirs and more especially those of Cornwall and Devon. Dr. Couch 
!Si"ir, i^'^° '" l?*" '? *S* Procec-iings of the 'Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society ' a paper en- 
titled Observations in Further Illustration of the History and Statistics of the Pilchard Fishery ' : 
?, !!°,i^, 1?^' M^t'T.'i?'J'.°'y "^""' Mackerel and its Fishery.' In the • Imperial Magazine' 
forigai, he published 'Fishing. A poem. By Ipolperroc.' He also wrote • The History of 
Polperro. a Fishing Town on the South Coast of Cornwall,' which was printed at Truro with 
some account of the author, ttc, by his son, Thomas Q. Couch, M.D., in 1871. Chapter vi. 
contams Interesting particulars ofthe local fisheries." Bii.fisc. ^ vi. 

Couch, Jonathan. Some Particulars of the Natural History of Fishes found 
in Cornwall. (No title.) [n. p.] 

Pp. 69-5)8, fclio. F; .te. Ro 
Communicated by Sir James ' 
and read February 19. iSaa. ,.„„^^ „.„ ,„,, .» , _ 
Three BriUsh Species of Fresh-water Fishes," etc. ""Read /une 'i9."i'83a.' 

Country. Country Pursuits and Amusements. 
London, Ward and Lock [n. d.]. 

Comprising angling, ttc. 

rnl!I™ 'i^!.''*S*i' * D ' "i^'^ *»«"»» morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf, with original paper 
Srilh ne^?i?le-^ge ^^la ^^* " ''* ^""^^ Book," published by Fetter and cSpin, 

Country Qentleman. The Country Gentieman's Companion. Vol. I. : i. 
Ofthe horse in general, a. Ofridiig. ... 17. Of fishing in general and of 
making fish-ponds. 18. Of taking all sorts of fish. Vol. 2 : 8. Of angling 
in general. 9. Of the best and worst seasons to angle in and their uses. 10. 
Of baits. II. Of preserving fish from all sorts of devourers. 12. Of order- 
ing ponds for the nourishment of fish. By a country gentleman, from his 
own experience, London, T. Tyre, 1753. 

CoHation : Vol. x, pp. 239; Vol. 9, I7a-i3 * vols., xa°, original calf, 
psychoses to which angling works were anciently subjected. Th 
dted is a_ textual reprpducfion of ■ The Pleasures of Princes,' which was also inco^orated'by 

' One of the metem- 

Phe treatise on angling above 

Gervase Markham, with his ' Country Conteatments.' " Bit. fist. 

Country Qentleman. 

ia°, original calf. 

2 vols in I. 1756. 


t i)i ( > a i i'i| i 'W i«r m "tiriii l rTrtf' * *^ ' !' ' <«««* 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Country-man. The Country-man's Recreation, or the art of planting, graf- 
fing, and gardening, in three books. . . . Hereunto is likewise added the art 
of angling. London, Printed by T. Mabb for William Shears, 1654. 

Collation: pp. xvl-135-54-18. Illujtrutions. Small 8», full sprinkled calf, ^It back, by W. 
Pratt. The latt leaf of" The Art of Aneling " ii in manuscript. "A former edition, without the 

which is dated 1653 and ocoupiet 
His name is however suppressed. 

angling treatise, was printed in 1640. The ■ Art of Angling, 
18 pages, is by Barker, and identical with his edition 011651. 
White Knigbt'i, 30*. ; Bindley's, 17s." Bit. pUc. 

Coverley, Sir Rocer de. Sir Roger de Coverley, by the Spectator. The 
notes and illustrations by W. H. Wills. Second edition. London, Longman, 

Collation ; pp. xll-997. X9°, half oHve morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. See p. 33 for the 


)ft: pp. 
to fish. 

The frontispiece is inserted. 

Cox, J. E. B. See Angler. The Angler's Diary. 1866. 

Cox, Nicholas. The Gentleman's Recreation : in four parts, viz., hunting, 
hawking, fowling, fishing. Wherein these generous exercises are largely treated 
of. . . . Whereto is prefixt a large sculpture, giving easie directions for blowing 
the horn, and other sculptures inserted proper to each recreation. With an 
abstract . . . of . . . laws. . . . Collected at first firom antient and modem 
authors and now in this second edition corrected and very much enlarged by 
several eminent and skilful persons, lovers of these sports. London. Printed 
by J. C. for N. C. and are to be sold by Tho. Fabian. . . . 1677. 

Collation : title and 4 unnumbered leaves ; title to first part, and p. 1-158 ; folding plate j 
tide to second part, and p. iS9-a54. i unnumbered leaf; title to the third part, and p. 1-95; 
titie to fourth part, and p. 1-78 ; the Table, 6 uiknumbered leaves. 8°, half calf. 

" Nicholas Cos is of the superstitious, astrological, necromantical order of angling writers. He 
makes us acquainted with dWers miraculous streams and unaccountable fishes — with a certain 
river for injtanra ' near Harwood, in Bedfordshire, which in the year of our Lord i399 (» J"!; 
before the civil wars between York and Lancaster but»t forth) of a sudden stood still, and divided 
itself asunder, so that men might pass three miles together on foot down the midst of the ebon- 
rel, leaving the waters, like a wall, behind them." And again, of a ' iver In Judea, that runs 
very swiftly all the six days of the wee!- but restetb on the seventh, vhich is the Jewish Sab- 
bath.' While, as a puizle to ichthyologists, he relites seriatim, hoi*-, in the year of our LaxA 
1180, near Orford in Suffolk, ' a fish was taken in ihe perfect form of a man.' How ' he wa» 
kept by Bartholomew de Glanville, in the castie of Orford. above half a year, but at length, not 
being carefully looked to, how he stole to the sea ar d was never seen alter,' 'He nefcr spake, 
we are informed — ' but would eat any meat that wia given : m, especially fish (Uie cannibal I) 
and also — 'that he was often led to church, but lever" (heterodox fish I) ' showed any sign 
of adoration.' , „ . ^ ,. ^ , . , 

" This work drew down on its author an mdigntnt protest from Ray the naturalist, in his pre- 
faa> to Willughby's 'Ornithology' (1678). ■ Here,' he sa^, *I cannot but reflect upon the 
author of a late En^Uh book, enthuled "The Gentleman^s Recreation. ^ For havinjg had occa- 
sion I 



i jiwaiiiiiiiiri 


Catalogue of Books on /Ingliug 


Uing, graf- 
led the art 

back, by W. 
.without the 
and ocoupie* 
r suppressed. 

itor. The 

p. 33 tor the 

;., hunting, 
[ely treated 
for blowing 
, With an 
nd modem 
nlarged by 
n. Printed 

olding plate ; 
and p. z-9S; 

% writers. He 
vith a certain 
1399 (a little 
il, and divided 
t of the cban- 
lea, that runs 
: Jewish Sab- 
' of out ILiord 
How ' he was 
at length, not 
ne/er spake,' 
he cannibal I) 
wed any sign 

ist, in his pre- 
ect upon the 
ing had occa- 
siderable con- 
rention or the 
tf his author : 

what he bath ofHawktHf\i likewise an epitome of TvtttrvUl's collections, with some addition 
out Df ''Latham « Falconry," without ■clmo-vleclgment that all was borrowed. 1 doubt not but 
I coulfl have traced him In his other discourse - lluafin^ and rUhiHg had I leisure or will 
to compare his book with TurbttviUi, Walton, .nd other treetises of those subjects. I do not 
blame him for epitomiring. but for suppressing his authors' names, and publishing their works 
as bis own, insomuch that not only the vulgar, but even learned men have been oeceived by him, 
so that they have looked upon him a* a considerable writer of extraordinary skill in such arts 
and exercises, and one tha» had advanced and Improved them. By the way therefore It may not 
t)e amiss to caution learned men that they be not too hasty or lavish in their public commenda. 
tlona of new books before they have taken the pains to compare them with former ireatii'^s on 
those subjects, lest they render themselves ridiculous by publishing those for advancers of 
Unowiedge, who are indeed meer plagiaries and compilers of other mens works.'" 

' y**"' '» "Knteous Indignation I But we fear most makers of angling manuals deserve the 
severity of Ray s strictures to the full as much as Master Nicholas Cox. They are dishonest bor- 
rowers, as we have had occasion to prove. Old Burton's motto to his ' Anatomy of Melan- 
choly, omnt mtmrn, mMi wmm, might be employed by the fraternity at large." Bit. fisc. 

Cox, Nicholas. Of Fishing. [London . . . printed by E. Flesher, for Mau- 
rice Atkins at the Half-moon in St. Paul's Churchyard, and Nicholas Cox, 

xT.*^',*^"* "^'y- ""' half calf, gilt back. "In this edition the book is act claimed by 
Nicholas Cox, whose name Is appended to the ' Epistle Oedicatoiy,' in the second and sub- 
sequent Issues. This edidon has become rare, and copies of the fiv? subsequent reprints are 
seldom met with in a perfect state. " Bib.tUc. This is the fishingpart of Nicholas Cox's " The 
Oentleinan s Recreation," and the first edition. From Thomas Weslwood's collection, with hit 
book-plate, monogram, and autograph, "T. Westwood, i860, " on fly-leaf. 

Cox, Nicholas. The Gentleman's Recreation . . . [the third edition], the 
fourth part (a copy of the angling section issued separatelv). London. 
Printed by J. C. for N. C. (1685?) 

Collation: engraved plate ; title; 4 unnumbered leaves; pp. 1-78. Plate. 8°, half green mo- 
rocco, gilt back, gilt top. Very scarce. 

Cox, Nicholas. The Gentleman's Recreation 
don, printed by F. Collins for N. Cox, 1706. 

Collation: engraved title; title and two unnumbered leaves ; pp. 1-138; folding plate: do. 1- 
,T. n ,. trAA\^ — I-.-. — -^j. foldingplate; pp. 1-71; foldint * ■ ^ ' ' ^ " 

-i— 7-— — • , 1705), pp. i-ioi ; " Tl 

Cambridge calf, gilt baTk, |^lt edges, by W. Pratt. 

the fifth edition. Lon- 

%\i^"*' *o^'«SP'«je; Pp'3-7»; foldingplate; PP.T-7r;lolding platlT;' pp!"i"i^^^^ 
Abridgment, etc. London, 1705), pp. i-ioij^ "The Table," etc., 4unnumbere1 leaves. 8°, 

Cox, Nicholas. The Gentleman's Recreation ... the sixth edition with 
large additions. Lodon, printed for N. C. and sold by J. Wilcox, 17 21. 

Collation: frontispxv -iHe, etc., a leaves; pp. iv-4je, title ("Manwoods Forest Laws. 
London. f«n««d by H. P. for N. C. iwi "I ; pp. iK-ix; four folding plates, the first inscribed, 
"Tht Antient Hunting Note.<» vdth Marsh's and CoU, Cook's additions. ' 8°, original panel 
calf, rebaeked. 

Cm\«n, pseud. See Sporiing. The Sporting Review. 

ti T^nriii iii tt^ i f i'^'--"" \v c ' iii Mff l T i " ' "l"' i l '-^'•^Ti^fimr '\ \\h ' 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Crawhall, Joseph. A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North 
Country Anglers, continued to this present year. Newcastlc-on-Tyne, 
Rutland, 1864. 

Collation : pp. >tv-3i9. PUte* on India paper. 4°, half roxburghe, gilt top, uncut. Large- 
mly so printed, with extra plates not in the Binall-paper copies. "This copy 
irepared, and presentet* by Joseph Crawhall to his friend James Bulliver Msnson, 
Edinburgh Daily Review. MS. note on fly-leaf, and has following inscription 
le title : " James B. Manson, Esq., wilh the Editor's compliments. " This is a 

paper copv, only so'printed, with extra pla'tes not in the small-paper copies. "This copy 

was specially prepar " ....... . - 

editor of the Edr*- 

on back of false i 

republication of the celebrated ' Newcastle Fishers' Garlands,' with a continuation up to 1M4.' 


Crawhall, Josei/! A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North 
Country Anglers. Another copy. Nev/castle-on~Tyne, Rutland, 1864. 
Illustrated. 1°, half green roxburghe, gilt top, uncut, so copies of this sise only. 

Crawhall, Joseph. The Compleatest Angling Booke That £uer Was Writ, 
being done oute of ye Hebrewe and other tongves, by a person of honor. 
Adom'd with scvlptvres. Colophon. Imprynted by ande for ye authour, 
d welly ng nigh unto ye riuere Coquet yn Northumberlande, thysse yeie o 
thyncamacon of our Lorde, MDCCCXXXXXVIIII. 

"97 leaves printed on one side only. A very curiuus and original work and one of the chief 
rarities of the angling bibliophile's collection. It was both printed and illustrated by the author, 
and has remained anonymous hitherto, but the author's name is now attached to it, with his 
permission. Only forty copies were struck off for private circulation. It is partly historical and 
practical, partly legendary and poetical, and the illustrations, which are numerous, consist of 
odro'rable c'chings, woodcuts, designs coloured by hand, etc. Some of the engravings were 
employed to adorn the large-paper copies of the Newcastle Fishers' Garlands. 1864. we have 
seen a copy offered in a New York bookseller's catalogue at ;^30." Bii. fisc. Contains two 
leaves of manuscript and signature of Crawhall. A piesentation copy to Fred. C. Montagn, 
Esq., with his book-plate. " A book which, though of recent date, is almost as rare as tha 
Gryndalls and MascoUs of black-letter times. T. Wtstwood." 

Crawhall, Joseph. The Compleates* Angling Booke, etc. Second edition. 

Imprynted att Newe Castle upon Tine by Andro Reid for ye authour ande 

fynysshed ye twelft daie of August, beinge Seynct Grous hys Festival! thys 

yere thyncamacon of oure Lorde, MDCCCLXXXI. 

lUiutrations. 4°, full green morocco, gilt back, sides with gilt corner ornaments, inside gilt 
borders, gilt top. uncut. Large-paper copy. " The prefar* states that the entire issue of the 
original edition was 'offered on the insatiate altar of Friendship, and 'the author';, iriends 
having long cried in vain and still continuing to ' cry for more,' that considerate individual . . . 
unoppressed by Bumbledom, Parochial or Piscatoria), has at length determined they shall have 
it.' with one or two exceptions the volume contuins all the old plates and nearly as many new 
ones, all displaying the humorous feeling and the artistic skill which give Mr. Crawhall's worki 
a ' place apart amang angling books. Th& impression was limited to 100 copies and the 
plate ihei. destroyed." Bu. ptsc. 





I i^ »wm mmmmmmim 


for North 

icut. Large- 
"Thii copy 
iver Manion, 
g inicriptton 
" "ThiiU* 
i up to 1864." 

for North 


Was Writ, 
I of honor. 
re authour, 
8se yeie o 

e of thp chiei 
>y the author, 
o it, with hii 
historical and 
lus, consist of 
ravings were 
54. Wo have 
Contains two 
C. Montagn. 
) rare at tho 

id edition, 
(hour ande 
itivai! thys 

ts, inside giit 
9 issue of the 
thor's iriends 
dividual . . . 
ey shall have 
as many new 
whaU's works 
ipies and the 

Catalogue oj Books on /Ingling 73 

Crawhall, Joseph. Border Notes and Mixty-Maxty. Imprinted by Andrew 
Reid for the author, and are to be sold by Robert Robinson, Bewick's Head 
Pilgnm street, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1880. * 

r«nu!!*l!2!I."-'?'* .li!^- 1 ?""i' *"' ''■'f P*"?'" morocco, fancy cloth sides, gilt top " Onlv fiftv 
Sn^H^-^l^v =. '^' Pl'if* '^"•royed. this woric will form a pendan to 'Thi comS eaV«t 
angling booke, in origlnalitv, and evei.tually In rarity. It is an "oIlaVLlriZ' ,T?n„i -- 
verse and miscellaneous droUery, iUustrafed with masterfy pen and "nksketehe" tome of S^'eJf 
^A '"k'"1'' •*•">• <=?'o«««« .?>•'«•. head and tail piwis^ ,*. Of hlr CroUTu miv 1^ 
Si. un .K^.^f ''^^ crown-jewels fur the angling fibrarii. of the future Th'r" "an bj ^ 
gence." '^.';li^*''" *'" «'"» '*"' '° eager compeStion in the auction-rooms if iiLlf a ceSTur? 

Crawhall, Joseph. Izaak Walton his Wallet Booke. Colophon. Newly 
•et forth and adorned with sculptures. Curiously engraved by Joseph Craw- 
hall. London, Field and Tuer, 1885. 

thiM?"l^o" a '' Field 'S^S'ri"''"' a'*"'-,, S^f" ?"P«'- " 0"« ''»"'l«0 ~P««» onJy. ot which 
.vV?„™^. ; ; 1 .. !li ^"*' ^ collection of ' • songs " and " poesies •'^contained In tha 
.nS wP t',' A"«'";; T^he numerous ilWsiratlons are hand^olorecT^Contains linen ooSket! 
S^.vin''"'' l""!'- 1° *'"=*' '^''Py '' ""'ched, ihce a seal, a wood block uied In pr^ntincX ra- 
gravlngs, showing that no more copies can b« issued. pnnung ine en- 

Crawhall. JoMph. Izaak Walton his Wallet Booke. Another copy. No. 4. 

Half vellum with parchment sides. 

Crawhall. Joseph. Izaak Walton his Wallet Booke. Another copy. No.ia. 

Half vellum with puchment sides. Uncut. 

Crawhall, Joseph. Izaak Walton his Wallet Booke. Another copy. No. 23. 

Half vellum, j>Atx;l!tneQt sides. Uncut. 

Cniwfurd, Oswald, A Year of Sport and Natural History. Shooting, 
hunting, coursing, falconry and fishing. London, Chapman, 1895. 

With numerous illustrations. 40, cloth, uncut. 

CrlKnelle, Henri de. Le Morvan ... its wild sports . . . translated . . . 
by Captain Jesse. London, Saunders and Otley, 1851. 

cSt"aTi.5Sv<;i!^efisC" ^"'i^.' '•'''""" '"^"**"' ^" '"^''' • " '"P' "^^ 

Cruikshank, Robert. See Seymour, Robert. The ood volume. 



■ a i ke mU 


74 Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling. 

Cubley, J. S. How to Fish. Hints on angling specially adapted for Bir- 
mingham amateur anglers; containing plain directions as to rod, tackle, baits, 
etc. ; notes on the best fishing stations near Birmingham, the fish to be found 
in the rivers there, and when and how to caich them. . . . Birmingham, 
Corns, 1873, 

Collation : pp. 46. Illuitrailoin. \ff>, httf gr«tn morocco, gilt hack, gilt top, by Zaahn*- 
dorf, With original pap«r cover* bound In. 

Cussac, J. See C • • •. J. Pisciceptologie. 1823. 

Cutcliffe< H. C. The Art of Trout Fishing on Rapid Streams; comprising 
a complete system of fishing the North Devon streams, and their like ; with 
detailed instructions in the art of fishing with the artificial fly, . .^ the fern 
web, beetle, maggot, worm and minnow, both natural and artificial. South 
Molton, Tucker, 1863. 
Collation : pp. xUl-ao6. 16°, half green morocco, g»t back, gilt top. 

Cypre«5, J., Jr. Sporting Scenes and Sundry Sketches ; being the miscel- 
laneous writings of- J. Cypress, edited by Frank Forester. New York, 
Gould, 1843. 

Plates, a voU, post 8°, half brown morocco, gtJt back, gilt top, uncut. Rare. 

D., J. The Secrets of Angling. . . . Edited by Sir Henry Ellis. London, 
B. Triphook, i8ii. 

Collation : pp. viii-^. 8°, bound in with William Chaflns " Anecdotes and History of Cran- 
oourne Chase ' and other work«. . j . i_ 

" One hundred copies struck off separately with index and short advertisement, of a reprint in 
the • British Bibliographer," i8ia. Vol. 11., p. 465- ... ^ ,„ 1 1. _ • • .o^ 

" This poem is aUo noUced, with large ciutions, in an article in the Cennira Uterana, 1B09, 
vol X D.^, which WRS appropriated by Daniel and inserted in the supplement to his Rural 
SDorls.^iSn. lU authorship was set at rest in 1811, bv the evidence of the books of the Sta- 
tioners' Company, in which the work is entered as being by ' John Dennys Esquier. Sir Henry 
Ellis Elves the extract in the edition edited by him in that year. Walton had previouslv ascribed 
it to John Davors. and others (Hewlett amonj them) to Donne and Davies. The volume con- 
:,Mns commendatory verses signed ' lo Danes,' and is dedicated by the stationer R. J. to Mr. 
T Jhn Harbome of Tackley. in the County of Oxford. Beloe says of ttie book that 'perhaps 
^here caes not exist in the circle of English literature a rarer volume. Sir John Hawkins con- 
fawad 'he could never get a light of It. _ . . ._ .. .t ji t 

" T'oeie is every reason to suppose that Mr. John Dennys, who is shown by thepedJgrwi of 
tne Dennys fiimily to have died at Pucklechurch la 1609, is the rea! author of the ;i»ecreU, not 
the gran^n of ^ir Walter Dennys, r forward for that, honour, by S'' H*^^* N^^J"- N» 
date is associated with Sir Walter Dennys. but on nrferring to a mora detailed ^g"* »«»«» 
Ae samrsowce. It appean that his eldest son, Sir WilUam Dennys, ' founded a guild in the year 



d for Bir- 

;kle, baits, 

be found 


, by ZMhnt- 

like; with 
^ the fern 
U. South 

tic miscel- 
few York, 


tory of Ci»n- 

f a reprint in 

erari*,' 1809, 
to his ' Rural 
IS of the Sta- 
' Sir Henry 
usIy ascribed 
volunie con- 
R. r. 10 Mr. 
hat 'perhaps 
lawluns con- 

e pedigree of 
'Secrets,' not 
Nicolas. No 
edigree from 
Id in the year 

Catalogue oj Books on /tngling yj 

i?^ .t,-^*,™!?' '*'««fo'« /e«»on«b1y auign his hirih (o the latter part o( the Hfteenth centurv 
h s °ct„d S'r ■- ""ui"^ "r.?'"";'""' l"'** premise, are bornS out by the («c?th.t lohX' 
nlJL„ I. jV.I!M '•"'""" "' 'f'« •->«-trei», accoroinK to Sir Harris Nlcolm) left n «on Huoh 
teref^re S M U^Jt^'^rc"!'.'."" """'»'"■« »8e, »in% he was married nn'l L/d f,m,':rff.prrnV 
II, tncrerore, sir Marrls Nicolas i B»»umpilon be torrrti, wr mutt antibe the nciem lo the earfw 
part, or. at the l.teiM^to the middle of the sixteenth century, whereas .Htyle rndKrnernI ch«^^^ 
acter belong, assuredly to a later period. Collateral evi'dence U to be found In *he act tha 
MnL'&eiTv ."Ij;"': '*•'*'""''"• "«»•• »°' '^'o* 'h'^ P<>em fr back. In a po.thumoui 

have doneTlH hu'ril* w "".'° "" '° ^.P,''"'*'* "««' 'he death of the author, who lntende«l to 
nave aone It, In his life, but was prevented by death, etc.. etc 

m^lelo Ihe'dSltan'^e';" '" """'"" '""' " '''"•"'''• •""" '""'°'' *"""' '"'"'y ^ave l,een 
•• From an article (by T. Westwood) published in the • Angler's Note-booli.' 1I80, p i8i-« the 
followlfiB appreciation of Dennv's poem may be extracted ■ ' ^' 

.„l*,lT..,!j'''"*«r''' l^"'* "f ">« A" "'A"K''nK perplex us neither with their multitude, nor their 
magnitude. 1 o »me three or four of them may be assigned a place - shall we say midwav hv 
courtesv ?-on the ledge, of I'arnassus ; the rest are innocent oF all altitudes ZhaUoe^er exceW 
those of Grub-street garrets, or the stilts of an absurd vanity •»"""" wnaisoever, except 

" J"™™"" """onit the select few, by right of seniority, and perhaps by poetic riuht as well 
we have • 1. D who in the cool dawn of the seventeenth century, and A« he fr^liLbedian 
men were passing, one by one. Into the shadow, 'sang to the echo,' (for he seems to htv^ hSd 

Sn.fl"it"'"''"'* '" *"' °*" ''"^ ""'^ B'""«'i"n) 'he** ' Secrets of At^gllng!' himsel being de,. 
tined to become a greater secret than any he revealed ■"»■»<:" oemg aes 

hn!J!l'n/*"iw*Jl!''' '.J?'.-';^*'**'*!' JaclcsonJ states in his dedication of the poem to Mr John Har- 
^ST • ' rir''''*'. ''•• ^^^ '!"*"'' ' '"'ended to have printed it in his life:hut was prevenVed by 
2!™^f.. 9""'^'7>«'*«»°f««l«'nce, however, besides that final one. may have had !h«ir weighs 
^^'A^'^t °' •"■"• '"IJ"*!""' """• »"""= '*';»d°'n "f discretif n. The erich was a trfinii 
one for he minor muse. The Elixabethan bards, as I have said, were dying out but th7na* 
'«"!•' *^»«'» '^«'«|1 '° «heir divine singing -the national henn was Xi fever h^atwUh 
Fairv Queeiis, and Passionate Pilgrims,' with • Heavenly Unas, and heroic • i.uorec's * It 
1^ i,!.""^.!!!^' »>*•« »•«"«• if • poet unknown to fame h«l recoiled from brining Into 
«ij mo«ve°n':i?h«Th:?^ Tu** '^I^'k' •J'"?'* ^"K "' ' ""'' ""'l »'^"">- B.u whate/erThe 
r^mre ■ at 1I2I? a^f ■^J^^Hn.V;'^?* by closing his eyes on all the shows of this world, If not 
IJIi. . V '^j '"?'0"°';* PO««. «nd unconsoled. perchance, by the convidion that his 

™^«?'/''y«n«r°"W *»*^~"«'" '"*° f'^°"' """i acceptance, at a fitting time^ 
of i^«.° '' ?»,««™P«"7 recpgnlUon of I. D. thai I am acouainte<l wtth, is in the ' Pleasures 
t^^r^^ ^'!'.'***^ '.?'' *• commonly considered to be t\ie transmigration of the • GecrSu," 
JLn.F.T. :.^?^,° '™n«««»«'lK^Pro<:eM for there can be little doubt of the correctness of the 
general sunnise) was effected by no unskiUful hand, and without too much sacrifice of the ore 

wUh%rUtUe1eferio°rafi*o°n'' 4' '^'I'P. I!""*'"' "T't" ^"' '"-l*^- ewL^'bSen undergonT 
Tnd .».« ^.. .it. .H^!^ /"• h,''"?^''.' ''^•^" "' 'he poem is preae^ ved in the prose versioii 

" int ^t^^,^ u /.f P«^^''«"y 'h,« introducUon ) have a Mriking merit of their own. 
i» I.. i„P"^'.r 'r* **«»% "^ Denny 8 verse, that It rnains its sti^ngth, sweetness and savour 
S .Mf!,'^l ^"!1l ^^°^ "VV'^' '" puMeh may compare •life QuaMties of an aS ' 
Prin«s.^ ** P^*"' *'•'• «=»'•»'«•"• <"» cormpondtag pawaii) of the ■ Pl«su«.of 

" It is not needful that I shoatd entei on a critical appreciation of this little ooem the finnt 
tCs'L'rJ^eTi'u h'fn' r'J.V'T*'*" ^"? highly esteemSl! ThrmLh howiter.^ay h^ «W 
elevVlon?f fhn .„l; 1 i"'.*"ff*'" .T°°'^'' ""¥ »"'"'•='>' "' 'hythm, sweetness of eiprJsion, and 
!m!?7.^^ I'i".*'",'"'* 'r""5' •''*' «^«" '""" 'he angling point of view, we cannot but con- 
«niuito^^'l^?™^':ll"°l^"'"fe"l'°"• ""• "■""«> >' '^e devoHon of 'so much real pt^iic 
mMMh^n .wf ^^ ^»,""''k* ""fi the exception of the • Compleat Angler, ' no higher eompU- 
Kioui feats'^u fm"^ ^hl^lf' ? L°. **'* '^"l' S-bw^r-ent 'rhymers? indeed, ha^e achieved 
B-^^™" . i!!u.fc 1 . "" °r ^5'?hts. or rather from other depths — witness the Innocent 
A^te IU^"nulP'''*.°^?"'"=T*i' «"'' ?"•" f«)«esque, by force of poUsh" aad^he 
aS'dexte^n'SL^n.X". '" ^^"''> t>y Scott of Ipiwtch. in which the technical and humoious 
are dexterously enough interwoven ; but such trifl ng to verse os "..ese and other noems of their 

(ine Angler ■ U.orious John ) who could not have beer more in earnest, had he sung of men 




Catalogiu of Books on AngUiig 

•ntt itnMti ■ who drui)** him*«lf in hit ilngliiK rob«» on lh« v«r)r Ihrwhold of hit lh«in«, M by 
•n Mturad VoMllon, Md only dolT* lh«m wllh hli ulllmat« Una : 
' And now w« •!* wrl»*<1 •! ih* l*»«. 

In wItMd hurtiour whare mr rntan« to rtil j 
And make an end of thli our journay pwit ; 

Hare than In quiet roade I dunk It bait 
W« ttrika our Mtlei and stadfatt Anchor CMl, 
For now Iha tunna low tattath tn the waal.' 

" And 'In qu!*t ro«««,' la tha fre>r old altia of Pucklr. hurch. (ha po« ilaapi hii »laap. not 
too far distant from hU balovad Hojd, that with ' crooked winding way, pait clUT and meadow. 
' Its mother Avon runneth loft to teek.' ' Bit. pin. 

D., J. The Secrets of Angling. By J(ohn| DfennysJ Esquire, 1613. A re. 
print with introduction by Thomas WcntwooJ. London, Satchell, 1883. 
ColUtlon : pp. &i. Small 4°, half roiburgha, gilt top. uncut. 

D.. J. 


The Secrets of Angling. 

■ voli.. 1<S°. vellum 
' Tha edition it llmite 

Edited by " Piscator." Edinburgh, 

nibllolhaca CurloM," prirauljr printed. 

raper, uncut Oii« of the ,, 

to •75 copies on tiaall papei and 7S <>■> ■■''8* papcr. 

Dabry d« Thierfant (Pierre). La pisciculture et la p«che en Chine. . . . 
Ouvrage accompagn6 de 51 planches rapr^ntant K . principaux instnunentt 
de pisciculture et engins de p<che employes par les Chinois . . . pr6c<d6 
d'une introduction sur la pisciculture chex les divers peuples par . . . J. L. 
Soubeiran. Paris, 187a, 

CoUadon : pp. llHK-195. Imparial 4". half crlmaon. levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edgea, 
by Tout. 

Dagley, R. Death's Doings : consisting of numerous original compositions 
in verse and prose, the contributions of various writers, intended as illustra- 
tions of 30 copperplates, designed and etched by R. D. Second edition 
with additions. London, Andrews, i8a7. 

r half brown calf. "Tha Angler.' by Mm. Hamani. " Death and Uw Angler." by Rar. 
H. Stebblng. and " Waltonlan Remlnlwencai." by S. Maunder. 

Dagley, Richard. Death's Doings : consisting of pp. 391-423 only, con- 
aaning"Thc Angler," by Mrs. Hcmans; "Death and the Angler," by Rev. 
H. StebWng; " Waltonian Reminiscences," by S. Maunder. 

Plate •«>. faU aprinkled calf, gilt b«)k, by W. Prmtt. '* The entire work ferma ^fOTf •««'«• 
coMUttaf of numiroui origlnai SompoaltWi In verae and proae. the friendly coytribudona of 
«rioIw i^ritewTpriiiclp-Uy Intendid aa lUiutntliou of thirty oopperpUtaa daalgoad and 
etched by R. Dagley." Advocatet Lib. cat. 

-—— II 'i8ii> 

Catalogue oj Books on y^ngling 


ItC. Ixaak Walton: a drama in four parta. Moonlight — Sunri«; — 
Kcon — &nd Sanisc;. London, Chapman and Hall, 1839. 

ColUllon : pp. vt-^a. Ill 
erImMfi calf, ^|| li«ck, by t,j«mbt«r. 

•iraiad wtib rm i^ohlsg by Pierce Kgaii ih« younKcr. 
, ,..„ ,-^ , , ambWr. 'PwftinBajlat the Royal ()lv..,,.l. fheairi-, Ihe fwlf 

Inal MS !• tn Ihc Uenl»-io colleclkiii. " /Mkfit. From I'homat Wraiwood i collecUoa, mm 

P Wfftw m lX the Koyal (Jljrn.plr ( healrr. 
rom I" 
T. WeMwooa, r»6i." on fly tea/. 

laP, half 
1'ha rwti 

ht» book-plate and aalugrapb, 

Danlsl. Rev. \ illlam B. Rural Sjnjrts. I^ndon, Longman, tSis. 

Platci, »ofne foUlInt- 3 voU., r*, half ^rren nrorro, gilt back, glU lop, uncut. Reprint 
of the edition of Ifcx, «hlch wm contlderalily eiiurgeU r^ver prevlou» edition*. " |l likewlM 
conlaini addlilona: nlalet and proofn of all ihr larger sublevli, wh 

vhlch were originally taken off 

for leparaic iaie. Some copl«» have the plates coloured. Bit /ue. " Rev. W. Barker Dan- 
JB" died Aug^ i«th. iIm, In hii liM year, wUhln the rules of the KIng'a Bench priion, whara ha 
had resided for ihAJailaoyeart." Viw SforHnf Mof. 

Daniel. Rev. William B. Another copy. 
Vol a only. Half green morocco, gilt back. 

Daniel. Rev. William B. Supplement to the Rurai Sports. London, 1813. 

Collation t pp. xiv-(o^-ulv. Plates. 8°. half roan, urn 
flshlnv and an account of ihr rivers of Great llrlialn It 
Sir HT Kllls's list of works n angling, and altogeihci . 
BU. fitt. 

' Coatains anecdotes of flsh and 
(luces, without acknowledgment. 
rs over-much of book-making. 

Daahwood, Richard Lewli. Chiploquorgan ; or Life by the Comp Fire in 
Dominion of Canada and Newfoundland. Dublin, Vhite, 1871. 

Collajioii: pp. Iil-a93. ?••««»• Square ia°. cloth, uncut. " Contains many accounts of ftsh- 
jng In the Neplslquil, Rettigoucbe, and other rivers. ' ' Bik. pise. Autograph note of the auithor 

Davies, O. Chrlitopher. Fishing ; a comprehensive hand-book of the art, 
including sea fishing, with numerous illustrations. London, Dean and Son, 

CoUailon: pp. «^. itfl, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. with original 
papar cover* bound In. " One of a series entitled ' The Champion Handbooks.' ' Bit. pit. 

Davies, 0. Christopher. Mounuin, Meadow, and Mere. A series of out- 
door sketches of sport, scenery, adventures, and natural history, with illustra- 
tions by B. W. Harcourt. London, King, 1873. 

Collation : pp. vlli-aa6. Plates. is°, half brown morocco, jgiit back, gilt top, by Zaebns- 
Many of these sketches originally appeared in the ' ' FleltT' and other periodicals. " ~ ' 



Davies, 0. Christopher. Second edition. London, King, 1874. 

Plata*. ia°, half brown morocco, gilt twek, gilt top, uncut. 





7I Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling 

DaviM. a. Chrlttopfi«r. Angling Idyltn. London. Chapman and HaU, 

Collation : pp. Iv-«a4. I", half gracn morocco flit back, gilt top, uncut. 

DaviM. O. Chrlatoph«r. Another copy. 

lUlf blua morocco, till bwsk. gilt top. by ZMhnsdorf. 

JaviM. O. ChrUtophar. Norfolk Broadt and Rivm; or, The water waya, 
lagonna, and dccoya of Eait Anglia. Edinburgh, Bla« kwood, 1883. 

Collation pp. it-mfi PIuIm. •", cloth, uncut. " Some of tha chaplar* In iha book origin- 
ally app«arml In • lUackwrnKl'. Magailna, while part ol Iha chapUr on • Wh«rrt»«,_' A cnia^da 
againgi poathlng,' and ' I'lkf-ftibinH m jurdari,' appeared In the ' Field. • Roriilaiid Broad In Iha 
•Ocnllaman* MagBiine,' ■ Triltoni decoy ' In the 'Art Journal, and 'On the Upper Vara In 
the ' Katt Anglian llandhook.' " Pts/m. 

Davlcj. Q. Chrlstophar. Peter Pcnnilesa, Gamekeeper and Gentleman. 

London, Wame (n. d.). 

Collation . pp. Il^^6a. lllu»tratlon». la-'. cloth. Contain* arilelet on pike, eel, and tr««- 
flihlng. and on matteri of angling Iniereat. 

Davicf, a. ChrUtopher. See Fisher, P. The Angler's Souvenir. Kd. by 
G. C. D., 1877. 

Davlea, 0. ChrUtopher. See Walton, L, and Cotton, C. The Complete 
Angler — with notes by G, C. D., 1878. 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Consolations in Travel ; or. The last days of a phi- 
losopher. London, Smith, 1840. 
Collation : pp. xi-aSS. Plate*. 8°, bound with Salmonia, 183a. 

Davy. Sir Humphrey. Another edition. Boston, Roberts, 1870. 

Collation : pp. vill-497. Illttstratloni. \fP, cloth. 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Salmonia ; or, Days of fly-fishing, in a series of con- 
versations, with some account of the habits of fishes belonging to the genua 
Salmi. By an Angler. London, Munay, 1828. 

Collation • pp. »lii-a73 Original edition. Portrait and iUuttratlona. laP, half crinMon caif. 
«VIIU«in FarrelFa copy, with hU MSS. memoranda on margin* of the leave*. 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Second edition, with six engraved views. London, 
Murray, 1839. 
Collation : pp. xili-ll-33S. i«°. half gfwn morocco, gUt back, gilt top, by Za^iudort 

i Htm 


■i ,...>■■? ^^-w. 


ind H»U, 

ater wny*, 

book orlftn- 
' ' A cruuMla 
p«>r Y«r« ' In 

rs of a phi- 

ries of con- 
the genus 










l^|28 |2.5 

|50 "^^ !■■ 

U£ 1^ III 2.2 

t ■- IIM 



mil 1 fl 


1.4 1.6 












WEBSTISR.N.Y. 14580 










Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 



M ii w i ? i r i iCi i r i iiiwi j 

Catalogue of Books on //ngling 79 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, g<lt top. 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Third edition. London, 1832. 

Collation : pp. xi-ao5. Illuitrationi. 16°, half brown calf. 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Another edition. London, 1840. 

Illustrations. 8°, full green calf, gilt back. Bound with Coniolations in Travel, 1840. 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Fourth edition. London, 1851. 

j^Collation : pp. xvi-sos. Illustrations. i6°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Alfred 

Davy, Sir Humphrey. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " The Ust named edition was enlarged by Dr. lohn 
Uavy, brother of tne autlior. Some woodcuts are substituted for the engraved views! • Salmo- 
nia ranks high in the scale of angling literature — higher we should say.— (if it were not for the 
audacity of the dictum) than it really merits. It lacks the freshness of heart and simple „^eti 
^ style that we look for first of all, in a genuine Angling book. The first and second editions 
were anonymous. The illustrations were from the author's own drawings. Sir Humphrey Da»v 
was bom at Penzance, 1778, and died i8ao. ' Salmonia' was revieweifby Sir Walter s'cott in 
the 'Quarterly Review,' 18918. p. 503." Bit. pise. 

Davy, John. The Angler and His Friend ; or. Piscatory colloquies and fish- 
ing excursions. London, Longman, 1855. 
Collation : pp. viii-306. Illustrations. 16°, half blue morocco, gilt top, by Kaufmann. 

Davy, John. The Angler in the Lake District; or, Piscatory colloquies and 
fishing excursions in Westmoreland and Cumberland. London, Longman, 
Collation : pp. viii-3sa. 16°, bMf blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncut, by Kaufmann. 

Dawson, Qeorge. The Pleasures of Angling with Rod and Reel for Trout 
and Salmon. New York, Sheldon, 1876. 

CoIUtion : pp. xv-afi*. Plates. la", half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Alfred Mat- 

Dawson, Qeorge. Another copy. Cloth. 

" Sketches reprinted mostly from the • Albany Evening Journal.' 

Bit. pise. 

Dax, Le Viscomte Louis de. Souvenirs de mes chasses et peches dans le 
midi de la France. Paris, Castel, 1858. 

Collation : pp. vili-ao*. la". half blue morocco, gilt bock, gilt top, by Zoehnsdorf. 

i: i 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Day, Francis. British and Irish Salmonidae. London, Williams, 1887. 

Collation : pp. viil-999. Platei. Royal 8°, cloth, uncut. 
Days In Clover. By the Amateur Angler. London, Sampson Low, 1892. 

Collation: pp. viii-iao. Illustrations. 16P. vellum, paper uncut. Large paper, «>"« hun- 
dred and fifty For Great Britain, and one hundred for America. This is No. iia. Signed 

"E. M." 

Death's Doings. See Dagley, Richard. 

De la Marre. See Duharael du Monceau, H. S. Traite general des pesches, 
I 769- . 

Delices. Les delices de la campagne, on les ruses de la chasse et de la 
pesche, ou I'on voit comment on prend toutes sortes d'oisseaux et de Mtes 

k quatre pieds Avec les plus beaux secrets de la pfiche; et la maniere de 

faire les rets et les filets. Troisiime Edition. . . . Le tout accompagn^ de fig- 
ures. Amsterdam, George Gallet, 1700. 

Collation: PP- J^^^.f • ^'»» ''P^';''l«''.=^LP'i^?5''„^,L^-,S, 

Lo-uis-Liger (SSnJ^^^s -S^^'^erS: Ucrf fgnOn^ev^ra.' u^au;hor,£^rS£f 
ZmX aFl^ehavt stated p. 134, the first book of • Les Ru&es is reproduced without alteraUon. 
RSe"copies Sf Se ilPusJ^Uon! appear in all Ligers editions, and ">»»'"«he reprint, of 
Amsterdam and Lyons. The first edfifon has become very rare, and is. on the whole, the most 
in"resUnTcSS?ribution made by France tc the literature of angling." B^. fisc. 

Delices. Quatriime Edition augmentee, 1732. 

Collation : pp. 430. Plates, a vols. ia°. full calf, gilt backs, gilt edges. 

Dempster, Henry. The Decked-welled Fishing Boat and Fisheries and 
Fish-Market Reform; being dialogues on these important subjects, with full 
information on the oyster question. Glasgow, 1868. 
CollaUon: pp. 138. Illustrations. 16°. half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. 

Denison. Alfred. A literal translation into English of the earliest known 
book on fowling and fishing, written originally in Flemish and pnnted at Ant- 
werp in the year 1492. Privately printed for Alfred Demson. London, 

one of the oldest Remish tracU. Bit. fisc. 

8, 1887. 

Low, 189a. 

«p«r, one hun- 
>. iia. Signed 

des pesches, 

asse et de la 
I et de Mtes 
la maniere de 
pagn^ de fig> 

Upon this work 
;d (?) editions of 
lihont alieration. 
1 the reprints of 
whole, the most 

Fisheries and 
jects, with full 

>, by Zaehnsdorf. 

larliest known 
irinted at Ant- 
}n. London, 

I last with the de- 

oncient woodcuts 

town Angler from 

A translation of 



Catalogue of Books on /Inglinf: 


Dennys, John. See D. J. Secrets of Angling. 181 1. 
Description of the River Thames. See Hunnell, R. 
Description. A True and Exact Description. See Campbell, John. 
D'Ewes, J. Sporting in Both Hemispheres. London, Routledge, 1858 

I, by ZaehnL 

! a descendant of 

..^ - , - -^r - .r^- wO, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

'Contains thrt« chapters on trout and other fishing. The author is said to be 1 

Collation: pp. xv-398. Plates 
' Contains thrte chapters o 
Charles Cotton . ' ' Bit. pitc 

Dewliurst, Henry William. The Natural History of the Order Cetacea 
and the Oceanic Inhabitants of the Arctic Regions. London, Dewhurst, 

ba^k"Sl??o »''''■ "*'^*' **'*'** *""* iUustrations In the text. 8°, half green morocco, gilt 
Deyeux, Th. Le vieux ..f ;heur. Paris, Houdaille, 1837. 

Collation: pp. 183. 16°, full green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. Contains 34 illus- 
trations used m ■> Pesson Malsonneuve." Bib. pise. or ~i 

Dialosrues. Three Dialogues on the Amusements of Clergymen. See Framp- 

Dialogues, The, ol Creatures Moralised : appiiable and edifying to every 
merry and jocund matter, and right profitable to the governance of men. 
Edited by Joseph Haslewood. London, R. Triphook, 1816. 

Title-page within a woodcut border and numerous illustrations In the text. 4°, full crimped 
olive morocco, gilt back, gilt edges. " All particulars of the author, and of the origin of the 
work, have hitherto escaped research." Extract from preface. "Of peculiar interest to the ang- 
ling bibliopolist, as it contains among other woodcuts the earliest known illustration in a prir.ted 
book of an angler using a float ; this is prefixed to the 44th dialogue." Very rare. " Beyond 
those demandable by the Universities, only ninety-eight copies printed." Jos. Haslewood. 

Diary. The Diary of our trip. See Holberton, William. 

Dick, (St. John). Flies and Fly-fishing for white and brown trout, grayling 
and coarse fish: with hints oh using the minnow and grasshopper bait. Lon- 
don, Hardwicke, 1873. 
Collation : pp. vill-ts4. Illustrations. la", half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Dick, (St. John). Another copy. 
Half green morocco, gilt back. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Dlctionarium Rusticum, Urbanicum et Botanicum: or a dictionary of hus- 
bandry, and all sorts of country affairs. Second edition revised and improved. 
London, 1717 

ColUtion : A-Cccc In elghtn. Illustrated. 8°, calf, rebwked, red edjei. " Chap, iv : ' The 
gentleman* recreation, or the arts of hawking, fowling, cock-fighting, fishing, tie. Btt. pM. 


Dictionnaire th^orique et pratique de chasse et de 

peche. Paris, Musier, 1769. 

a vols 16° full sprinkled calf, gilt backs, by W. Pratt "An anonvmoui work, attributed 
to Ue'iriedesliles, and derived (Sr the most jpart from the ancient authors, with an Improved 
lyitem of Ichthyology, borrowed from liuffon. 

DIpple, Edwin. The Angler's Manual. London, E. Dipplc [n. d.]. 
Collation : pp. 16. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Disciple. Disciple of Isaac Walton. Fieud. See Resources. 

Discourse. Discourse of Fish and Fish-ponds. See North, Hon. Roger. 

Dixon, John. Improvement of the Fisheries ; or, A plan for procuring 
abundant never-failing supplies of provisions for the inhabitants of the three 
kingdoms, etc. London: printed by R. Balfc, 1800. 

of Grilse and Salmon * by AndiewYoung, alio " On the Growth and MlgraHons of the Sea- 
trout of the Solway. ' ' by John Shaw. 

Dobson. William. Rambles by the Ribble. First series, second edition. 
Preston-Dobson, 1864. 

ia°, paper. 

Doubleday, Thomas. See Coquet-dale and North Country. 

Dougall, James Dalziel. Scottish Field-sports : a volume of mingled gossip 
and instruction. Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, 1861. 

Collation: pp. viil-939. lUuatrations. i6°.cloth. "Aeries of paoewoiirinallycontribot^ 
to the Glasgow 'Heraia* in 1858." Bii.fiu. From the Ubrary of Joseph Crawhall. with hta 

Dove. The River Dove. See A. J. S. 


a rt titfH r'^t'>a>'*T"»Ma^-'*'''i fi 1 l»nni lii li* i W''ii'.fi< i i i r 

■ Mt I ) i iiii « n « a> tW i 1 1 ii -i i i i ii i i I g n . . r 

. illi i i l. i HH I > l »^'" i ff"r'J I ' " ii 

ary or hus- 
i improved. 

i«p. Iv. : ' The 
r.'^' Bit./itt. 

:has8e et de 

ork, attributed 
1 an Improved 


3. Roger. 

r procuring 
of the three 

Zopy of a tetter 
>, fitting on the 
On the Growth 
ons of the Sea- 

ond edition. 

ingled gossip 



awhall, with his 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Dove Dnl«. An Amateur Angler's Days in Dove Dale ; or, How I spent my 
three weeks' holiday. London, Low, 1884. 

Collation : pp. vt)|-8«, Plate on India paper. 16°, vellum paper, unout. 

Dryden, Adam. Hints to Anglera. Illustrated with 5 maps. Edinburgh, 
Black, 1863. 

CoUatloij : pp, lii-40. 16°. half blue morocco. From Thomaa Westwood'i collection, with 
hi» book-plate and monogram. Autograph letter of Dryden inserted. «:o"eciion. wiin 

Du Bartas. Qulllaume de Saluste. Du Bartas, His Divine Weekes and 
Workes. Translated by Joshua Sylvester. London, H. Lownes, 1605. 

CollaUon : pp. V-71S-XX. Small 4°, sprinkled calf, gilt back and edges, by W. Pratt. Lacks 
.«V.?^n^ K 'i''f ^'c F°"'«'»» " Frogments and other small works of Du Bartas, with other 
tranjialions by Joshua S^ylvester, whchliave separate titles. " If Piscator l«; Walfonian, in the 
enthusiastic sense, he will not fail to include the alwve in his collection. Joshua Sylveiter "n 
his time, w" called the ' silver-tongued,' but his fame has a little faded with the years. The fifth 
r„ L. n^*.iJ^I'J"„'f "Ef l* * *"!" T'^"* ' "L?}" ^"'^ '■*'=°"'» •»'« creation of sea and river fish, 
Lni ?«- . te .^*''''''' •'S""'' someoddit e.-the ' Whirl-about,' for instance, the • Physeter.* 
and toe ' ame!I-strong-many-foot. Bit.fise. 

Duhamel du Monceau (H. L.) et de la Marre. Traits g^n^ral des pesches 
et histoirc des poissons qu' elles foumissent, tant pour la subsistance des 
hommes, que pour plusieurs autres usages qui ont rapport aux arts et au com- 
merce. Paris, Saillant & Nyon, 1769-73. 

.K^«°i*J" ^ *°"°- , O'**'"*' mottled calf, red edges. '• One of the finest works on fishing and 
the fisheries in any language. The plates number ajo. It was Incorporated in the ' Collation 
des arts et metiers, and has been much printed." Bib.fitc. 

Duncombe, Rev. John. See Vaniere, J. Fishing. 1809. 

Dykes, Thomas. " Rockwood." All round sport with fish, fur, and feather. 
London, Fores, 1887. 
Collation : pp. Ix-aoa. Illustrations. 8°, cloth, gilt edges. 

Dyson, Arthur. Dyson's edition, one penny. The Boys' Own Illustrated 
Handbook of Angling. Embellished by fourteen engravings. London, 
Dyson [n. d.]. 

Collation : pp. x6. xfP, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

E. M. E. Random CasU; or, Odds and Ends from an Angler's Note Book. 
New York, Derby, 1878. 
16°, paper. 


i< maim 






Catalogue of Books on ^nglitiff 

Edinburgh. Songs of the Edinburgh Angling Club. With illustratioM 
drawn and engraved by members of the Club. Edinburgh : privately pnnted 
for members of the Club. (858. 

Collalion pp. xv-88. 8", full grwn morocco, glU back, gill tldei .nd •d«ei."T"'l» •"'•«; 
live »o[um« h« a ..cond engr.v/d title .nd fifteen vl^ette. on .teel. wme of^wMch .re^.dmt- 
ruble enaruved bv William Korreit, from drawing* by ( 
rest, A. Pe.-lgal and D. Slmwn. Whi1« admittmir the mer 

■e,t, from orawmg. ny v;eorffe Simwn. R Gaunter. VV^tor. 
While admitting the merit* of these comiHjsltlon* a» long* (e«- 
ippreclating thefr homely, hearty humour, it niuit be Mid of 
'Vr": " . .» ^ ._. kT-. .1^ n^.i^nM. 1 hey are, indeed. 


to WeiJJIoJd Inierted, Vu end of volume are «,me new.paper clipping., one of which con- 
tain! on additional tong. 

Edinburgh. New edition, with additions. Edinburgh for the memben. 

Collation : pp. xxl-176. 1°, full polUhed calf. glU back, gilt top. uncut, asocoplei printed, 
of which thU It No. tyf. 

Edinburgh. See Catalogues. Edinburgh International Fisheries Exhibi- 
Edwards, Thomas. Recollections (no titl«). Edinburgh, Douglas, 1883. 

iketch of Edwards. 

Edwarda, Thomas. See Catalogues. Edwards, T. 
Egan. Pierce. Sporting Anecdotes; original and selected. London, Sher- 
wood, i8ao. 

Collation : pp. viil-497. Plate.. ia°. half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnidorf. 

Egan. Pierce. Another edition. New York, Johnstone and Van Norden, 


Collation: pp. ate. pp. 274. Plates, a vols.. i«P. half red morocco, gilt gilt top. by 

Egan. Pierce. Pierce Egan's Book of Sports, and Mirror of Life; embrac- 
ing the turf, the chase, the ring, and the stage, interspersed with origmal me- 
moirs of sporting men, eU. London, Tegg ; Glasgow, Gnffin, 183a. 

/-^notion • no Iv-^iA. 8° half green calf, gilt back. [" Published, with numerous 

ler, a Hunter and 
month,' March-J 
anglers,' borrowed 



■« > Mhl.'»*i« »<".' a H t Wi* > ti l li l I " 

tely printed 

" Till* •eir»c- 
hlcli «re •dml- 
anter, VV. For- 
I) as ionfrs (••- 
ust lie said of 
ey arc, indeed, 
a than intplred 
I, and ThomM 
aaell addreaaed 

of which con- 

e members. 

coplei printed, 

iries Exhibi- 
glas, 1 88 a. 

Contalna " Tti* 
er containing • 

ondon, Sher* 

y Zaehnadorf. 

^Tan Norden, 
uk, gilt top. by 

Ak; embrac- 
1 original me- 

tmerous illuttra- 
e worlc is neither 
letween u> Ang- 
I sport! for each 
Op; 'Hints for 

— — -JJCT 


Catjlogue of Books on /Angling 


Bllacombe, Rev. H. N. Shaketpeare as an Angler. London, Stock, 1883. 

. ^l'i"*L ""^^ PP* ??• '*'*••• ""> *"""«« P«P«r. An inierasiing reprint of two papers written 
in 188 1 hy Canon EllacomtMi for " The Antiquary." 

Elliott, Henry. The Complete Angler; showing how to take the best kind 
of fish ; to which is added a guide to bottom fishing and a correct list of 
rivers, canals, and ponds (in the vicinity of London) where fish are to be 
found ; also the proper tackle and bait re<iuircd, the laws of angling, hints to 
anglers, etc. London, Elliott, 1 856. 

Collation : pp. aS. Rate. la", half green culf. gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnadorf. with orig- 
inal paper covers bound In. " A six-penny hnxkurt termed ' Elliots complete angler' on the 
cover. Bit.fut. Published also with "Carter's Complete Angler" on cover. 

Elliott, Henry. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gill back, gilt lop, by Zaehnsdcrf, with original paper cover bound in. 

Elliott, Hon. William. Carolina Sports by Land and Water, including in- 
cidenU of devil-fishing, wildcat, deer, and bear hunting, ele. 
Collation : pp. agg. Illustrations. ia°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Elliott, Hon. William. Another copy. Cloth. 

Elliott, Hon. William. Another edition. London, Bentley, 1867. 

Collation : pp. 099. Illustrations. 19°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaebnsdorf. 

Ellis, Sir Henry. See Catalogues. Ellis, Sir H. 

Ellis, 5ir Henry. See Walton, I. The Complete Angler. 1815. 

England. A Collection of Advertisements, Advices and Directions relating 

to the Royal Fishery within the British seas, etc. : transcribed out of divers 

English writers, observators, and other experimentors of and in the said 

fishery trade, and by approbation and allowance of the Company of the 

Royal Fishery of England. London, J. Whitlock, 1695. 

CoUadon : pp. 71. Small 4°, lull sprinkled calf, gilt back, by W. Pratt. " Reprinted in ' The 
8omcrilracte,'i75i. Vol. xi. pp. 309-363, i8o»-i5. Vol. xif. pp. 33-73." 

English. The English Art of Angling. 

(No title), p. 5-3B. i6^ full calf. Contains Robert Nobbs' "CompleatTroUer." 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Bph«mera, pseud, (i. e. Edward FiUgiblOTn.) A handbook of anglings 
teaching fly fishing, trolling, l)Ottom fishing, and salmon-fishing; with th« 
natural history ot river fish, and the best modes of catching them. By 
Ephemera, of" Bell's Life in London." London, Longman, 1847. 

Colkilon : pp. «ll-36j. IUu..r.tlont and liii«r««l frontlipltc.. 16°. h.lf r"" morocco, gilt 
back, gilt top. by Zaahnidorf. 

Ephemera. /i/M/. (1. /. Edward Fitzgibbon-l Second edition. Improved 
and extended. 1848. 

lllu»tr»tlon. 16", h«lf green morocco, gill btck. gilt top, by Zwhns. 

CollMion : pp. 111-961. 

Ephemera, pseud. [1. e 
and improved. 1853. 

pp. vlll-jia. Illuitrktloni 

Edward Fitagibbon.J Third edition. Corrected 

Collation ; 

16°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by 
Ephemera, /;/«</. [1. ^. Edward Fiugibbon.] Fourth edition. 1865. 

Collation PP vlll-3ia. Illustration. 16°, half green morocco, gill back, gilt lop. "One of 
the lleVt m.n«it of modem time.. _The chapter, on fly-fi.hing are unusually clear and com- 

Book of the Salmon ; 

prehen»lve. -t. W." We»twood'. Catalogue. 

Ephemera, pseud, [i. e. Edward Fitzgibbon.] 
in two Darts. Part L The theory and principles of fly-fishing for salmon, 
V ..... ^ — :.. p^rt II. The 

_ ^_ Part I 

with lists of salmon flies for every good river in the Empire, 
natural history of the salmon, all its known habits described, and the best way 
of artificially breeding if explained. Usefully illustrated with numerous col- 
oured engravings ofsalmon flies and salmon fry. By Ephemera, . . . assisted 
by Andrew Young, of Invcrshin, manager of the Duke of Sutherland's salmon 
fisheries. London, Longman, 1850. 

CoUatlon- PP xvi~443. Coloured plate., ity. half green calf, gilt back. ^ These two worki 
a« hliwy i.t«;f^er*The chapter, on fly-making in the former are unuiually clear and com- 
prehentible." Bit. fist. 

Ephemtrm, pseitd. (1. *. Edward FiUgibbon.] See Walton, L The Com- 
plete Angler. 1853, '54, 'S9. '8»- 

Epicure. The Innocent Epicure : or. The Art of Angling. A poem. [Pre- 
ceded by a paraphrase on Epist. 10. lib. i. of Horace, in verses addressed 
" From J. S. to C. S."] 

•• Tytire am*, rivos, rivoi tibi, Tytire, dicam." — X«f' 
" Si quid novistl rectiui i.ti., 
Candidal imptrti, si non, his utere mecam. —Jffr. 

aSiii'^iiiiii il i fti i r'''-^-^^'^' ' ■'•^'"'*'- 


Catjlof(ue of Books on Angling 


of angling: 

g; with the 

them. By 

[i morocco, gilt 


op, by Zsahnt- 

k, xilt top, by 


Hop. " One of 
' clear and com- 

the Salmon : 
I for salmon, 
art II. The 

the best way 
lumerous col- 
, . . assisted 
and's salmon 

rhese two worka 
y clear and com- 

. The Com- 

poem. [Pre- 
ses addressed 

London : printed for S. Crouch, H. Flayford «n<l W. Hrown, against the 
Royal Exchange, Comhill ; in the remple Ex» !iangc. Meet Street, and in 
Black Horse Alley, near Fleet Bridge, 1697. 
CiOlailon : pp, ivI-A^. 16", full iprlnkltd calf, glli back, by W. I'rati, 

Epicure. The Innocent Epicure: or, The Art of Angling. A poem, 

The second edition. London : printed by H. Mccre, for R. Gosling, at the 
Mitre and Crown, against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street. 1713. 

ColUtlon : pp. vllM;. ia°, fiill pollthed calf, gill bw:k. fill top. by RIvlart. 

Epitome. An epitomp of the whole art of fishing, wherein are shown, at one 
view, the harbours, seasons and depths for catching all sorts of fish usually 
angled for; also, the various baits for each, so digested as to contnin the es- 
sence of all the treatises ever written on the subject. By an old angler. 
London, Brown [n. d.]. 

Broadside folded, and bound 4° ilic, half green calf, (lit back, gilt top. Appeari lo be a 
tacklemaker'i advertisement, by W. H. AUted. Itiued In tha form of a folded circular with 
small engraving on the outilde. 

Esdaiie, David. See Contributions to Natural History. 1867, 

Esaay. An Essay on Angling, by a member of the Worcester Anglers' So- 
ciety. Worcester " Guardian " office. 1840. 

Collation: pp. iil-vi-44. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. "Signed "Frater," 
and dated from the ' London-road, Worcester.' The writer was Mr. William Oeorce. now 
editor of the Worcester • Herald,' " Bit, pitt. * 

Estienne, Charies. Maison Rustique, or the countrie farme. Com- 
piled in the French tongue by Charles Stiiens and John Liebault, Doctors of 
Physicke, and translated into English by Richard Svrfleet, practitioner in 
physicke. Also a short collection of the hunting of the hart, wilde bore, hare, 
fox, gray, conie; of birds and faulconrir. . . . Printed at London. Hatfield, 

Collation : pp. xxx-90 and table. Illustrations. Small 4° original, calf, re-backed, red edges. 
['• Book Iv. chap. xl. ' The pool, fish-pond and ditch for fish. Of the manner of making stewes 
and poolea for fishes. ' Chap. xil. ' What manner of wild flesh Is to be provided for thelnraish- 
ing of the fisb-poole.' Chap. xiii. ' Of the sortes of fishes wherewith pooles, ponds and ditches 
are to be furnished.' Chap xiv. ' That fish-pooles must be looked vnto, and the sides thereof 
repaired.' Chap. xv. 'Of the feeding of fishes in their pooles. ponds and ditches.' Chap. xvi. 
' The flshingof all sorts of Ashes. ' 

" Charles Estienne or Stevens was a member of the celebrated family of Paris printers and 
icholan of that name, and was himself a printer and physician. This work appears to have 
been published after he had ceased to print. The treatises, of which it Is composed, were 





CataloKue of Rooks on AttKling 

ortfftnAlly wrl.i«n In l,«lln And coll««l.d uiidw «h. llilt. /W.««i f«'«'»" , ^\* ,•""'?' J!^.h- 
»ifd. irin.U.«cl ih«.n inro Kr.nth un<l»r th« ml. gW.n «b..». John 1>I>«'". ''J •>»•"" h« 

ruih" r ..< • W ■ ,Uv» •! Kdg.w...Kl. to Inifxluc. • lo ih. Europ««B public wm. or ih« "JH'*'!**' Ih.T(r»««dlllonor«h.A'n*l«««niirtr«#il.l.uf«w, 1554 * \ M.ftM. 

ettlngMli. Thom«*. The Cnen B»nk: or, An Hour'i Amuiemcnu for the 
Young Angler. ITiird edition. Dublin ; printed by J*me«Chftrltf», 1858. ((is-) 

ColUilon; pp. !•. 1.". h.lf fr«.n c«ir .111 b-ck. flit «,«P_»i'' i"*'"*^'*- "^ '*'*'^ 
Irrfttltfl on ih« ipori, including an itcalUnt llM of ln»h flla*. »M. fu*. 

BttinKMll, Thomas. See Greendrake Angling Kxcuriioni, with addition!, 

by Geoffrey Greydrake. (1. /. T. E.) 183J. 
Bvant. W. The Art of Angling: or, Complete Fly-fi«hcr, deicribing the 

different kinds of fi«h, their hauntt, . . . alto, observations on the breeding 

of carp, and the regulation of pools and jwnds . . . New edition, revised 

and corrected. Uxbridge, Lake, i8jo. 

• Art of Angling.' m\^\ few*yert.*l eh»ngei and w^me tr»ntpo»llTon». The f.ondon Imu*. wllh 

ColU.lon : pp. .ll-<>5 ft.!., it", cloth C" Another r»M of tn.Umpi»cho.l.iBowlk«^^ 
• Art of Angling.' with • few verb*! eh»ngei and »ome trantno»ltlon». The I^ 
out d«le. i» the edlllon of iSao with a new title page.' ] H»* /*»«• 

Bvans, W. Another copy. Cloth. 

Contain, book-plate, and autograph on fly-leaf of " W. K. HewUlne. Ouy'. Hoipltal. 1I31." 
A famous collector. 

Evanv, W. Another copy. London. Richardson, Uxbridge, (printed) 
[n.d.]. (G8.) 

Collation : pp. xll-9S- "°. •>•»" <:••'• «'" *»ack. 

Experiments. New and Excellent Experiments and Secrett in the Art of 

Angling : being directions for the whole art. No title. 1766. (G 9.) 

Pu iOT-n6onlT. llluiiratkwi. ir*. half brown calf. " ThU lithe angUijB part of the • Ac- 
compU.1h^ L^/i Delphi, but pubtlsiied apart with the iame pagination. (0 10.) ' The new 
and wcelSnt Mperlmenti ' have a wparate tide and frontl.plece of a perpendicular river or 
pond and a male and female angler. ' Bit. piic. 

Eyton, Thomas Campbell. See Caulogues, Eyton, T. C. 

F. Qrevlile of Barnes. \i. t. Grcville, Fennell.] The RaU and the Rod ; or, 

Tourist angler's guide to waters and quarters thirty miles around London. 

London, H. Cox, 1867. 

Collation: pp. vl-70. 19°, halfcgreen calf, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnedorf. Six putt: 
GreatE«"er^'^Railw';y. 1867 . (Irelt W«.em Ri^ilw.y. '•fi/'hlliS Midland a% oS 
South Kttstern Railway, i860; Great Eaitem. London and North Weitera. Midland ana ureat 
Kern HlwaTi rtriTOreat Eattern. Midland. London and North Western and Great 


( luihor aficr- 

IVM,' •■V* Ih* 
f Ih* mvii*rl«t 

ocnti for the 
1858. (Gs) 

'•A rhynMKt 

th additions, 

!Kribing the 
the breeding 
ition, reviicd 

o*lti Bowlkcr'i 
don luua, wl<h« 

Hoipllal. il3<-" 

ge, (printed) 

in the Art of 

' part of the ' Ao- 
I la) -Thentw 
idicuUr rivtr or 

the Rod ; or, 
und London. 

lorf. Six p*rU: 
fi Railway. iM7i 
idland and Great 
mtern and Great 

Catalogue of Hooks on ."lnfiUng 89 

P. ar«vill«of H«rne». (i. / Gicville Fennell.) Port i. Grett Weitem 
Railway. London, Cox, 1867. 
Collation ; pp. vH«. ie= clotii. 

P. H. R. See CambridKc EHMya, 1856. 

Pacti. Fact» and Uicful Hin^s Relating to Fishing and Shooting; being a 
coll..ction of various methodi for capturing binU, beaiti, vermin and fiiih ; 
together with a great variety o( recipe* of all kinds u.tful to the fisherman and 
•portsman, tte. Kditcd by 1. E. B. CfoxJ. London, H. Cox, 1866. 
wVr.wri%f;E hi.' i;5k-pl",r •''""'• •"■ »••"'«' morocco. Kro, .lUction of Thorn- 

FacU. Second edition, enlarged and revised. 1867. 
iMhnft^ ""• ""'•• "'"»««"°"»- •'^ hi' '-d morocco, gilt b«:k. gilt top. uncut, b, 

PacU. Third edition. 1874. 

^ Oillatlon ; pp. »l-.93. MluMratlone. r. half gretn morocco, fill back, gill top. by Zathns- 

Pairfax. Thomas. The Complete Sportsman ; or. Country gentleman's rec- 
reation. Containing the whole arts of breeding and managing game-cocks, 
with the best methods of fighting them -of Angling in all its various branches 
London, J. Cook {eirea 1760). 
Collation : pp. a^o. Plii«, igo. original calf binding. 

Pairfax, Thomas. Another copy. 

P. aje misprinted adj. Half greea roan. 

Pairfax, Thomas. Another edition. 176a. 

CollaUon: pp. ajo. ia°. full iprinkltKl calf, gilt back, yellow edgen. by W. Pratt. 

Pairfax, Thomas. Another edition. 1764, 

Collation: pp.950, is", original calf. 

Pairfax, Thomas. Another copy. 

Full sprinkled calf, gilt back, by W. Pratt. 

Pairfax, Thomas. Another edition. 1795. 

Collation : pp. tv-aoo. Calf. 






Trftiirjiiii'iii'*«n liiiii'iri'iiiii 


Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling 

Fairfax, Thomas. A new edition, revised, corrected, and improved. Lon- 
don : printed for the proprietors, 1795. 
Cullation : pp. Iv-aoa. PUte. .'9°, half calf. 

Fairfax, 1 homas. Another copy. 
Calf. Lacks the plate. 

Famiiy. The Complete Family Piece and Couatry Gentleman and Farm- 
er's Best Guide. In three parts. Part II., containing Chapter II., contains 
rules and directions to be taken and observed in fishing ; with the manner 
of making and preserving of rods, lint.., iloats, artificial flies, etc., and for 
chusing and preserving several sorts of curious baits. Second edition im- 
proved. London, Bettesworth, 1737. 

Collation: pp. xiJ-S96^i. 19°. full spHnkled calf, gilt ba*. ysllow edge., by Tout. SeeaUo 
Gentleman. Country Gentleman'* Best Guide. 

Farmer. See Gentleman. The Gentleman Farmer. 1726. 

Fenneii, Qreviile. See F. The Rail and the Rod. 1867. 

Fieid. The Field Book, or Sports and Pastimes of the British Islands. By 
the author of " Wild Sports of the West." (W. H. Maxwell.) London, Ker- 

Collation: pp. vlii-s63. Vignette, title, plate, and lUustration. in the text. 8°, half brown 
morocco, ^It back, gilt top. uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Fieid. Another edition. London, Tweedie [n. d.]. 

Collation: pp. viii-563. Vignette title, plate and Illustrations in the text. 8°, half brown 
moroccr^it^Mk, ^t top, by Zaehnsdorf. Arranged in Dictionary form. 

Field. Another edition. London, Effingham Wilson, 1833. 
Collation : pp. viii-6x6. lUustratlons. 3°, half calf, gilt back. 

Fi4l». Fish; How Caught, Cooked, and "Cornered," with illustrations 
London, Brook, 1883. 
Collation : pp. 04. 8°, paper. Signed " T. H." 

Fisiier, James. A Spring-day: or, Contemplations on wveral occurrences 
which naturally strike the eye in that delightful season. Edmburgh, 1803. 

f' ^nt^^'ution"'! 1; «ffig. '^'^.^^''^^-'^'•.e^.tt.'^X^i 

md tiM woodcuto by T. Bewick, 'j Sa. pitc. 

Collation: p 
by W. Pratt 

B-, rail ipniuucu vmit, »•«. i™.j-», .^.-j." >«.»—, 

The S859 edition was published at Uverpool 

j^i itt ri i t »i tf "^ta»Mii»^ 


■oved. Lon- 

n and Farm- 
II., contains 

1 the manner 
etc., and for 

i edition im- 

I Tout. Sm alio 

Islands. By 
London, Ker- 

8°, half brown 

8°, half brown 


al occurrences 
burgh, 1803. 

ack, yellow edges, 
thed at Liverpool 

[/. e. W. A. Chatto.] Another edition. London, 

Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling 91 

Fisher, PnuX, pseud, [i. e. W. A. Chatto.] The Angler's Souvenir. By P. 
Fisher, Esq., assisted by several eminent piscatory characters; with illustra- 
tions by Beckwith and Topham. London, Tilt, 1835. 

Colladon : PP- x-iga. Engraved title, plates, and each page surrounded with an enirraved 

fi?,l1mDre"ion lul^'wr "n^^^"' «"' rV »*" l°^U ■ f"'« copie,"]^"ued by Bohn ar"*o? the 
hi. '"'J"*'' ' ^"" "*'^- ^?''" " ""™'' '" P'«^e °^ Tih's on the engraved title pane The book 
e^nr^r n **^'='^.'. P"?' ^"^%'^ "^^'"^ ^"^ "»«1 throughout, and many «at c^nKravlneV^n 
S?£P^L i ,k" *?' u" ^y^'- ^^"i'°- ^l'" contributed to the Newcaitle " GarlanX- m§ wm 
Md sSlculat?o°n.l h". m'?"'"'^. °\ *'>°d-en«aving, • with illustration, by J«S ; '"?•«" 
RTNo^humh^rUnH r.^^V °J P'^y'^-cwds,- and " Scenes and recollMtfons of fly-fishing 

Plsher, Paul /f<rift/. 
Bohn, 1845. 

de^*'"x*a'^fiill''b';:oV^^or^T^7^^^^^^^^^^ ""=" '-^ — unded with an engraved bor- 

Plsher, Paul. The Angler's Souvenir. By P. Fisher. A new edition. 
Edited by G. Christopher Davies. London, Wame & Co., 1S77. 

d»r *'"5l!.«,L''.^o3l*'„ Engraved tiUe-plates. and each pagr surrounded by an engraved bor- 

oSwa^Zon of^Jh^'inSifri" '"uT=°- ?"'>£''• 8'" '°P' "y Z^hnsdorf/ (-■ In thfs ediU^n 
^S JJf..^. J ''" *»'*«}»•' .'»'°r'' *» retfUned, the practical matter having bein omitted m' of 
S^vei artcles'l.Thim*!"; f^"u\''l U^'ditor. ^Angling IdyU,' ha. been inco^wtS a^d 
Sli.Ti.IiniS y him, one of which had appeared in the pages of ' London So^tv The 
page borderings are retained and the (raUier faVed) copperplit«5."J BitfSc. '' 

Plsher. SeeC. H. The Fisher Boy. 

Plsher. Sees. J. The Complete Fisher, or the true art of angling. 1704. 

PIsheries. The British Fisheries Directory, 1883-4. London, S. Low, 1883. 
Collation : pp. xvi-ajB. 13°. cloth. Only published for one year. 

Edited by H. Choi- 

Fisherman. The Fisherman's Magazine and Review 
mondeley Pennell. London, 1864. 

i!:«l''^*{?: PP- rlrtf*- "•«»<«««<«■ Vol. 1, April to Dec. 1864. b-, 

U:SoXr^°Shs^S^:'^^^^ inuslratedwUh-coToKd 

sip.'^'] Bit. pise. 

S'St tor ?:^n, Jn^oS'Sril \^X^}.^^''Si.i^.& Tus^Sl^Klogli 
X:^'bU.^c. '"'* ""^ engravingTseverl of the papers' ^WrintX*^ FisWng'cS^ 

Fisherman. The Complete Fisherman ; or. Universal Angler. Containing 
fuU du-ections for taking all kindsof river-fish— the whole art of fly-fishing— 
likewise a compendious account of the principal sea-fish and general re- 



, ,.m»m0tmmm 

92 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

marks, observations proper to be attended to by all fishermen. London, 
Fielding and Walker [n. d.]- 

Collation pp. xll-^. 1^. half brown morocco. giU b«:k, gilt ««>P;br .Z«h"«f »»i- ''^^ 
first and .Il:onlediti6n arr also undated, but the frontispiece U intcribed 1778. the date of the 
fir»t i»»v.e." Bit.pist. 

FUherman. Another copy. Third edition. London, Fielding and Walker 

Collation : pp. xil-9a. Plate. i*», original calf, rebacked. Bound with Gilbert Brook.! 
complete " British Gardener." 

Fisher... The Fisher's Garland. See North Country. A collection of right 
merrie garlands. 
FIshinff. Fishing. London, J. and R. Maxwell [n. d.]. 

Collation • pp. 3a. ia°. half green calf, gilt back, with original paper coven bound In. No. 
4 of the " British Standard Hand Book." 

Fishlns. Fishing and Hunting. The art and cunning of hunting the hart, 
stag etc. The art of fishing and sundry curious baits, viz., worms, flies, 
pastes etc — and how to procure and keep them for fishing ; how to bring the 
fish to' any part of the pond ; to make worms for baits come out of the ground ; 
the artificial cad-fly ; how to take the fish in the night ; the best time to angle 
in, etc. London, Thomas Bailey, 17*0. 

Collation • pp. 64. 8°. full brown morocco, gilt tooling. Trom the collections of T. Go«len 
and T. WeatW6od7with their respective book-plates. 

Fishing. The Fishing Rod and How to Use It. See Glenfin {pseud). 
Fishins. Fishing; when, where, and how to fish without live bait Lon- 
don, Tweedie, 1862. 

ogniiMd autograph. " T. Westwood. i86«." on fly-leaf. 

faYi\n%. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, 

Fifthlfiff. Of Fishing. See Cox, Nicholas. 

Ftohlng. The RoyaU Fishing Revived. Wherein is demonstrated firoin what 
causes the Dutch have upon the matter engrossed the fishing-trade in H» 

' 1teit S S »«» * ' W*te .i ih ««.ii« il M tt ll irflii» ii < < i' > ^ . ' f>,'<' 




isdorf. "The 
he date of the 

and Walker 
itbert Brooks's 
:tion of right 

bound in. No. 

ing the hart, 
worms, flies, 
t to bring the 
r the ground; 
time to angle 

as of T. Golden 

; bait Lon- 

booK-plate, moo- 

ted from what 
•trade in His 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 95 

Majesty's seas, wherein the principles of all the trades they drive in the world 
are chiefly founded; as also from what causes the English have lost the fish- 
ing-trade, to the endangering the small remainder of the trades they yet enjoy. 
Together with expedients by which the fishing-trade may be redeemed by the 
English, and proposals for carrying on so great a work. London, printed in 
the year 1670. 

vo^.tpp"39S^ " ..^SlToli: •p^!'!SS3^"' Bil^'^?'^ '" "•'""- ^'•''"•"^' ''^' 

Pitzfferald, Francis. Surveys of Nature: exhibiting the principles of natural 
science in various branches. London, Taylor, 1787. 

giu'biSr^itS' ~'"*'"'"« »*" P*" '*'•""« 'o «»h"- "«'«•• Small 4°. half green calf, 

Fltzgibbon, Edward. See Ephemera, pseud., and Walton, L The Com- 
plete Angler. 1853. 

FitZKlbbon, Edward. See Shipley, W. True Treatise on the Art of Fly- 
fishing. 1838. 

Fletcher, Phlneas. Sicelides, a piscatory, as it hath beene acted in King's 
Colledge, in Cambridge. London: printed by J, N. for William Sheares and 
are to be sold at his shoppe, at the great South doore of St. Paul's Church. 

Small 4°, title in facsimile, half calf, red edns. " This niece wu intmriwi >n h. .»*.»i i. 
publ shed anonymously. The poem has littie to do with fishing. ' Pe^ndus,' a fisher takM a 
KSkiplilte "•"^''°"- ^^-^^ ''""" ""«>"•» WestwoodswUe^tion'wi" hit 

Fletcher. Phlneas. The Purple Island, or The Isle of Man : together with 
Piscatorie Eclogs and other poeticall miscellanies. By P. F. Cambridge, 

naSilJ^ ^r^ g«t back, gilt ^des and edges. "The • Ecloes • have separate title and 
pagination. Copies on large paper have a small engraving at the Back of the title and an en- 
graved Pl«te. witii verses wTdressed to Edwaitl BenuTwes, iJ^fore the ' Piscatorie Edog^ The 
Rwk ends with a poem by Quarles. addressed to • My deare Friend, the Spencer of this aie ' 
Quarles also ushers in the • Purple Island ' with a copy'of verses in his usual St and symlSi- 
**• •7''-»rS."*' " '? 'SiceUdes,' though some ofthe interlocutors arrfl3hermen"the"Mer 
meanfiig of the poem is ratiier amorous than piscatorial." Bit fiu •""=™™' '"e mner 

H)iui,..iiii iiii 


m ' " ■ ~-tr» 


94 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Fletcher, Phlneas. Piscatory Eclogues, with other poetical miscellanies. 
By Phinehas Fletcher, Illustrated with notes, critical and explanatory. Ed- 
inburgh, A. Kincaid and W. Creech, 1771. 

8» half brown calf, gilt back. "The note, are by W. Tytler, Lord Woodhou.elee. Ha. 
worth! sale 9a. ; RoKoe'aioa." Bii.piu. 

Fly-flsher and His Library. See Cambridge essays. 
Fly-fishing. Fly-fishing in Salt and Fresh Water; with six plates repre- 
senting artificial flies, etc. London, Van Vorst, 1851. 

yiii-74. 8°, half brown calf, red edge*. From collection of Thoroai Weit- 
ik-plate and autograph, " T. Westwood. x86o, on fly-leaf. 

Iglnal Is In Vol. I of ' Musarum Anglfcananmi' 
Westwood^ Catalogue. ' * Sylvester't i» roon 
om the collection of T. Qotden, with hii bool 

Collation . 
wood, with 4)it 

Ford, Simon. Original Poems and translations, consisting of the Micro- 
scope Piscatio, or AngHng. Translated by the Rev. Tipping Silvester. 
London : printed for J. Wilford. 1733. 

CoUaUon: pp. vtll-«o. 8°, half calf. "Theori 
Analecto.' Oxon 169a. Signed Simon tord. 
an adaptation than a translation. B$t.fise. From 

Forester, Frnnic, pseuJ. See Herbert, H. W. 

Forester (Thomas). Norway in 1848 and 1849, containing rambles among 
the fields and fjords of the central and western districts— with extracts firom 
the journals of M. S. Biddulph. London, Longman, 1850. 

rollfttion- DD xv-483. Map and illustrations. 8°, half broirn morocco, gilt back jfUt top. 
.ncuWzXsdorT^Chap.'lI. Firii market and opinions on the .ea^rpent. Po.t«»ipl: 
On Field Sportt. etc. Appendix : The Sea-wrpent, 

uncut, by Zaebnsdoi 
leld Sportt, etc 

Forester, Thomas. Norway and its scenery, comprising the journal of a 
tour by Edward Price, with considerable additions, and a road-book for tour- 
ists, with hints to anglers and sportsmen. London, Bohn, 1853. 

r.'u ..-_ . „« ^-^.m lUuitrationt ia°. half gteen morocco, gilt back, gUt top, by Kauf- 
r^t^^6^jS:*Sn,^^^"iub,'^W- W-79. 347. S^S Angling, pp. 
4^n48." Bii.fuc. 

Forester, Thomas. Rambles in Norway among the (Jelds and fjords of the 
central and western districts— with extracts from the journals of M. S. Bid- 
dulph. London, Longman, 1855. 

ColUtion • PP. xv-«6. 1^. half morocco. Bound with St is " Adventures in the WUds of 
NmS America* by claries Lannon. 1854. 


itory. Ed- 

luselee. H«- 

ates repre* 

horou Weit- 

the Micro- 
; Silvester. 

eiter't {» mora 
with hi* book 

bles among 
Ktracts from 

baclc, gUt top, 
:. Postacript : 

journal of a 
>ok for tour- 

t top, by Kauf- 
Angiing, pp. 

[jords of the 
f M. S. Bid- 

n the WUds of 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 95 

Forester. Thomas. A Road-Book for Tourists in Norway; with hints to 
tnghsh sportsmen and anglers. London, Bohn, 1854. 

M". cloth. Hm been printed .. . .upplement to ■• Norway .t.d it. Scenery." 

''iTrJlf^V T'^V!™- ^°""«*' *"^ '»• CapabUitie.. Third edition. 
London, Weale, 1856. 

were%^w:M''-Ch.^;.rp^--- . ^''^.f'^l^^:^t,^.^^9-^'^^ ^^- -- -«••'• 

Foster. David. The Scientific Angler ; being a general and instructive work 
on artisttc anglmg. By the late David Foster; compiled by his sons, with 
Illustrations and steel engraving of the author. London, Bemrose and Sons : 
Ashboun, D. and W. H. Foster, 188a. 
Collation : pp. xll-joo. 1,0, half green levant morocco, gilt back, by Tout. 

^iTl' «"''**• '^°°*'' *=°Py- ^^''^^ ^y W"- C. Harris. New York, 
Judd, 1883. ' 

lao, half green morocco, gill back, gth top, by Altred Matthews. 
Foster, David. Second edition, enlarged. London, Bemrose, 1883. 

CoOadon : pp. XU-3S4. Illu»trat!on«. lao, dodi. 

Poster. David. Third edition. 1886.«-as4. llluitrated. la", doth. Si. pUtes aw of coloured Hie.. 

Foster, David W. H. See Foster, David. The Scientific Angler. 
Foster, W. A. Songs on Angling, etc. New York. 1886. 

kle''°«d""i^.''-^k2^'sSo't^/h Jn^^'"-""" '*'•"*• ^^'"''y ^^-"^ ^«»» •■ WhI.Ue-Bin. 

Frampton, Rev. Joslaii, /,«,^. [,-. e. William Gilpin.] Three dialogues on 
the amusements of clergymen. London, B. & J. White, 1796. 
Colladon : pp. 004. itP, mottled calf, gilt back. 

Frampton, Rev. Josiah. Second edition. London, Cadell, 1797. 

..,_,, •" Vice's Hill, April 11, 1797. 

th. tiSS/^?saTiru^'7Ci?£'s^.«^ 




96 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

" • A littlo before you and I were connected. I put Into Mr. White* h«nd», through Mr. Glf 
borne. 3 t'le diXrue. Onlhi Amus,m«,i. o/CUrvymm The edition 1, now pretty nearly ei- 
wXd W>,en I he.rd last, only so copiet remuTned. I could wUh therefore to put a second 
SltSon Into your hands, which will be ready, I suppose, by the ume liie remaining w nre di»- 
S o Vyoi ha"r no obiectlon. you will be io'good as to let me know, and 1 wiit send you 
^impLtdZ^ to print from. As the subject is rather offensWe. 1 do not care to P"' "'/ ""^J 
?o It fiiough I ^nd Itls mentlonedln one of the reyjew. But '»'•«>•' \';"K'<'«^;«"f„^^^^^ 
to be su3pitl*a. Two or three of my particular friends only, Col. MItford, Mr. I'l'borne ana 
one or two more, know It certainly, f number you among ihetn and you will be »o good as say . 
•If anybody trouble their head wit>i asking, that you are not at liberty to tell. V;}" * '?■•'"« '« 

•s we agreed about our other . oncerni. ,.,.»' ',?1' „;h I...W X?ton 

"The little book contains some interesting passages relatlye to Angling and haak Walton. 
The edition of .8ao. while bearing the name of Stilllngfleeton the ti Ue-page. «» .='«""«dby J- O. 
whc signs the preface. It Is dedfcatcd to Lord lildon by 'The author, who dates from 15 St. 
James's Place. Hampstead Road, 3 August. i8ao.' Bti.fiu. 

Francis, Francis. The Angler's Register; a list of the come-at-able fish- 
eries in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and how to get to them, etc. 
London, Triibner, 1858. 
Collation : pp. 3*^4. Square, 18°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Francis, Francis. The Angler's Register ; a list of the available fisheries in 
England, etc., Brittany and Belgium, and how to get to them, etc., with an 
angler's almanack and monthly bill of fare (for x86o). London, Field 
Office, 1859. 

Collation- OD 40. 160. half green morocco, gilt back. Autograph letter of the author In- 
serted From'^Bie^coUection of ¥hom«8 WestwSod, with bis bookplate, monogram, and auto- 
graph. •• T. Weityrood, i860," on fly-leaf. 

Francis, Francis. The Angler's Register; a list of the avaUable fisheries 
• in England, etc., Germany and the Tyrol, with an Angler's almanac for 

1861. London, Field Office, i860. 
CoUaUon • dp. 83. i6°, half wnen calf, gilt back. Autograph letter of the auAor Inserted. 

From the ?ouSSion of ThimiM VfStwood.'with hU book-plate, monogram, and autograph, T. 

Westwood," on fly-leaf. 

Francis, Francis. Newton Dogvane ; a story of English country life, with 
illustrations by Leach. London, Hurst and Blackett, 1859. 

q yols.. pott 8°. half red moiocco. gUt back, gilt top. " AngUng passages : Vol. i. pp. 15^^19. 
367 ! Vol. Tpp. x8»-ai9 ; Vol. 3. pp. H4-34" ^<»- f^- 

Francis, Francis. Fish- Culture ; a practical guide to the modem system 
of breeding and rearing fish. Loftdon, Routledge, 1863. 

Collation: pp. xviii-a67. Illtutratloni. Post 8°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

^te^iwiSi''' »ii I ' iii "ii#'awiiia» 


, < l -lWM«lf < M I W I 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


rough Mr. ait- 
rflly nearly ex- 
lo put a second 
ling su nre dti- 
I will sitnd you 
o put my nam* 
m, and anolhar 
, Cilsborne and 
so good as say, 
'ou will print it 
Wm. Oilpln.' 
Isaak Walton, 
laimed by J. Q. 
ttcs from 15 St. 

■at-able fish- 
to them, tU. 


le fisheries in 
€k., with an 
)ndon, Field 

f the anthor in- 
cram, and auto- 

able fisheries 
almanac for 

author inaarted. 
autograph, " T. 

ntry life, with 
Vol. I, pp. 19-^1 

odern system 

ack, gilt top. 

Francis, Francis. Another copy. 

Blil, ff P Th^'^?- ! • '^'"'''•/l'.' 'a?' ,. '^f- ^I*"'^* "" «»»oclated with Messrs. John A. 
• with 'a »i,.w 'to .h. i„,;^f f?' ,!'■ ^* 'L*" '■: 'h'' '"'""'7 '"»•"""•'* hy J-ord Mayo In 1868. 
. B.L!. iJ^i. A^' '" "^'«:«'"n of Improved methods of cultfvallon of oysters in Ireland.' The 
Report of th« Commitilon Is an exhaustive treatise on the subject, and profusely Illustrated " 

Francis, Francik. A Book on Angling; being a complete treatise on the 
art of Angling in every branch, with explanatory plates, etc. London, Long- 
mans, 1867. 

Collation ; pp. xlli-4a9. Post S". half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Francis, Francis. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 
Francis, Francis. Second edition, revised and much enlarged. 

CollaUon : pp. xr-47a. Plates. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Francis, Francis. Another copy. 

Cloth, uncut. 

Francis, Francis. Third edition, revised and improved. 1872. 

Collation : pp. xv.48a. Plates. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 
Francis, Francis. Fourth edition, revised and improved. 1876. 


— SS!'?""" 'aT^ «1v-5o«. Plates. 8°. half green morocco, gilt back, silt too ine sieei 
•ngravingadifcd at a frontispiece to tie second and subse^ufnt editionf gIvM ixcel ent lik^ 
SSS'wlT'' ''^^•"«» »"• «'"'•■" ^^^' Each edition conti.rsfveral platerof ^JST 

FrancU, Francis. Reports on Salmon Ladders, with original drawings, 
plans and sections. London, Cox, 1870. 

pS'wven S&id" inf "^S'/ST" "''"^''' **" ^^' **" "*' "' ^aehn^lorf, with original 

Francis. Francis. By Lake and River; an Angler's Rambles in the North 
of England and Scotland. London, Field Office, 1874. 

.-i'F??*****"i P?- u""*'^- ^' *"^' P"^*" morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " Ha* for Its ohiect to 
teU Uie angler -where fie may obtafn fuhing • and -what fishing Is l&e ' Indude. manv^^.hS 
•rticlet mentioned balow which originaUy appeared in 'The K* " i?tf S 

''j!il"*^''*o^'*"''** **°* ^°*J °'' MisceUaneous Papers. London, Field 
umce, 1880. 

J^y"SS« 'c^i,Uhuiti^:^\r^^.'^sr^--- '^^•J.'&.«"' '"P' •" ^""•- •■ '-'»«'~ 






Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Sporting Sketches with Pen 

Prancit, Prancia. and Cooper, Alfred W. 

and Pencil. London, Field Office, 1878. 

ColUilon: pp. »Jll-i7«. 4°. half brown l«v*nl morocco, (ill t«ck. gill lop. •■Coni«ln» jA 
.pU^d ;?S«lSg .k«ch« by Mr. Cooper enfr.»«l by Edmund Kv.n. W. m.jr pitrilcul.rty 
notice • jJarlridf. .hooting/ where Mr. Irvine Co« (Ihe I. h. H C "' 'hii 1^0 -nd Mr. Horace 
Coi (Ihe publltRer of Ihe Vleld.) .re the gunneri ; • Punt fl.hing. • very good .ke ch of hj. «W 
H*mplon Court Weir ; ' Troullng,' • view on «he Anion wilh portrait. o7 Ihe .rtl.l .ml I en- 
ton, iVie keeper; ' Pike fl.hlng,' In which llgure. Alfred J.rdlnc, Ihe noted .layer of b g pike, 
well known to MelrotwHtanengler.; 'Snipe .hoollng," with .kelche. of Squire l-owle. ihe pro- 
prietor of Ihe Anion club w.ler, and Mr Staag ; ' Ro.ching where Mr. V r.ncis h tn.e f I. rn- 
■aged at a noted roach hol« on ihe Crane ; Salmon fi.hing,' where he I. again »kelched. under 
■ery trying circum.tance.. at the • Capl.ln'. throw' on the Krne with Johnny '■'«"'')'.•*'•'' 
known giAiman and greui favourite at Bally.hannon, In jyinpaiheilc •iiendance; and Gray- 
ling flthlng,' which contain. • mo»l characieri.tic .ketch of Mr. Adam. Bt* pit. 

Prancla. Henry R. The Fly-fisher and His Library. See Cambridge 
Essays. 1856. 

Franck, Ricliat^. Northern memoirs, calculated for the meridian of Scot- 
land ; to which is added, the contemplative and practical angler. Writ in the 
year 1658. Plures necat gula quam gladius. New edition, with preface and 
notes [by Sir Walter Scott). Edinburgh, Constable, i8ai. 

Collation : pp. vt-379. «°. half red morocco, gilt back. n. ..^ -«-(, 

" aso copie. were planted of the iBji edition. A. a .peclmen of .tyle, th » »>«>«J» ""^"'••f*- 
or onU to be equalled (Mlgge.1. Scoti) in it. .tupendou. pretenllousne... by ihe wrlling. of Sir 
Thomas IJrquhart. of Crtwierty. It contain, abundant proof, however, thai in the Acixlemy of 
Angling li. author had taken a high de«ree, and Ihat he oould uk the rod, on an occasion, for 
other witlppings than thoM of pool and .tream. hi. ftagellalton of ' hone.i Ijaac give, .marl- 
ing evidence. Thli latter in.ult no contemporary voice was ral^d lo vindicate, but Time, wlih 
it. • revenge..' hai wrought out an ample and emphatic alonement. K.„Koit <»• 

" Franck I. the flnrt Englldi writer on angling wliodewribe. Ihat iny.ticol fl.h. the burbolt (»ee 
page 979 of Ihe original work, and 330 of the reprint). ' To Miarch for him In Trent, wyi he. 
' .tfiving agaJn.t a itrcam. I. like to^tieen Eliiabeih'. Soogen. that at Ihe .un t meridian (with 
a candle and lanihom), wught up and down for an hone.! man. , ^ _* _j 

"There 1. also an InteiMting mention, In 'Northern Memoir, page 37 of the prefcce. and 
again page 177 of the work (f«prini). of three noted angler, of the lime, Merri .. Fawlkner and 
Owldham. whom some bibliophile, .uppow to have written three .everal angling work.. .Ince 
lott to the world. Other., on the contrary. Incline lo the belief, that. In the P""f«» '"«}"«•: 
tion. Franck merely Intended to let up an antllhe»l.(touchtogttie comparatlveimeriUof tuitlonl 
between the .pcculative book-writing angler, on the one hand, and the practkal. experienced 
wlelder of the rod. Innocent of Ink. but wfll up to all the device. «'»•>« »SS^.*i''.h^--~mo4 
.peak* of • collection, and manual..- It I. true, but there I. nothing to .how that thew were more 
than the occarional memoranda which that claw of men are In theljablt of jolting down for iheir 
private guidance.- while oTowWham he say. dl.tlnctly . thai hi. ' Collection, and eiperimenU 
were lost with hlmtelf.' „ , « , . • n. ._ _. ..,.1 

" A notice of the work will be found In the • Retrospective Re»lew. vol. v II. pp. 170-94. »"«« 
•IM in the ' Censurm Literaria." The extreme rarity of the «r Iglnal «''«'°" '» •^'"[.^VrfHS 
gerated. We have had knowledge of five or six cppie.. Including those '" «he prenvllle (Britl.h 
Museum) and Denlson collections. Valentines./! las.; Prince 8. ;f« 3s. Bti.pue. From the 
coUectfon of Thomas Westwood. with his iMok-plate. 

Praaer, Alexander. Natural History of the Salmon, Herrings, Cod, Ling, 
etc. ; with a short account of Greenland, its inhabitants, land and sea ani- 




I with Fen 

■'Conikln* ]6 
■y p«rtlculariy 
>d Mr. Horace 
lelch of the old 
rtltt •n<l Pen- 
er of btg pike, 
•owle, the pro- 
himiclf !• en- 
lutched, under 
l.ightly, • well 
e ; ■nd • Gray- 


ian of Scot- 
Writ in the 
preface and 

writines of Sir 
he Aciulemy of 
n occasion, for 
c ' fives tmart- 
but Time, with 

the burboU (tee 
rrent,' tayi he, 
meridian (with 

he prcfitoe, and 
, Fawlkner and 
ig works, since 
stages in ques- 
leriu of tuition) 
al, experienced 
the other. Ht 
hete were more 
g down for their 
nd experiments 

pp. i7o-94> and 
lomewhat exag- 
kenville (British 
file. From tha 

I, Cod, Ling, 
and lea ani> 


Catalogue of Books on /Angling 


mala, »nd the different tribes of AgheM found on the coaat. Second edition. 
Invemeaa, Carruthers, 1833. 

Collation : pp. xll-i3«. ia°, half blue morocco, gill back, gilt top. 

PraiMr. Rev. Robert William. Seaside Divinity. London, Hogg, 1861. 

Collation : pp. xil-sTl. Plalet. ia<'. half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 

Prmtor, pseu/f. See Essay. An essay on Angling. 1840. 

Fry, W. H. A Complete Treatise on Artificial Fish-breeding, including the 
Reports on the Subject made to the French Academy and French Govern- 
ment; and particulars of the discovery as pursued in England. Translated 
and edited by W. H. Fry. New York, Appleton, 1854. 

Illuitrated. i»o, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaahnt- 

Collalion: pp. Ix-i8t. 

O., C. The Secreu of Angling ; importing the best and choicest experiments 
for taking all sorts of fish with fly, worm, paste, and other baits ; also to 
know their hauntu and how to angle for them in all waters and weathers. By 
C. G., a Brother of the Angle. London. Printed and sold by A. Baldwin, 
at the Oxford Arms, in Warwick lane, 1705. 

Collation : np. 04. 16°, full pollthed calf, red edges. " A compilation rather than an origi- 
nal work, and not to be confounded with the poetical work of John Dennyt. It has Income 
scarce. Copiej were IncluOrd with those of other tracts having separate titles and pasinalion 
but consecutive signatures, in a volume with a collective title fssued in 1704 by the same pub- 
lisher. • A Family Jewell, or the Womans Councellor.' Corsers, £a 5s." n/ii fisc. 

Qale. Pradcrick (The Old Buffer). Modern English Sports, their Use and 
their Abuse. London, Low, 1885. 

^CojUdon: pp. xx-«)i. Plates. 8°, vellum, gilt top, uncut. Limited edition on large paper, 

Oameiceeper. The Gamekeeper at Home; sketches of natural history and 
rural life. Third edition. Boston, Roberts, 1879. 

ifc*fishpo«^Fii '^^^^' *""■ '"*' '**' ""*"***"• «*" •^''- «"« *°P' »>r Alfred Matthews. P. 

Qentleman. The Country Gentleman's Best Guide. Part i. Cautious 
rules and directions to be taken and observed in fishing; with the manner of 
making and preserving of rods, lines, floats, artificial flies, etc., and for chus- 
ing and preserving several sorts of curious baits. 

.?lf^l!!?:_ *?'•_^.'■' green calf, gilt back. Part i, pp. 390-50 of " The Complete family piece 

t guide." From Thomas Westwood s collection, with 
"T. Westwood. i860." on flv-leaf. 

- — — p ..— - ||^>«.«.ai »»>■( ^sa^ K#aa^M. 

and Country gentleman and Farmer's best _ „^ 

hii book-plate, monogram, and autograph, " T. Westwood', "isfio," o'n'fly-leaf 


1 1 1* 1 11 ■to 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

acntlcman. The Gentleman Angler. Containing ihort, plain and ea«v in- 

ttrucnoni, whereby the most ignorant beginner may, in a little lime, becorat 

• perfect arti«t for lalmon, •almon-jwal, trout . . . gudgeon, See. With leverttl 

obiervationa on angling, angle-roda and artificial fliei ; how to chuie the belt 

hair and Indian gras«; of the proper times and ieaaona for river and pond 

fishing ; when fish spawn and what baitt are chiefly to be used, &c. To 

which is added, the angler's new song : the laws of angling, and the form of 

a license and deputation for angling. Together with an appendix, containing 

the method of rock and sea fishing; an alphabetical explanation of technical 

words . . . ; choice receipts for dressing fish ; and, how to ilhprove barren ground 

by turning it into fish ponds, tit. By a Gentleman who has made angling his 

diversion upwards of twenty-eight years. Si quid novisti,etc. Hor. London. 

A. Bettesworth. 1726. 

ColUiton : Mm tid« ; printed till* ; pp. v-(«H) i PP- i-t»i " Appendli. • etc i !••'; PP- 
" . . J -j-L-/r .. . .'.-..._k....j 1...^ iftP, half gi-MH morocco, gill back. 

M3-1S4 ; Index and •dvertlMmentt, 4 unnumbered leavM. 
rift top. " The edition of 1870 appeared at a n — ' —►■»■>- 
lUo rcorintcd with addldont from ' The a 

_ nc short, plain, and easy 1.—..-^ . — y ' », 

(8ce AMOLaii): and again at ' The angler', guide, tU. By •Jover of ihe art. Ixmdon. JOMipB 

gift top. •' The edition of i87« appeared at a norel publication f fourteen X'*""!*' *",^« '• '' 
■^ . afto reprints, with ««ldon. %• The «.gj«;; T«f ^J-J^'J^.,.-, T^h. "JJ^'J,,;™-^; 

W_. »•» ■<>> w» -—. — ''f' • -»J-»- 

(ine, or complete Atherman : containing thort, plain, and eatv intlructloni, *U. 
(8ce ANOtaa) i and again at ' The angler't guide, tit. By a lover 01 
kmlih. i8a«. /U/.. pp. »II-I36. u". (See Angleb.) M.fut. 

Qcntlcman. Third edition with large additions. London, C. Hitch [n. d.]. 

Collation : pp. vl-«» and Indax. i«». half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncut, t>y 

Qentlcman. Another edition. London, Kearsley, 1786. 

Collation : pp. vll-iaa. PUte. lao. half green calf, gilt back. FromthecoHectloiiof Thomaa 
Wetlwood. with hit book-plate, monogram, and autograph, " T, Wettwood. iSdo. on flyleaf. 

Qentlcman. Another copy. 

Full mottled calf, gilt back, by W. Pralt. 

Oentleman. The Gentleman Farmer. . . . Also a certain method of improv- 
ing meadow grounds, from forty shillings to six pounds an acre, by fish- 
ponds. Written by a Person of Honour in the county of Norfolk. London, 
Curll, 1736. 
CoUadon : pp. vi-94. itP, half brown morocco, gilt b«:k, |ill top. by Zaehnidorf. 


»», run calf. 

Another copy. 

nd e»*y in- 
ne, become 
^ith leveral 
jie the t>e«t 
T and pond 
d, &c. To 
the form of 
af technical 
rren ground 

or. London. 

I mm; pp. 

ceo, gill bscl 
IKsrIenct'). It 
ingtcr't roam- 
Uublln, 1780. 
ondon, JoMph 

[itch [n. d.]. 
!op, uncut, by 

>," on tly-le*f. 

d of improv- 
cre, by fish- 
c. London, 


Catalogue of Books on /lnMling 


Otntkman. The (ientleman Fisher; or, The whole art of Anglinjj. Second 
edition. London. H. Curll, 1717. 

Collallon: I'lau ; Tlll« ; ■' I'rcfac*. ' two unnumtwrsd l*av«*; pp i-iit. i*", hnir Muatnir. 
rtd edfo. " rh« flril (dlllon U c«llfd Ih* wh«il« art of Athinf, 1714 Hit fur ■ The ftrti 
fdlltun of thli work under ih« lllla of Iht whola An of Hihlna appearrd in 1714. IWyimtl a 
•llahl modlf)catlun of ihe (lllc, ihc prtirni »dlll«n !• Identical with lii forerunner. MS nola 
of 1 homat on fly-leaf. Krom Thomai WcMwcmkI • collection, with hi* bookplala 
and MH. memorandum on fly-leaf. 

Qentlcman. The gentleman'* recreation; containing direction* and rules 
for that noble and delightful art of angling, tie. Oxford, printed by L. Lich- 
field, for Nicholas Cox, 1685. 

Cullaiion : pp it. IMale. S vo., half calf. ■' Coplti of the angllnf lecilon of tha third tdi- 
tlon luued *ep«raial)r and with varied lllle-pagei. ,&« Cox iNlcholatf." Bit pin. 

Qentlcman. The Gentleman's Recreation, See Cox, Nicholas. 
Qeoponika. See Bassus CaxHianus. 

Qeorre, William. See Essay, An Essay on Angling. 1840. 
aiannctUslue, NIc Parthenius. Piscatoria cl nautica Napoli. 1686. 

CoUaiion : pp. adj-a ; plate*, 16°, vallum. 

Qllbcrt, William. The Young Angler's Companion. Containing the whole 
art of neat and clean angling. The like never before in print. London : 
printed by H. B., for C. Hussey, at the sign of the Flower-de-Luce in Little 
firittain. 1683. 

Collation: Printed title, A3-D4 In eigbtt. On dgnature C6 occurt a separate title. "The 
Method of FIfhInii In Hacknet River," etc. Vignette of a fisherman on title, and llluiiratloni in 
the text, 16", full crushed green levant morocco, gilt back, sides with gilt centerpiece of a fish- 
ing design. Inside gilt borders, gilt edges, by W. Pratt •• In this edrHon there Is no alteration 
from the first in the body of the work beyond Ihe Insertion of a paragraph entitled • 1 o fox fish,' 
The method coniisu In the use of what he calls ' Oculus India Berries,' and he cautions his read- 
aft 'that they practice not Ihl* without a license from the owners, lest the whipping-post or pil- 
lory be their reward.' Fox's reprint has a frontispiece borrowed from I,owndes' edition of the 
'~| of Angling,' by Dr. Brooks. Haworth'c ist ed., ^^3. 3s.; anded., /a. 6*. At page40he adds 
•There is an excellent stand In the second meadow on Ihe left hand beyond the terry under a 
wulow tree In the midst of the meddow by the waler side.' Among the necessary equipments of 
an angler he recommends, ' A good coat for all weather ; an apron to put your giound-ball, 
stones and paste in ; a basket to put your fish in ; a neat rod of about 4 Ibot long, in several 
pieces one within another ; . . . and. If you have a boy to go along with you, a good neat's tongue 
andabottleof Canary should not be wanting: to the enjoyment of which I leave you. ■" iW pitc 
The earlier edition of 1676 bears the tlUe of " The Angler's DeUght." From the collection of 
Thomas Westwood, with hi* monogram on fly-leaf. 

Qillmore, Joseph. 


See Steele, Sir Richard. An account of the Fish Pool. 











Catalogue of Books on Angling 

tirtiwn Uvani murticco, (111 
talmonkln, b*M, miMC«ioii|«, 

Ollmc -t, P«rk«r. Priirie ^11 Ftjrett. A detcription of ih« name of North 
America, with iMnonsI adventurca in their purauit. Londun, (Jhapnuo 
and Hall, i874. 

CoiUlion . pp. I ]•), pl«iM anil illudrailoai In (ha i*il tV \\»\i 
ba«li. fill lop, uncui.bir ZMhnadorf. " Cbaplwt igioai w«o«th«Ml 
a«<l pickaral Bit. tit, 

ailmor*, Parker. Sec Ubique, ptiuil. 

Qllpin. WlilUm. Three dialoguea on the amuaementa of clergymen. 1796. 
See Frampton, Rev, J., f$*U4i. 

Qlovannt, CettI Ing. II |)ctcatore del Uriu, detcHiione delle reti e dei 
vari gtntn di peaca in uso aul Ugo di Como. Como Ontinelli. 1863. 

CotUilon: pp. 179: plait* la", pap«r 

Qirard, CharlM. Fiahea. U. S. War Dept. Explorationa and aurveya for 
• railroad route weat from the Miasiaaippi river to the Pacific ocean. Waah- 
ington. 1858. 
Ptaia*. 4°, half c**" morocMi, gilt back, (til lop. 

airard, Charles. Ichthyology of the boundary, U. S. and Meiican boun< 
dary survey. Waahington. 1858. 
Ptalaa. 4'*, half green morocco, gill back, glli top. 

Qlenfln. pseud. The fishing-rod ; and how to uae it : a treatiae on the vari- 
oua arts of angling, trolling, spinning, and fly-fiahing. London. Baily Broa. 

CollalloB : pp vli»-»7. if, half red morocco, sill lop. From Thoma* Waatwood'i ooilao- 
tioD, wllh hU book-piata and monogram on fly-lMl. 

QX^niin, pseud. Another edition. London, Houl^' > wd Wright. 1865. 
ColUdon : pp. 95. i<P. half grwi v nocco, gill back. gUt top, oy ■«■»' no'. M. 

Oooda, Qeorce Brown. American Fiahea. A pop! tr xr 'i^ac > >x>n the game 
and food fishes of North America, with especial reference to habiu and meth- 
ods of capture. New York, Standard Book Co., 1888. 

CoUailon : pp. ■[v-4ig6. Plal«t and Uluilraiions in the Uxt (".'ctotb. 

Ooode, Qeorge Brown. See U. S. Commission offish and fisheries. 

*i. vv'w, Bat naby. See Heresbachius, G. 

t« of North 

muritcoo. gltl 
, mitM«to«g«, 

nen. i79<i. 

reti e del 

lurveyi for 
an. Wuh- 

xican boun- 

on the vari- 
Baily Bros. 

Iwood'i ooll«c- 

ght. 1865. 


on the game 
ta and meth> 


Citalogm oj Books on /IngliNg 10) 

aoMl«n. Thomas. Illuatrationi to Walton and Cotton't Complete Angler. 
London (n. d.). 
• poftnlu Md 17 ptaMt. !••, ttaU hktk calf 

OoaJan. T, Sec Calaloguea, GowJen, T. 

ao«a«, l>tillllp Henry. Natural Hiatory. Fi.he*. London, Bentleyn, 1851. 

(:olUl(..« : pp v(ll-M7 lllu.u»llon itP, half blu* morocci, .lit back, gttl top. Puhllihwl 

Qrmnm. Waile. No title (n. d.). 

l1a«M. r>, half brown morocoo. gltl back, ftlt top. with ori(lnal (lapcr 

Cotlallon ; pp. 
eovari bound In. 

Qrandi. l^azaro. Alfabetto di »e<reti mcdicinali . . . con I'arte facile d'vocal- 
lare, e petcare. Vcnetia, Zattoni, 1689. 

I**, paper. 

Grant. Robert. Jack in the Ruah ; or, A tummer on a salmon river. Boa- 
ton, Jordan, 1888. 
Collailon : pp. 374, lUuiirailoiu. la", elotb. 

Oray, Wm. C. Carap Fire Muainga. Life and Good Timea in the VVocd*. 
New York, Randolph, Chicago, The Interior Co., 1894. 

Illudratlon*. ia°, oloth. 

Qrazier. The Complete Graxler; or, Gentleman and farmer's directory 

Also directions for making fish ponds or canals, and for storing them, and 

ordering the fish in the beat manner Written by a Country Gentleman, 

*/(. London, Almon, 1767. 

iu^pt''>;ii.u''6;i'"itu. i.'C\^X^" "'"*■"■ ««• "^^^ '^ «•«-• '•""" •»»• '""•'y o' 

Qrazier. Second edition. 1767. 
Qrazier. Third edition. 1775. 

CoUaliofi : pp. vlii-asa and Index. la", half green calf, gilt back, gilt lop. by Zaehnidorf. 

Qrazier. Fourth edition. 1776. 

Collation : pp. rlii-asa and index. ia°, full calf. 









Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling 

Great Britain Parliament. AnO Reg. Jacobi Regis Angl. Scotiae Franc 
and Hybem — at the Parliament begun and holden at Westminster the 19 
March and there continued until 7 July 1604 to the weale publique of this 
Reaime were enacted. James I, C. 33, (1603-4). An act for the better pre- 
servation of the fishing in the counties of Somerset, Devon, and Cornwall, 
and for the relief of Balkers, conders, and fishermen against malicious suits. 
C 39 {1603-4), an acte to encourage the seamen of England to take fish 
whereby they may increase to furnish the navies of England. Woodcut title 
folio, half morocco. 

Qreendrake, Qniory,psiU(f. [1. e. J. Coad.] The Angling Excursions of 
Gregory Greendrake, Esq., in Ireland; Part I. County Wicklow. Part II. 
County Westmeath. Dublin, Archer, 1836. Part 3, Ellis and Alcock, 1826. 

Collation : pp. VI-136-VI-04. Folding plate. 16°, half green mororco gilt back, gilt top. 
Fine copy with the table of flies at the end often wanting. 

Qreendrake, Gregory, pseud. [«. e. J. Coad.] The Angling Excursions of 
Gregory Greendrake, Esq., in the counties of Wicklow, Meath, Westmeath, 
Longford and Cavan, with additions by Geoffrey Greydrake Esq. [f. e. Tho- 
mas Ettingsall.] Dedicated to all honest brothers of the angle. Fourth 
edition. Dublin, 1833. 

Collation : pp. vi-313. Plate and map*. 
uV -- . . 

"Originally published in parts: Part I. Wicklow. 
Part II. Westmeath. Dublin, Ellis and AUcock, i8a6 
Coad was the editor of the ' Dublin Warder." " 

■een morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. 
Win, Arch*.., 1834; and edition, x8a6. 
Part III. Longford and Cavan. Mr. 
Bib. pise. 

12°, half gr 

Dublin, Arch*. 

Qreendrake, Gregory. Another copy, half green morocco, gilt back. 

I torn Thomas Westwoods collection, with his book-pUte. 

Grego, Joseph. See Catalogues. Grego, J. 

Greydrake, Geoffrey, pseud. See Greendrake, G. Angling Excursions. 

Griffith, William. See McClelland, John. 

Griffiths, Roger ( Water-Bailiff). An essay to prove that the jurisdiction 
and conservancy of the River of Thames ... is committed to the Lord- 
Mayor and city of London, both in point of right and usage, by prescription, 
charters, eU. To which is added a brief description of those fish with their 



^■■* .,ii^-*»».'-»»w*« 

cotiae Franc 
inster the 19 
)Iique of this 
le better pre- 
nd Cornwall, 
alicious suits. 
. to take fish 
^'oodcut title 

Excursions of 
ow. Part 11. 
Alcockf 1836. 

It back, gilt top. 

Excursions of 
I, Westmeath, 
isq. [i. e. Tho- 
ngle. Fourth 

k, gilt top, uncut, 
nd edition, i8a6. 
vcA Cavan. Mr, 

It back. 

g i^::cursions. 

he jurisdiction 
to the Lord- 
ly prescription, 
fish with their 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


seasons, etc., that are caught in the Thames or sold in London. With some 
few observations on . . . fish in general. London : printed by Robert 
Brown, 1746. 

.i.F°'i?"°K ■»?£■ """f^- f • ''"'ff ■"■ " This work appears to have been an appurtenance of 
the water-baillffi, as in 1758 we find it claimed by Robert Binnell. Se* Binnell, r5' Bit.fut. 

Qrimble, A. Shooting and Salmon-fishing; hints and recollections. Lon- 
don, Chapman and Hall. 1893. 

Collation : pp. xi-as9. Plates. Quarto, half vellum, uncut. T^rge-paper copy. 

Qrivel, F. fitude sur la pfiche i la ligne. Paris, Pedone-Lauriel, 1879. 

Collation : pp. 69. 8°, half maroon morocco. 

H., M. W. See Thames. The Thames Angler. 1846. 

H., R. School of Recreation; or, The gentleman's tutor to those most inge- 
nious exercises of hunting, racing, hawking . , . fishing — by R. H. Lon- 
don : printed for H. Rhodes, next door to the Bear Tavern, near Bride-Lane 
in Fleet street, 1684. 

Collation : Plate : dtle ; " To the Reader," four unnumbered leaves ; pp. x-aoa. ia°, original 
calf rebacked. MS. memorandum on fly-leaf: " I bought this Book fiom the Sale of The 
Duke of Buckingham's Library ; 1849. J. Pinnuch." 

H., R. School of Recreation ; or, A guide to the most ingenious exercises of 
hunting, riding, fowling, and angling. London : printed for A. Bettesworth, 

Collation: Plate; title; " Preface to the Reader," i unnumbered leaf; pp. 7-134; (pp. 135, 136 

missing) pp. 137-166; x unnumbered leaf of advertisements. la", hill cr ' 

morocco, gilt back, inside gilt borders, gilt top, by Riviire. 


H., R. Another copy. 

Collation: Plate; title; " Preface to the Reader," i unnumbered leaf: pp. 7-166; seems to 
lackleaf of advertisements. Full crushed green levant morocco, gilt back, inside gilt borders, 
gilt top, by Riviire. 

printed for A. Bettesworth at the Red 

H., R> Another edition. London : 
Lyon in Pater-noster-row, 1736. 

Collation : Plate ; title ; i unnumbered leaf, " To the Reader." A4-G6, in twelves. la", full 
calf, gilt back. •• Sometimes attributed to Howlett, but on what evidence is not shown. In tiie 
Stationers' Register, the writer's initials are only given. All the editions have a fruntispiece : in 
the earlier ones this is divided into six compartments. The 1736 edition has a new frontispiece, 
in which a man and woman, seated on a cench, are surrounded by birds." Bib.pitc. From 
library of James Walsh, with his book-plate. 




i »ww iii w i(» w 

> * ] i i' ii » ii M ii > ii i ii iff iii imiimiia ,iiiMiMiiii 


Catalogue of Books on Angling. 

H., R. The Angler's Sure Guide; or, Angling improved, and methodically 
digested; shewing, I. When, and how to gather the best materials for fish- 
ing-tackle. II. The most proper baits to delude and take all sorts of fresh- 
water-fish. III. Ho>^ to make, order, preserve and use such tackle and 
baits. IV. The names, natures, etc., and medicinal vertues of those fish. 
V. Their haunts, spawning-times and season. VI. The worst and best 
seasons and times to angle for them. VII. The best and aptest ways of 
taking tliem by angling, etc. VIII. The various and choicest ways of dress- 
ing 'em. IX. How to make, store, order and preserve fish-ponds, stews and 
fish. X. Wherein the angler is punishable by law, if he invade another's 
right by angling. XI. How the angler may lawfully defend himself, if 
wrongfully disturbed in his angling. XII. Some presidents of licenses to 
angle in another's fishery. Together with many other useful and pleasant 
varieties, suitable to the recreation of angling. Adorned with copper cuts. 
By R. H., Esq., near 40 years a Practitioner in this Art. London : printed 
by J. H. for G. Conyers at the Ring, and T. Ballard at the Rising Sun, in 
Little-Brittain, 1706. 

Collfttion • DD. vii-aQ6. PUte. 8°, full green morocco, gilt back, inilde gUt bordert, gilt top, 
bv Tou? " (Knerailyittributed to RobSrt Howlett. It'would have had greater merit on the 
w'^reoforiginalirj hid it preceded Chetham'. 'Vade Mecum." to which it bears a somewhat 
do« ?esem"lanc2 There U an Imitative pedantry too in the Preface (a mosaic of tnglish and 
Close resemowntc. »««.« »^^^_ _^___ _r_-^ ..A- Whettjer this writer be identical with the 

Latin) savouring overmuch of the above named t; 
R. H. of ' The School of Recreation ' and ' '"^- 

There is certainly little or no similaritybetween 
eluded in the 'School of Recreation." Th 
pleasure mix'd together. ' " Bib. Mse. 

imed type. Whettser this writer be identical with the 
' ITie Itoyal Pastime of Cock-fighting ' is unoert^. 
Mtween the above work and the angling treaMse in- 
le running title is ' Angling improved, or profit and 

H., R. Another copy, fuU sprinkled calf, gilt back, yeUow edges, by W. Pratt. 

Hackle, Palmer, fseu//. See Blakey, R. 

Hale, Capt. J. H. How to tie Salmon Flics; a treatise — with illustrated 

directions, and containing the dressings of 40 flics. London, Low, 1892. 

Collation : pp. xi-iaa- 8°, cloth, uncut. 
Halford, Frederic M. Floating Flies and How to Dress Them; a treatise 

on the most modem methods of dressing artificial flies for trout and grayling 

— together with a few hints to dry-fly fishermen. New York, Scribner, 


CoUation • DD. viii-136. Hand-coloured plates and illustrations in the text. 8», half rox- 
burghe. ^ttop%ncut!'^Large paper. print«Jd on Dutch handnnade paper, limited to 100 copies 


ials for fish- 
»rts of fresh- 
tackle and 
r those fish. 
8t and best 
test ways of 
lys of dress- 
3, stews and 
ie another's 
himself, if 
f licenses to 
nd pleasant 
:opper cuts, 
on : printed 
sing Sun, in 

>rder«, giU topi 
er merit on the 
rt a somewhat 
of English and 
entlcalwith the 
g ' is unoertain. 
ling treatise in- 
I, or profit and 

by W. Pratt. 

;h illustrated 
)w, 1892. 

tn ; a treatise 
and grayling 
trk, Scribner, 

t. 8», half rox- 
ted to 100 copies 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


for Engbnd, and 50 for America. " No more sliilful exponent of (his nrt could be found than 
Mr. Haiford. The gems of the lxx)l( arc the niimeroux delicate engravings, most carefully hand- 

Sainted, of the chief flies in use In chalf strrnms. Nothing more henutlful of its kiiid has ever 
een published. . , . The book is simply indlspensalile to (he trou( angler in clear deep 
streams. . . We have never seen more sensible directions for fly-dressing." Alhetunm. 

Haiford, Frederic M. Another copy, half roxburghe, gilt top, uncut. 

Haiford, Frederic M. Dry-fly fishing in theory and practice. London, 
Satnpson Low, 1889. 

Collation: pp. xii-aSQ. Plates. IP, cloth, gilt lop, uncut. Large-paper copy. 

Hail, Herbert Byng. Highland Sports and Highland Quarters. London, 
Hurst, 1847. 

Platei. SO, a vol*., cloth, uncut. 

Hall, Herbert Byng. Exmoor; or the footsteps of St. Hubert in the west. 
London, 1849. 
Plates. 9P, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Hall, Heriiert Byng. Scottish Sports and Pastimes, with numerous illus* 

trations. London, Darling, 1850. 

16°, half purple morocco, gilt back. From Thomas Wettwood's collection, with his book- 
plate, and monogram on fly-leaf^ 

Hall, Peter. The boy's own jolly angling book. Showing tackle and baits 
required. Rivers and'ponds where fish are to be found. Londor Hall, 
1877 (?). 

CoDadon : pp. t6. Illustrations. 16^, original paper covers. 

Hall, Samuel Carter and Anna Maria. The Book of the Thames, from 
its rise to its fall. Illustrated. London, Hall, Virtue and Co., 1859. 

Collation : pp. xi-516. Square 8°, fidi tree calf, gilt back, g^lt edges, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Hail, Samuel Carter and Anna Maria. The book of South Wales, the 
Wye and the Coast. Illustrated. London, Hall, Virtue and Co., 1861. 

CoUadon : pp. xi-sia. Square 8°, fiill tree calf, gilt back, inside gilt border, gilt edges, by 

Haliocic, Charles. The Fishing Tourist ; angler's guide and reference book. 

" As flies to wanton boys, are we to gods ; 
They kill us for dieir sport."— SMk. 

New York, Harper, 1873. 
Collation : pp. 339. Plate. 8°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 


M i tiMwvi;, » j i > i f i n i H lg nil M riririit -ti M 


wiBfliWfiWi" ■,i.«.-b7i<>iinri1ii 

Wh >fci , . » ,o . 







Catalogue of Books on Angling. 

Hailock, Charles. Camp Life in Florida; a handbook for sportsmen and 
settlers. New York, 1876. 
Collation : pp. 348. xa°, cloth. 

Hailock, Charlen. The Sportsman's Gazetteer and General Guide. The 
game animals, birds and fishes of North America ; their habits and various 
modes of capture. . . . Together with a directory to the principal game 
resorts of the country revised, enlarged, and brought down to date. New 
York, Judd, 1883. 
lUuitnted. ia°, cloth. 

Hailock, Charles. The Salmon Fisher. New York, Harris Publishing Co., 

Collation : pp. ia6. Plate. Square i(fi, cloth. Autograph letter of the author and new»- 
paper-cutting inserted. 

Hamilton. 39 Plates to " Fishes of the Ganges." Engraved by J. Swaine 
[n. p., n. d.]. 

Imperial 4°> half ruMia, gilt back. 

Hamilton, Edward. Recollections of Fly-fishing for Salmon, Trout, and 
Grayling ; with notes on their haunts, habits, and history. London, Low, 

CoUation : pp. xl-190. lUnitrationt. S". half vellum, uncut. Large paper. One hundred 
copies printed, of which this is No. 95. 

Hamilton, Edward. Another edition. New York, Orange Judd & Co., 

Collation : pp. xi-igo. Illustrations. X9<», cloth. " A pleaswiter book on a pleasanter topic 
has not been publiihed for years. ' ' Sat. Rtv. 

Hamilton, Robert. A History of British Fishes; with [72] coloured plates. 
London, Hardwicke [n. d.]. 
Illustrations, a vols., 16°, cloth. Two volumes of " The NatunJist's Library." 

Hammond, Samuel H. Wild Northern Scenes ; or, Sporting Adventures 
with the Rifle and the Rod. New York, Derby & Jackson, 1857. 
Illustrations. ia°, cloth. 

W <W W ' .ll"!'. 'i ". ' J.WBMq | 


rtsmen and 

uide. The 
ind various 
cipal game 
jiate. New 

lishing Co., 
hor and newt- 

y J. Swaine 

Trout, and 
ndon, Low, 

One hundred 

idd & Co., 
leasanter topic 

tared plates. 

•» «««M«MMaHaR«WMr*» i>v 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Handbook. The Canadian Handbook and Tourist's Guide; giving a de- 
scription of Canadian lake and river scenery — with the best spots for fishing 
and shooting. Montreal, Longmore, 1867. 
Collation : pp. 136. Illustrated with photographs. 8", cloth, uncut. 

Hand-book of Pishing [n. d.j. See Cassells. 

Hansard, Qeorge Agar. Trout and Salmon-fishing in Wales. London, 
Longman, 1834. 

Collation : 
mon I 
and ! 
pocket,' says Mr. Cbatto in his ' Angler's~Souvenir.' "~ Bib.pitc. 

ollation : pp. xix-aas- 19°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt lop. " A woodcut of ' Sal- 

I leap at Pont At>erglasllyn ' is on the title. The Dook ' is a perfect gaseiteer of every lake 

stream in the Principality — no angler should go into Wales without taking [it] in his 

Hansard, Qeorge Agar. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Hardy, Campbell. Sporting Adventures in the New World. London, 
Hurst & Blackett, 1855. 

Illustrations, a vols., post 8°, half calf. " Fishing incidents abound." Bit. pise. 

Hardy, Campbell. Forest life in Acadie. Sketches of sport and natural 
history of the lower provinces of the Canadian Dominion. London, Chap- 
man & Hall, 1869. 

Collation : pp. iv-371. Illustrations. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back. " Chap. ix. Aca- 
dian fish and nshing. Most of the sporting sketches appeared originally in the ' Field.' " Bit. 

Harewood, Y\., pseud. A Dictionary of Sports; or, Companion to the field, 
the forest, and the river side. Containing explanations of every term appli- 
cable to racing, shooting, hunting, fishing, hawking, etc. With essays upon 
all national amusements. By Harry Harewood, of Springfield, in the 
County of York, Esq. London, Tegg & Son, 1835. 

Collation: pp. vi-365. Illustrated. ia°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. "An im- 
proved version of the ' Sportsman's Dictionary.' " Bit. pise. 

Harper, John. Glimpses of Ocean Life; or. Rock-pools and the lessons 
they teach. . . . London, Nelson, i860. 
Collation : pp. 379. Coloured plates. 8° sheets, pp. ^-80 missing. 









Catalogue of Rooks on Angling 

Harris. William C. The Anglers* Guide-book and Tourists' Gazetteer of 

the Fishing-waters of the United States and Canada, 1885. New York, 
"The American Angler," 1884. 
Collation : pp. 049. la", cloth. 

Harris, WlHlam C. The Fishes of North America that are Caught on 
Hook and Line. New York, Harris Publishing Co., 1881. 

Coloured olatei. Parts 1 and a paper. Issued in forty monthly parU. each containing two 
drawings of nsh on heavy plate-paper. 

Harris, William C. Another copy. 

Part a only, paper. 

Harrison, Qeorxe. Two Months in Brittany with my Knapsack and Fly- 
rod. Lontlon, Bemrose, 1868. 

Collation: pp. iv-61. Map la". half green morocco, flit back, gilt top, uncut, with original 
paper covers Dound In. 

Harrison, Qeorge. Another copy. 

Original paper. 

Hassell, J. Excursions of Pleasure and Sports on the Thames. Illustrated 
in a series of engravings in aqua-tinta, coloured after nature — the places and 
periods for enjoying the sport of angling, ett. London, Simpkin, 1833. 

Collation : pp. lii-191, and Index. 16°, sprinkled calf. 

Hawker, Lieut.-Col. P. Instructions to Young Sportsmen in all that Re- 
lates to Guns and Shooting. Fourth edition corrected and improved ; with 
ten explanatory plates. London, Longman, 1825. 

Collation : pp. xviil-439. 8°, half blue calf. " Twenty pages are devoted to trout fishing." 
Bit. pitc. 

Haviridns. Sir John. See Walton (Izaak). The Complete Angler. 1775, 

•84, '91, '93, '97, 1808, '15, 'aa, '24, 'as, '34, '44. '46- 
Hawlcynge and Huntynse. See Barnes (Dame Julyans). 
Haworth, Richard. See Catalogues. Haworth, R. 
Headley , Joel Tyler. The Adirondacks ; or. Life in the woods. New York, 


r'niiarion • on 033 Illustrated. xa°, half green morocco, eilt back. " Chapters i, a, I4ja4. 
ar^onlglinr Thi» edilum is one of'a seriSTermed ' Realable Books. "/?a. psc. ^m 
Thotnas Westwoods collection, with his book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


azetteer of 
Mew York, 

Caught on 

sntaining two 

k and Fly- 

'., with original 

: places and 

all that Re- 
roved; with 

trout fishing." 

gle'. »77S. 

Practical Hints on Camping. Chicago, Janncn, 

New York, 

ter» I, 9. X4, 04. 
lit. ptst. From 

Henderson, Howard. 

1 88a. 

Collation: pp. 14a. Illuttraiion*. ia°, half green morocco, gill baoli, gil; top. By Alfred 
Matthews. Chapi. 5, 7-9, and la treat of flth and flihing. 

Henderson, William. My Life as an Angler. " I've thrawn the flee," ete. 
R, Roxby. With Woodbury portrait and sixty-seven [68J woodcuts engraved 
by Ednound Evans, front drawings by C. Burlison, A. W. Cooper, £'. Has- 
tings, E. L. Rolfe and other artists. The head- and tail-pieces designed by 
Mrs. William Henderson. London, W. Satchell & Co., 1879. 

Collation; pp. xvl-319. Imperial 8°, half black morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. "Some 
copies are on large paper with ' A view on the Whiieadder,' etched by J. U. Clark, after J. J. 
Richardson, and the full-page illustrations on India paper. Although substantially the same as 
the privately printed work, much new matter has been added and the visit to Auelsberg, *tc., 
withdrawn.'" Bit.piK. One of the large-paper copies noted above. 

Henshall, James A. Book of the Black Bass: comprising its complete 
scientific and life history ; together with an explicit and purely practical trea- 
tise on angling and fly-fishing, and a full and detailed description of all tools, 
tackle, and implements used in its capture. " I am, sir, a brother of the an- 
gle." Itaak Walton. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1881. 
Collation : pp. 463. Illustrated. 8°, cloth. 

Henshall, James A. Camping tn Florida. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1884. 

Collation : pp. xvi-a48. Map, plates, and illustrations in the text. 19°, cloth. 

Henshall, James A. More about the black bass : being a supplement to 
the Book of the Black Bass. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1889. 
Collation : pp. 904, Illustrated. 8°, cloth. 

Herbert, Henry William. Forester (Frank), pseud. Fishing with hook 
and line : a manual for amateur anglers. New York, O'Kane [n. d.j. 
Collation : pp. &(. Plates. 19°, cloth. 

Herbert, Henry William. Frank Forester and His Friends; or, Woodland 
Adventures in the Middle States of North America. London, Bentley, 1849. 

3 vols. Post 8°, cloth, uncut. 

Herbert, Henry William. Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing of the United 
and British Provinces of North America, etc. London, Bentley, 1849. 

Collation : pp. xvi-455. Plates. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 


' ■ i. iii »»ii i i i «n i Mi i imi>'.* ii « i »M 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Herlwrt, Henry William. Another copy. 

Mulf ^ccn mnmcoi, (III back, gill lop. 

Herbert, Henry William. Another edition. New York, Stringer, 1850. 

Collation : pp. 339. PUlM. I**, h«if brown morocco, gilt back, gill lop, by Zaehnidorf. 

Herbert, Henry William. Third edition. Revi»ed and corrected, with an 
ample supplement by the author. New York, 1851. 

ColUtkNi : pp. (vilt-ivil-359. PlatM . •<>, half brown morocco, gill back, gill lop, by Zaabnt- 

Herbert, Henry William. Supplement to Frank Forester's Fish and Fish, 
ing of the United Sutes and British Provinces of North America. New 
York, Stringer, 1850. 
Collation: pp. Il-M. Colourad ptaie. Square 8°, cloth. 

Herbert, Henry William. Fishing with Hook and Line; a manual for ama- 
teur anglers, containing also descriptions of Popular Fishes and their Habits, 
Preparation of Baito, &c., &c. New York [n. d.J. 
Plata. lao, cloth. Not in Bit. fit*. 

Herbert. Henry William. Life and Writings of. Edited by David W. 
Judd. New York, Orange Judd, i88a. 

Illuitratad. a voU. tfi, cloth. 

Heresbachlue, Conradus. Fovre Bookes of Husbandry, collected by M. 
Conradus Heresbachius, Counseller to the hygh and mighty Prince, the Duke 
of Cleue ; conteyning the whole arte and trade of husbandry, with the an- 
tiquitie and commendation thereof. Newely Englished, and increased by 
Bamabe Googe, Esquire. London, printed by Richard Watkins. B. L. 


Collation : pp, 1^-193-!. Small 4°, panel calf. Fine and perfect copy of the rare ftnt edition, 
wllh blank leaT and veraet at the end. Author's own copy, with his inidalt " B. G." on title- 
page, and coat-of-armt on the back. 

Hereabachius, Conradus. Another edition. London, printed by T. Este. 

Collation : pp. zii-i93-i. Small 4°, full sprinkled calf, gilt back, gilt edges. 

Heresbachius, Conradus. Another edition. London, printed by T. Wright, 

Collation : pp. x-xSa-i. Small 4", full brown calf, by Rlvitre. From Library of Edmund 
Philips, with his book-plate. " Bamaby Googe's translation of the ' Foure bookes of husband- 

gcr, 1850. 


ted, with an 

>p, by ZaahM- 

h and Fish- 
irici. New 

ual for ama< 
heir HabiU, 

r David W. 

5cted by M 
:e, the Duke 
vith the an- 
icreased by 
ins. B. L. 

tre first edition, 
B. G." on title- 

by T. Este. 

f T. Wright, 

ry of Edmund 
tes of liaiband- 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


ry ' li very qunlni, poellcel and chermini. Ikwge wm • po«t by vocation, and itie author of 
' F.clogi. Rpilaphei, and Sonn«lle», newly written,' 1563, of which only three cupie* are known 
to eilit. Ha alM> pnxluced uthrr worlii, original and iranalaled, anione the latter a translation 
of the ' Regnum J'apUticum of Naogcorgsu, recently rrprinird at the ChUwIck Preia, by Mr. 
R. C Hope (with memoir of Oooge), from the only pcrfKi copy which li known. Bit. piu. 

Hcrcsbachlut, Conradus. The Whole Art and Trade of Hvsbandry con- 
tained in foure books. Enlarged by Bamaby Googe. London, Richard 
More. 1614. 

Collation : pp, xii-ilj. Small 4'', fUll polished calf, gill b«cii. Part 4. "Of poultrie, fowl*, 
flth and bee*. 

Hereal»achlu«, Conradus. The Whole Art of Hvsbandry contained in fovre 
bookes, viz . . . 1 1 II. Of poultrie, fowie, fish . . . and the art of angling 
. . . now renewed, corrected, enlarged and adorned with all the experiments 
and practices of our English nation, which were wanting in the former edi- 
tions. By Captaine Garvase Markham. London, R. More. 1631. 

Collation : pp. viii-jS). 4°, full brown calf, with gilt coat-of-arms on the iid,;«, gilt edget. 
" In the editions edited by Markham, seven or ei^ht pages on angling are artded to the brief 
treatise on the fish-pond* of the original work. Putuuutut disappears, but ir. the other parts of 
the book the interiocutors remain as n former editions. Sir Harris Nicolas, in his biography 
of Walton, says, ' There is so much resemblance lielween many passages of Walton's work and 
Heresbachlus llu.bandry, bv Googe, which was first printed in 1577, as to render it probable 
he was indebted to that work for some of his ideas.' Thi* may have been the ca*e; but the 
' Compteat Angler ' Is more eloieiy allied, in the mechanism, at least, to the ■ De venatione, 
auoupio et piscatione.' Thi* work was the fruit* of it* author'* leisure, and was written at his 
country house during his occasional retirement from the exigencies of ni* life at court. It con- 
sist* or a dialogue, in which the Interlocutors bear names sigitificative of their different vocations. 
Philothtrut opens the conversation with an eulogium of the sport of hunting. Lagm follows and 
descant* on the poitime of hunting the hare, the fox, the badcer and the deer. Elafhovrmu 
pa**e* in review the chase of the lUg, the wild boar, etc. HaRtut take* the greate*t *hare in 
the colloquy, and treats of the different modes of fishing, and the various kinds of fish. The 
close parallel iMtween the outer form of the above and Wdton's Angler must be evident enough. ' 

Hickman, William. Sketches on the Nipisaquit, a river of New Brunswick, 
B. N. America. Halifax, Strong. London, Day and Son, i860. 

Imperial 4°, cloth. " Eight coloured lithographed plates with descriptions." Bib. piu. 

Hickman, William. Another copy. Cloth. 

Hicks, J. Wanderings by the lochs and streams of Assynt and the North 
Highlands of Scotland. 
Collation : pp. xvi-aya. Illustrations. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

« Hi-ReKan,"/^^<^- How and Where to Fish in Ireland. A hand guide for 
Anglers. Fifth edition. London, Low, 189a. 
Map and Illustration*. 19°, boards. 





1 14 Catalogue of Books on Angling. 

Hiftoiy. A Natural Hirtory of FUhet. Forty engraving! on woo<l. AIn. 
wick, Davison, (n. d.] 

ColUUon : pp. 9». i«°, half bi«M morocco. (Ill bMli, gtlt lop. by ZMhntdorf. with oriflMl 
p«p«n eov«n bouml la. 

Hodg*. Davtot. Angling Dajrt on Scotch Locha. By •♦Yellow body." Edln- 
burgh, Menxies. 1884. 

Collation : pp. vU-tia. ia°, clotb. WrltMa orlgtnally for pubtlcatloa In th« " OundM Ad* 
vvftlMr." Prar. 

Hofland, T. C. The British Angler's Manual ; or, The art of angling in 

England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland ; with some account of the principal 

rivers, lakes, and trout streams in the United Kingdom : with instructions in 

fly-fishing, trolling, and angling at the bottom, and more particularly for the 

trout. Embellished with numerous engravings on steel and wood, from origi- 

nal pictures and drawings by the author. London, Whitehead, 1839. 

Collation : pp. ivl-n4io. EKlra illuttrated by tha Inaartlon of nuuMrout platas, many of which 
are colorwd. r, full green moroooo. gilt baoli, tide* tooled In gilt, gilt top. 

Hofland. T. C. Another copy. 

Full graen moroeoo, gilt back, gilt eentarpiaee and oeraer omamenU. gill edges, by J. Wrigbi. 

Hofland, T. C. Another copy. 
Half gTMn morocco, gill back, gill lop. 

Holland. T. C. Another edition. Revised and enlarged by E. Jesse, with 
' memoir of the author. London, Bohn, 1848. 

CoUadon : pp. s3udi-448. lUuetraled. 1°, half green morocco, gilt back, gill top. 

Hofland, T. C. Another copy. 

Hair gr««n levant morocco, gill back, gilt lop. 

Hofland, T. C. Another copy. Cloth. 

Holberton, Wakeman. The Art of Angling ; how and where to catch fish. 
New York, 1887. 

Collatk>n : pp. 96. 8", paper uncut. Only 50 copiee printed. No. 16, autograph letter of 
the author InMrted. 



rood. Aln- 

', with ortglnal 

idy.- Edln- 

"DuiMiM Ad> 

angling in 
:he principal 
itructions in 
ilarly for the 
I, from origi- 
many ct which 

I, by J. Wright. 

. Jewe, with 

to catch fish. 

)gT«ph letter of 

Catalogue of Books on Unfiling 


HoilMrton, Wakcman. 

of the party. 1887. 

The Diary of Our I'rip to E'-Soc-Quet, by ont 

Folio, full green levani morocco hf Aiikeman. 
page* pronely llluttrated with nhntograph*, one full-|>ag<> water-color, and 

" An imItaiUMi manutcrlpi done \>j callgraph 
41 page* prolUtely llluttrated with nhntogreph*, one full-|>ag<> water-color, and ine lllle-pag 
lllumlnaled." Prom letter of W. Iiollicrion " I'hli edition l« limited lo is coplea 

No. I)." W. HoilMrton. Two autograph lellert of ih« aaihor latarted. 


Holdiworth, Edmund W. H. Deep-nea Fiihing and Finhing Boats. An ac> 
count of the practical working of the various fisheries around the British Isl- 
ands, with illustrations and descriptions of the boats, nets, and other gear in 
use. London, Stanford, 1874. 
Collation . pp. xvl-4a9. (taie«, V, half blua moroeoo, gilt tMck, glh lop, UBCUt by Zaahaidorf. 

Holdsworth, Edmund W. H., and Archibald Young. Sea Fisheries, by 
E. W. H. H. Salmon fisheries, by Archibald Young. London, Stanford, 

Collation: pp. v-^. Illuttrationi. lA^, half blue morocco, jrllt back, gilt top, by Zaahnidorf. 
"A volume 01 ' HnlUh Induttrlei,' edited by O. P. Bevan. Mr. Holdiworth alto contributed 
' Pliherie* ' to the gih edition of the ' Encyclopedia Britannica,' iSys, etc." Bit. pix. 

Hole, Samuel Reynold*. See Oxonian, /f/»</. 

Holmes, R. See Angler. The Angler's Guide. 1859. 

Hone. William. The Every Day Book. London, Hunt and Clarke, 1836-37. 

Illuttratloni. a voli., 8°, full scored calf, gill backn, gilt edgei. "Vol. I, p. 34!, conlainf 
' The Sluiix House' ; Vol. 11. p. 384, ' Important to anglen.' a letter giving an account of a 
vtllt to Dove-dale and liened 'Nottingham, W. H.' Iprobablv William Howitt); alio, p. yt^, 
' Thunny Fishing ' ; pp. (556-^7, ' The New River at Korniey, followed by ' Advertisement of 
Walion'i Angler, 16S3.' " Bit. fitc. From tb« library of Charlaa Henry Turner, wiU> hi* book- 
plate. Original edition. 

Hone. William. The Table Book. London, Hunt and Clarke, 1837-38. 

Illustratloiii. • voU. bound In 1, S°, full scorcti calf, gilt back, gilt edgei. " Containi ' Ang- 
ling at Thame* Uitton,' p. 330: 'Tickling Trotu, p, yxx; ' Fiihery, fijhing vessel*,' /fc.,p. 645: 
and ' Filey, Yorkihire, haddock legend and hrrring nsherv,' p. yji; followed by ' Ht*catoria, 
on the tame and following page.' " Bit. piu. From the library oiCharlei Henry Tiunar, with 
hit book-plate. 

Hone, William. The Year Book. London, T. Tegg, 1833. 

Illustrations. 8°, full scored calf, gilt back, gilt edges, tn this work we find, 
streams in Winter " ; " Gardiner's booke of angling or fishing." Bit. put. "From the 
oi Charles Henry Turner, with hit book-plate. 



Catalogm of Books on Angling. 

Hood. Thomas. Whims and Odditiea, in (>ruM Md vtnc, with 40 onfiaal 

designs. Second edition. London, Relfe, 1817. 

Collailon up iiv-i«t. HoM V, h»lf r<Kl mortMen. liU iMok. gtli iop, uacui, by ZMlMMdoff. 
ConMlaa " W«ltuii iUdivlvtu, p. M, 

Hooker, Richard. Sec Walton (luulk). Life of Hooker, 1665. 

Hor«. Herbert Francis: An Knquiry into the I.egitUtivc Control and Im- 
provement of the Salmon and Sea Fi«herie« of Iri'Und. Dublin, Ho<1gea and 
Smith, i8so- 

C'nilallon : pp Iv-«ji. I", h«lf fwtn monaxo, ftll b««h. 

Horrocks, John. Die Kuntt der Fliegen-fiiiherei auf ForcUen und Aachen in 

Deutachland und Oetterreich. Weimar, Boigt, 1879. 
Illutifailont. V, elo(li. 
Hortus Sanltatls. Oart der Geiuntheit «u latein Hortm Sanitatit. Sage In 

vicr bUcheren wir her nach volget ... in dreiten vi»chen und schwimmenden 

. . . Corrlgiert und gebeaaert. Jtem ein neu Rcgiiter. Getruckt lu Straaiburg 

bei Matthia Apiario, i^^ft. 

Woodcui illU and many llluMnitloB* in «h« l«it ; folio boMd*. Tli* Ull*-p«t« •»«! colophon 
ara by Holbaln. 

HouKhton Rev. William. Sea-nide Walks of a Naturalist with his Chil- 
dren, illustiMicd with eight coloured plates and numerous wood engravings. 
London, Groombndje, 1870. 

ColUtlon : pp. vl-iM- i«°. half Wua morocco, fill back, fill top. By th« author of " British 
Kreih-walar Flihet." 

Houghton, Rev. William. British Fresh-water Fishes, illustrated with a col- 
oured figure of each species drawn from nature by A. F. Lydon and numer- 
ous engravings. London, Bell, 1884. 

CoUadon : pp. xxvi-oo*. Imperial .%°. cloth, gilt tdgat. 

Howitt. Samuel. The Angler's Manual. Embellished with twelve plates, 
by S. Howett. Liverpool, Harris, 1808. 

Oblong la". half gwcn morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by W. Pratt. •' Howatt U mW by ' Bryan'. 
Dictionary of Painter* ' to have be«n a lelf-taughl arti»t, diitinguiihed for hit ikill in daiignlng 
wild animals and the hunting of them. He died suddenly in ifea." Bit. piu. 

HowItt, William. The Rural Life of England. Second edition, corrected 
and revised with illustrations on wood. London, Longman, 1840. 

8°, cloth. 

CataloKUt of Books on Angling 1 1 7 

Howl«tt. Robert. See H. R. 

Hughes, William. See Pisrator. The practical angler, 1841, etc. 

Hulth, Robert. The Improved Hritish AnKler,conuininK the moat esteemed 
mrthfxis of angling for [M)nd and river ftih ; the Imita for each, and how to 
obtam and preterve them ; the choiMimg of rodi and tactile ; alto, inttructions 
in every branch of fly-Aihing ; materiaU for the manufacture of fliea ; com* 
prilling, also, original information on the art of angling. Derby, Richardson 
(printed) ; London, Simpkin and Co., 183? 

CollsUon : p|> «•. lll«iUr«ikNi«. Hquart ir>, Half f'««" ealf. (Ill ImkJi. From ThomM W«s*- 
wocxl'i eoli«cilon, with hi* t>auk-pUic, munogrsm, and aulogrsph, "T. Watiwood, iMo, " on 

Huiitinff, Shooting and Fishing ; a sporting miscellany. With anecdotic chap* 

tera about horKs and dogs. Numerous illustrations. London, Sampson 

Low, 1877. 

Collaiion: pp. 117. 1°, hrtf rad morocco, (lit iMuk, (lit lop. "Tha llluitratlont art bv 
• PhU. A. W. Coopar. ale ' 

Husbandry. Cheafie and Goode Husbandry. See Markham (G.). 

Idia. Christopher. //<■»//. Hints on Shooting, Fishing, tU., both on sea and 
land, and in fresh-water locha of Scotland ; beinc; the experiences of Chris- 
topher Idle, Em]. London, Longman, 1855. 
Collation : pp. *lll-a93. vV, half red moroooo, (III back, gilt top, unvut. 

Idle, Christopher, ///«</. Second edition, revised and enlarged. 1865. 

CoUatlon : pp. 11-354. 16^, half brown morocco, (lit back, (ill top, uncut, by Zaehnidorf. 

Illustrations tc Walton's Angler. See Gosden (T.). 

Improvement of the fisheries. See Dixon (John). 

Innerleithen and Traquair Past and Present ; with an Angler's guide to the 
Tweed and its tributaries. Innerleithen, Smail, 1863. 

Collation : pp. vi~i48. 1<P, half brown morocco, gill back, gilt top, bv Zathnidorf. ProMii- 
talion copy with following Intcriptlon on titla-pagt, " With the author's Und regard*." 

International Fisheries Exhibition. See Catalogues, Edinburgh. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

International Fisheries Exhibition, The. Hand-books, vols. 1-3 ; Con- 
ferences, vols. 4-7 ; Prize Essays, vols. 8-1 1 ; Catalogue, vol. la; Index, vol. 
13; together, 13 vols. London, Clows, 1884. 

8°, cloth, uncut 

Ireland. See " Hi Regan." How and where to fish in Ireland. London, 

Ireland, S. W. H. See H. C, The Fisher Boy. 
Ireland, William Henry. See Clifford, Charles, /j^m/. 

Ireland. The Angler in Ireland j or, An Englishman's ramble through Con- 
naught and Munster, during the summer of 1833. 

Map and plates. 3 vols., post 8^, half green morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops. ■' By Belton, 
author of ' Two Summers in Norway.' Belton was a friend of Lover, who contributed the two 
illustrations to the work." BU. pise. 

Ireland. Another copy. 

a vols., post 8°, hfeJf red morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Alfred Matthews. 

Ireland. The Sportsman in Ireland; with his summer route through the 
Highlands of Scotland. By a Cosmopolite. London, Colbum, 1840. 

Illustrations. 3 vols., post 8°, half green morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut. " Attributed 
to Mr. R. Allan." Bib. fifc. 

Isys, Cotswold. An Angler's Strange Experiences; a whimsical medley and 
an of-fish-all record without a-bridge-ment. Profusely illustrated in a style 
never before app-roach-ed in these days after drawings in water-colors. Lon- 
don, Low, 1883. 

Collation : pp. xvi-ioo. Square 8°, cloth. 

Isys, Cotswold. See H. C. C, Our House Warming. 

Italy. Divisione di Agricoltura. Annali del ministero di agriccltura indus- 
tria e commercio: La pesca in Italia, raccoiti per Ad Targioni TozzettL 
Genova, 1874. 
Vol. a only, V>, paper. 

Jackson, John, of Tanfield Mitt. The Practical Fly-fisher ; more particularly 
for grayling or umber. London, Fariow; Leeds, Swallow, 1854. 

Collation : pp. iv-s8. Plates. 8°, half yellow calf, gilt back, red edges. " Dedicated to 
T. H. B., who completed the work after the author's death, and has given a brief biography of 

. ' "^■'"■''-^- ■-,-;i;;" •'-■•'■•'■'-rfnirn(Bln'"t^*1i1tg' 

1-3; Con- 
Index, vol. 


ough Con- 

■■ By Belton, 
buted the two 

hrough the 
" Attributed 

medley and 
I in a style 
lors. Lon- 

Itura indus- 
ai Tozzetti. 


Dedicated to 
f biography of 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 


laclcson, winding up, in tombstone fashion, with (he assurance that he was ' a good husband, an 
indulgent parent, and a kind friend." " Bib. piic. From collection of Thoman Westwood, with 
his book-plate and autograph, "T. Westwood, i860," on fly-leaf. 

Jackaon, John, 0/ Tanjield Mill. Second edition. 1863. 

Collation : pp. iii-57. Illustrated. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnt- 

Jackson, John, of Tanfield Mill. Treatise on Flies and Fly-hooks. See 
Walton, Isaak. The Complete Angler. 1885. 

Jacob, Qiles. The Country Gentleman's Vade Mecum, containing fish and 
fishing, fish-ponds, etc. London. Printed for William Taylor, 1717. 

Collation : pp. x-i3a. Plate. 16°, half crimson calf, gilt back. " The running title is ' The 
Country Gentleman's Companion. ' " Bib. pise. 

Jacobi, Stephen Ludwlg. Translation of a letter from the Hanover Maga- 
zine No. 33, March 31, 1763. Giving an account of a method to breed fish 
to advantage. London. Printed by W. Macintosh, 1778. 

Collation : pp. iii-50. Plate. 8°, r.dlf calf. " The name of * S. L. Jacobs ' is appended to 
this letter. It is a translation of the penultimate entry and the first notice in English of fish cul- 

Jardine, Sir William. Ichthyology. The perch family, Edinburgh, Lizars, 

Plates, some coloured. ia°, half olive morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. 
Vol. 99 of the Naturalist's Librcry. 

Jardine, Sir William. British Salmonidse. Twelve colored plates, en- 
graved by W. H. Lizars, with descriptions. 27^ x 21 inches, in cloth port- 

Jeans, Thomas. The Tommiebeg Shootings ; or a moor in Scotland. New 
edition, with illustrations, by Percival skelton. London, Routledge, i860. 

Collation : pp. viii-434. Post 8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Alfred 
Matthews. " Chapters a6, 97, a8, and 31 are on angling subjects." Bib.fuc. 

Jeanes, Thomas. Always in the Way; a little story with illustrations by 

K. J. F. Edinburgh, Edmonston and Douglas, 1868. 

Collation : pp. ix-i8o. tG>, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf, with origi- 
nal paper covers bound in. 

Jefferies, Richard. The Life of the Fields. London, Chatto, 1884. 

ia°, clcth, uncnt. 










Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Jemmet, Samuel (of Devonshire). Original MSS., consisting of seven leaves 
entitled " Directions for making Artificial Flies." 
ia°. half green calf, gilt back, gilt top. 

Jesse, Edward. Gleanings in Natural History ; with local recollections, to 
which are added maxims and hints for an angler. London, Murray, 1832. 

Inserted frontispiece, plate, and illustrations in the text. Post 8°, half green morocco, gilt 
back gill top "The 'maxims and hints." were written for the album of a fishing club by a 
friend of the author and signed ' R. P.. 31 May. 1809. ' " Bit. puc. 

Jesse, Edward. Another copy, vignette tide-plate, and illustrations in the 
text ; boards, uncut. The copy in boards has small cut on title not in the 
bound one. 

Jesse, Edward 


A.n Angler's Rambles. London, Van Voorst. 

'• Fish, nature, streams, disconrse, the line, the hook, 
Shall form the motley subject of my book." 

CoUatlon: pp. viii-318. Illustrations. Post 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, ^t top, by 
Zaehnsdorf "An amiable rather than an able book. It includes ' Thames fishing, whicf. first 
appe^ed in • Fiiser" Magaiine " of Januarv,.i834.„ TJe 'Gentleman's Magazine" for 1836 
contains a review of the work by the Rev. J. Mitford. Bti. puc. 

Jesse, Edward. Scenes and Tales of Country Life ; with recollections of nat- 
ural history. London, Murray, 1844 

Collation : pp vii-soj. lUustrations. Post 8°, half red morocco, gjlt back, gilt top, uncut. 

t^oiiBuon H,F V._*'A..,-j . . Tu. -1 ide. . . uaak Walton— His instructions to anglers— 

:ruelty— Beauties of his writings.' " Bit. fisc. A 
appeared in " Bentley's Miweliany " under the title 

__ rBeaiities of his writings.' " Bii. psc. A 

^rtion"of"the*piMr'cilSf " IUver:side°" has appekred in " Bentley's Misceirany" ui " 
ff" IsaSt WJton and his friends. " A fishing-song with music is inserted at p. 96, 

Jesse, Edward. Favorite Haunts and Rural Studies, including visits to spots 
of interest in the vicinity of Windsor and Eton. London, Murray, 1847. 
Collation : pp. vi-36s. Plates, 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. 

Jesse, Edward. Another copy. 

Half olive mo'wsco, gilt back, gilt top, by Kaufinan. 

Jesse, Edward. Lectures on Natural History, delivered at the " Fisher- 
man's Home." Brighton. London, Murray, i86o. 
Collation : pp. ili-48. 8°. cloth. Reprinted from the " Brighton Herald." 

Jesse, Edward. See Walton (I). The Complete Angler. 1856, 1861, 1870, 

> *i*ft^^W^Aw*&■':^I^'WW-^*^■*****•■* ''■*%' ■■ 

^^ -.^«iwmi»i»laii^v »»in.<y:jB;MM 

ven leaves 

ections, to 

ly, 183a. 

morocco, gilt 
ig club by a 

ons in the 
not in the 

an Voorst. 

;, ffilt top, by 
^, which nrit 
une' for 1836 

ions of nat- 

ilt top, uncut. 
IS to anglers — 
Bit. file. A 
under the title 

sits to spots 

Yt 1847- 

lie " Fisher- 

J.861, 1870, 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Jobey, Charles. Conseils pour la p^che \^ la ligns. Paris, Coin. [n. d.] 

Collation : p. 160. Ilhisirations. 13°, half brown morocco, gilt back. 

Johns, Rev. C. A. Home Walks and Holiday Rambles. London, Long- 
man, [n. d.] 

Collation : pp. vii-973. Illustrations. ia°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, "containi 
angling matter Au.nM. Bib.piae. 

Johnson, T. B. The Sportsman's Cyclopaedia, comprising a complete eluci- 
dation of the science and practice of hunting, fishing, and other sports and 
pastimes of Great Britain. London, Bohn, 1848. 

Collation : pp. vi-040-v. Illustrations. 8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehni- 
dorf. The edition of 1831 with a new title and a larger number of illustrations. 

Juigneaux, Pierre. Pisciculture et culture des eaux. Paris, [n. d.] 

CoUation : pp. 357. Illustration, xa", cloth. * 

Jones, Oriffith Bvan. Confessions of a Welsh Salmon-poacher. London, 
Johnson, 1877. 

Collation : pp. 59. 8°, half green calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. '• Originally ap- 
peared in ' ^d and Water." ' BH. piu. • / 1- 

Jones, J . Guide to Norway, and Salmon-fisher's Pocket Companion. 
Edited by Frederic Tolfrey (with 8 coloured plates of aies). London, 
Longman, 1848. 

Collation: pp. xxiv-asg. \fP, half men morocco, gilt back, gilt top, with original paper 
covers bound in. "A useful manual. The plates of flies are admirably executed. "^(»./mc. 

Jones, J. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, with original paper covers bound in. 

Jordan, David S. See U. S. Interior Dept., National Museum Contribu- 
tions to North American Ichthyology. 

Jourdier, Auguste. La Pisciculture et la Production de Sangsues. Avec 
une introduction par M. Coste. Paris, Hachette, 1856. 
Collation : pp. vili-aio, Illustration. 16°, cloth. 

K. C. See Kingsley, Charles. 

Karr, Alphonse. Dictionnaire du Pficheur. Trait6 complet de la p6che en 
eau douce et en eau sal^e; histoire, moeurs, habitudes des poissons, crustac^, 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 


testac^s, eic, lois, usages. proc6dis, ruses et secrets des p«cheurs. Paris, 
Gamier, 1855. Second edition with a change of title. 

Collation: pp. Iv-336. w°, half brown morocco. giU back, gilt top, with original paper 
covers bound In. 

Karr, Alphonse. La P6chc en eau douce et en eau saWe, etc. Paris, Levy, 

Collation : pp. yn. X9°, half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Tout. 

Keene, John Harrington. The Practical Fisherman; dealing with the 
natural history, the legendary lore, the capture of British fresh-water fish, and 
tackle and tackle-making. London, Bazaar office, 1881. 

Collation : pp. Iii-4flt. Illustrations. 8°, cloth, gilt. 

Keene, John Harrington. Another copy. 

9P, cloth, gilt. 

Keene, John Harrlnicton. Fishing Tackle, its Materials and Manufacture; 
a practical guide to the . . . equipment of the angler and fly-fisher. . . . 
London, Ward, Lock & Co., 1886. 

Collation: pp. 330. Plates, some folding, and the text. ia°. cloth. 

Kemp, John. Shooting and Fishing in Lower Brittany. A complete and 
practical guide to sportsmen. London, Longman, 1859. 

Collation: pp xii-a39. Map. 8", half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Kennard, Edward. Norwegian Sketches. Fishing in strange waters. 
London, Chaoman, iS^.S. 
Thirty plates. Oblorg 4^, half cloth, with illuminated cover. 

Kennedy, John Pendleton. See Clarke of OxmtoxAt, pseud. 

Kennedy, Captain William Robert. Sport, Travel, and Adventure in 
Newfoundland and the West Indies. . . . Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1885. 

Collation- pp. xi-39Q. Map, plates, and illustrations in the text. 8°, cloth, uncut. "For 
three years he was in command of the British cruisers 00 the coasts of Newfoundland, and ac- 
cordinely he ' claims,' as the Americans would say, to have had unrivalled opportiuiitiet of ex- 
ploring the colony. Undoubtedly he is right ; and he has written the best, or rather the only 
good, book on the subject that we have ever read." Sat. Rev., 60, 399. 

Kentish. The Kentish Angler; or. The young fisherman's instructor: shew- 
ing the nature and properties offish which are generally angled for in Kent; 
their haunts, spawning times, etc. Rules and cautions to be observed by 





sure. Paris, 

original paper 

Paris, Levy, 

, by Tout. 

ng with the 
Iter fish, and 

r-fisher. . . . 


otnplete and 


uige waters. 

^.dventure in 
3d, 1885. 

1, uncut. " For 
indland, and ac- 
Kjrtunities of ex- 
■ rather the only 

ructor: shew- 
, for in Kent ; 
observed by 

Catalogue of Books on /4ngling 


young anglers; the proper method of angling for trout, carp, etc.; worm, min- 
now, cadis and maggot- fishing; fly-fishing and the preparation of artificial 
flies ; and an abstract of the laws of angling. By an Experienced Angler. 
Canterbury, printed by J. Saflery, 1804. 

Collation ; pp. 40 and ii (errata). la", full [wllshed calf, gilt back. " One of the rare local 
book*. Under the head of • Roach, the author says : • It i» really surprising to see the shoals 
01 roach that come up the river to Fordwich and Slurry ; in sjiawning time the number is so 
very great, that it is customary for tne mayor, jurats or some of the freemen of that town, and 
likewise the gentlemen of .Sturry, to catch them with a drag-net and make presents of them to 
their acquaintances and poor inhabitant!, of Fordwich and Sturry. In the year 178a, Mr. Wood- 
rouff. Mr. Pidduck, two of the jurats, and some of the Freemen, did catch, in one draught, one 
hundred and twenty bushels of roach, and many of them weighed two pound\ and s6me up- 
wards of three pounds a fish. At page ao are some • Lines by a gentleman, relative to fishing, 
which are too beautifijl to be omftted by an angler.' " mh. /nsc. Bound with It is •■ The 
Angler, by Charles Clifford, fituj. From the library of James Walsh, with his book-plate. 

Kidd, William. Kidd's Practical Instructions in the Art of Angling; with 
many novel directions for the better enjoyment of the " gentle art " ; adapted 
to the use of young as well as experienced anglers . . . illustrated by pict- 
uresque engravings. London, W. Kidd, 1820. 

CoUation : pp. «5. if half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Riviire, with orig- 
Inal paper covers T>ound in. " The frontispiece of a gentleman in tartan and a lady in evening 
dress has a quotation from the 'Sportsman's Dictionary,' setting forth that aneUng isa 'par- 
tiOT^chSJST^' P"""»e. to which the presence of one's 'ladyi^love' lends a no fmall addi- 

King, John Lyie. Trouting on the Brule River; or, Lawyers summer-way- 
faring in the northern wilderness. Chicago, 1879. 

u 9°'!?w" "..P?; **-^3- Map. lao, cloth. Presentation copy with foUowIng Inscription on fly- 
leaf: "Weed, Parsons 4 Co. From Jno. Lyle King." «. h""» «» "j 

Kingsley, Charles. Chalk-stream Studies. By a Minute Philosopher. Pp. 
3*3-343 from " Eraser's Mag." for Sept., 1858. 

8°, half green inorocco, gilt back. From collection of Thomas Westwood, with his book-plate, 
autograph '"T. Westwood on flyleaf, and following memo.: "Extracted from • Fraser'i 
fliagatine tor September, and since incorporated in the writer's Miscellaneous Essays. T. W." 

Kinsrsley, Charles. Prose Idylls. New and old. London, Macmillan, 

CoUation : pp. lii-017. 19O, cloth. " Contains ' Chalk-stream Studies,* originaUy published in 
tnatx for Sept., 1858. Many charming angling passages wiU be found in Kingsley's • Life and 
JLetters. By his Widow. Bii.fise. 

KIrby's Anglers' Museum, See Shirley (Thomas), 



illWMaWI** I"!*!! »">"" 

WjJiOMinwmii I )WMW<w>tei<iiijgia»'i'>Wii'ij-^.p-- 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Kirkbrlde, John. The Northern Angler; or, Fly-fisher's companion. Car- 
lisle, Thumam, 1837. 
ColUdon ; pp. xvl-ia4. PUtei. i<P, half green morocco, jfilt back, gilt top. uncut 

Klrkbride. John. Another edition. London, Groombridge, 1840. 

Collation : pp. xvl-ia4. PUtei. 16", half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Kaufinann. 

Kirkbride, John. Fourth edition. London and Carlisle, Marlborough, 

ColUtlon: pp. xv-iw. Platei. iffi. half purple morocco, gilt b«k. " The fronUspiew j» 
an engraving oTrWetheral Bridge." Bih.pise. from Thomai^Vestwood 1 collection, with hii 
book-plate and monogram on ify-lcaf. 

Knox. A. E. Autumns on the Spey ; with four illustrations by Wolf. Lon- 
don, Van Voorst, 1872. 


lation : pp. vii-171. Post 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top Pre»«n«»f °» «»^y 
foUowing inscription on titte-page : " The Lord Norreys, with the author * kind regards. 

* Knox, A. E. Another copy. 


Knox, John. A View of the British Empire, more especially Scotland ; with 
some proposals for the improvement of that country, the extension of its fish- 
eries, and the relief of the people. Third edition, greatly enlarged. London, 
J. Walter, 1785. 
a vols. 8°, half brown morocco, gilt tops, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Knox, Robert. Fish and Fishing in the Lone Glens of Scotland ; with a 
history of the propagation, growth, and metamorphoses of the salmon. Lon- 
* don, Routledge, 1854. 

Collation: pp. lv-144. Vignette title and Illustrations, xa"'. haKjwen ««>«>«<=<>• ^'IS'SV 
gilt tM, by liehnsdSS. "Castigated by Mr, H. R. Francis in "fte Fly-fisher anB his U- 
Bnirjr.'^" Bii.pisc. 

Koltz, J. P. J. Trait* de Pisciculture Pratique; ou, des proc^d^s de multi- 
plication et incubation naturelle et artificieUe des poissons d'eau douce. 
Paris, Victor Masson, i866. 

CoUation : pp. vi-i6o. Troisi*me Edition. lUustraUons. la". half blue morocco, gUt back, 
gtlt top, tmcut. With original paper covers bound in. 

..;.-.'Mj#IBWfe*M. ft- .._i|R-».-' 

ll.t| H l M\ i tf lf.l I ■ 1 -' ! ■ ' ' 

lion. Car- 



frontispiece it 
tion, with bit 

^oir. Lon- 

tntatlou coDjr 
nd regardi. 

land; with 
1 of its fish- 

nd; with a 
non. Lon- 

cco, k|U back, 
sr and hit Li- 

£s de multi- 
'eau douce. 

ceo, gilt back. 

Catalogue oj Books on Angling 


Kresz, C, attU. Le P*cheur Fran9ais, trait<5 de la pflche in la ligne et aux 
filets en eau douce, fte. Paris, chez I'auteur, fabricant d'ustensiles de p^che 
et de chasse, 1818. 

Collation : pp. viii-36. Plates. 160. half calf. " One of the best French works on the sub- 
Ject. C. B. Hgareau issued an edition, • Revu et Augments, ' in i8a8. The ' Sportlne Maea- 
line for i8a8 and 1839 (vols, ixiii and xxiv^ N. S.) contains five articles with plates of flies, which 
are translated recerpts from this work. The editor prefaces them with a lame story of having, 
quite regardless of expense.' acquired a MS. ' TreaUse on Angling as Practised in Franc?' 
written by Kress, the younger.' " Bib. piic. 

L. L. M. See Llewellyn (Martin). Men Miracles. 1656. 

Lac. Le lac, les riviires, et la p«che. Troisiime Edition. Lille, Lefont, 

ColUtion : pp. 63. Plate. 3aO, half red morocco. 

Lady. The Accomplish'd Ladies' Delight in Preserving, Physick, Beautify- 
ing, and Cookery . . . and also some new and excellent secrets and experi- 
ments in the art of angling. . . . Fifth edition, enlarged. London, printed 
for Benjamin Harris, etc., 1685. 

ColUUon : Plate. Engraved title, printed title, one unnumbered leaf, pp. i-flo«, all numbered 
leaves, (p. 177 misprinted uj.) PUtes consist as follows: portrait ol^a lady, engraved title, 
fishing Kene, p i^, plate of fish, p. 115, plate of diagrams, p. 154. 16°. fuU polished calf, gilt 
Dacic, gilt top, by Riviire. 

Lady. The Lady's Delight, etc. The art of preserving and candying fruits 
and flowers. No title. 

foifn f)j" ^K^"**** "'f; uS°,"'*Jj"."Jl?*' J'*.?"'" Angler." p. 131-150. which it the tame at 
found in " The Accomplish d Ladies Delight. 

Lambert, James. The Countryman's Treasure . . . with directions to destroy 
all manner of vermin in houses, gardens, fish-ponds, etc . . . Fourth edition. 
London. Printed for J. and B. Sprint. G. Conyers and T. Ballard, in Little 
Britain, (cirea) 1690. 
Collation : pp. 138-iv. Plate. 16", original calf. 

Lambert, Osmond. Angling literature in England, and descriptions of fish- 
ing by the ancients, with a notice of some books on other piscatorial subjects. 
London, Low, 1881. 
Collation : pp. vii-87. ra^. vellum, bound, uncut. 

Lambert, St. Ange. Nouveau manuel completdu pdcheur praticien; ou, 
les secrets, les mystferes et les ruses de la p6che It la ligne, d6voil6s et mis k 



1 ■ 1 1 <i iwiM -fr* 




iM w ii MM w 






126 Catalogue 0/ Books on /Angling 

U port6e de tout le monde. Nouvelle Edition, augmentie de p^ches nouvelles 
et de la legislation relative k la p<che fluviale . . . Paris, Roret. 1881. 

ColUtion-DP vlli-a40 Illuiiratlonf. iflo. half crimson moroico «iU back Forming p»rt 
of Vhe * EncySSpWleXret." The tre.tUe on .ngllng wa. reprinted Tn Bru.«U in 1854. 

Land and Water. Vol. j-3, Jan. la to June ag, 1867. London, 1867. 

Illuilrated 4° half roan. " Mr. Frank Buckland conducted the f)»hlnB jnd flth culture de- 
pallrenruntuVl. death in .8«o. It 1. now In charge of Mr. Ff.nnell." i>i. pi,c. 

Landaff. House Library. See Caialogues, Edward (Thomas). 
Lang. Andrew. Angling Sketches, with three etchings and illustrations by 
W G. Burn-Murdoch. London, Longmans, 1891. 

Oaielte,' and In ' Longmani' Magailna, pref. 

Lang, Andrew. Another copy. 

ia°, cloth. 

Lang, Andrew. The Tercentenary of Izaak Walton. London,- printed for 
private circulation only, 1893. 

Portrait and iHuitratloni. 4°, vellum, paper. 

Lanman, Charles. Adventures of an Angler in Canada, Nova Scotia, and 
the United States. London, Bentley, 1848, 

Collarton : pp. xli-3aa. Illustrations, post 8°. half green morocco, gilt back. 

Lanman. Charlea. Adventures in the Wilds of North America, edited by 
Charles Richard Weld. London, Longmans, 1854. 

Collation : pp. 300. Bound, with " Rambles In Norway." by Thomai Foreater " Oiapteri 
93 to aS «5 devotid to fishing. Reprinted in part from American periodicals. B^. puc. 

Lanman. Charles. Adventures in the Wilds of the United States and 
British American provinces. Illustrated by the author and Oscar Bessau. . . 
(With an appendix.) Philadelphia, Moore, 1856. 

Plates, a voU. 8°. half red levant morocco, gilt backs, gijt toos. uncut, by ZaeLn«iorf. " 'Ad- 
ventm« in the Wild. ' embodies the three previous works. Bti. put. 

Lanman. Charles. Letters from a Landscape Painter. By the author of 
" Essays for Summer Hours." Boston, Munroe, 1845. 

Collation: pp. v-afts. ,a°. half blue mon^co. giU back. bIU top by ZaAnsdorf. Part of this 
is Srint^ in a previo^ui woric. " Haw-Ho-Noo; or. Recorii of a Tourist. 



I nouvellet 

^omitng p«rt 
n iiS4- 

i, 1867. 
ih culture de- 

trations by 

itcd, of which 
Ine,' ' Fliblng 

printed for 
Scotia, and 

I, edited by 

r. " Chapteri 

States and 
ix Bessau. . . 

tnidorf. " 'Ad- 

le author of 

>rf. Part of this 

iilil l ii <H l iii »i '>i i >iM' 

Catalogue of Books on /tngling 137 

Lascelles, Robert. Angling, being the first part of a series of famtliar letters 
on sporting. London, J. Cornes, 1815. 

d.!id i'lh' .f!?"*?t' *"" *!•,•" morocco, gill back. "The letter la ligned ' Pl.caior,' and 
oateu fab. iSii. Fhe ^mplete work Is in three parti, wichout any collrcilve title, • AniilinB. 
.hooting an^^co^rtlng,' [London, i«,5]. With three lllu.tratloni. X.econd «lltlon wm D 

Lathy, Thomas Pike. The Angler; a poem, in ten cantos: w'^h proper 
instructions in the art, rules to choose fishing-rods, lines, hooks, floats, baits, 
and to make artificial flies ; receipts r pastes, &c., and, in short, every article 
relating to the sport. By Pisrator. >ndon, printed for W. Wright, 46 Fleet 
street; and M. Iley, i Somerset street, Portman square, 1819. (With new 

ru.Sll"«h°"JJP;,.'!f'.'2^- P""'*"' °" '"dia paper, and lllii.trationt in the text. Imperial 8», 
ruMla rebacked, gilt edges. One of twenty copies on large paper. 

Lathy, Thomas Pike. The Angler, in ten cantos. Comprising proper in- 
structions, ek. Embellished with upwards of twenty beautiful woodcuts. 
London, printed for J. H. Bum, Maiden Lane, Convent Garden, i8jo. 

coroer-'pleMi,''glu''edgM^' "°' "^ «'*'"P*^ morocco, gilt back, sides with gilt ornaments and 

Lathy, Thomas Pike. Another copy. 

Red crimped morocco, gilt back, sides with gilt centerpiece and comer ornaments, gilt edges. 

Lathy. Thomas Pike. New edition. London, Sherwood, 1822. 

huS2J'*^1; pp.-?!!"';?**- , illustrations, post 8°, full polished calf, gilt back, Rilt top, uncut, 
by W. Pratt. •• 1 his book is one of the worst instances of literary appropriation on rebord It 
was palmed off on Gosden. the sporting bookseller, whose portrait, ■ engrave.l from a painiinK 
^L^„^°°?r'- ^f" ^- '* P''^"'^^ "«= P»i'l £y> for the copyright and also printed a ZglS 
^n%aJfjf"' V .'" "P*?l' °^^'u<' '?■■ '*•" n*"'" »'»"'• «» he himself states in a MS. nfte 
h, hS5L«^™ Ji?'°'".' / 1?' ''"i*^ ^""^""H '^' P"»ibili.y of detection may be inferred from 
the deprecatory character of his preface and the prudent modesty with which L speaks of hirn- 
self as author, editor, or compiler, or whatever other appellation critical mdmnent shall h.. 
Dleased to bestow on me.' The only appellation he coulcf claim of right neeilnrbe suggested 
«! .n.„ I -^h ^"^'i' "'.f'Khtdialosrues,'^ attributed to Dr. Scott, of Ip'swich, is transportlS bod- 
ily into Lathy s book, with a few substitutions and modifications, andihe suppression of the In- 
terlocutors What is Lathy's own, or, rather, what is not Scotts. in the work, may be found 
tril,t?^ll".> '" 'he open.'nKS and endings of the different cantos, and, generally, in the de- 
5^v« afl in^?h «'"».*'''""'°?°' passages, the vapid character and lame versification of which 
rf?rn'n«, lwi„!.7'* ' •"«■•«»«"« and vigorous lines. Lathy's chief end and aim (besides his 
«?h«^HTJ -n^Ur*'"*'° *'A\'' '^'"' ^h" '"^"'^ »''"*» f" W* P'o^'acc, to further what he 
rather oddly calls •r-**i<»i{».yM#«*««,M*j^w*,' and on this ground he apostrophises the 
fair sex in general, and Col. Thornton, in particular, in a most eniLsiastic strain "^ 
rfn nai rfJH"^ A !l*.?*^""*'5*^ Scotfspoem, Lathy hastofall back on his own resources, which 
?»ri^S. f r^ '*'"' '^'"'2'' * ?!: '•^'.'"/f.*,*' * "?"• "e winds up. characteristically, with a plag- 
iarism (of course unacknowledged) of Walton's 'Angler's wish"' the quaint, crisp lines ofwhicTi 
he submits to the cruel process of decasyllabic stretching m »• . "■»? "nes 01 wnicn 


Besides the vellum copy, alluded to above, twenty copies were printed on thick and large pa- 
Dr. Bethune says in bis ' Waltonian Library,'^' I have one in 4°.' " Bit.fite. 





Catalogue oj Books on Angling 

L4iud«r, 5lr Thomas Dick. Scottuh Riven. With il1ustnition!i by the au- 
thor, and a preface by John Brown, M. I). Kdinb^rgh, Edmonaton and 
Douglaa, 1874. 
Collation ; pp. v-jai. PI«U». ii". cWrth. uncui. 

Lawrence, John. See Scott, W. H., pstud. 

Lawsuit. The Law-suit : or, The Farmer and the Fisherman ; a poem. Lon- 
don, Spa van, 1738. 
Collation : pp. v-46. Plata. fP, erimpad Iwowti morocco, (lit back. 

Law-suit. Second edition, corrected. London, Spavan, 1739. 
Collation : pp. v-46 1°. half red morocco, gilt back. 

Lee, Mrs. R. Anecdote* of the habits and instincts of birds, reptiles, and 
fishes, with illustrations by Harrison Weir. Philadelphia, Lindsay, 1853. 
Collation : pp. 4aa. tV', cloth. 

Leech. John. Mr. Briggs and his doings. Fishing. London, Bradbury, 

Oblong quarto, half rad morocco with oriflnal paper covers bound in. " Enlarged and tinted 
reproiluciloin of the drawing! which originally appeared in • Punch.' Copietare now scarce and 
dear." OH.fitc. 

Lacs, James Cameron. See Rag, Tag, and BohxaW, pseud. 

Lees. James Arthur, and Walter J. Clutterbuck. B. C. 1887. A 
Ramble in Columbia. London, Longmans. 1888. 

Collation: pp. viil-3«7: Map and Illustrations. ia». cloth. " The Illustrations are from 
sketches and photographs by the authors. As the fun Is incessant, it is freauently forced, and 
not a few of the puns are excepUonaUy villainous: Nevertheless, we own to having been enter- 
tained ftom the nrst page to tba last. Sat. Rtv. 

Lennox. Lord William Pitt. Merrie £nglai.<d • its Sporu and Pastimes. 
London, Newby. 1857. 

ColUtion : pp. vi-361. Eitra illustrated by the insertion of <o plates. 8°, half red levant 
morocco, gilt back, gfll top, uncut, by Tout. ' ' English sport : fishing, p. aia ; sea-flshing, p. 348. 
Bib. pile. 

Lennox, Lord William Pitt. Pictures of Sporting Life and Character. 
London, Hurst, i860. 
Plates, a vols. Post 8°, half red morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops. 

*"' r Mi nn ii m iini 11 


by the au- 
naton and 

em. Lon- 

ptiles, and 

; '853- 


[ed and tinted 
ow scarce and 

1887. A 

oni are from 
ly forced, and 
g b«en enter- 

l Pastimes. 

alf red levant 
ihing, p. 34s." 



Catalogue of Books on /liigling 139 

Unox. Urd William Pitt. Sport at Home ami Abroa.i. London. Hurst 
and HUckett. 1873. 

L'E»tr«ng«. 5lr Robert. A ditcourM of the fishery. Briefly laying open, 
not only the advantages, and facility of the vndertaking, but likewise the ab- 
solute necessity of it ; in order to the well-being, both of king and |)cople. 
Asserted, and vindicated from all material! objections. London, Henry 
Brome. 1674. 

Collation : pp. to. Small 4'. full pollihed calf, gilt tMck. (Ill lop, by RIvttre. 

Letter. A Letter from a Clergyman in Ireland, 17 ji. See Browne, Peter. 

Utter. A Letter to a Proprietor of a Fishery on the River Ihamcs. In 
which an attempt is made to show in whom the right of fishing in public 
streams now resides. Second edition, corrected and enlarged ; lo which ia 
added an appendix of adjudged cases and other documrntn. Readinir 
Smart. 1787. *' 

Collation : pp. 4»-i4. V, half brown morocco, silt back, silt too bv ZaehnuloH r-nnt.i... 
n. -nerotti marginal note* In manuicrlpt. *^ *^' ' '""n"""- Contains 

Letter to a Member of Parliament. See British. 

Letters. See Lascelles, Robert, Angling. 1815. 

Letters from a Landscape Painter. See Lanman, Charles, 

Uvlnge, 5lr Richard George Augustus. Echoes from the Backwoods- 
or, sketches of transatlantic life. London, Colbum. 1846. ' 

Platei. a voU.. post 8°. cloth, uncut. Vol. I contains a chapter on New Bruniwick n.hin. 

LIddell, Rev. Robert. " The Lay of the Angler." In four cantos; to 
which is added Jack's dangers and deliverances, with illustrations from origi- 
nal etchings by the author. Kelso, Rutherford. 1884, 

CoUation: pp. |||-an. Portrait. 19°, half roxburghe. gilt top, uncut 

Liersci, C. See Reu<, A. 

LIger, Louis. See Amusemens de la chasse et de la p<che. 1743, 




u fi j.iiiiuai lii 

'm n fta 

« Om w r i 

I <l«» »i ,' 




Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

LinnMit SocUty. S«e Couch, Jonathan. 

List. See C«ulogue«. CUrk, Robert A. I.iit of book*. 

List of Natural Hieii, etc. 185.^. See Theakston, Michael. 

Little. a«org«. The Angler't Complete Guide and Companion: beino « 
practical treatiae on angling and its rc(iuirement», with beautifully executed il- 
lualrati'^ni*. in colon, of the artificial flics for the different months, and highly 
finUhed engravinga of all other necewwry tackle. By George Little. Pub- 
liihed by the author, 15 Fetter-lane, etc. London. 1881. 

Collation pp toj. n«, doth •• A i«cklo-m«lwr'i p'lbllcWIon. •• th« «HU IndlcaiM. but f»r 
before eny timfter work In ihu counlrv. the fliM ere fxrtlcuUrly well done, and much Infor- 
mellon, uieful to englert, U appended. " H$t fiu. 

Little, asorge. Little'i Anglera' Annual, comprising article* and practical 
information on all mattera relating to fiah and fiihing by the ablest writers, 
illustrated with portraits of gentlemen eminent in the fishing world, and 
many engravings. An Almanack with notes of special interest is added. 
London, Little. i88a. 

Collation • DO l«0. Small 4°, half green levant morocco, fill top, with orl|ln»I pictorial 
00»er. boundKi al end. Pretentatlon copy with following inwflption on back <JUUe : " With 
Mr. Uttle't compliments." 

Llewellyn, Martin. D. D. Men Miracles, with other i)oeme«. By M, LL., 
St. of Ch. Ch. in Oxon. London, printed for Wt'l. Shears Junior at the 
Blue Bible in Bedford street in Covent Garden. 1656 

Collation: pp. xvi-iia. i6°, icored calf. "Contalni a humorous 'Song against flshlng," 
p. 67, commencli.g :— 

and ending: 

' You that fish for Dace and Roches, 
Carpes or Tenches, Bonus noches. 

Breake thy Rod about thy Noddle,' 

• Cruell man that slayes on gtavell. 
Fish thai gnsat with fish doth trmvell. 

Bih. pise. 

Lloyd, L. Field Sports of the North of Europe ; comprised in a personal 
narrative of a residence in Sweden and Norway, m the years 1827-28. Lon- 
don, Colburn and Bentley. 1830. 
Maps and plates, a vols. 8°. baif green roorooco. gill backs, gill tops, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Lloyd, L. Scandinavian Adventures, during a residence of upwards of twenty 
years. Representing sporting incidents, subjects of natural history, and de- 




: bciitQ « 
xecutfd il- 
knd highly 
tie. Pub- 

eat«*. bai far 
, much Infor- 

I practical 
est whten, 

world, and 
il added. 

Inal pictorial 
Utla: "With 

ly M LL., 
ior at the 

Init Akhlng," 

a personal 
^-28. Lon- 

y Zaehaidorf. 

Is of twenty 
ry, and de- 

Catalogue oj Books on Angling 


vicfi for entrapping wild animala. With tome account of the Northern 
Fauna. I^ndon, Bentley. !«54. 

Map. iwalva plai*« and llluiirailon* In (ha latt. a »ol« •». half raU lavanl morooro, gill 
baekt, glli lopi, uncut ' Chaptar* i»-i7. ai. aa, of Vol I , and chaptar j of Vol. II . daal »itli 
nihint '" '«ia fl«t work, and chapirri j-ij of Vol, I, In Iha lacond " BU pin. 

Lioyd. L. The Game Bird* and Wild Fowl of .Sweden and Norway; with 
an account of the leaU and talt- water fiihea of thoie countries. Second edi- 
tion. London, Wame. 1867. 
^ Collation pp. II-S99 llluMrailon*. r>. half blua niorooco, gilt ImkIi, gilt top, by Zaahii»> 

Loch. By the Loch and River Side. (Lithographic engraving* from de- 

signs by K. J. F.). Edinburgh, Edraonston and Uouglas. 1866. 

Oblong a", half graon morocco A Mrta* of ihlrtv-nlna hunoroua atchinn dapletlnc tha olaaa- 
nra« and^pcrll* of an angler's Ufa. ■ i- • r 

Locks, JaniM. Tweed and [Jon ; or, recollections and reflections of an 
Angler for the last Aftf yean. Edinburgh, Nimmo. i860. 

Collation : pp. vll~isa. Illuttratad. i«°, half graan morocco, gilt back, gilt (op. 

Locke, Jamcfl. Another copy. 

Half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Alfred Matthews. 
Locke. James. Another copy. 

Half red morocco, glK top. From Thomas W'adwood't collection, with hit book-plata and 
autograph latter of (he author addreaied to him. 

London. The London Fishery Laid Open : or, the arts of the fisherman and 
fishmongers set in a true light, etc. London, printed by D. Henry and R. 
Cave. 1759. 

Collation : pp. 61. 4°, half green calf, largo-paper copy. 

London. See Raddeley, J. The London Anglers' Book. 1834. 

Lord, John Keast. The Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Co- 
lumbia. London, Bentley. 1866. 

Plates: a volt. 8°, half blue levant morocco, gilt backs, gill tops, uncut, by Zaehntdorf. 
" Chaps, a-7 are on Ash and fishing." IM. fiu. 

Sea Fish and how to catch them. London, Brad- 

Lord, William Barry. 

bury and Evans, 1863. 

Collation: pp. vili-sa. Illustrated. 16°, half blue morocco. From Thomat Wettwood't col- 
lection, with his book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf. 


' 1 








1 32 Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

Lord, William Barry. Second edition, 1863. 

CoUftllon: pp. vili-xiy. Illusirated. 16'. h«lf polished c.»f. pit b»ck. gilt top. From ThomM 
Westwood"* collection, with hi» book-plate. 

Lord, William Barry. Crab, Shrimp and Lobster Lore, gathered amongst 
the rocks at the sea-shore, by the river-side and in the forest. London, 
Routledge, 1867. 

Collation : pp. xrl-iaa. lUiutration. 16". half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. with original 
covers bottnd in. 

Lowell, James Russell. See Walton, Isaak. Tlie Complete Angler. 1889. 

Lowth, W. S. Angling, Angling Dodges and Match Fishing. -Woodcut U- 
lustration at end. Published by W. S. Lowth. Newport, Hull, n. d. 
Collation : pp. 58. 8°. half brown morocco, gilt top. uncut, with original paper cover bound in. 

M., E. See Woods, Fresh Woods and Pastures New. 

M., E. Dove Dale. An amateur angler's days in DoVe Dale. 1884. 

Mm a. See Markham, Gervase. 

M., J. See Catalogues. Milner,J. 

M., F. The Whole Art of Husbandry, 1707. See Markham, Gervase. 

McCarthy, Eugene. The Leaping Ouananiche : what it is, where, when and 
how to catch it. New York, Forest and Stream Pub. Co. 1894. 
8°, paper. 

McClelland, John. On the fresh-water fishes collected by William Griffith 
during his travels under the orders of the Supreme Government of India from 
1835 to 1842. 

No title, pp. S60-SS8 only, splate.. 8°. half green calf, gilt back. gUt top. by Zaehn«lorf. 

McCulloch, Lewis. Observations on the Herring Fisheries upon the North 

and East coasts of Scotland With plain rules proposed for curing and for 

supplying the London market with white herrings. No. 25 St. Swithms- 
lane, for many years employed in furnishing the merchants of London with 
herrings for exportation. London, W. Richardson, 1788. 
Collation: PP.-X-44. 80. half green calf, gilt back. gUt top. by Zaehn.dorf. 

•[[[iri i ilTyfiTi iiii i M l TT """^•"■^''■-' "' ■""'•^■MMt'TTT-tifTiia 


mmim < 

'rom ThomM 

>d amongst 

with original 

jler. 1889. 

;Voodcut il- 

a. d. 

!)ver bound in. 



e, when and 

iam Griffith 
if India from 

' Zaehnsdorf. 

in the North 
uring and for 
»t. Swithin's- 
London with 

mmiiumur< iiif. 


Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 


Mackay, Charles. The Thames and its Tributaries; or, rambles among the 
rivers. London, Bentley, 1840. 
a vol*. 8°, half red calf, gilt back*. 

Mackenzie, Murdo. View of the Salmon Fishery of Scotland, with observa- 
tions on the nature, habits and instincts of the salmon ; and on the law as 
affecting the rights of parties, etc. . . . With appendix. Edinburgh and 
London, Blackwood, i860. 

Collation : pp. v-i8a. 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. " The sec- 
ond edition was printed for private circulation by the author's son." Bit. fiic. 

Mackenzie, Murdo. Another copy. 

80, cloth. 

Mackintosli, Alexander. The Driffield Angler; in two parts: containing 
descriptions of the diffisrent kinds of fresh-water fish, and the best methods 
of taking them in rivers, lakes and fish-ponds ; with full directions for baits 
and the manner of making artificial flies for every month in the season, etc. 
Gainsborough, printed for the author, and sold by H. Mozley, etc. 1806. 
Collation : pp. xi-346. Portrait. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. 

Mackintosh, Alexander. Another copy. 


Mackintosh, Alexander. Another copy. 

Half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. " An association called Driffield Anglers was 
formed of Noblemen and Gentlemen in 1833 to preserve the streams in the vicinity from poach- 
ing and depredation." T. W. 

Mackintosh, Alexander. The Modem Fisher; or Driffeld Angler; in two 

parts ; containing descriptions, etc. Derby, Henry Mozley, n. d. 

Collation : pp. 049, and leaf of contents. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by 

Mackintosh, Alexii.nder. Another copy. 

Half roan. 

Mackintosh, Alexander. (With new title-page.) 1821. 

Collation : pp. 349 and leaf of contents. Plate. i(P, full calf, gilt back. 

Macks, J. A. Op de. The Salmon, its natural propagation and protection. 
Amhem, Thieme, 1883. 
Collation : pp. iv-ia. Illustrated, folio paper. 



,»f>Wii-:t' . ..-*• ' 







1 34 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

McUllan, Isaac. Poems of the Rod and Gun ; or, sports by flood and field, 
edited with a memoir of the author by " Will Wildwood." New York, Thorpe. 
Collation: pp. 971 • Plate. 8°, »ht»tt. 
Magrath, J. W. Authentic Letters from Upper Canada; with an account 
of Canadian field-sports. The etchings by Samuel Lover, Esq. Edited by 
the Rev. T. Radcliff. Dublin, W. Curry, 1833. 

Collation : pp. 334. w°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncu:. " Letten 3 ««« I9 
■re on Fiihing." ^it.piu. 

Major, John. See Walton, L The Complete Angler 1844, 66, 67, 81, 83, 

84, 85, 89. 
Manley. John Jackson. Notes on FUh and Fishing. With illustrations. 

"Quicquid agunt pisces nostri est farrago libelli." {SUghtfy altered from) 

Juvenal. London, Sampson Low and Co., 1877. 

Collation- m> viii-^63. la", half green levant morocco, gilt back, gUt top, uncut. "Con- 
ain. an interK ffl« o"» *» Literature of Angling." Si».f-^. 

tains I 

Another copy. 

iVIanley, John Jackson. 


Manuale. Manuale del Pescatore, 6 breve trattato di pesca coll' amo e coUe 
reti, seguito da cenni suUa conservazione e propagazione dei Pesa suU' Ac- 
quario, ecc. Milano, Croci, n. d. 
Collation, pp. 160. Illustrated. 16°. paper, uncut. 

Manual of British rural sports. See Stonehenge, pseud. 

Marbury , Mary Orvls. Favorite FUes and their Histories, with many repUes 

from practical anglers to inquiries concerning how, when and where to use 

them. Boston, Houghton, 189a 

Collation: .PP- vi'»-S«- Pf^^^hlrf^Mnt^^?^^^^ A'hiSMe' 

eight reproductions of photographs. 

.March. J. The Jolly Angler; or. Water-side companion. Containing an ac- 
count of all the best places for angling, the means used to obtam permission, 
as well as an accpunt of the different sorts of fish contained therem; the 
tackle, baits, and other requUites to form an expert angler: with a correct 


jj ^TW i ir- i iaiai s ffir^""''^"'" 


d and field, 
rk, Thorpe. 

an account 
Edited by 

etten 3 and 19 
, 67, 81, 83, 

\liered from) 

uncut. " Con- 

' arao e colle 
>sci suU' Ac- 

many replies 
vhere to use 

. 80, doth, gilt 
I. A handsome 
iral iniectf, and 

aining an ac- 

a permission, 

therein; the 

nth a correct 

Catalogue of Books on /Angling 


description of tying hooks, making artificial flies, repairing tackle, <fe. The 

whole illustrated with eighty wood engravings by J. March. Effingham, 

Wilson, 1833. 

Collation : pp. vi-il-96. la^, half black morocco. Thomas Gotden'i copjr, with hli auto«»ph 
on fly-leaf. 

March, J. Second edition. 1S36. 

Collation : pp. 104. Illustrated. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

March, J. Fourth edition, printed and published by J. March, Charlotte st,, 
London, 1842. 
Collation : pp. loo-iv. Illustrated. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

March, J. Sixth edition, 1850. 

Collation : pp. 100. Illuitrated. la^, half b'-own morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

March, J. Another copy. 


March, J. Another copy. 


March, J. Seventh edition, n. d. 

Collation : pp. 100. Illustrated. laP, cloth. 

March, J. Another copy, 1853. 

Collation : pp. loo-iv. Illustrated. laP, cloth. 

Markham, Qervase. The English Husbandman, drawne into two bookes. 
The first part : contayning the knowledge of the true nature of euery soyle 
within this kingdome, fU. By G. M. " Bramo assai, poco spero, nulla chieg- 
gio." London : printed by T. S. for John Browne and are to be sould at his 
shop in S. Dunstanes Church-yard in Fleet-street. 1613. 

[The second book has a separate register and a title-page as follows :] 

The Second Booke of the English Husbandman. Contayning the ordering 
of the kitchin-garden, and the planting of strange flowers: . . . where vnto 
is added a treatise, called Goodmens recreation : contayning a discourse of 
the generall art of fishing with the angle, and otherwise ; and of all the hidden 
secrets belonging thereunto. Together with the choyce ordering, breeding 


■ <i iiwitii'iilii i'l'iillltiiiiliiiMhiiii iMiiiir , 


* V' 




Catalogue of Books on /tngling 

and dyeting of the fighting cocke. A work neuer written before by any au- 
thor. London, printed by T. S. for John Browne, a pt. 1614. 

Ingllns' (as the running title hat it) alio pos- 
I 4°, full brown morocco, by W. Pratt. " ' The 

Collation : pp. liv-aos (105). The " Art of Ant 

lesses a separate regiiter and title-page. Small 4°, . .■,-., .u j 

Enulish husbandman ' is the title of the complete work, but the first book and also the second 
part of the second book were sold separately. In this form they have mostly come down to us. 
The Huth library contains a complete copy of the edition of 1613-14, and the British Museum 
one of that dated 1635. The ' Art of Fishing ' is a prose version of ' I he Secreis of Anglmg, 
by John Dennys. and was also used by Markham In his 'Country ContentmenU, 1631. Iti 
origin may account for a higher and more poetical tone than is generally observable in the writ- 
ing! associated with Markharl's' name." Bib.puc. 

Markham, Qervase. Cheape and Good Hvsbandry for the well-ordering of 
all beasts, and fowles, and for the general cure of their diseases. . . . To- 
gether with ... the making of fish ponds, and the taking of all sorts of 
fish . . . the fifth edition. Printed at London, by Nicholas Okes, for John 
Harrison, 1631. 
Collation : pp. xxiv-188. Small 4", full mottled calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Rivlire. 

Markham, Oervase. Seventh edition. Printed at London by Bernard 
Alsop for John Harrison, 1648. 

CollaUon : pp. xxiv-i88. Small 4°. full mottied calf, gilt back, gilt top, by W. Pratt. 

Markham, Oervase. Eighth edition, newly corrected and enlarged. Lon- 
don. Printed by Thomas Harper for John Harrison, 1653. 

Collation: pp. xvi-188. Small 40. full raotUed calf, gilt back, gilt edges, by W. P«tt. In 
this edirion, " fwhing " is preceded by a woodcut diagram entitled " A pUtforme for ponds, which 
the printer hath added to this ensuing discourse, for the better satisfaction and de ight of such aa 
having a convenient plot of ground for the same purpose shall be desirous to any ponds 

Markham, Oervase. Ninth edition. London, printed by W. Wilson, for 
E. .^rewster and George Sawbridge, 1657. 
CoUation : pp. xxiv-188. Small 4°, fiiU sprinkled calf, gilt back, red edges, by W. Pratt. 

Markham, Oervase. Fourteenth edition. London, Hannah Sawbridge, 

CoUation : pp. x-146-Uble. Small 4°. h»W red morocco. " Most of these editions were also 
issued with oAer tracts by Markham and Lawson, under the collective title of 'A Way to get 
Wealth."' Bib.pist. 

Markham, Oervase. The Pleasvres of Princes, goodmens recreations : con- 
taining a discourse of the generall art of fishing with the angle or otherwise; 
and of all the hidden secrets belonging thereunto. Together with the 




by any au- 

) it) alio pos- 
ratt. " ' The 
so the lecond 
; down to ui. 
itish Museum 
of Angiitis,' 
U,* 1631. It! 
le in tne writ- 

srdering of 

I. . . . To- 
ill sorts of 
IS, for John 

ly Bernard 


ged. Lon- 

W. Pratt. In 
' ponds, which 
ight of luch as 
,lte any ponds 

Wilson, for 


dons were also 
A Way to get 

itions: con- 
r otherwise ; 
it with the 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


choyce ... of the fighting cocke. Being a worke neuer in that nature 
handled by any former author. London : printed by T. S. for John Browne, 
1614, London, printed by John Norton, for William Sheares, and are to 
be sould at the Harrow in the new Exchange and ueere Yorke in the Strand. 

Collation : pp. vi-54. Small 4°, full sprinkled calf, gilt hack, by W. Pratt. 

Markham, Oervase. Another copy. 

Full green morocco. " ' The English Husbandman ' is the title of the completf work, but the 
first lx)oic and also the second part of the second book were sold separately. In this form they 
have mostly come down to us. The Huth library contains a complete copy of the edition of 
1613-14, and ti>e British Museum one of that daied 1635. The ' Art of Fishing ' is a prose ver- 
sion 01 'The Secrets of Angling,' by John Dennys, and was also used by Markham in his 
' Country Contentments," 1631. Its origin may account for a higher and more poetical tone than 
is generally observable in the writings associated with Markham's name." B&. pist. 

Markham, Qervase, Country Contentments; or. The hvsbandmans recrea- 
tions. Contayning the wholesome experiences in which any man ought to 
recreate himselfe, after the toyle of more serious businesse. As namely, hunt- 
ing, hawking. . . . The whole art of angling, and the vse of the fighting 
cock. By G. M. The fifth edition, newly corrected, etc. London, printed 
by Thomas Harpc-r for John Harrison, 163^1. 

CoUotiou : pp. viii-118. Small 40, full sprinkled calf, gilt back. 

Markham, Gervase. The sixth edition. London, printed by William Wilson 
for John Harrison, 1649. 

Collation : pp. viii-uS. Small 4°, full crimson calf, gilt back. From librarv of Thomas Got- 
den, with bis book-plate. 

Markham, Qervase. The seventh edition. London, E. Brewster, 1654. 

CoUatioit : pp. iv-99-iv. Small 4°, mottled calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Riviere. 

Markham, Oervase. The eighth edition. London, George Sawbridge, 

Bound in with " A Way to get Wealth, i«S7." 

Markham, Oervase. The tenth edition. London, George Sawbridge, 1668. 

Collation : pp. iv-so-iii. Small 4°, mottlei! cal/, gilt back, gilt top, by 
tions 1611 and 1615 do not contain 'The whole Art of Anglmg as it wi 
Treatise in Rime, and now, '■••■■ .... 

adorned and inliuged.' The 

Dennys, and this prose version. _ . __^ _ 

that previously published by Markham in ''The English Husbandman,' 16x4. In the editions 
ofi63i, 1633, and 1649 the angling treatise occupies pp. 59-102. 'Country Contentments ' is 


Riviere. "Theedi- 
was written in a small 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 

' >\ I 




• -ill 

one of the tmcn Included in ' A way to get Wenlth.' There was alio probably an edition of I«a3. 
iiince the Museum possesses Book 11. bearing that date, but as we cannot trace a copy we have 
been unable to determine whether It cnntdln* the angling treatise or not." Bit. fisc. 

Markham, Qervase. A Way to get Wealth; containing sixe principal 

vocations ... in which every good husband or housewife may lawfully 

imploy themselves. The ninth time corrected and augmented by the author. 

London, printed by W. Wilson for E. Brewster, 1657. 

Small 4>^. full sprinkled calf, gilt back, red edges, by Tout. Bound in *re variou* other tr«cU 
by Markham. " Under this collective title were issued five tracUby Markham, including ' Cheap« 
and good Husbandry,' ' Markham's Farewell to Husbandry," and ' Country Contentments, (ilso 
' A New Orchard," by Lawson. These were of the same impressioni as those issued and sold 
separately."" BU. puc. 

Markhairi, Oervase, The twelfth time corrected and augmented. London, 
J. Streater, 1668. 

Snail 4°, full calf, red edges. 

Markham, Qervase. The Young Sportsman's Instructor in angling, fowling, 
hawking, hunting, ordering singing birds, hawks, poultry, coneys, hares and 
dogs, and how to cure them. By G. M. Sold at the Gold Ring in Little 
Britain. Price 6d., n. d. 

Collation: Plate, title ("A Compleat and Experienc"d Angler,"" etc.) Tifle ("The Young 

gilt ed^es, b 
by iH >"»■• ' 

occo, gilt , „— r — _ ^, - 

5, by W. Pratt. " a to I in eights. This diminudve volume, which measures aH ins. 
t)y iH Ins., has a quaint iittle frontispiece of an angler of the period plying his crafi. A copy in 
the Hudi Library, purchased at Corser"s sale, is stated in the catalogue to be the only one known 
—a statement very wide of the truth."' Bib. pitc. This is the copy referred to in " Bibliothecft 
piscatoria ; "" Mr. Denison negotiated for its purchase, but did not get it. Extremely rare. 

Markham, QervaM. 

With a second title, as follows : 

A Compleat and Experienc'd Angler, in two parts ; or, the anglers vade- 
mecum, shewing the best way to make fishing rods, lines, floats, plummets, 
hooks, artificial flies, panniers and other tackle ; and how to find the haunts 
of fish, and take tliem with all sorts of baits, as well artificial as natural, in 
all sorts of water. To make divers sorts of oils and ointments exceeding the 
oil of osprey. The second part containing directions to take fowl, and to 
order singing birds, hawks, hares, poultry, and dogs. Printed for G. Conyers, 
at the Ring in Little Britain. \cir. 171a.] 

Collation; Plate; tii'.e; title "A Compleat and Experienced Angler,"' etc. ; pp. X-X38; 34°. 
original coloured board covers. "Some new matter is added to this edinon 01 'The Young 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Uon of ites, 
apy we have 

r lawfully 
tie author. 

I other tracts 
ing ' Cheape 
tments,' eXto 
led and told 


g, fowling, 
hares and 
; in Little 

'The Young 
ing), pp. 8s- 
cd green le- 
gllt borders, 
lures aji ins. 
t. A copy in 
ly one known 
" Bibliotheca 
y rare. 

;lers vade- 
the haunts 
natural, in 
ceding the 
wl, and to 
t. Conyers, 

X-138. 04°, 
The Young 

Sportsman s Inilrucior, and we are assured, at the end, that the ' book contains curiosities and 
secrets that never were in print in any book of angling whatever,' The frontispiece ha.i five 
rude representations of fish and the little cut of the anglrr used as ihc frontispiece in the early 
•dlllons. Page \rj is headed ' Curosities.' The first Is ■ To make simrt with a pike or jack,' 
and another (p. IV' ■ *- — • -■ ■■ — . . . i.. 

smoke with ' muck 

«) • An angler's directions to preserve orchards.' which consists In railing a 
ky straw," when the wind Is easterly, so that it ' may be carried over the whole 

orchard. This Is an exceipt from the ' Epitome of Husbandry,' p. 38. 

and we only know of the existence of one perfect copy which is now in the Denison collection. 

The book Is very rare 

Bit. ptjc. " This last statement Is an error as explained by Mr. Sntchell, In his letter to me of 
Feb. ao, 1884. For this copy Mr. Sabin was oHered (,i\ fron Mr. Denlson; Mr. Satchell In 
above letter places its value at double that sum. Dean Sage." A perfect copy. Extremely 

The Compleat Husbandman and Gentleman's Recreation : or, the whole art 
of husbandry ; containing . . . vii. Directions in angling, fowling, hawking, 
hunting, ringing, ek. By G. Markham, Gent. London, printed for G. Con- 
yers, at the Goia Ring in Little Britain, a pts. 1707. 

Collation : pp. tT-38. 16°, full polished calf. 

[The second part, which contains the angling matter, has a separate register and title-page 

The Husbandman's Jewel, directing how to improve land from ^^lo per 
annum to ^^50 . . . destroy vermin, etc. To which are added, the arts of 
angling, hawking, fowling, ringing, ^/f. . . . London, printed for G. Conyers 
at the Ring in Little Britain, 1707. 

pp. sa. " The angling chapter (pp. 99-38) is headed with the small woodcut which forms th« 
frontispiece to the ' Young Angler s Instructor,' and is identical with the treatise in that work. 
These tracts together with • Notable Thinn, or the Way to save Wealth,' 1697, were also issued 
under the collective title of • The Way to Save Wealth j shewing how a man may live plentifully 
for two pence a day.' Gervase Markham had passed away long before this tract or any of the 
publications of Conyers were issued. He commenced writing in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. 
Harte speaks of him as the first kackuiy writer in England. ' All subjects seem to have been 
alike to him ; yet, as his thefts were innumerable, he has now and then stolen some very good 
things, and In a great measure preserved their memory from perishing.' He was the younger 
son of Robert Markham, Esq., of Cotham in Nottinghamshire, and was of an ancient and hon- 
ourable family. He had a brother, Francis, who wrote ' Decades of Epistles concerning War.' " 
Btt.pist. Very rare. 

Markham, Qervase. The Whole Art of Husbandry; or, the way of man- 
aging and improving of land, by G. M. London, printed by F. H. for H. 
Montlock, 1707. 

Collation : pp. xvi-«09-xxix. 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 
Page 933 contains an account of fish-ponds. 

Markham, Qervase. Markham's Farwell to Husbandry ; or, the enriching 
of all sorts of barren and sterrill grounds in our Kingdome, etc. No title. 

Small 4°, fiill calf. " Grounds for fish ponds" occupy two jr three pages. This tract was 
also issued in ' A Way to get Wealth.' " BU. puc. 


' a 

140 Catalogite of Books on Angling 

Markham, Ocrvasc. Sec Heretbachius, Conradui. 

Marshall, Charles. A Plain and Easy Introduction to the Knowledge and 
Practice of Gardening, with hints on fish-ponds, by C. M., Vicar of Blixworth. 
Fourth edition, enlarged and improved. London, Rivington, 1805. 

Collation : pp. W-n4iio. i«°. h»lf ruMi*. (Con««ini ' Hln(t on the method of manajing ftih- 
tMndi • roo. *ii-S. ed 1813I, which were communicated to the author " by an eminent literary 
r In the Ch""* • m»tnh«r of the Free Affricultural Society at St. l»etr-»— - "» 

:hur<ih, a member of the Free Agricultural Society 1 


character I 

Marston, R. B. Walton and some earlier writers on Fish and Fishing. 
New York, Armstrong. London, Stock, 1894. 
ia°, clotlu uncut. 

Marston, R. B. Another copy. 

Halfroxburghe. London, Stock, 1894. 

Martin, J. W. Float Fishing and Spinning in the Nottingham Style; being 
a treatise on the so-called coarse fishes, with instructions for their capture ; 
including chapters on pike fishing and worm fishing for salmon. Second edi- 
tion, revised and enlarged, with illustrations. London, Low, 1885. 

Collation : pp. vtii-189. ia°, boards. 

Martin, Rev. James. The Angler's Guide to the Horse and Groom, Sea 
Bridge and White House Fisheries; describing the principal swims, suitable 
tackle, methods, baits and haunts for fish generally. Second edition. Lon- 
don, H. Brown, 1841. 

Collation: pp. 44. Folding map and platei. ifP, full mottled calf, gUt back, gilt top, by 
Rlvlkre. " Reprinted ai The Angfcr'a Companion. 

Martin, Rev. James. Another copy, 

Martin, Rev. James. The Angler's Guide; the most complete and practi- 
cal ever written, containing every instruction necessary to make aU who may 
feel disposed to try their skill, masters of the art ... to which is added a 
laughable story entiUed " The Three Jolly Anglers." London, Cox, 1854. 

ip, vlll-191. \(P, half green calf, 
book-plate and autograph, " T. 

Collation: p 
wood, with his 

Martin, Rev. James. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

gilt back. From the collection of Thomaa Weit- 
/Wettwood, i860," on fly-leaf. 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 


ledge and 


inkging flth- 
Inenl lUersry 

1 Fishing. 

yle; being 
r capture ; 
ccond edi> 

rroom, Sea 
IS, suitable 
ion. Lon- 

gUt top, bjr 

and practi- * 
11 who may 
is added a 
)x, 1854. 
Iioinas Wot- 

Martin, R«v. James. See Angler. The Angler's Companion to the White 
House Fishery, [n. d.] 

Martingale, ///»</. Sporting Scenes and Country Characters. Withnumer* 

ous illustrations on wood. London, Longmans, 1840. 

CoUatlon: pp. xl-33a. 8°. half c«lfjtllt back. "A portion of thefe *ketch«« originally ap- 
Marwl in the ' Doncaiter Uaietta.' The angling part U divided into chapters headed ' The flv- 
B»her. • Trout ftthing,' ' Trolling,' and • Float fiihing,' pp. vji-y^." Bit. fitc. 

Mascall, Leonard. A Booke of Fishing with hooke and line made by 
L.[eonard] M.fascall], reprinted from the edition of 1590 with preface and 
glossary by Thomas Satchell. London, printed for W. Satchell and sold by 
Simpkin, 1884. 

Collation ; pp. x-(i)-59. Facilmlle of the original title-page and illtutrationi In the text. 
Small 4°, halfroxburghe, gilt top, uncut. 

Mascall, Leonard. Another copy. 

Half roxburghe, gilt top, uncut, presentation copy with following intcription on fly-leaf: 
'• Dean Sage, E«q., with Tho. Satchell's kindeit regardi, June laih, 1M4." 

Mason, W. See Angler. The Angler's Assistant. 

Massas, Charles de. Le p^cheur ^ la mouche artificielle et le p^cheur k 
toutes lignes. Troisiime Edition, augment^e. . . . Paris, Gamier. 

Collation : pp. 311. Portrait and illuitrationi. xa^ half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, 
with original paper cover bound in. " One of the most genuine of French angling books, at- 
' ' "- Its author is manifestly icnorant of all the more subtle mvsteriea of hit enfi. Bih fitc. 

of all the more subtle mysteries of his ciift. 

M&ssas, Charles de. Another copy. 

Half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Tout. 

Mather, Frederick. See New York State Adirondack Survey. 

Maxims ind Hints for an Angler. See Penn, Richard. 

Maxwe'.l, William Hamilton. Wild Sports of the West ; with legendary 

tales a ad local sketches. . . . New edition. London, Bentley, 1843. 

CoUadpa : pp. xii-384. lUustrations. a vols, in 1. x6o, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt 
top, by Zaehnsdorf. " " 

Maxwell, William Hamilton. Hill-side and Border Sketches ; with legends 

of the Cheviots and the Lammermuir. . . . London, Bentley, 1847, 

t pUtet engraved by Leech, and illustrations on wood by Measom in the text. 3 vols. Post 
S°, cloth, uncut. 

«^*NWM,Mli><ii*'. .H— 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Maxwell, William Hamilton. Highlands and Islands, being a sequel to 
wild sports of the We«t, London, Roulledge, 1^1%, 
Purlrtll. • roll., 1°, half brown muroeco, gilt back*. glU top, uncut, bjr ZMhnidorf. 

Maxwell, William Hamilton. See Field. The Field Book. 

Mayer. Alfred Marshall. Spcrt with Gun and Rod in American Woods 
and Waters. New York, Century Co., 1883. 

KIcven pUt«t, proofi on Japan paper, 17 full-page illutirailon*. and othert In the test. '■* 

rown n " ' ' " 


an paper, 17 luii-page iiiutirationi, ana omen in me leit. y, 

brown mo'rocco, gill top, uiickit. Mainly a collection of articles originally publlihed In " Tna 

nine. " A newtpaper critlclim of (he liook It Inserted, with a copy of a colophon 

avid Douglas, ptiblUher of the Edinburgh edition, with an original pencil sketch 

Century Magailne 
iupplied by David 
by Charlat Kt. John 

Mayer, John. The Sportsman's Directory, or Park and Gamekeeper's Com- 
panion : being a series of instructions, in ten parts, for the chase . . . shoot* 
ing, fishing, tU. London, Baldwin, 18 19. 

Collaiion : pp. vii-404-io. Plate and illustrations in the text. ia°, half red morocco, gilt back, 
gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Mayer, John. Fifth edition. With a different title-page. London, Bald* 
win, i8a8. 
Collation : pp. vll-ax4. Plate and Illustration* in the text. is°, half red calf, gilt back. 

Mayer, John. Seventh edition. London, Simpson and Marshall, 1845. 

Collation : pp. viii-iSi. 16°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Medwin, Thomas. The Angler in Wales, or Days and Nights of Sportsmen. 
London, Bentley, 1834. 
Plate. Vignette, titles, and illustrations in the text. V, half black morocco. 

MedwIn, Thomas. Another copy. 

8°, half green Wivant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. " ' He might as well,' layi Chatto, 
■ have called his book " The Angler in Hlndostan. Bth. pht. 

Metcalf , Rev. Frederick. The Oxonian in Norway ; or, Notes of Excur- 
sions in that Country in 1854-55. London, Hurst and Blackett, 1856. 

Plates. 9 vols., pott tP, half green morocco, gilt back, gUt top. 

Metcalf, Rev. Frederick. The Oxonian in Thelemarken. London, Hurst 
and Blackett, 1858. 

Plates, a volt., post 8°, half green moroooo, gilt back, gilt top. 





lequd to 
:an Woodi 

the (ail. 4". 
ihed In "Tn« 
of > colophon 
pencil iketch 

pet's Com- 
. . . shoot- 

cco, gill bMk, 

idon, Bald* 

ill bMk. 
1. 1845. 


' Myi Chatto, 

of Excur- 

don, Hurst 

Catalogue of Books on /IngUni 


Mctcaif, Rtv. Pr«d«rick. The Oxonian in Iceland. London, Fongman, 

..'*'*'!!!■ f°*' '*'• *>*" C***> morocco, gill back, gill lop. Angling it irtaiad of In all Hr. 
Mticalr* volumaa. 

M«y«r, J. Handbuch des Fischerei-Sport. Praktischer T eitfaden iiir 
Fischkunde, «um Hetriebe der Angel und Netzfiicherei, wie der Fischzucht. 
Nebat Anhang Uber Fischfeinde, Naturgeschichtc, Fang und Zucht der 
Krebsc. Auf Grund des neuesten Erfahrungen bearbeitet von J. Meyer. 
Mit 95 ... Abbildungen. Wien, Fest, Leipxig: A. Hartleben, 1881. 

Collation: pp. xvl-«7«. ig°, cloth. 

MIchon, Victor. Conseils aux p^cheurs k la Hgne. Itin^raire et renseigne- 
tnents sui les endroits convenables pour les diffiirentes p^chet aux environs 
de Nancy, e/(. Nancy, Royer, 1879. 

Collatk>n : pp. 30. V, half brown morocco, gilt back. 

Milford. John. Norway and her Laplanders in 1841 ; with a few hints to 

the salmon fisher. London, Murray, 1843. 

Collation • pp. xv-318. t°, half maroon morocco, gill t>ack, gilt top, uncut. " Tha lecond 
title drops ■ In 1S41.' ^' Bit. pise. 

Mllli, John. The Sportsman's Library. Edinburgh, Tait, 1845. 

CollaUon ; pp. xxvii-431. Portrait and platei. 8°. half red morocco, gill back, gilt top. 

Milner, John. See Catalogues. Miln«r, J. 

Milner, William. Jr. See Schuylkill. 

Mitchell, John M. The Herring, its Natural History and National Import- 
ance. Edinburgh, Edmunston, 1864. 

Collation : pp. xii-379. Illustrations. «'. half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaahns- 

Mitchell, William Andrew. On the Pleasure and Utility of Angling; a 
paper read to the Waltonian Club of Newcastle-on-Tyne, July 37th, 1834. 
Newcastle-on-Tyne : printed for the Waltonian Club, at the Mercury Press, 
by W. A. Mitchell, 1834. 

One of the publications of the 
designed by William Garret, 

Collation : pp. 3a. 8°, half green morocco, gill back. " On« 
' Newcastle Typographical Society." There is a woodcut on title, 
and engraved by Thomas Bewiclc, of two anglers, backed by a 

' Newcastle Waltonian Club, 
on India paper." Bib. pise. 

Instituted April 5, 18 

rock on which is inscribed : 
A few copies of this cut were printed 



Catalogue of Books on An/iling 

Moffat, A. S. The Secret* of Angling. Edinburgh. Black, 1865. 

Moffat, A. S. The Secret! of Angling, with Coloure<i Le«f of " Key (or 
index) to the Secreti, or How to Angle." 

Milf gnan morocco, gilt tMok, |lll (op. 

Mooro, Qoorgc M.nry. Washington as an Angler; with extracU from hii 

diaries, 1787-89. . . . New York, 1887. 

Collation , , 
Ihof." Ntwtp«p« 
iMl: "Mr Dean Saga 

nn ,> Sfluara i«° dolh uncui. Larga pap« " prWalaly prlntad for the uu- 
JeahSaga. wiSjcoippllmem.orOeo. H. Moora. Uno. Library. Augu.t. iISq. 

Mora. Sir John. 

friend. Shewing . 
and fur breeding 
London, How, 17 

Collation : pp. iM. 
ttructloni for ordering 
pp. 161-6. (Rd) 1703 
9^157, contiating of a 

England's Interest: or, The gentleman and farmer's 
. . 7. Instructions for the profitable ordering of fish iionda, 
of fish ponds. The third edition, with large additions. 


16°. half graan calf, gilt hmcM, gilt lop. bjr Zaahnadorf. 

di, and for the encrea»a and breeding of ca. , , . „„ 

The edition of I7»i al«o c.nlaini ' fhe Angler » Guide, pp. 

"Chap, vll, ' In- 

ireeding of carp and other flih,' 

of rtab-pondi, and for the encrea»e and 
& iTc^.) The edition of I7«i al«o ci........ -^ _ 

compute treatii* on angling. Ihe 8r.t e«liilon 11 undated 


Mora. Sir John. Fourth edition. 

Collation : pp. iM. t**. half r««" morocco, gilt back. glU top. 

Morgan, aeorge. The New Complete Sportsman; or, The town and 
country gentleman's recreation. Containing . . . angling in all its branches, 
ttc. London, Alex Hogg [n. d.]. 

" Identical witk Fair- 
■ Angling,' pp. x-44«" 

Collation: pp. W. (JM) •«. Plate. i«». '"•WcrijBfon calf gUt back, 
fax'i ' Complete Sportiman.' but with »om« revlaion and correcUon. 

Moriceau, A. Le guide et lea droits des pAcheurs k la ligne; indiquant lea 
habitudes de tous les poissons d'eau douce, leurs ruses, leur p«che particu- 
litJre et les ^poques favorables. . . . Suivis des droiu des pAcheurs de lanou- 
velle loi et de tous les rigleraenU sur la p«che. Pwii, Moriceau Frircs 

[n. d.]. 
Collation : pp. 336. Illtutratlona. la", half red morocco. 




Catalogut of Books on Angling 


book (lUi* ana 

)f " Key (or 

icU from hit 

ttrf for the uit> 

ption on ih« ll)r> 

AuguM. 1U9 " 

md rarmcT'ii 
of Aih i)ondi, 
ge additioM. 

■ Ch«p. vU, ' Ift; 
1 aod other Ash,' 
ler> Oiiifle,' pp. 

le town and 
I its branches, 

entleal with Fair- 
;Ung.' pp. I-44'" 

indiquant let 
)*che particu- 
eun de lanou- 
>riceau Frirei 

Mortimer. J. The Whole Art of Hu«t>andry ; or, The way of manaRing and 
impfovmg of Und. . . . By J. M. Lomlon, printed by J. H. for H, MorMock 
at the Fhonix, 1707. 

Collation pp. ivl-«i»-iii. llluairaihNit. I", half brown moroc«u, ilh back, fill too, b» 
Zaahnwlurf rlthpond* w* treated of pp. •■)-«■•. ' 

Moule. Thomiu. Heraldry of Finh. Notice* of the principal familieti bear- 
ing fiah in their arma. . , . Illuitrated by engntvingi on wood. London, 
Van Voont, 1841. 

Collation : pp tr-*ya V. half blue morocco, ellt back, gill lop, unottl. " A few coplea wera 
oa large paper (royal r>), for colouring." Bit. fiu 

Mudla, Robert. The Britiah Naturalitl. a vols. Second edition. London, 
Orr and Smith, 1835. 

llliMtralloflt. itP, half green mwoeoo, gilt back, gilt lop, nnetil, by Zaahnidorf. 

Murray, John Fisher. A Picturesque Tour of the Tham«;s m its Western 
Course. . . . Illustrated with upwards of i \>o. , . . wood engravings. . . . 
Lonilon, Bohn, 1849. 

Collation : pp. ill-jSA. Illu«ttationt. 8°, ck>tli. 

Murray, John Piaher. Another copy. With new title. 

Collation : pp. x-)s6. Illutlratloni. t°, half gnmn morocco, gill back, gill lop. 

Murrey, y^ . H. rl. Adventures in U.e Wilderness; or. Camp-life in the 

Adirondacks. Boston, 1869. 

CollaLlon : pp. ajS. Plate*. ia°, half ma.oon morocco, gill l>ack, gilt top. Several of the 
chapter* were originally published in ih« ■ Meriden Literary Recorder In 1M7. 

Murray, W. H. H. Another copy. Cloth. 

Napier. Charles Ottley Qroom. Natural History Rambles. Lakes and 
rivers. London, C. K. Society, 1879. 

Collation : pp 047. Illtutrated. 16°, half blvie morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. 
" Chap. tI, Freth-waMr ttthca. Chap. vii. Some of Ui« Irpilcal tlvers and their fiiherie*." Jftt. 

Nardo, Q. La pesca del pesce n^ valli della Veneta laguna al tempo delle 
prime buflfere invemali detto volgarmente (Fraima) : monologo didascalico in 
versi nel dialette d^ pescatori Chioggiotti, colla versione nella Imgua comune 
d'ltalia. . . . a filologico studio del G. Nardo. Venezia, 1871. 

Collation : pp. Miv-103. 8°, paper. 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Nature. Nature Delineated ; being philosophical conversations wherein . . . 
the animal, vegetable and mineral creation are laid open . . . tr. from the 
French by John Kelly, D. Bellamy and J. Sparrow. Second edition. With 
additions, carefully revised and corrected . . . London, Hodges, 1790. 

Vol. 3 only. Plates. ia°, half brown calf, gilt back, by Zaehnsdorf. Treats of fish. Dia- 
logues 19 and aa. 

Needham, T. H. The Complete Sportsman : containing a compendious 
view of the ancient and modem chase . . . The ancient forest and game 
laws . . . Angling; and the laws relating to fish. With every instruction and 
information relative to the diversions of the field. London, Simpkin and 
Marshall, 181 7. 

Collation : pp. 31a. Illustrations. la", ftill polisherl calf, gilt back. '■• Angling,' 'The Uwi 
relating to fish,' pp. 300-11. Printed at Liverpool by Johnson." Bit. pise. 

Nell, A. Neil's Complete Angler. Containing every necessary instruction 
for that pleasant and fashionable amusement ... To which is added a correct 
abstract of the several Acts of Parliament with respect to angling. Fifteenth 
edition, improved. London, T. Hughes [n. d.]. 

Collation : pp. 40. Plate. ta°, half green calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. ''The 
earlier editions usually contain j8 pages, and are undated. The engraved frontispiece of fish 
and anglers is dated 1804." BiS. puc. 

Nell, A. Sixteenth edition. London, T. Hughes [n. d.]. 

Collation : pp. 40. Plate. xa°, half green calf, gilt back. 

Nell, A. Another copy. 

Plate. 19°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Nelson, William. The Laws cT England Concerning Game. Of hunting, 
hawking, fishing and fowling . . . Sixth edition. London, Richardson, 1762. 

Collation : pp. xvii-aSS-xxxi. 13°, calf. 

Nereides. Nereides; or Sea-eclogues. 

" Venus ortamari. 
Sic, sic juvat ire sub undas." 

London. Printed by J. H. for E. Sanger, at the post-house . . . 17H. 

Collation : pp. x-^. 8°, original calf binding. 

•• Nessmuk." Woodcraft. New York, Forest and Stream Publishing Co. 
Illustrated, la", cloth. Forms one of the " Forest and Stream " series. Chap, s is on fishing. 


rherein . . . 
r. from the 
ion. With 
of fish. Dia> 


and game 

uction and 

mpkin and 

g,' 'The laws 


\d a correct 


sdorf. " The 
ispiece of fiih 

)f hunting, 
dson, 1762. 

ishing Co. 

S is on fishing. 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 147 

NetheFclift, J. The Angler's Map of the River Thames from Richmond to 
Henley, shewing the various fishing stations . . , London, Netherclift (n. d.]. 

Folded to i6° sixe, backed xvlth linen, clolh covers. 

Nettle, Richard. The Salmon Fisheries of the St. Lawrence and its tribu- 
taries. Montreal, Lovell, 1857. 
Collation : pp. 144. itP, doth. 

New Brunswick. Commission of Fisheries Report. 1885. 

Collation : pp. aa. 8°, paper. 

Newland, Rev. Henry. The Erne j its legends and its fly-fishing . . . Lon- 
don. Chapman and Hall, 1851. 

Collation: pp xvi-305. Illustrations, o', full polished calf, gilt back. " Enaraved title 
frontispiece of flies, wfth map and four woodcuts."^**. /wt. cngravea iitie, 

Newland. Rev. Henry. Forest Scenes in Norway and Sweden; being ex- 
tracts from the journal of a fisherman. London, Routledge, 1854. 

CoUation : pp. vi^iS. Plates. J la". half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Newland, Rev. Henry. Second edition. 

CoUation : pp. vi-^i8. Plates. ia° half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Alfied Matthews. 

Newland, Rev. Henry. Another copy. 

oUuXi^S^^^r'^m^^'^^'^ •^'•'°P- "The^twoworksaretypesofthehlgherclaM 

New York State Adirondack Survey . . . Memoranda Relating to Adiron- 
dack Fishes, with descriptions of new species from researches made in i88a 
by Frederick Mather. Albany, Weed, 1886. 

Collation : pp. 56. Plate. 8", paper. 

New York State Adirondack Survey. Another copy. 

8°, paper. 

Nicolas, Sir Harris. See Walton, L The Complete Angler. 1836,60,75. 

Niven, Richard. The British Angler's Lexicon. London, Low, 1892. 
Illustrated, 13°, cloth. 

Nobbes, Robert. The Complete Troller j or, The art of troUing. With a de- 
scription of all the utensils, instruments, tackling, and materials requisite 
thereto : with rul^s and directions how to use them. As also a brief account 

'^^w mm mtm^ 



Catalogue of Books on Angling. 

of most of the principal rivers in England. By a Lover of the Sport. [The 
Dedicator}' Epistle is signed Ro. Nobbes.] London, printed by T. James, 
for Tho. Helder at the Angel in Little Britain. i68a. 

Collation t title; 9 unnumbered leave*; PP- »-7? J t ^.v 

" Alto appended to 'The Anglers Pocket-book/ with a isparate title. 

1 unnumNired leaf. m°, scored calf. 

•■ Alto appenaea 10 ■ 1 nc /miignn • ■ "*■- ~>-.~--i ■ ,"* *^E . » •" • 

iaro Pickering't library, Autograph of Samuel Pronci on ay-leaf. 

:: ^frcim ?ht'iVcu±nc"ef.;;sfeHn^^^^^^^ iu his ■ List of angUngbook..' xBxi. • of the au- 
thor of ^U work siBnine himself M. A. at the end of his verse* ' On tffe Antiquitie ««d «nven- . 
tionof FishZ • iKm tKmT^ veries by Cambridge men in the first edit.o" of 

Ihii work--I suwect him to have been the Robert Nobbes. mentioned in Bishop Kennet s 
San«cript iolIe't'l^B. Holding the vicarage, of Ag=lthorp and Wood-Newton, in iNorthamp- 

'n'S^bircorn'm^^^c^lt!" T^^^^^^^ honorific « ^e are by 

no means ta nfe?Th^"he was the earliest writCT on that branch of the spor^. He *«*«««»««: 
indSS that di*roun«rd at large, and in a substantial shape, on it, the earliest ""'hp"**"^' P,««- 
fess^'but Vena^leTprecedea him, and also Walton. Barker and Master Leonard Maacall di»- 

Nobbes, Robert. The Complete TroUer ; or, The Art of Trolling : with de- 
scription of . . . tackle . . . requisite for a genUemantroUer; and directions 
how to use them, eU. By Robert Nobbes, Esq. a. m. " Trahit sua quem- 
que voluptas." London, Canston, printer, 1814. 
CoUation : pp. xxxlli-144. xff>. csalf. Bound with " The English Art of AngUng." 

Normandy. Life in Normandy; sketches of French fishing, farming, cook- 
ing, natural history and politics, drawn from nature. Edinburgh, Edmonston 
and Douglas, 1863, 

lUustraUons a vote. 8". half green morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops. "Vol. I., chapter* •jj, 
T^- v" irchapters 9, ii-13. cSntain angling matter. The author is Scott of Isluy. B,i. 

Norris, Thaddeus. The American Angler's Book: embracing the natural 
history of sporting fish, and the art of taking them. With instructions in fly- 
fishing, fly-making and rod-making; and directions for fish breeding. To 
which is added Dies Piscatoriaj, describing noted fishing-places and the plea- 
sure of solitary fly-fishing. PhUadelphia, Butler, 1864. 

Collation : pp. 604. Plates and illustrations in the text, 
gilt top, by Zaehntdorf. 

8°, half green morocco, gilt back. 

Mf^WMMAHakStt^'' ' 

rt. (The 
r. James, 

ccored calf. 
From WtU- 

I, 'ofihea«»- 
and Inven- 
iit edition of 
np Rennet's 
I Northamp- 

Ic, we are by 
>ritative pro- 

Mascall dU- 
ly add to the 
trailing. On 
I of Bologna 
Jtc Inventif,' 
ather French 
ntion J. S. of 
R. Hfowletl] 
dialogues in 

sold at Ha- 

: with de- 
[ directions 
sua quem- 

ling, cook- 

chapters a-S. 
Isluy." BH. 

the natural 
tions in fly- 
eding. To 
id the plea- 

■xo, gilt bade. 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Norris, Thaddeus. New edition, with a supplement, containing descriptions 
of salnnon rivers, inland trout-fishing, ete. Philadelphia, Butler; London, 
Sampson Low, 1865. 
Collation : pp. 701. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Norris, Thaddeus. American Fish-culture ; embracing all the details of arti- 
ficial breeding and rearing of trout ; the culture of salmon, shad, and other 
fish. Philadelphia, Porter and Coates; London, S. Low, 1868. 
Colladon : pp. 304. Illustrations. ia°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaebnsdorf. 

Norris, Tliaddeus. Another copy. 


Nortli, Christopher. See Wilson, Sir John. 

•• North, Oliver," pseud. Rambles after Sport j or. Travels and adventures 
in the Americas and at home. London, Field Office, 1874. 

Collation : pp. v-a68. 8°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. " A 
reprint of articles contributed to 'The Field. Includes 'Two Days' Fishing in Chile.' dd. 
ao^-aa." Bib.piit. 

North, Hon. Roger. A Discourse of Fish and Fish Ponds. Done by a 
Person of honour. London, E. Curll, 1714. 

Collatior; : Errata; Title; "Introduction," a unnumbered leaves; "Contents," 1 unnum- 
l)ered leaf; pp. x-79. x6°, half green morocco. From the collection of Thom » Gosden, with 
hi* book-plate. 

North, Roger. Second edition. 

Collation : pp. vi-94-ii. xa°, half blue morocco, gilt back. 

North, Roger. Another edirion. 

Collation : pp. 80. 4", half blue calf, gilt back. Large-paper copy. " The last-named edi- 
tion has the author's name on the title-page. The discourse was appended to ' The Gentleman 
Farmer,' 1736, 8°; and to Albin's ' Esculent Fish,' 1794. A French translation was published 
at Paris in 1717 under the title • Traits des eU gs, des viviers, canaux, etc.' " Bib. pise. 

North, Roger. A Treatise on Fish and Fish Ponds, illustrated with 18 beau- 
tifully-coloured specimens by Eleazar Albin. London, J. Goodwin [n. d.]. 

CpUadon: pp. iv-^s. Imperial 4°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by 
Zaebnsdorf. ' 

North Country. A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North Country 
Anglers. Newcastle, Chamley, 1833-44. 
a vols. 8°, cloth, uncut. 


jjuii-iiin:, iiirni 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

The pieces contained in these volumes are as follows : 

I. "The Angler's Delight." 1833. Signed R. 

w7o. r 

^^ N. Originally written by Roliert Vlcol In 

xtao and remodelled by W70. Thompion In 1834. In Itt originnl form It was printed in Rich- 
ardson's " Borderer's Table Book." 1846. 950 copies weie printed for Emerson Charnley, 
March 95, 18^, with woodcut altered from vignette in "Sweet Fables," l8ao. p. i8a. 

a. " The Morning Invitation." 1834. Signed W. G. I'. By William Gill Thompson, ate 
copies were printed for Charnley, April i, 1849, with woodcut altered from vignette In " Select 
Fables," iBao. p. 930. 

3. " My Glendale Friend, Will Reedv Ol " «83S. Signed W. A. C. By William Andrew 
Cnatto. 374 copies were printed for Cnarnley, April 10, 1843, with woodcut altered from vig- 
nette in " Select Fables," 1830. p. 8. 

^. " The Angler's Invitation." 183^. Signed W. A. C. Also by Chatto, and first printed 
in nil " Scenes and Recollections of Fly-fishing." 978 copies were printed for Charnley, April 
14, 1849, with woodcut altered from vignette in " Select Fables," i8ao, p. 98. 

5. " The Fisher's Call." 1837. Signed W. A. C. By Chatto, and originally published in 
his " Scenes' and Recollections of Fly-fishing." 374 copies were printed for Charnley with wood- 
cut on title Altered from vignette in " Select Fables," 1890. p. 83 

6. " Summer Rambles ; o:. The Fisher's Delight. " 1838. Signed W. G. T. Written by W. 
O. Thompson. 976 copies were primed for Charnley, May 6, 1S49. 

7. "The Auld Fisher's Invitation to Supper." 1839. Signed W. G. T. By William Gill 
Thompson. 976 copies were printed for Charnley, May 9, 1849, with woodcut on title altered 
from vignette in " Select Fables," 1890. p. 978. 

8. " A Day by the Side of the Fast-flowing Tyne." 1840. Signed W. G. T. By W. G. 
Thompson. 376 copies were printed for Charnley, March 14, 184a, with woodcui on title from 
" Select Fables,' iSao. p. 94. 

9. "The Auld Fisher's Last Wish." x8ai. Signed R. R. By Thomoa Doubleday. Printed 
for Charnley (number of copies unrecorded), with woodcut on title altered from vignette at page 
164, " Select Fables," iSao. This block, with others mentioned above, subsequently passed Into 
the possession of Mr. Bohn, and appears in his edition of "Walton," 1856, p. 67, and in Hof- 
lana's " Angler's Manua;," 1848, p. xxxi, as Bewick's. 

10. " The Ai.gler's Adieu for the Season." 1843. By Thomas Doubleday. Printed for 
Charnley (number of copies not recorded), with woodcut altered from vignette in "Select 
Fables.' 1890. p. 168. This block is used in its present state in Bohn's edition of the " Select 

11. "Auld and YounK." 1849. Signed R. R. Bv Thomas Doubleday. 350 copies were 
printed for Charnley, March 9, 1849, on Smith and Allnut's imitation paper, ana twelve on gen- 
uine reprint paper. 

13. " Up the Wreigh I" 1843. By Thomas Doubleday. The manuscript is Roxby's, signed 
" R. R. Newcistle, March 31, 1843." ate copies, including I9 on old paper, were printed for 
Charnley, witJv woodcut altered from vignette in " Select FaBles," 1890. p. 198. 

13. " The Fisher's Courtship." 1844. By Thomas Doubleday, though the manuscript is 
Roxby's, and signed " R. R." Printed for VViuiam Garret (number of copies unknown), with 
woodcut on title copied from the vignette in vol. ii, Bewick's " British Birds," p. 15, which had 
been copied by Nicholson for the Garland of 1896. 

15. ' ' The Tyne Fisher's Farewell to His Favourite Stream on the Approach of Winter." First 
sketehed out by the Rev. Henry Cotes, Vicar of Bedlington, and comr' xl by William GiU 
"rhompson. 999 copies were printed for Charnley, April 13, 1835, with woodcut on title, of a 
winter scene designed by Wiuiam Collard and engraved by Isaac Nichols'in. Twelve copies 
were subsequently reprinted by Chamley's successor to complete sets, with woodcut on title of 
an angler wading, with rod and landing net. 

" The Angler's Progress." See " Boas " (H.). 

16. "The Fisher's Garland for 1831." This was the |oint production of Robert Roxby and 
Thomas Doubleday. It originally appeared as a broadside, printed bv John llooth, Newcastle, 
iftai, headed by the woodcut used at p. 940/ Bewick's " iEsop's Fables," z8i8, and is signed 
R. R. Emerson Charnley reprinted 900 copies, with woodcut on title, from " Select Fables," 
i8ao (p. X48), dating them 1891, though they were printed in December, 1833. 

17. " Tyne Side, 1839." Written by William Gill Thompson, revised and improved by the 
Rev. Henry Cotes. Vicar of Bedlington. 991 copies were printed for Emerson Charnley in 
June, 1894, but dated 1839, with woodcut on title containing a view of St. Nicholas' Steeple, and 
the old castle of Newcastle-on-Tyne in the distance. 


Catalogue of Books ou /tngling 151 

Fl'rJt «D~ai!f «!''!' h,^lH"M''"''!i°'".' P!P^"'=."o" of Robert Roxby and Thomas Doubleday. 

SntiJfrL^'n4^'i!rv:bT,!!-';r/'p.^j:: ^•"'"'"^' "-""-*«•". .sas. whh :^^;:i 

19. " The Auld Fiiher's Welcome to Cwiuet-side." 1844. The ioint i-roduclion of Hnh.rt 
So^Lr„^„Th?"^? Doubleday 304 copie. were printed, li.rch 93 hisL for ChSr^leytlth 

• vignette by Bewick 
aa. "Thfi Fisher' ! 

rf;>.Vk- 1 » 1 '^■B"""^- K- wniien Dy KoxDy and DoubledMv. 400 

r-ge'^Mof ?^eTt'V.b?«7"%1^/''' ''"'™"'^ *** wo<HJc'ut^n •U«fa'tre^"f;^'m'^i"^°tte^^^^ 
aa. "The Fisher'i Call." i8a8. <%lirn.ri t n \17.1.. u.. •r't. ^^ 

^?JJ^^li* S*L'" "f*:. ^'«"'"* "T- ^- Written by Thomas Doubleday for Mr 
atts 8 " Annual Souvenr. «x) con es woiw nrixt.H r»/r>k._i... ki... „ iol" . ..V" 


Se^Sfc^Vlr^'h^s"?. VXr- ,'856.'^^" ^■'''" ■■ •^*'' P- ^^- '^"'^ ^'-'' ■ 't^dSed^S 

£4. "The Old Fisher'f Challenge." i8ao. Signed T. D. Bv Thomas Donhlixtav <w« 

cop.e« were printed for Chamley, with w<^cut aC by "pluggin??^" an wrier tn'nlf^ 

of two horses, from a vignette in " Select Fables," i8ao p jki '"^*'"^ '" "" •"«'*' '" P'«" 

B^^:^ ^he Fishers Inviution to His Friend in Newcastle." 1833. the joint production of 

"P?ivai'.Iv nrin?^"'i'i'*fK V ^"' '^.""''■■'V:'^ "*!i?- '''■'• >»^'- Contarnstwoclp1«SfNo 11 
me':;!S„?y""'^e5V!l?ce''"-5v?^:";2:^^^^^^ ^'«='y= po.sib?y printed for 

North Country. The Fisher's Garland for 1821-42. Newcastle, Chamley. 

8°, half green mcrocco, gilt top. 

^torth Country. See Crawhall, Joseph. 

North Country. See Angler. The North Country Angler. 1786. 

Norway. Three in Norway. By Two of Them. With a map and numer- 
ous UlustraUons engraved on wood by G. H. Ford, from original sketches. 
Philadelphia, Porter, 1882. 
Collation : pp. xv-341 Platen. la**, cloth. 




>«M»*«*,1BIM«««»i.^i^*!»«Hli»w /«*.■.;■ 

152 Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

Norway. Two Sumraere in Norway. By the author of " The Angler in Ire- 
land " [Belton|. London, Saunders and Ottley, 1840. 

Maps. 9 voli. In i. Post, 8°. half green morocco. giU back. " AngUne matter wiU be found 
In vol. I. chapi. I. 4-«i vol. 11. chap. 8." Bi*. ^(. From Thomaa >^e»twood » collection, 
with hii book-plate. 

Observations. See Piscator. Observations on the Public Right of Fishing 

by Angle or Nets. 
Observations. See Trent. Practical Observations on Angling in the River 

Trent. *?oi. 

Occasional Reflections upon Several Subjects. See Boyle, Robert. 
O'Connor, R. An Introduction to the Field Sports of France. Being a 

practical view ui hunting, shooting and fishing, on the Continent. With . . . 

a sufficient sketch of the game and piscatory laws of France, for the guidance 

of sportsmen. London, Murray; Paris, Stassin et Xavier [Printed at St. 

Omer], 1846. ^ . ~ 

ColUtion: pp. xU-303. lUtutraUona. xa<»,haUred morocco. gUt back, giU top. by ZaehnwJorf. 

O'Connor, R. Another copy. 

HaUred morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Alfred Matthewi. "A good many fongt are intio- 
duced which belong to the denomination of doggrel. Bit. pise. 

Of Fishing. See Cox, Nicholas. The Gentleman's recreation, 1674, 1685. 
Ogden. Ogden on Fly-fishing, etc. Cheltenham, Norman, 1879. 

Collation : pp. iv-iv-«9. Illustration*, xa^, cloth. 

O'aorman The Practice of Angling, particularly as regards Ireland. 

a vols. Dublin, Curry, 1845. 
8°, half green morocco, gilt backs, gilt lops, by Zaehnsdorf. 

O'Oorman. Another copy. 

Maroon morocco, gilt backs. 

O'Qorman. Another edition, with new title-page. Dublin, Cunry, 

xao. a Tols. ta i. half gr^n morocco, gUt back. gUt top, by Zashnidorf. 

Oke. Oeorge C. A Handy-book of the game and fishery laws . . . London, 

Butterworths, 1863. 

Collation : pp. xiv-a36. la^, cloth. 

V ' 


.ifciiwii " ^j sw .. . ifc y tf 

! lHW . ~ ;-r-?r 


igler in Ire- 

r will be found 
id'i collection, 

I of Fishing 
n the River 


;. Being a 
. With... 
;he guidance 
inted at St. 

by Zachnidorf. 
ongi are intro- 
1674, 1685. 
aan, 1879. 

sirds Ireland. 

iiblin, Curry, 
. . . London, 


Catalogue of Books on /Angling 153 

Oliver. Stephen. pteuJ. [/. f. William Andrew Chatto.J Scenes and Recol- 
lections of Fly-fishing in Northumberland, Cumberland and Westmoreland. 
London, Chapman and Hall, 1834. 

wS whh hl?Lot " te '*°' *"" ""* ""' *"' ''**'''■ ''""" "" "^""'"'on «' Thoma* WtJt- 

Oliver, Stephen, pseud. Another copy. 

16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Alfred Mallhewi. " An Interetlinr vol- 
ume, illustrated with head and (ail pieces, in wood, ft contains two songs, • The fisher's call ' 
•nd • The angler s inv tation,' which were afterwards included In the ' Newcastle Fisher's Oar- 
d"i i., " '"* •PP«""''' •he author gives a well-written review of the older annlinK litcralure." 
uiff, pise, " " 

Oliver, Stephen, pseutf. Rambles in Northumberland and on the Scottish 
Border; interspersed with brief notices of interesting events in Border his- 
tory London, Chapman and Hall, 1835. 

Collation : pp. viil~347. Illustrations. 16". half crimson calf, gilt back. From Thomas 

" Chap, i, ' Salmon and other fish in the Tyna'; 

pp ^,. ...„...„..„.... 

Westwood a collection, with his book-plate, 

Chap, iv, • Spearing salmon ' ; Chap, v, ' Bull-trout ' 

vi, ' Trout streams near Wooler.' " Bit. /he. 

' Fly-fishing ' ~ ' Unfair fishing ' ; Chap! 

looi iwoicA on angling. See Catalogues, Grego, J. 

Oppian. Oppian's Halieuticks of the nature of fishes and fishing of the an- 
cients, n five books. Translated from the Greek, with an account of Oppi- 
an's life and writings, and a catalogue of his fishes. Oxford, printed at the 
Theatre, 173a. 

Collation : pp. vi-asa. 8°. crimned red morocco, gilt edges, by Larkins. " A translate 
heroic verse by Mr. Draper and Nfr. J, Jones, both of Balliol College. The original work 

Collation : pp. vi-asa. 8°, crimned red morocco, gilt edges, by Larkins. " A translation in 
eroic verse by Mr. Draper and ^fr. J Jones, both of Balliol College. The original work con- 
tains 3500 lines, divided into five books, of which the first two treat of the natural history of fishes 
and the others of the art of fishing. 

" Oppian composed this poem In the island of Mellta. whither he had been banished by the Em- 
peror Severus. He presented it to Severus, or more probably to his son Caracalla, who was so 
much pleased that the poet was recalled from exile and presented with a gold- piece for each verse 
that it contained. Schneider has disposed of the supposition that the ■ Cynegetica ' was written 
by Uie same author. The ' Halieutics ' is much superior in style and poetical embeUishment. It 
contain* much fable and absurdity, together with considarable loological knowledge. Julius 
Scaliger pronounced Oppian 'the most perfect writer among the Greeks," and Sir Thomas 
Browne hu expressed his wonder ' that hU elegant lines should be so much neglected.* There 
appear to have been several other Greek writers on fishing whose works have perished, and an 
interesting passage in Athenseus {Dt^sopkutai. epitome of Book I, cap. m) may be here 
''T'^v'^IPJP*'"*-*,?"- Homer, he says, 'compares the companions of Ulysses, who were 
■eiied by Sylla. to fish caught with a long rod and thrown out ordoors, and he spMlu more ac- 
curately concerning this act than thoie who have written poems or treatises professedly on Uie 
•"j'n*'.j^ '■f'*'"i° ^i^S*"?? of Argos. and Numenius of Heraclea, and Pancrates the Arcadian, 
•nd PoaMonius the CiMrinlhian, apB Oppianui the CioUlan, who Uved a abort time ago : for 
know all of these men as writers of heroic poems about fishing. And of piose essa^ta on 





'•' Ona wi. iw w-. 

" ' ' ' ^msm m vxm m 


154 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

tublect we have Seleucu. of T.r.u., and Leonldw of Bywnllum «n<l Angothoclei "' Alr«cl«.* 
A fiwDr«.Bei are Quoted by Athen«.ii from I'ancrate.. Soleucu. an. Nuiiieni i.. "'*f*^- 
A lew pastagei f"Jl""'™ "^ "71,. ._,„_- ,»,- anci-r! wrifr* '>n l« .ullct. He flourished in 
_ "Uppian Sold, the foremoit rank among the antl^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ Hawking 

il ranii among Hic aiii.i!::ii TT!!i--i5 -li >■ — ., 

«k. tTml'nf'Huvprui about A D lo8, and wrote three puemi in hexameters; one on Hawking 
Oo.t) .nolher io^ourtJ^k. on h2Su„«. and the obov.^:;ork In Hlleutlc. tn .tv book..' - JV« J 
twrn/'i Cat. 

Opplano. Oppiano tlella pesca e dclla caccia, tradotto ... con varie annoU- 
zioni da Ant. Maria Salvini. Firenze, lyaS. 
X9°, paper. 
Opplano. Another edition, 1864. 

16", pap«r. 

Oracle. The Oracle of Rural Life. An almanac for sportsmen, farmers, gar- 
deners and country gentlemen, for the year 1839 • • • Country sports by Nim- 
rod and Tom Oakleigh. London, Baily, 1839-40. 

lUuitrationi. i»°, half brown morocco, gilt b«ck, gUt top. 

Oracle. Another copy. 

Half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Oracle. Another copy. 

Half red morocco. glU back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. 

Oracle. The Sporting Oracle and almanack of rural life, for 184 1. Edited by 
" Vates." London , 1 84 1 . 

lUuitratlon.. ia°. half morocco, gilt back, gilt top. Afierwardi Incorporated with "Th« 
Sporting Almanack." 

Oracle. The Sporting Almanack and oracle of rural life, for 1 T^x. London, 

iiii»tru>ioni 12° half morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " The very neat iteel engravlngi. «evenil 
of which «« of fishinr»«l?^^w^ purchSed^y Mr. W. H. Bohn. and used to fSrnish ad- 
ditional illttitration* to hU pubUcationt. ' Bit. puc. 

Orvis, Charlei P., and Cheney. A. Nelson. Fishing with the Fly ; sketchei 
by levers of the art, with illustrations of sttndard flies. Manchester, Vt, 

Conation : pp. «v-«99. Coloured plates. Square vf>, cloth. 

Orvta, Charles F., and Cheney, A. Nelson. Another edition. Boston, 
Houghton, 1886. 

Collation: pp. vi-jas-lH. Cotonred platea. Square x«°, cloth. All the plate* are of coloured 
flies. Newspaper cOppings inserted. 

^-riliJ- ■ r*jto!WMlWifcMMl»iiafc« 


• Hit. fiu. 
nourliheU in 
on Hawking 

ie annotA- 

rrnera, g«r- 
Ls by Nim- 

Edited by 

d with "The 

, London, 

ivinn, sevend 


lurniib ad- 

y ; sketches 
ihester, Vt, 

D. Boston, 

in of coloured 


Catalogue of Books on /4iiglinfr 155 

0«lMldUton. William Augustus. The British Sportsman; or, Nobleman, 
gentleman, and farmer's dictionary of recreation and amusement, including 
. . . instructions for riding . . . hawking . . . fishing . . . London, Champa .,i, 

CoUaUon : pp. M-u. Coloured pittet. 4°, full polished calf. 

Oswald, E. J. By Fell and Fjord; or, Scenes and studies in Iceland. Edin- 
burgh, Blackwood, 1883. 

AiF°Ii' w°?.i. PP- *"'-??"• niui«r««ioni. 8°. half green morocco, gilt back, sill loo uncut bv 
Al red Matthew,. •■ Mi». Oswald I. a brave Scotcfi l.uly who has Keen l"lc?land U'"" "me/ 
Jm ~1 f "". "l"" ° ." . *"" ""'' '"'y '" "» '"""l' ^he understandi the language of lhrcount?J' 
?:;l.r.S?rS.l^^r^Ti;re^ ^^^ •• P.nfya'^record .uA 

Otto, pseud. The Modem Angler, containing instructions in the art of fly-fish- 
ing, spinning, and bottom-fishing . . . With an account of the best places for 
• angling, including the Thames, Lea, etc. London, Alfred and Son, 1864. 

.i,5*'ii?''?.°' PPJu""'"'**&, lllu»tM«loni. lao. half gieen morocco, gilt back. lilt top. From 
the coUectlon o\ Thomae We.twood, with hit book-plSte and monogram on fly-leV. 

Otto, pseud. Another edition. 1866. 

CoUatlon : pp. lv-lil-103. lUustraUoni. ijo, original paper boanU. 

iHto. pseud. New edition, with new title-page. 1876. 

CoUaUon : pp. vi-116. IUustration$. uP, original paper boanU. 

Otto, pseud A Complete Guide to Spinning and Trolling, shewing how and 
where to take pike and jack, with instructions in the art of spinning for tfout 
and perch. By Otter [i. e. H. J. Alfred]. Written from actual experience, 
and embellished with numerous illustrations. London, Affred, 1869. 
16°, boards. 

Otto, pseud. The Young Angler's Guide, shewing the best methods of angling, 
with the proper baits and tockle for each description of fish. London Al- 
fred, 1867. 

ColUdon : pp. 94. Illnatradoni. ia«, half green calf. gUt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. 

Oxonlnan. [$. e. Samuel Reynolds Hole]. A litUe tour in Ireland ... by an 
Oxonian, with illustrations by John Leech . . . London, Bradbury, 1859. 

CdUation: pp.vlii-«o. Illustrations. Square ia°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by 
W.Pratt Autograph inscription of the autiior on the fly-leaf. '~w, »»»«»», uy 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Oyster. The Oyiter; where, how and when to find, breed, cook, and eat it. 
Second edition, with a new chapter: The oyster-weker in London. Lon- 
don, TrUbner, 1863. 

Collation : pp. I0«. IllMtr»llon« t<P, h^'i blu« moroceo. gilt b« V , fill top. h /aebni«U)rf. 

Palmar. FrancI* I. Ordnance Map and Touriit'i Tabic of the Thar/ies ; for 
the angler. London, Stanfordt, 1H77. 

ttP. cloth caw. To McompAny Mr. Palmer'* pamphirt on the " rioo«l« ia Thaaaea VaH«y." 

Palmer, Hackle, pstud. See Blakey, R. 

Parnell, Richard. Prize Eswiy on the fishes of the district of the Firth of 
Forth. Edinburgh. Printed for the Wernerian natural history society. 
with ol platM, containing 67 inu«tratl»e flgarai. •". cloth, uncut. 

Parthenll, NIcolal. Piscatoria et Navtic* Neapoli, 1685. 

Collation: pp. vlll-.!}^ index. Iliuitration*. 16°, half roan. 

Parthenll, NIcolal. Another edition. 1686. 

Collation: pp. vlll-«6v4n<lex. Illuitrationi. 16°, veUum. Letter Inierted giving many bibU- 
ographio facu about Italian angling literature. 

Paske, C. T., and Allalo, Frederick O. The Sea and the Rod ; an exhaus- 
tive account of the habitat and peculiarities of t lie chief species of British sea- 
fish that are to be taken with rod and line, with chapters on the literature of 
lea-fishing ... in other teas than our own . . . illustrated. London, Chapman, 
Collation : pp. ziri-«34. nP, cloth. 

Peacham, Henry. Th.* Compleat Gentleman ... also certain necessarie in- 
•tructions concerning the art of fishing . , . London, Francis Consteble, i6a7. 

ColUUon: pp. xlll-301-v. Plate and illuitraUoni. Small 4", fuU brown levant morocco, 
inside gilt borders, gilt edges. 

Peacham, Henry. The Compleat Gentleman. Fashioning him absolut, etc. 
London, Francis Constable, 1634. 
Conation: pp. «il-«s. Hluatnidons. Small 4'. half russla. "The «*«ptM 'Of ftAing" 

doM not \f^K\n "thirst (i6«i) edition. In the rfltlon of 163^ it °«"^'«« PP; ."5««;^S 
eonslsu ofafew elenwntary Instructions." Bit. pbe. Bowad in U '• 1 he Gentleman ■ BiereUe, 

bv the same author. 

I jaiiiMi'i''T>' 

Mlinrii ^mmtiatu 


and eat it. 
on. Loii- 


tiames ; for 
iMi V»M*y," 

e Firth of 
ry society. 

ig many blbU- 

an exhaus- 
British sea- 
iterature of 
, Chapman, 

cessane m- 
table, i6a7. 
vant morocco, 

absolut, eU. 

r 'Of flihiDK' 
tn'i EisrciM," 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


London, for Richard Thale, 1661. 

Peacham. Henry. The third edition. 

tlluiirailoni. Mm«ll 40, full iprinkUil ctAt. 

Peard. William. A Year of Liberty ; or, Salmor. angling in Ireland from 
February 1 to November 1, 1805. London, Cox, 1867. 

ColUbon : pp. xll-joo, PUte. Pott V, half blua mttrocco. gilt back, gilt top. uncui. 

Psard, Samuel. Another copy. 

Hair green moroceo, gtlt b«ck. gill lop, unout, by ZaatuMierf. 

Pearson, Edwin. The Angler's Garland, and fisher's delight, for 1870. A 
right merric wreath of rare old songs, secrets, and suggestions in the art of 
angling. Embellished with a few " anny " woodcuts by that lover of Tyne- 
side, Thomas Bewick, with a letter by him on salmon-fishing in 1834. Se- 
lected and arranged by Edwin Pearson. Westminster, Pearson, 1870. 

ori^i^'S>.r''^^r; bilTd'l „'!"• "•" *"•" ""'"^'"'' «"' '""•• «*" "»P' ''y ^"hn.dorf, wItt, 

Pearson, Edwin. Another edition. Westminster, Bickers, 1871. 

1. . ?P' *A' . ^'"■" *°' •"'' «'•*" mofwco, gilt back, gilt top, with original Daner 
covert bound in. Onl» ■ku, «inl«. nHn«.<4 ■• «.i.„.iJ.Ji i_i„ »i_ Vi."*vV_ "!^":r y*V^^ 

Collation : _ 

jjveri bound lA. dniy 3S0 copierprinte'd,' "8..1ectiinV minly from Oie NewcMtj"'alIr£ndr/ 

:f'^Tra'';oii"g"iSs.t.rL:rto'^^^^^ ^^i;:."- '^' •^"*» ""■"«-' co„t..„.X"H'n't 

Ptehe. La p^che & la ligne et son inl; lence sur la civilisation et le progris, 
traduit de K. Li- Ta«-p<, Icttri Chinois. Bar-le-duc, Bertrand; Paris, Chal- 
lamel [n. d.] 

if, half crlms>jn morocco, gilt back. 

Peel, E. Lennox. A Highland Gathering; wifh 31 iHustrations ... by E. 
Whymper, from original drawings by Charles Whymper London, Long, 
mans, 1885. 

.C"""*'^" : PP- "iv-'^S ia», cloth. ...cmj 

' Whirehall Review,' also 'Land and Water' and 

The maiority of the»e papert were pubtlthed in the 

-.111. Mi. ;-."". — .-—water and • Lonionan'i V '-'" - ' 

delight all who are fond of manly out door aport."— i<f«/ rj 136 

' Lonarman'i Magailne.' "—Pn/. •' It will 

PWin, Richard. Maxims and Hints for an Angler, and miseries of fishing. 
Illustrated by ^la] drawings on stone, "o which are added maxims and 
hmts for a chess-player. L<Andou, Murra., 1833. 
Collation : pp. Ti-59. niatei on India papar. ia°, half r«d moroceo. 





f * 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

l»«nn, Richard. A new edition enlargeil. Murray, 1839* 

at P«nMylv*nl4. Th« lUu»tr»tiont •re by S«yinour. Bi*. fut. 

Penn . Richard. M»xim» and HinU on Angling, Chew, Shooting, and other 
matters, ..Iso, miseries of fiahing. With woodcutt. A new edition enlarged. 
London, Murruy, 1841. 

CoUatlon : pp. W-io«. it". M\ ttortA mutton o«lf, glU bMk. 

P«nn, Richard. Another copy. 

HaU gTMii morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Penn, Richard. A new and cheap edition. T,ondon, Murray, 1855. 

Coltabon : pp. 63 it». h.W green df. gUt bwk. From lh« llbtwy of \\ tlUm 
Kewle Howsitine, wl' h hit book-pUt«. 

Penn. Richard. Maxims and Hints for an Angler ; embellished with humour- 
ous engravings, Ulustrative of the miseries of fishing . . . Phdadelphia, Bell, 


Coltation : pp. «o. i<P. green cloth. 

Pennell. Harry Cholmondeley. Spinning-tackle ; what it is, and what it 
ought to be, with a few words on fine fishing. London, Harrison, 186a. 

K,";S,i" ?f;:,ln ThomrW«°:'o^rc^Ueit'^^^^ -<! monogram on Hy-UI. 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. Another copy. 


Pennell. Harry Cholmondeley. The Angler Naturalist : A popular history 
of British fresh-water fish, with a plain explanation of the rudiments of IrW^hy- 
ology. Illustrated by upwardi of 150 wood engravings. London, Van 
Voorst, 1863. 
ColUdon : pp. yl-4«S. it». half gF««n morocco, gilt back. gUt top. 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt b«A. red tAwtt From Thoma. We.twood'. eoUeetlon. with hit 
book-plate and autograph letter of the author Inserted. 

'-""Mv — -'i^MJii^^aik 

»p w w ' ^ ( ^ tm ** 

l'h« liuthor, 
I, Um fouodw 

, and other 
I cnlnrgetl. 



th humour- 
ilphia, Bell. 

and what it 
, i86a. 

r thii work •!>. 
ihRt Juui ,Ji." 
Lin on Ay-Uaf. 

>ular history 
tsof lrh»hy- 
ondon, Van 

Miion, with bli 

Catalogue of Books on ^ngUng 


Pcnnaii, Hurry Cholmondclcy. 

Another edition. London, Koutledge, 

Collation : pp vl<^s- •• . 
ltlu«lraiton« ar* horruwnl IVom • Y«rr«ir« Brrti«h"nihVi'' ' 

«»». half (TMii morocco, flti back, c<l( top, by ZachnMloff 


P«nn«H. Hariy Cholmond«l«y. The Book of the Hike. A practi. J (rea- 
tiic oil the varioui. metho<I« of Jack-fiihing; with an analyais of the tackle 
employed— the hiitory of the fi.h, ett. Alio a chapter on spinning lor trout 
in lake* and riven. Ix>ndon, R. Hardwicke, 1865. 

Collation ; pp_ iv-«S4' HluMratloin. la", hair green lavuni morocco alll back irlit inn 
uncut. From colUc.ton of lj,om.. W..t*oo.l, with \\t boorplat. P^,?„u",L "pr " W.J^: 

rid TX:i::r '^•. '.""r**'." ^''""'" w„,wo<Si. E.q . witMh^inZV™ ; 

V^Jiil ,]^ ! !'• *" ^'''' ''*^' '""« •"'"Ktaph letter of the author atlUraiiad to Waiu 
wood Intertcd. and vartou* newspaper cuttings. •-"■"• auuiaueu lo tvati- 

PtnrwII, Harry Cholmondeley. Third edition. London, RoutledRe. 
1876. " 

Collation : pp. 07*. IlluilratloDS. la". half blu» morocco, gilt back, gill lop. by Zaehnidorf. 

P«nn«ll, Harry Cholmondeley. Fishing Goaaip ; or, Stray leaven from the 
no e-book, of aeveral anglera. Edited by H. C. Pennell. Edinburgh, Black, 
1 866, 

orf*''''co«.U?.'''rffi,i'"!S^'*''°"?. ^^•^-^L^'* n»"rocco. gill back, gill top. by Zaehn.- 
ori. (.ontUnr : On tlie Thames, b* F. T. Rurki.nH ■ • a ni.. /„. . L... ■ u"\t,'.,. ." '^ 

rutban j • A on>«do at one end of th( 

Couch ; • A' . »• .igler at the antipodes, 

OUntb-r , -A seaside yarn.' bv W. B. 

E. N. M-.rUi ' Ktvmology of bait and rniumoiogy ol May-I 
osain byM--... Mnkerton ; 'Spring fishing In IxKh Ard,' by AJes. Russell . • Kly-fi.hlng and 

doif. ''ContU^-: .OiJUteThar^^^^^^^ 

oPwJo at one end of the ifne,' and • Fish-hook. oFihe eaxliesi dile/ by Jonatii'n 

y Henry R brands; 'The Siluris glanis.' by Albrecht 

Lord; 'Irith ln«rK tmHin.. u. ^^JT- ■ _....... ." 

n. m-jim; • irLtymolugy of bail ai 
gosain ' by- W.n. Mnkerton ; 'Spring fishing In 

&'Tii-*i''''f'ii!?^.?"^'" »'y .W. C':siew«l; -VW^^^^^^ 

-ord; IrUh Io»ch trolling. Ill origin and prtcilce.* by 
entomology of May-flies and Stone-fliet. and ' Cam 

I Hi nor In I a^L A .^ • I... a 1 rs •< . m„ ^ . T 

In Ardan. • Hay for cicTuV, ' and • A la^of ur;'i:S:- b^ r^Jr^is^U.? Ja'^ilH 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. Another copy. 

1«°, half grean morocco, gill back, gilt top. 

Pennell. Harry Cholmondeley. Can Fish Feel Pain ? The quejt-on con- 
•idered analogically and physiologically; with a few worda on the ethics of 
angling. London, Wame, 1870. 

CoUatloti : pp. 14. 18°. haU green calf, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaebnsdorf. 

Ptnnell, Harry Cholmondeley. The Modem Practical Angler. A com- 
plete guide tu fl) .fishing, bottom fishing, and trollmg. Illustrated by fifty 
engravings of fish and Uckle. London, Wame. 1870. 

CoUatioii : pp. xTi-«86. i«o, cloth, gilt 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 

London, Routledge, 

Penneil, Harry Cholmondeley. Another edition 

Collation : pp. xv1-«rt8. IHu»tr«Uoni. w", half green morocco, gilt back, silt top. by Zaehni- 

Pennef S. Harry Cholmondeley. Trolling for Pike, Salmon, and Trout. Lon- 
don, Routledge, 1876. 
CoIlaUon : pp. 194. Illuitrations. la"*. original boards. 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. Fly-fishing and Worm-fishing for salmon, 
Trout and Grayling. London, Routledge, 1876. 

CoUatiou : pp. lao. lUustvationt. 19°, original boards. 

Penneif , Harry Cholmondeley. Bottom, or Float-fishing. London, Rout- 
ledge, 1876. 

Collation: pp. 108. Illustrations. la", original boards. 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. The Sporting Fish of Great Britain, with 
notes on Ichthyology. Illustrated by sixteen lithographs of hsh in gold, sU- 
ver and colours. London, Sampson Low, 1886. 

Ro half vellum zilt top. Large-paper copy. " Extremely interesting. It is handsomeljr 
go? up! indSutC-l&s.riptioS;^^ iUusVed by coloured Uthographsof great beauty. 

Pennell. Harry Cholmondeley. Modem Improvements in Fishing-tackle 
and Fish-hooks. 250 wood engravings. London, Low, 1887. 
Collation : pp. i»-i94. Portrait ia°, cloth. 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. FUhing, with contributions from other 

authors, with numerous illustrations; forms a part of the Badminton Library 

Series— one volume on " Pike and other coarse Fish" and on« on " Salmon 

and Trout." London, Longman, 1885. 

a vols. 4°, half roxL 

been printed, each volume 
of the editor. The Duke of 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. 

London, Longman, 1886. 

Illustrations. 8°, half roxburghe. uncut Four page. 8°. autograph letter of the aditor ad- 
dressed to Mr. Sage inserted. 

Pennell, Harry Cholmondeley. See Fisherman. The Fisherman's Maga- 
zine, 1864. 

Second edition. Salmon and Trout 



' •^•Jii" . Jiijiilltirtiiiiiiaiiitfii 

HilHiiftl liiiTi 


op, by Zaehni- 
rrout. Lon- 

; for salmon, 

mdon, Rou^ 

Britain, with 
1 in gold, sil- 

i is handsomely 
f great beauty. ' 


s from other 

inton Library 

on *' Salmon 

this edition have 
ii:tograph letters 
ings insert4id. 

I and Trout 

of the editor ad- 
rman's Maga* 

Catalogue of Books on jangling i6i 

Perley, M. H. Reports on the Sea and River-fisheries of New Brunswick. 
Second edition. Fredericton, 1852. 

ratS' Wd be<?r1; th'i";Si.U^r;^f ,^/"" S"''" "^'ll ".**"'• H «'"'"'• The«. report* were sepa- 
Hwcltine »^th hi. fJ^l .lu?J anH f^?' ^^^°' ""''J^5'' ^'°? ">« <:°'''"«on o?U'ilIiam Keale 
Li" «;?ilKM\„Wu'^^^^^^^^ «y""^= ■• The gift of E. G. 

Pesca. La pesca del pesce ntJ valli della Veneta laguna. See Nardo, G. 

Phillips, Henry. The True Enjoyment of Angling. 

" Ne tentes, aut perfice." 
London, Pickering, 1843. 

Collation : pp. 111-138. Portrait. 

8". half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by 
Phillips. Henry. Another edition. London, Stevens, 1843. 

Collaf ion: pp. yiii-138. Portrait. Royal 8°. half green morocco, gilt back, mlt too bv Zaehns. 
ntc months, from March tn <^n»»mK>j>r inoii..:... i? i. . .l .._' 

dorf. Subscnber 

dividedin^ ™rnihs.Toi;^ MTrcMo''^^^^^^^ 

rs'^aXb;=in^ef • "'^^J^^ "^'^ ^ -'^- -.ime„tSl^kro'ftr„^Sl^ ThIVuSfo? 

Pickering. William. See Catalogues. Pickering, W. 

Pickering. W. See Walton, L Plates to the Complete Angler, 1832-36. 

Pipe. The Social Pipe; or. Gentleman's recreation. A poem London 

T. Gosden, 1826. ' 

sISL^jli?- ""- - - ->-^'-^^^^^^^^^^ 

Piscarius. The Artificial Production of Fish. Third edition. London. Reeve 
and Co., 1852, 

boSfcJJtate" ■ *■"• *'• '"■ ''"'' ''"'^ ""•''^**- *""*•" '^'"°" Westwood-s collection, with hi. 

Piscator. Observations on the public right of fishing by angle or nets, in 
public navigable rivers in general, and the River Thames in particular, with 

notes, histoncal and explanatory. By Piscator Marlow, Cannon, 1826. 

CollaUon : pp. 73. r^. half blue morocco, gilt back, gUt top. uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Piscator. Another copy. 

Bound with " Fishing." Jacques Vaniire. and a manuscript of " The Angler's Guide, 1897." 

' Jui m SSi 






" » .- ■ ' 



162 Catalogue of Boohs on Angling 

Ptactor. The Practical Angler. I^ondon, Simpkin, Manhall 4 Co., 184.. 

Choice and Cookery of Fish.' " Bit. puc 

Plscator. pseud, [i. e. William Hughesl. A Practical Treatise on the Choice 
and Cookery of Fish. Second edition. London, Longman, 1854- 

Collation : pp. Iv-^Qi- 16°. ^lo*' 

Plscator. See Barnes (Dame Julyans). A Treatyse of Fysshyng with an 

Plscator. SeeD.,J. The Secrets of Angling. 

Plscator. See Lathy, T. P. The Angler. 1819. 

pSi'v^tor. See Pulmiin, G. P. R. Rustic Sketches. 1842. 

Plscator. See Ronalds, A. The Fly-fisher's Entomology. 1856. 

Piscatorial Society. The Rules and Regulations, - . . with '^ catalogue «[ 
b^rforming the library; established October, ,837. London, Brettell, 

Collation : pp. 16- 8°, paper. 

Piscatory. Piscatory Eclogues, 1729- See Browne, Rev. M. 

Pleasure of Princes. See Markham, J. 

Poltevln. B, L'ami du Pficheur ; trait6 pratique de la pikhe ^ tou^«;^«^ 
Ouvrage comprenant la jurisprudence en matiire de pfiche. Troisifeme 
Edition, entiferement revue. Paris, Masson, 1877. 

llLls. x,o.halfg.*en.orocco.giltbaclc.giUtop.withoHgina.papercoven.boundU>. 

Pnllnrd Richard The New and Complete Angler; or, Universal Fisher- 
man c^n^nf^^^ i-proved instructions for and modem methods 
r reedtg S feeding fish,W -ds. ^o^ether ^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
marks including several curious and original observations, respectmg angung 
bv wrangling with the ledger-bait, choice secrets in anglmg. receipts, sea- 
IsTot anduls respecting.'angling, explanation of technical phrases, etc 


k Co., 1842. 

fop. "An ex- 
rreatise on the 

a the Choice 

lyng with an 


I catalogue of 
idon, Brettell, 

i toutes lignes. 
e. Troisiime 

sr covers bound in. 

liversal Fisher- 
sdetn methods 
ith cursory re- 
pecting angling 
g, receipts, sea- 
al phrases, etc. 

'■Tii.iat..».r; .,, 

Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 


Price one shiiling, embellished with a beautiful frontispiece representinir a 
great variety of fishes. London, printed for Alex. Hogg, 1803 (?) 

Plet. angler- i, a« ^^it^^^'tl^^^^^X'^C^'i^:^^^^^^^^^ Ti'^'l^iT' 

Pollard, Richard. Another copy. 

bo^i:^ r:uV^Sp?"'..V*^^Wer^^^^ collection, wi.h hi. 

Price, Edward. See Forester, Thomas, Norway and its Scenery. ,853. 
Price. Sir Rose Umbert. The Two Americas; an account 0; sport and 

Ulultratrdns """^^ °" ""^^ *"'' '"'''""'^'' '" ^°'*'' *"*^ ^"""^^ ^'""•'=*' ^'''^ 

Collation : pp. viii-368. 8°. half brown morocco. giU back, gilt top. uncut, by Z.ehnsdorf 

Prime, W.C. I Go A Fishing. London, Low, 1873. 

Collation : pp. yi.- pg. la'. half gteen morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Prince. See Catalogues. Prince. 

''w^''"''*''^". '^^" """^'"''^ ^"^^^ *° '^' ^'"' ^"d Lakes of North 
Wales; with the names of all the fishing-stations, arranged in counties in 
alphabetical order, together with a list of suitable flies for Welsh rivers and 
lakes; also a map of North Wales, with the fishing-stations marked thereon, 
etc. Wrexham, W. Pntchard, 1864. 

lection of T. „ ^„ 
Pritchard inserted. 

■; «?AoJS!U'es:.Rij-a'zs^.i* "i^^'&^r^&A 

Pritchard. W. Another edition [n. d.]. 

Colla'ion : pp. 16. laP, paptr. 

Pritchett, Robert Taylor. -Gamle Norge;" Rambles and Scrambles u, 
Norway. London, Virtue, 1879. 

CoUation : pp. x-^ro. Illustrations. Imperial 8°, cloth, gilt edges. 

ThriT'J' r ^' ^"t °^ '^^ ^'■*^""«' ^"'"S a description of the fish, and 
the art of angling for h.m as practised chiefly in the Midlands and the North 
of England. Leeds, Goodall, 1888. 

CoUation : pp. 64 «riih three iUustrations in .hromo-Uthography. Royal 4°. cloth, gilt top. 







164 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Pritt. T. E. Yorkshire Trout-flies. . . . Chapters on fishing the minnow 
the creeper, the stone-fly and the worm in clear water. . . . Leeds, Goodall, 

Collation : pp. 63. Cotoured plate.. 8°, cloth, uncut. 

Prouty. Lorenzo. Fish; Their Habits and Haunts, and the methods of 
catching them. . . . Boston, Cupples, 1883. 
ColUUon: pp. vill-iis. Portrait. 8°. cloth. 

Puckle. James. England's Path to Wealth and Honor, in ^ ff^f^ be- 
tween an Englishman and a Dutchman . . . London, reprmted for Edward 

Note in book Ran. 

Pulman, O. P. R. The Book of the Axe; containing a piscatorial descrip- 
tion of that stream, with brief histories of the more remarkable places on us 
banks, and a variety of tales, songs, and anecdotes. Second edition. Lon- 
don. Hamilton, Adams; Axminster [printed], G. Pulman, 1844. 

Collation : pp. iii-x84. x6°. half p«n morocco, gilt back. pU top. with original paper coven 
and advertisements bound in. 

Pulman, Q. P. R. Third edition. London, Longmans, 1845. 

Collation ; pp. viii^S. lUusUations, and «ap backed with linen. 3=, full polished calf, gilt 
back, gilt top. 

Pulman, Q. P. R. Rustic Sketches; being poems on angling, humorous 
and descriptive, in the dialect of East Devon, with a glossary and notes. 
By Piscator. . . Taunton. Bragg, 184*. 

Collation: pp. vii-9»-i (erraU). i(P, full pcliri^ed crif. gUt back. Inside gilt borders. gUt 
edge" by Rivfere, Afine copy of the first edition. 

Pulman, G. P. R. Rustic Sketches, being rhymes oi angling and other 
subjects illustrative of rural life, etc., in the dialect of the West of England, 
with notes and a glossary. London, Bell, 1853. 
CoUation : pp. ix-78. Plate inserted. 4°. half green moroc^,, gSU Sack, gilt top. by Zaehns- 
Large-p«p«r opy. 


Pulman, Q. P. R. 

/^.nother copy. 

Half calf, gilt back. F.on, Thomas West^'ood's collection, with his book-plate. a«tc.graph, 
and monogram on fly-lea)i'. 



e minnow, 
s, Goodall, 

nethc'ds of 

ialogue be- 
for Edward 

' Reprinted in 
^ib.puc. "An 
nn or pteface." 

rial descrip- 
)laces on its 
tion. Lon- 

al paper coven 

ilished calf, gilt 

;, humorous 
r and notes. 

lU border*, gUt 

g and other 
of England, 

top, by Eaehns- 

itate, autograph. 

A II I'll 


■ 1 Jm 

Cataloj(ue of Books on /tngling 165 

Pulman. 0. P. R. Rustic Sketches ; being and " skits " on andinff 

pri^nteT's??^'"''' '''■ ™'^ '^•*'°"- Londo . J. R. Smith [Crewkerne: 

cov^en'td?]?; """"''"• ""• "''' «««° ""^o*". Kll' back, gilt top. with original paper 

Pulman a P. R. Vadc Mecum of Fly-fishing for Trout ; being a concise 
practical treatise on that branch of the art of angling. Axmmster, Willis. 

CoUaUon : pp. 6x. i(fi. half green morocco, gilt baclc, gilt top. 

^l!^gm^^,\lit Second edition, rewritten and greaUy enlarged. London, 

Collation : pp. 105. i6P, fuU motUed calf, gilt back, by W. Pratt. 

Pulman. Q. P. R. Third edition, rewritten and enlarged. London, Long- 
man, 1851. ' * 

Th^o°r t;^^oo«h hfbXlataTd ri^»S^„-«%"j«"- ^~'» "»« -"-"o" <>' 

Pulman, 0. P. R. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gUt back, gilt top. 

Pye, Henry James. See Sportsman. The Sportsman's Dictionary. 1807. 

'^R^^'J'^V"*' '^'»*»"-/»^«"'- A Rollicking Tour in the Land of the Gael. 
By Tag and Bobtail [i. e., James Carae.on Lees], with life at Tober- 
snorey. Paisley, Gardner, 1878. 

MShew^' ^^' """^ ""•'■ ^''""« ^«° ^^'^ morocco, gilt back. giJf top, by Alfred 

Rail. The Rail and the Rod. S^e F. Greville. 

Roleigh Sir Walter. Sir Walter Raleigh's Observations on the B^sh Fish- 

1a ^ .°" T"^^ °'''" P°^°*' '''^*'"8 »<> t'^de and commerce. By him 
addressed a,.d presented to King James L London, reprinted in the year 

1720, and sold by J. Roberts in Warwick-lane. 

Cc>2* ; f p. yji^ss. w, f^ sprinkled calf, gilt beck, gilt edges, by W. Pratt. 

Ralfion W. See Cole, C. W. 




*A ii iaiL_ **aaa*^j'*-!! fe :, , 





166 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Ramsbottom. Robert. The Salmon and its Artificial Propagation. Lon- 
don, Simpkin; Manchester [printed], 1854. 

Collation : pp. 69. Vignette title. 8=. half brown morocco, gilt gilt top. " Intcribed 
to Mr. G»mett." Bii.fuc- 

Randall. John. Old Sports and Sportsmen; or, The Willey Country, 
with sketches of Squire Forester and Tom Moody. . . . London, Virtue, 1873. 
Collation: pp. xviii-904. lUustrations. iii° cloth. 

Randall. J. The Severn Valley; a series of sketches, descriptive and pic- 
torial, of the course of the Severn London, Virtue, 1862. 

Collation : pp. ix-a79. Illustrations. Po.t 8^, half brown morocco, gilt back. g.It top. 

Randall, J. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncut, by Alfred Matthew.. 

Rau, Charles. Prehistoric Fishing in Europe and North America. Wash- 
ington, Smithsonian Institution, 1884. 

Collation : pp. xviii-3^a. Illustration.. Royal 4°. paper. uncut. No. 509 of the Smithwnian 
contributions to knowledge. 

Ravensteln. E. Q. The Oarsman's and Angler's Map of the River Thames. 
London, Reynolds [n. d.]. 

Folded to 16° site, cloth cover. 

Rawllnson, John. Fislierraen, Fishers of Men, A sermon preached at 
Mercers' Chapell on Mid-Lent, Sunday, the 26th of March, 1609 Lon- 
don, printed by A, Hatfield for E. Blount and W. Barrett, 1609. 

Collation : pp. vi-40. Small 4°, full sprinkled calf, gilt back, gilt edges. 

Raymond. Rev. Oliver. The Art of Fishing on the Principle of Avoiding 
Cruelty With approved rules for fishing used during sixty years' practtce, 
not hitherto published in any work on the subject. London, Longmans, 1866. 

CoUation : pp. xix^. lUustiated. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt .top. by Zaehn.- 

Raymond, Rev. Oliver. Another copy. 

16° cloth From the library of G. Christopher DaWes, author and editor of Walton, with hU 
autopaph on faUe title. MSS. note, on fly-leaves, and marginal memoranda. 

Recreation. The Recreation; a gift-book for young readers. The sixth of 
the series. Edinburgh, Menzies, 1846. 

Collation : pp. vi-344. Plate*. 16°. cloth, gilt edges. 


i*Mig!i^![t Jj****"" "^ 

■ » i # ^4*MP iwk » 1.1 ?^ 



ion. Lon- 
" Intcrtbcd 

f Country, 
irtue, 1873. 

ve and pic- 

gilt top. 

ica. Wash- 
he Smithioniaa 
ver Thanaes. 

preached at 
cf. . . . Lon- 

I of Avoiding 
•ars' practice, 
igmans, 1866. 

.top, by Zaehat- 

Walton, with his 

The sixth of 

Catalogue 0/ Books on singling .. 167 

Red Spinner. /j^t/</. See Senior, William. 

Reminiscences. SeeB.,T. Piscatorial Reminiscences, 1835. 

Renauld, S. B. La Parfait Pflcheur k la Ligne, ou Filets, etc. Suivi du 
calendner du pficheur, d'un traits de pisciculture simplifi^, de I'aquarium et 
des lois ct ordonnances sur la p^che fluviale, par Renaud. Paris, 1868. 

Collation : pp. laS. Illustratloni. 16°, half vellum. 

Renaeild. S. B. Nouvelle Edition, revue, corrig^e et augment^e d'un traits 
complet de I'^tablissement de I'am^nagement et de la population de I'aqua- 
num, par J. De Riols. Paris, Le Bailly [n. d.]. 
Collation : pp. 196. Illustrations. 16°, half red morocco. 

Ren6. A., et Llersel, C. Traits de la Pfiche k la Ligne et au Filet dans les 
nviires et dans les ^tangs. Contenant toutes les lois . . . et ordonnances 
Paris, Theodore Lef&vre [n. d.]. 

Collation : pp. aia. Illustrai.ous. ia°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Ren6, A., et Llersel, C. Another copy. 

Half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Tout, with original paper covers bound In. 

Rennle. Rev. James. The Alphabet of Scientific Angling, for the Use of 
Beginners. London, W. Orr, 1833, 

. S?i'fI'.?!J.» PJ^iS^r^^- IWuVa'fons. 16", half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. "With 
iTg^S'eg^'ai'^^^i^^jS.'''''^^^ **'■ ^--^-»PrAi7fZooTi\ 

Rennie, James. Another editfon, London, Orr & Smith, 1836. 

CoUalion ; pp. jnri.136. Hlustr«tio*»9. tiP, haSf grmn moroeco, gUt back, gilt top. 

Rennle, James. New edition. London, Bohn, 1849. 

^oUaUon: pp. «vi-i36. Illustrations. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehns- 

Renni^, James. See Walton, L The Complete Angler. 1834-36, 1844 
1846, 1851, 1857. 

Resources of Solitude ; or, Contemplations by the River Side. By a dis- 
ciple of Isaac Walton. . . . London, printed by Davy, 1848. 
admUston/' %^%sc^^' '"^ ^"'^ ^o^o^co, gilt b^-x. gilt top. " With slender claim to 



1 68 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Restisouche. Plan of a part of the River Restigouche. 5a Ji x 29^ inches. 
Compiled from the official documents of record in the department of crown 
lands, Quebec, Dec, i886. By F. H. Genest. 

R6V0II. Benedict Henry. Chasses ct P«ches de I'autre Monde. Paris, 
Cadot, 1856. 

Collation : pp. 300. t(P. half blu« morocco, gilt b«:k. gilt top. by Zaehnniori. " Trtati only 
of Devil fl*hlng. chap. v. pp. 67-79." Bit. fist. 

RAvoll, Benedict Henry. Pfiches dans I'Am^rique du Nord. Tours, 

Mame, 1878. 

Collation : pp. 374. lUurtrationi. 8°. half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. uncut, 
by Tout. 

Rivoll, Benedict Henry. Shooting and Fishing in the Rivers, Prairies, and 
Backwoods of North America. Translated and revised by " The Chronicler. 
London, Tinsley, 1865. 

9 voU. Po»t 8°. half red morocco, gilt backs, gilt topi. 

Reynardson, C. T. S. Birch. Sports and Anecdotes of Bygone Days in 
England, Scotland, Ireland, luly, and the Sunny South. London, Chapman, 


tate'reJt tS^sportsmen. both Sd and young." Ath.. No. 3,iw>. 

Reynel. Carew. The True English Interest; or, An account of the chief 
national improvements in some political observations, demonstratmg an m- 
fallible advance of this nation to infinite wealth and greatness trade and 
populacy, with imployment and preferment for all persons. London, pnnted 
for Giles Widdowes. 1674. 

ColUUion. False title. tV?1„^l^i;'^°«vetTp°i-5»''r-r^lie'^^^^^^^^ »°' 

Richardson, H. D. Holiday Sports and Pastimes for Boys. London, 

Orr & Co., 1848. „ ^ 

CoU^ion™. irf.. hdffn«n morocco. gUt back. gUt top. by Z«,hn.- 
d.S? ftS^' rtiia " are devoted to angUng." Sn. t»c. 

" I iiwiMnmniftiiitiiiiHii 

9^ inches. 
it of crown 

ide. Paris, 

rd. Tours, 

gilt top, uncut, 

Prairies, and 

>ne Days in 
n, Chapman, 

chapters 14, xS, 
telligibly on the 
leveled to sport- 
d deal to say of 

of the chief 
trating an in- 
ss, trade and 
adon, printed 

e preface, 8 un- 
rea Itaves. ia°, 

^s. London, 
it top, by Zaehnt- 

Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 169 

Roberts. Sir Randal. The River's Side; or, The trout and grayling, and 
how to take them. London, H, Cox, ,866. 

Collation : pp. vil-,«,. Illustration.. ,6^. half gil, back, gilt top. by Zachn.dorf 

" '' =h»n«*d n>e one day bexide the ahore 
Of lilver-streaming Thamesia to be."— SPENSEi 

tor trout at a weir. ^. 
faulting down grig-weeU 

Chap, xvli! 
CI'' cimpTxUi: "G^geon-fi.hlnl'- ^Zx^^^ 
hap.«xxi. Eel-buck,. Chap, xxxlll. Fi.heman'.flrefide."lg».>J": 

Robertson. John. Angling Streams and Angling Quarters in the Scotiish 
Melzies is"^' ^ '"*^'' ^"*^ *''*"' directions to trout-fishers. Edinburgh, 

Robertson. John. The Hand-book of Angling for Scotland and the Border 
Counties, embracing the practical experience of thirty years' fishing. With 
map and routes, etc. London, Houston & Wright, 1861 

Robertson, John. Another copy. 

iff, cloth. Newspaper cuttings inserted. 

R«K:kwood, Caroflne Washburn. In Biscayne Bay. New York, Dodd, 

Illustrations. 8°, dotlt, 

Ronalds. Alfred. The Fly-fisher's Etymology. Illustrated by coloured rep- 
resentations of the natural and artificial insect. And accompanied by a few 
observations and instructions relative to trout-and-grayling fishing. . . . 
With copper-plates. London, Longman, 1836. 

artificial are of great value and nit^Vv T^?vii^^^^ 

n..H .. , f,„„.i-S> — :. i"'i'i"° ?.'<=«'y-. iney «re on n neveen plates; the remaining plate 

t« »,r. n«„„..^ r„. .t.- -.,..-_ .f jg^ TheVythe, 

«rience, and on tha 
, .- --le midland streama, 





1 70 Catalogue nf Books on Angling. 

which h. -..udl^., wM .h,.IW.,;^wh.r. CoUoj, «.. h^^^^^^^^^^^ 
eonttrucUon.' " B*t.f*te. 

Ronalds. Alfred. Another copy. 

Htit green morocco. fiU back, gilt top. by ZwhnKtorf. 

Ronalds. Alfred. Secoi I edition. London, 1839. 

Coltailon : pp. xil-. .5. »"• ''»•' P«" «"»'«=«'• «*" '»'^''- »"' "*P' '''' ^•^'^°'^' 

Ronalds, Alfred. Another copy. 

Ronalds. Alfred. Third edition. London, 1844. 

Collation: p,. xll-«S [M..priBt.d x.] S'. half green morocco. gU. bwk. gilt top. 

Ronaldo. Alfred. Sixth edition. London, 1863. 

Collation . pp. xvi-i3a. »". hlf green morocco, gilt X^k. gilt top. by«lorf. 

Ronalds. Alfrwl. Seventh edition. London, 1868. 

Collation : pp. xvi-iaa. 8°. cloth, uncut. 

Rondeletlus, Oullelmus. Libri de Piscibus Marinis, in quibus ve« 
PUciutn effigies express* sunt, qu« in tota Piscium histora contmeantur; 
fnrarelenchus pa'gina nona et decima. Lvgdvni, apud Bon- 

trait of Rondelet u. »" ;«; ° "'gjgjr vJ'.ltoni.n* Jbriry No^ Cited by Walton In hi. 
copy, from the bid. Koyaie uc d«ikih"«'. ,. Tvia—a, Wtitwiod. 

Rooper. George. Flood. Field, and Forest. With iUustrations. The etch- 
ings by Cecil Boult. London, Chapman, 1869. 

collation: pp. rili-«6. go. ^f brown moKKXo gilt back. gUt top. uncut " Indud.. • Th. 
autobiSgraphy of the fate Salmo Salar.' Btb. fuc. 

RooDer. George. Second edition. London, 1870. 

cltion: pp. viii-316. PUt«. 8=. half bnnn. morocco, gilt b«*. gilt top. uncut, by 

it fly o( mora 
r.OMM of ' MW 




[uibus vem 
ontineantur ; 
tthiam Bon- 

Ice on title, por- 
le text " Fino 
y Walton In his 

n extraordinary 
ley are bold and 
e b« identified." 

The etch- 

' Includes ' Th« 

top, uncut, by 

Catalogtic of Rooks on /fngling 


Roop«, Ueorge. Fourth edition. London. i8»4. 

CoU«lo»:pp.vii-35.. Plat... «••. h." Xrin, mor«ec*,. ,«t b«k. g«, ^p. „«cut. 
Sooper. acorK«. Another copy. 

Half maroon morocco, fill bacW rilt top, uncut. 

Roopcr, Qeorgv. Another copy. 


Roopcr. a«org«. Another copy. 

R<K*per. QeorKc. Thames and Tw eed. London. Casaell, ,70. 

Collation : pp. ly-^. ,,0, h.|f green morocco, gil, back, pit top, by Z«ehn«Jorf. 

Rooper. Qeorice. Second edition. London, Hardwickc and B<. ,e 1876 

Collation ; pp. IV-X4,. ,^. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Z a«ioff. 

Rooper. Qeorjce A Month in Mayo, comprising sketches , sorting and 
social) of Insh hfe; with mi«:eUaneous papers. London. R. Harilwicke 
1876. ' 

Rooper, Oeorje. See Autobiography. The .ulobiogrtphy of the Ut. Silmo 

balar, Esq., 1867. 

''B.r^oo'd'x '*""'•'• '*'"''" "''' ' '''^"«-'°^- "^'"'^-«»'' 

^^CollaUon: pp. vii-y.. ..«>, hall oli« morocco, gilt b«=k, gilt top, uncut, by Alfred M... 

^T^f' ^""^"^ BarnwelL The Game-fish of the Northern States and 
British Provinces. With an account of the salmon and sea-trout fishing of 
Canada and New Brunswick, etc. New York, Carleton, 1865. 

CoUailon : pp. 3,4. Illustrated. 12P, hrif blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf 

Rosevelt. Robert Barnwell. Another edition. New York, Orange J udd 
Co., 1884. ° "' 

Collation: pp. 324. lUustrated. ia°, cloth. 

'^'*!rif'*l K*"**"*. ^•■"'»'«"- Superior Fishing; or. The striped bass, trout 
and black bass of the Northern States. Embracing fuU directions for dress- 



17a Catalogue of Books on y^nnling. 

ing .rtiflcial flies with the fe.ihcrt of American<U; an account of a iport- 
ins viiit to Laiie Superior. New York, Carleton, 1865. 

ColMo«! PP.9M. IH«..r.tton.. ,.». h.lfhiu. morocco, ,«• b«l,, ,11. top. by 2Mhn.4lort. 

RoMvelt. Robert Barnw.ll. Another edition. New York, Orange JudU 
Co., 1884. 

CulUtlon ; pp 349- llluttMltd. l»°, clulh, 

Routledce. Qwff- Routledgc'. Hand-book of Finhing. Undon, Rt.ut- 

ledge, 1867. 
ColUtloa : pp. !»-•». Wuitfitlon.. i#». h.lf r««« motocco. |tl( b^k. |lll top. 

RoutledKC Qeori*. Another copy. 

H.lf «..n lrv.n. morocco, «ll. h«:k. .Ill .op. by lUufm.n. with ori^n.l p.p«r coY.r. liouft.l 
In .' <C of .h. «r7.. .n.l.le5 ■ Rou.le3B«l SUp«.ny Handbook.. 

Roxby, Robert. Sec Coquetdale and North Country. 

Ruddlman. W. A Collection of Scarce, Curious, and Valuable Piecca, both 
in vcrae and prow ; chiefly selected from the fugitive productions of the most 
eminent wits of the present age. . . . Edinburgh, W. Ruddiman, .773. 

2^„'.°^n:U"nrc:'.*:o.e.Tn ffi.l:!;."oTD;Vin?.". Art of Cook.ry."'' (B.r.l...'. (^..lor--) 
&!!«#" con.«la. book-pl..« of Thom.i Ruddim«n. 

Rules. Rules and Regulations of the Walton and Cotton Ciub. See Walton, 
Izaak. South London Angling Society. Piscatorial Society. 
Rules. Rules, Orders, and Ordinances. See Thamei. 
Russell, Alexander. The Salmon. Edinburgh, Edmonston & Douglas, 

"The Hon. Mr». Norton, with »lncere»t regardi of Alfx. kusmii. 

S.,A. W. See Thames. The Thames Angler. 1846. 

S., C. See Trent. Practical Observations on Angling in the River Trent 

S.. J. The True Art of Angling ; or. The best and speediest way of taking 

all soru of fresh-water fish with the worm, fly, paste and other baiu m their 

nt of a iport 

, by ZaahnMlurl 

Orange Judd 
untlun, Rout« 

ll lop. 

par cov«ri bounU 

e Pieces, both 
ns of the most 
in, 1773- 

ofinilinf; eight 
■r of Ipiwlch. It 
lelt'i Catklogufl.) 

. See Walton, 
n & Douglas, 

omai Wettwood'a 
,n on the fly-leaf: 

e River Trent 

: way of taking 
T baiu in their 



1.0 :^i^ 1^ 

^^ Hi 1^ |2.2 

I.I f.*^ 1^ 


U 11.6 













23 wiST niAiN STrSET 

WIBSTER.N.Y. 14&80 

(716)872 4503 






Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical MIcroreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 


■MnMM«m*^pM»/nM*..ilM I W» tlMlflfVV^ 







Collection de 

Canadian institute for Historical ly/licroreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 


I mm H i m i iu ii i i | iiiiWiiiii m i i !>iifiiWy»M wwn.i i n i nw > w, "i )m i j iiB .i ii M, i i ! 


I I l l— n il I mim r ii . iir ..| Mi| i an i , . 

Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 173 

proper seasons; how to know the haunts of fish and angle for them in all 
waters and weathers, at the top, middle and bottom, baiting of the ground 
and night baits, oyls and oyntments, baits natural and artificial; the several 
ways of anghng; to make oyl of asper, and many rare secrets never before 
made publick; containing the whole body of angling, and mystery of a com- 
pleat angler. By J. S., Gent, a Brother of the Angle. London, printed 
for George Conyers at the Golden Ring and John Sprint at the Bell in Little 
Britain, 1696. 

5., J. The True Art of Angling ; being a clear and speedy way of taking all 
sorts of fresh- water fish London, printed for Onesimus Ustonson 1,70 

S.. J. The Compleat Fisher; or, The true art of angling; being a clear and 
speedy way of takmg all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the 
mystery of a compleat angler. To fish in Hackney River, the best stands* 
and how to make the best tackling to fish there. By J. S. . The third 
edition, enlarged. London, printed for G. Conyers at the Golden Rine and 
J. Spnnt in Little Brittain, 1704. " 

before made publick.' After which foUows • " To miiJk* .„ri „!S1, ^*'* 5" . «"ro»'«ie» never 
for .„.uU fn..e\?of '^Ua;:'o* Ke^^og'^,''^^^ 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 173 

proper seasons; how to know the haunts of fish and angle for them in all 
waters and weathers, at the top, middle and bottom, baiting of the ground 
and night baits, oyls and oyntments, baits natural and artificial; the several 
ways of angling; to make oyl of asper, and many rare secrets never before 
made publick; containing the whole body of angling, and mystery of a com- 
pleat angler. By J. S., Gent, a Brother of the Angle. London, printed 
for George Conyers at the Golden Ring and John Sprint at the Bell in Little 
Britain, 1696. 

Collation ; pp. vl-i6o. Plate and illustrations. as°, MX Doliihed calf ri.fl •^<r.. n,i„i- 1 

5., J. The True Art of Angling ; being a clear and speedy way of taking all 
sorts of fresh-water fish London, printed for Onesimus Ustonson, i v 70 

book except Sat iwued bfAIeianOo^^ in ,lte u„deM^ 

•ngler • by 'Richard Pollard, Esq., of cfapton.' See PollIbiI rR » ^?« "«* ""^ co'nplc.e 

h«df°"X";S/. ""'""**""' *'*"'• """''' "«• «• »» '"'^'^"""at l^?h-lreSiVety tWml 

S.. J. The Compleat Fisher; or, The true art of angling; being a clear and 
speedy way of takmg all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the 
mystery of a compleat angler. To fish in Hackney River, the best stands* 
and how to make the best tackling to fish there. By J. S. . . The third 
edition, enlarged. London, printed for G. Conyers at the Golden Rine and 
J. Spnnt in Little Brittain, 1704. 

before made oubliSk.' After which follow. ""^ ".l. " ^ -^-_ fxttt% and cunositles never 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

The frontispieci 

words with the 'boy' and the 'neat's tongue' and the 'bottle of Canary.' ,. 

?he same as In thV second edition. At thS back of the title is an advertisement of ' 1 he exp 
encd Fowler.' " Bib. pise. 

S., J. The Compleat Fisher; or, The true art of angling; being a clear a 

speedy way of Uking all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the . 

mystery of a compleat angler. By J. S., etc. The fourth edition, enlargi 

London, printed for G. Conyers at the Ring, and J. & B. Sprint at the E 

in Little Brittain, 17 16. 

CoUatlon: pp. 11-164. Hate and illustrations. 24°. fuM ?°"»*"',^'=£' !^,lL*d'/r''' ^A 
Rlviire. rA^he back of.the.title is an address, signed J. ,S;;,»«';„h;^_Re;^«^ Jhe m 

■. or gei 
STcr^t'L".' ■ ThV.ddr,fonTie' some =rVphs"fminV-.fter the chapter on H.clney Ri 

.... . . .-. . .. cl \ . 1 I ^)t- r-»«*iMntiM«i. r#.nri.«>niinD two male 

Rivire. "At the Dack 01 tne title is an auarc», s.u..^- .. r-' '" "T , -v-----,u -_ ^ 
editions of this book shew the kind reception it has met with, etc., and ""^«'?"''*'' »",,"^ 
Usement of 'The young sportsman's instructor,' and ;Thc experienc d owler. or «ntk^^ 

. ~. .ljj..f._r ,aragraphs coming after the chapter on Hackney Ki 

^ ^^ ^ ^ _. The frontispiece, representing two male anglers, dil 

fromthatusedTnprevious editions, and fills the whole page." Bit. pise. 

entitled ' Secrets of fi.'ih in general.' 


Sm J. The Compleat Fisher; or, The true art of angling. Bein- a clear t 
speedy way of taking all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the . 
mystery of a compleat angler. To fish in Hackney River, the best sta 
and how to make the best tackling to fish there. By J. S., 'U. The < 
edition, enlarged. London, printed for G. Conyers at the Ring, and J. & 
Sprint at the Bell in Litde Brittain, 1725. 

Collation :_pp. ii-164. Lacks plate. Illustrations In the text 94°. fuU ^"fJj«^,S«|ft8«t \ 
gilt top, by Ffivifcre. ■' This is a paginary reprint of the fourth edition. (4) the Hackney I 
chapter being resumed." Bib. pise. 

Sm J. The Compleat Fisher; or. The true art of angling. Being a clear 
speedy way of taking all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the . 
mystery of a compleat angler. To fish in Hackney River, the best sta 
. . . there. By J. S., etc. The sixth edition. London, printed for G. C 
yers, at the Ring in Little Brittain [n. d.]. 

CoUatlon: pp. li-i<S4. Plate and lllustifctions. 44°, fall polished calf, gilt backbit to) 
Rivlire. ' ' A paginwy reprint as before. The old fronUspiece reappears. Btb. ptsc. 

S., J. The Complete Fisher; or, The true art of angling. . . . Revised 
corrected by W. Wright and other experienced anglers. London, printec 
J. Hazard and J. Wright, fironting Stotioners-HaU; and sold by John H« 
in Bellyard, Temple Bar 

lUustralions. Each leaf inlaid to 16° site, and extra iUustijted by ^^Jn^^"" P/P""!! 

ih on India oaoer luU dark calf. "The 'Address to the Reader^ begins: 'This bool 

paSs^dseSendffinr^'-'''"-"^-"--^^ ■ ■ • we therefore . . . recommend it. 


fi»h"OT "indirpaper. fiiU dark calf. " The '.Ad**" - ^. ,h,„fo„ 
oass'd several editions. We have often cdmired it . . .we therefore . . --^^"c^... 
most oricUcrf book for all young anglers. The new frontispiece is used. The ballad 
pl2«f" !b5!^ From -f homSs WistwwKl's collection, wfth his book-plate and auto| 
^ T. Westwood, iMo," on fly-leaf. 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

The fronllsplece It 

wordi with the ' boy ' and the ' neat's tongue ' and the ' bottle of Canary." . ■■- i -^r,-^,,^^ . 
the same a* In the Jecond edition. At the back of the title is an advertisement of The expert- 
enc'd Fowler.' " Bit. phe. 

S., J. The Compleat Fisher; or, The true art of angling; being a clear and 

speedy way of taking all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the . . . 

mystery of a compleat angler. By J. S., etc. The fourth edition, enlarged. 

London, printed for G. Conyers at the Ring, and J. & B. Sprint at the Bell 

in Little Brittain, 1716. 

Collation: pp. ll-.6«. Plate and Illustrations. a4«. full po'lfh^^ "Jf. ,8»« back. Silt 'op, by 
Riviire. "At the baJk of the title Is an address, »iP>ed.J- .^•; •" l^%,i).!!£"-,h an aS 
editions of this book shew the kind reception it has met with, etc., and ""'^'T'"**', an adver- 
tisement of -The youHK sportsman's instructor ' and ;The "P«"«"?; ^ [owler. or B^^^^^^^ 
recreation.' The iddiifons are some paragraphs coming after the chapter °n "■«ney K'*«J; 
entitled 'Secrets of fi.,h In general.' 'ihe frontispiwe, representing two male anglers, differ, 
from that used in previous editions, and fills the whole page. Bt6. ptsc. 

S., J. The Compleat Fisher; or, The true art of angling. Bein : a clear and 
speedy way of taking all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . containing the . . . 
mystery of a compleat angler. To fish in Hackney River, the best stands 
and how to make the best tackling to fish there. By J. S., 'tc. The fifth 
edition, enlarged. London, printed for G. Conyers at the Ring, and J. & B. 
Sprint at the Bell in Little Brittain, 1725. 

Collation • pp. il-164. Lacks plate. Illustrations In the text. 84°. full PoUfb«l calf, gilt back, 
gilt top bJKe'- This is a paginary reprint of the fourth edition, (4) the Hackney River 
chapter being resumed." Bib. pise. 

S., J. The Compleat Fisher; or. The true art of angling. Being a clear and 
speedy way of taking all sorts of fresh-water fish . . . conuining the . . . 
mystery of a compleat angler. To fish in Hackney River, the best sunds 
. . . there. By J. S., etc. The sixth edition. London, printed for G. Con- 
yers, at the Ring in Little Brittain [n. d.]. 

CoUation : pp. 11-164. "ate and iOustifctlons. 34°, lull polished calf, ^It back .^U top, by 
RiVSre. •■ A paginwy reprint as before. The old fronUspiece reappears. Btb. puc. 

Sm J. The Complete Fisher; or. The true art of angling. . . . Revised and 

corrected by W. Wright and other cxperienc'd anglers. London, printed for 

J. Hazard and J. Wright, fironting Stationers- HaUj and sold by John Herro, 

in Bellyard, Temple Bar. 



Sio.'tVrTcti'SdTcXfir ryorg°wgleT"TheVe;'f.^iti;pi^e Isusedr t^^^^ is re- 

S2?U!" !a5!^ F^m -SL vlrestwo<Kl's coUecUon. wfth his book-plate and autograph. 
J- T. Westwood. i860," on fly-leaf. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling i;^ 

S., J. Profit and Pleasure United* or "tk- u u j 
1684. See Smith, J. "" ''""*^' °'» The Husbandman's Magazine," 

S., W. C. See Stewart, W. C. 

number o?origKiJfcWnMdon?'bvF^;r o^°J1m. '^ '•'"•'"'Uon.. which Include i man- a 
reproducdon. and design! by Bui^^-M^Jd^h " nS^.TJ*!?*'*' *"*' '*« Portraits ;helio™?ir5 
Jo1.n Adam. TheedltiSncon^sUtsof"s co^li',.'"^""'' '"' '^""'" * S**"' *'«> wollSfi;?, by 

S«^. Dean. Original MS. of the Ristigouche and it, Salmon-fishinir etc 

.pM'Se pl^n.^''^^. "«"• ^°""^" various corrections, and a chapter which doe. "no. 

St. John. London, Mum, , sir "^ "" '""'"»" ■" <=• W. G. 

S..*,h„.Cb.rt„W.l.l.™a..,„. A„o.h„««Uon. London, M^y, 

Illustrated. 8°. cloth, uncut. 

St. John. Charles William Qeorxe. A Tour m «..»u 1 ^ .. 

burgh, Edmo-lon Ind Dougta,T8™ "^ ^ '"'"'■ ^''^ 

Collation: xxxxvli-916. Illu.traHon!i «o i..,# 


rontijplece It 
' The experi- 

1 clear and 
g the . . . 
I, enlarged, 
at the Bell 

Ic, g^t top, by 
. The many 
kth, an adver- 
r genlleman's 
ackney River, 
nglers, difleri 

a clear and 
ig the . . . 
best stands 
, The fifth 
and J. & B. 

calf, gilt back, 
Hackney River 

a clear and 

ng the . . . 

best sunds 

for G. Con- 

ck, gilt top, by 

Revised and 
I, printed for 
John Herro, 

Ion of plates of 
This book has 
nmend it as the 
lie ballad is re- 
and autograph, 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 175 

S., J. Profit and Pleasure United • nr « tk- u u j 
1684. See Smith, J. ' ' ^^^ Husbandman's Magazine," 

S., W. C. See Stewart, W. C. 

M.jr»l.a,. A.»„phl„»,o,„„|,T„l„,S.L.cta.„.,l,„.„rt. 

John Adam. The edition consist, of 105 co^ie',.'"*""'"' *''' ^""•» * «*«">. with woodSuts by 

^^.'n*^"* o ?T*' ^^- °'*''^ Ri«igouche and it, Salmon-fishing, etc 
•P^'n'Se pl't^"io^. '°'»- ^°"'«"'« various corrections, and . chapter which doe. 'not 

St. John, Charles William Qeorire qi,«.* ci. . •. 
St. John. London, Murray, 1846. journals of C. W. G. 

isSt'^mblr o?.i,e -^Sartiriy Review.'' '^" """• ^"'P'"" »«»"«» 3«» were pubUshed in the 

St. John. Charle. Willi.™ Oeor^e. Another edition. London, Murray, 

inustmted. 8°, cloth, uncut. 
St. John. Charles William Qeorra. A Tour in c ..u . ^ .. 

;;;;. .c. the .id-boo. or a ^^ortlJT":^ ^^T !^- - «; 

lUustratlons. , voU. Po..^". balf olive morocco, gilt .op, uncut, by K.ufi„«.n 

St. John. Charles William QeofKe. Natural »«»«« ^o . 
collected ,rom the journals and le^k, ff Sitfe ^7, c^^u '" ^'''^^ 
burgh, Edmonston and Douglas. , 86™ "" ^'' •^°''°- ^^^- 

Collation: xxxxvii-o96, IllustraHnn* ao ».»i# 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

St. John, Charles William Qeorse. Another edition. Edinburi 
Douglas, 1 88a. 

Collatioa ; pp. iv-invii-3M. Imperial 6°, cloth, uncut. Large paper edition. PrcMntai 
copy with inscnpiion on the fly-leaf " Dean Sage, from David Douglas, Edin., Sept. 30, iH 
and four-page 8*' autograph letter fh>m Douglas inserted. 

St. John. Ferdinand, Hon. Rambles in Germany, France, Italy, and Rus 

in search of sport. London, Longman, 1853. 

Illustrations. Po.t 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " Chap, vi treats of trc 
fishing. The volume ha. four chromo-lithograph.." Bit. piu. 

Sales, Dellsle de. See Dictionnaire. Dictionnaire Th^orique, 1769. 


Salmon-Pishing. Statement of Salmon-fishing on the river GodbiMM, fn 

season 1859 onward. Ottawa, A. S. Woodbum (n. d.). 

8°. paper. " A record of the remarkable fidiing on this river up to 1894, prefaced by a sh 
poem on salmon-fishing not less remarkable." 

Salmonla. See Davy, Sir H. 

Salter. Robert. The Modem Angler, being a practical treatise on the art 
fishing, etc, in a series of letters to a friend. . . . Printed for the author 
J. Salter, Oswestry, and sold by Mr. Hurst, London (n. d.). 

Collation : pp. 193. Plate. 16°. full calf, gilt bnck. " The letters were addressed to R 
Morgan Pryse." Bit.fise. From the collection of Thomas Westwood and Thomas Gosd 
with their respective book-plates. 

Salter, Robert. Another copy. 

Mottled calf. " This book was written by Robert Salter, an ingenious watchmaker, at ( 
westry. It was first announced in the ' Saint James' Chronicia ' (No. 6678) of 7th October, x8 
■1 printed for the author by J. Salter." . . . Note onJfy-Uaf. 

Salter, Robert. The Modern Angler, in a series of letters. . . . The secoi 

edition. Oswestry, printed for the author by W. Edwards, 181 1. 

Collation : pp. 134. Illustrations. 19°, half blue calf, gilt back. From the collection 
Thomas Westwood. with his book-plate and autograph, ■ T. Westwood, 1860,' on fly-leaf. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. The Angler's Guide ; or, Complete Lond 
angler, containing the whole art of angling as practised in the rivers Tham 
and Lea, and other waters twenty miles round London, founded on acti 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

St. John, Charles William Qeorse. Another edition. Edinburgh, 
Douglas, 1 88a. 

Collatioa : pp. Iv-xxxvil-3a4. Imperial 8°, cloth, uncat. Large paper edition. PreMniatlon 
com with inscHplion on the tfy-leai " Dean Sage, froin David Douglas, Edin., Sept. }o, iBto," 
and four-page 8° autograph letter ftom Douglas inserted. 

St. John, Ferdinand, Hon. Ramblefl in Germany, France, Italy, and Russia 

in search of sport. London, Longman, 1853. 

Illustrations. Post 8°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. "Chap, vi treaU of trout- 
fishing. The volume has four chromo-litbographs." BU. piic. 

Sales, Dellsle de. See Dictionnaire. Dictionnaire Th6orique, 1769. 

Salmon-Plshlng. Statement of Salmon-fishing on the river Godbieatt from 

season 1859 onward. Ottawa, A. S. Woodbum (n. d.). 

8°, paper. " A record of the remarkable fishing on this river up to 18941 prefaced by a short 
poem on salmon-fishing not less remarkable." 

Salmonla. See Davy, Sir H. 

Salter, Robert. The Modem Angler, being a practical treatise on the art of 
fishing, etc., in a series of letters to a friend. . . . Printed for the author by 
J. Salter, Oswestry, and sold by Mr. Hurst, London (n. d.). 

Collation : pp. 193. Plate. 16°, full calf, gilt bnck. " The letters were addressed to Rev. 
Morgan Pryse." Bii.fiu. From the collection of Thomas Westwood and Thomas Goiden, 
with their respective book-plates. 

Salter, Robert. Another copy. 

Mottled calf. •• This book was written bjr Robert Salter, an ingenious watchmaker, at Os- 
westry. It was first announced in the ■ Saint James' Chronicle ' (No. 6678) of 7th October, iSoo, 
as printed for the author by J. Salter." . . . N9t* onJIy-Uaf. 

Salter, Robert. The Modern Angler, in a series of letters. . . . The second 
edition. Oswestry, printed for the author by W. Edwards, 181 1. 

Collation: pp. 134. lUustrations. igo, half blue calf, gilt back. From the collection of 
Thomas Westwood, with his book-plate and autograph, ' T. Westwood, i86o,' on fly-leaf. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. The Angler's Guide ; or. Complete London 
angler, containing the whole art of angling as practised in the rivers Thames 
and Lea, and other waters twenty miles round London, founded on actual 

■ •M*«*->wi^a*(*«*-' 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 177 

experience: with the art of trolling for jack or pike. London, T. Tegg, 

the'SK^ irT^:^r.^'!:^^tl\r^A!'''' "«•■• «"« "'««n>lece o„ ..<,«. From 

Salter. Thorn.. Frederick. The Angler's Guide, being a complete practi- 
cal on anghng: containing the whole art of trolling, bottom-fishing, 
fly-fishmg and tnmmer-angling . . . founded on forty years' practice and ob- 
serration. Second ed.tion, with very consider«.bk additions, local descrip- 
tions, glossary of technical terms and index. London, T. Tegg, 1815. 
roc^ol'Slrb J.": glilt^^by Sl:,h^d1Jf • •"'•'"'"'•'' *^''- '""'«"on.. 8° hi/ blue mc 

Salter. Thomas Frederick. 
Salter, Thomas Frederick. 

ColUtion: pp. Ix-xxlx-aij. 

Another copy. 

Third edition. London, Tegg, 1815. 

Illuitrmtlon. 8°. half olive morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by 

Salter, Thomw Frederick. The Angler's Guide ... the whole art of 
troUing, bottom- and float-fishing, fly- and trimmer-angling, for sea, nver and 
pond fish, founded on forty years' practice and experience. Fourth edition. 
London, T. Tegg, 18 16. 

Zart"jd^rf; "P- «-«^»- "'-tration.. 8°. hlf olive mo«««o. gilt back, gil, top. by 

Salter. Thomas Frederick. The Angler's Guide. ... The fifth edition, 
carefully corrected and enlarged. Divided into three parts, with an appen- 
dix, and to which is now first added the author's celebrated treatise on troll- 

mg, the whole iUustrated with numerous cuts and engravings London 

Sherwood, Jones and Co., 1883. ' 


Salter, Thomas Frederick. Another copy. 

Half olive morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. 

Salter. Thomas Frederick. The Angler's Guide. . . . Sixth edition, care- 
fully corrected and enlarged. London, Sherwood, 1825. 
^^CoUaUon : pp. ,11-38,. lUuitratioiu. 80. half olive morocco. gUt back, gilt top, by Zaehn.- 





178 Catalogue of Books on y4ngling 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. Seventh edition. London, Wicic«teed, 1830. 

ColUllon : pp. xll-««. Po.t B°. h.lf gre.n morocco, gilt b«k. gilt top. with 
original paper covfrsljound In. 

Salter. Thomas Frederick. Tlie Angler's Guide, being a plain and com- 
plete practical treatise on the art of angling . . . with 88 fine cuti. The 
eighth edition, with the author's last corrections and additions. London, 
John Wicksteed, 1833. 

Collation : pp. xll-37« llluitratloni. Poit 9P. half brown morocco. 

SalUr, Thomas Frederick. Another copy. 

Illuitratlona. 8°. half green morocco, gilt back. glU lop. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. Ninth edition. London, James Maynard, 

Collation: pp. xli-388. lUuitrationt. Pott 8», half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. The Angler's Guide, abridged for the use of 

young anglers, being a complete practical treatise on angling. London, 
Tegg, 1 816. 

Collation: xvl-80. Illuitratlon.. 16°. half green levant morocco. glU back, gilt top. by 
RlvWsre, with original paper covers bound In. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. The Angler's Guide, abridged. . . . containing 
the angler's progress, the art of trolling for jack and pike, and fly-fishing. . . . 
Founded on more than forty years' practice and experience. The second 
edition, carefully corrected and revised. London, T. Tegg, i8a2. 

Collation: pp. iv-86. Uluitrationi. i6° half green levant morocco, gilt back. gUt top. by 
Riviire, with original paper covers bound In. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. The third edition, carefully corrected and re- 
vised. Embellished with 25 engravings and cuts. London, Sherwood, Jones 
and Co. (n. d.). 

CoUadon : pp. i»-«6. »fl°. scored green calf, gilt back. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. Another copy. 

Half green levant morocco, gilt b«:k. gilt top. by Rlvitre. with original paper cover, bound In. 
MSS. annoutions on the front and back fly-leaves. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. Another copy. 

Boards, uncut. 


Catalogue of Books on /fugling 


Salter, Thomas Frederick. The fourth edition, with the author's last ad- 
ditions and corrections. Embellishctl with 33 cuts. London, J. Wicksteed 

(n. d,). 

Collation: pp. Iv-M. itt , half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt lop, by Rivliire, with ori* 
Hound in are broaiUidcs of" The Angler's AniitlanI " anil " The 

nal paper coven. Hound in are broadsidis of" The Angler'i Aniitlaril " and " The Anglar'l 
anual, likewise a list of .Sporting Bouk» for tale by J. Wicksteed, advertisement of J. Cheek, 
"< " The Angler's Instructor," illuntrated. 


Salter, Thoma.4 Frederick. la". The fifth edition, with the author's, f/e. 

London, printed for J as. Maynard (1841) ? 

Collation : pp. lv-86. Embellished with 33 cuU. 16°, half green levant morocco, gilt baok, 
gilt lop, by Rlvlfcre, with original paper coven bound in. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. The Troller's Guide ; a new and complete prac- 
tical treatise on the art of trolling or fishing for jack or pike. Illustrated with 
numerous cuts of hooks, baits, tackle, eU. To which is added the best method 
of baiting and laying line.s for large eels. 

" The pike 'a my Joy of all the scaly shoal, 
And of nil fiuhino instruments the troll." 

yidt tk* Angltr, afotm, (onto vlii. 

London, Tegg, 1830. 

Collation : pp. vlli-to7. 19°, half green morocco, gilt back. From the collection of Thomas 
Westwood, with his book-plate, monogram, and autograph, " T. Westwood, Mm," on fly-leaf. 

Salter, Thomas Frederick. Third edition, with the author's . . . last ad- 
ditions. Illustrated with 28 cuts. London, Jas. Maynard, 1841. 

Collation : pp. iv-83. 13O, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Samuels, Edward A. With fly-rod and camera. Illustrated with 150 
plates from photographs by the author. New York, " Forest and Stream " 
Publishing Co., 1890. 
Collation : pp. 477. 8°, cloth, gilt top. 

Sandeman, Fraser. By Hook and by Crook. London, Sotheran, 189a. 

Collation : pp. ix-ac5. Plates, some coloured. Imperial 8°, cloth extra, gtti top, uncut Only 
100 copies printed ; this, No. a6, signed by the author. Large-paper copy. 

San Martino, Matteo, Conte de. Pescatoria e Ecloghe del San Martino. 
Venice, Giolito, area 1566. 

Collation : A-M4 in eights. 16°, half cloth. " Tht printer's device is a phoenix, with motto 
'Semper eadem ' and the initials J. G with F. underneath." Bit. fitc. 


1 80 Catalogue of Books on AngUtif: 

Sannazarlus. See Sannaxaro, Jacopo. 

Sannazaro, Jacopo. The Osieri; a pastoral iratwlated from the L«tin of 
Sannazarius, with wjme account of Sannazarius and his piscatory ecjoguet. . . . 
Cambridge, printed for the author at the Univeniity Press, 1734. 

ColUilon : pp. ai. 4°. half calf. Printed for private dlitrlbullon ; very icarct. " Soma a©, 
count of S«nna»arlui and hii eclogue* U added to an anonymom irannlatlon of the ' Sallce« [bjr 
O RookeJ entitled ■ Hie 0%ler», a podloral. .. Camhridue,' 1734. 4'^ SannaiarUu was Ix.m 
at Naplrt In 1458 and died in 1^30 lie wroia ten ecloauei, but five were lout dunnn a long ab- 
tcnce in France. The ecloKues extant ar« entitled : ' Phyllis," ' Galatea.' ' Mopiui. ' Proteuj, 
Mid • Herpylii.' They are coniidered the moti perfect work* of Ihi* diitlngulihed poet T h« 
nam* of Acllut Sincerua wai attumed whlUt a nneniber of the Accademla Ponlana. Bit ftu. 

5atcheil, Thomas. The bibliography of Izaak Walton's Compleat Angler, 
London, Peyton, i88a. 

Collation ; pp. n- Small 4°, board*. An exeerpl from the 

' Bibliotheca Piaeaioria" of 

Wettwood and Satcfiell, printeil for preienlatlon only. " Since the latt paragraph wa» written 
twelve month* have pawed, and I have \>ten able to gaiher the particulars from actual Inspection 
of the bo<ik» lhem«elve», of ten more editions. I. S, AfSS. mi/tiuihe book. Prrsrntalion copy 
with following inscription on fly leaf : " Dean Sage, Esq., with Tho, Satcball s kind regards, 
July isth, 18I4. " 

Satchcll, Thomas. See Barnes. (Dame Julyans.) 

Satchell. Thomas. See Mascall (Leonard). A Booke of Fishing. 1884. 

Saunders, James. The Compleat Fisherman. Being a large and particu- 
lar account of all the several ways of fishing now practised in Europe ; with 
abundance of curious secrets and niceties in the art of fishing; . . . also, an 
account of all the principal rivers, lakes, &c., in England ; and what kind of 
fish are more especially found in them. Collected from the best authors and 
from the long experience of James Saunders, Esq., of Newton-Awbery, upon 
the river Trent. London, W. Meare, 1734. 

Collation; pp. vl-a34. Plate. i6P. fuU maroon morocco, gilt back. "This book wai re- 
printed by Smeeton as ' The Fisherman, or the art of angling made easy. . . By Guinlad Ch«rfy 
Esa ■ St* Chahfy (G,). Saunders is the first hj^m^ author who mentions silk-worm gut (pp. 
oi-i). but Pepys, in his diary, says (Mar. i8th, 1667). ' This dav Mr. Cwsar told me a pretty ex- 
pertinent of his angling with a minikin, a guit-string varnished over, which keeps it from swel- 
linK, and is beyond any hair for strength and smallness. The secret I like mightily. (Vol. lU., 
p "71. Edition, i8a8.) A writer in the ' Field (Jan. a, 1864), on the sublect of silkworm gut, 
lays : • About three months since, Mr. Geo, Bowness, of Bellyard, shewed me an advertisement 
of his grandfather's, date i7«o, announcing that the tuw artUli, silk-worm ff^A* to be had there. 
This pretty nearly fixes the date of iu introduction into the tackle trade. ' Bit. pise. 




Catalogue of Books on /4nj(linj( 


Saunders, James. Another copy. 

Half grtan moroceu, (III back. 

School of Recreation. 1736. See H. R. 

Schrciner. Hermann L. The Gen. Lee Songiter. Being a collection of. . . 
sentimental, patriotic, and comic nongi. Auguota, CJa., Schreiner, 1865. 
ColUtlon : pp. 36. 11°, p«p«r. Conialni " Th« CheMpaakr Hiherm.n, " pp. tl. 

Schrciner, William H. Schreiner's Sporting Manual. A complete treatise 
on fiihing, fowling, and hunting, as applicable to this country. . . . Illustrated 
with numerous engravings. . . . Philadelphia, 1841. 
CoUatlon : pp. 147. 16°, cloth. 

Schultes, Henry. An Essay on A<iuatic Rights; intended as an illustration 
of the law relative to fishing. . . . London, W. Clarke. 181 1. 
CollaUon : pp. Iv-i40-»iil, I", half yellow calf. 

Schuylkill. An Authentic Historical Memoir of the Schuylkill Fishing Com- 
pany of the State in Schuylkill from its establishment on that romantic 
stream, near Philadelphia, in the year 173a, to the present time. By a mem- 
ber [/. f., William Milner, Junior.] 

" If you look ro lit antiquity, it Is moat ancient,— 
If to III iignily. It li moit honorable,— 
If to h% Juriidittion, it U most extentlve." 

Philadelphia, Judah Dobson, 1830. 

Collation ; pp vlil-iar and errata. 8°, fUll crunhed brown levant morocco. Inilde ffllt borderi 
gilt top. uncul. by Alfred Matthews. " Dr. Bethune says cf this quaint and scarce bookVhat " 
iL'" •7"*'"« »«:oun« of a very ancient fishing club, founded by a few of the orJKinal sciilrrs In 
Mu"i*^" catalogue are names of very high distinction, and the Msociation stiU 

. "." ^\J^\ "•*?■' •"'J"."' flshinr club diat exIsU, and Its founder* are said to have passed a 
treaty with the chiefs of tica Leni-Lenape. or Delaware Indians, who granted to them and their 
wT*"''JS"i?'**o •*'!.'J'«*1' 'J** privilege to hunt the woods and fisT. the waters of the Schuyl- 
del hia 8 o"' " * * '^* '* "••"»'" «' •he " Gloucester Fox Hunting Club." Phila- 

Schuylklil. State in Schuylkill ; an account of the Schuylkill Fishing Com- 
pany from its foundation to 1888. New York, 1888. 

Collation : pp. ar Illustrated. 8°, full crushed brown levant morocco, inilde gilt borderi. 
gilt top. by Alfred Matthews. • ' 





Prct'Dtmlon cony from 
lohn Wiifn«r. with *uiogr«ph Ulur inMrlMl. N«wt|>«p«r dipping. 

183 Catalogue of Books on Unfiling 

Schuylkill. A Hiitory of the Schuylkill Fi«hing Company of the 8t»U in 
Schuylkill, 1731-1888. . • . Phila.lelphi» : publithed by the mcmUn of the 
Bute in Schuylkill, 1889. 

ColUtlon : pp 446 Kov.l I", ,.«n„ uncut In«-I«»«l- • fPH"" »' Wllll.m 
Mllnor'i hlMorv nmTlhr rn»molr. of Ihc (ilou. i-.irt fo« M'lnllnK ( lul. 
(h« »o»«rnor oJ lh« club. John Wiifntr. wli 
conulning dttcrlpilon of lh« booh, InwirtM 

Schwatka. Pr»4«rkk. Nimrod in the North ; or. Hunting and fiihing ad- 
venture* in the Arctic region. New York, Cawell, 1885. 

CoIUllon ; pp. 19I. lllu»«r«lloin. 4"», cloth. 

Scoratby, Rev. W. See Cheever, Rev. H. J. 

Scotchcr, a«orK«. The Fly fisher's Legacy, containing accurate deHcriptiona 
of all the principal natural flies that frequent the water, laid down in such 
familiar manner that the angler may readily distinguish them; together with 
the most successful method of imitating them, forming the Fisherman s Grand 
Desideratum, or long-wished-for instructions: also an account of sewin, sam- 
let and salmon-pink fishing, and many useful remarks, not selected from 
books, but deduced from many years' real experience and observation. With 
engravings of the natural Hies, coloured from nature. Chepstow: printed 
and sold by W. Willett. Sold also by Messrs. Major and Co., Bristol ; Lack- 
ington and Co., London, ele. [circa 1800]. 

m^°r iSei clK J'tloS. The preicnt li the only copy I h.v. met with. 1 . W. 

Scott. See Normandy. Life in Normandy. 

Scott, Oonlo C. Fishing in American Waters ; with 1 70 Ulustrationa. New 
York, Harper, 1869. 

•re among the sut^ecU treatMl. Bit. put. 

Scott, Dr. ThoniM. See Angler. The anglers ... in verse. 1758- 


Catalogue of Hooks on /fngling 


Scott. William Htnry. ^uyJ. John I-«wrence. Rntiah Fi.'ld Sf>orta ; 
•ml)racing practical inntructions in ihooting, hunting, couninK, "cmg, cock- 
ing, f»*hing. fU. . . London, Sherwoo*!, Ntcly an.l /ones, 1818. 

«£«"Vi'i?'L,^'' i-Im'':^..''!.""!' '"•' *'''>«le"«» ^y »««!«k m «h« t.»i. r, fuJl brown l.vani mo. 
nceo, gill b«ck. Inildn glli tmrtUn, g)lt cdgct, by ZMhnidorf Urgc-papar copy 

Scott. WlllUm H«nry. Second edition. London, Sherwood, i8ao. 

.l^hl'?i'"2.i.?*'' "■*"; !!*?'.•! 'I!'' *""•'«="•! !'y "•'""k m .h* u.l. r', hair r«l moroceo. 
! I.. I . • f^^- w^l'u ""• ""»•-*•«" ftihary.' pp. 37o-«oa, .Mh 4 plaiM Ihn author 
alluila* «<> O^aMi Marhham •» a • vulgar compllsr,' an<f 10 Walton, ata ' ploiu hypocnu.' Hia 
own traatlMililtMlf a compilation of •mallmartl." Bit. pitt, •«nyi~vnw. nia 

Scrope. William. V » .md Nights of Salmon Fishing in the Tweed ; with 
a short account of the natural history and habits of the salmon, instructions 

to sportimen, anecdotes, etc., by William Scrope Esq Illustrated by (13) 

lithographs and (9) wood engravings by L. Haghe, T. Landscer an«l S. Will- 
iams, from paintings by Sir David Wilkie, Edwin Landseer, Charles Land- 
seer, William Simson and Kdward Cooke. London, Murray, 1843, 
by^H"w°SmrtE **"*''' *°' '"" '""*"'* <='''"»°" '•*•"• morocco. Inilde gilt Iwixlerj. gUt top. 

Scrope. William. Another copy.^rS^''!?!.''.""'" '•*?"i 'no'''>^co gill back, gill tidea. with gilt corner omam-nr., tntlda 
gilt t>ordcn, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnidorf. 

Scropa. William. Second edition, with shortened title. London, Murray, 

-uK^-m'"'' ■ '•'*• *'*-*9'- •ll»"<r«tiona. 80. fuU cruahed brown levant morocco, gilt back, ddaa 
^' . ':°"«'- o"«!»n>«'">'. «"• top. uncut, by Za«hn.dorf. "The .econd edition hki the 
«^h?h«uJ i.K^' impreMlon and two coloured print, of young ,almon. the coloured litho- 
graph* being withdrawn 1 hete latter are spirited renderingi of very excellent drawinei now In 
Je poMeulon of a collector. Copies of ttie Rrtt edition are idu^e and Mil for alSli? i»." 

S«:raU. See G. C. The Secrets of Angling. 1705. 
Sacreta. See D. J. The Secrett of Angling. i8ii. 

Saeiay. Hanry Qoviar. The Fresh-water Fishes of Europe; a history of 
their genera, species, structure, habiu, and distribution. With 314 illustra- 
tion!. London, Cassell, 1886. 

Collation: pp. 1-444. ^^ doth. 

Saalay. Hanry Qoviar. Another copy. 

^ Cllolh. " A ganeral viaw of Europ«(U> ichthylogy is ban givan th« aludent for the first dm..' 


! % 






Catalogue of Books on Angling 

•• 5eneca." pseud. Hints and Points for Sportsmen. Compiled by " Sen. 
eca." New York, " Forest and Stream " Pub. Co., 1889. 

Collation : op, 004. i(P, cloth. " Flih -nd Fiihlng." pp. 7»-"«. 

Senior, Willlain. (" Red Spinner.'M Waterside Sketches. A book for wan- 
derers and anglers. London, Grant & Co., 1875. 


DD. viii-as3. Plate, la". half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " Chiefly re- 
the ' Gentleman! Magaiine.' " Bit. pise. " J[u»t the book for an angler to lUp 


printed from mo ^v....>...~. . — -b— — r---- , 

into bi» pocket and read at luncheon by tome trout-stream. 

Senior, Willliim, Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Senior, Wil'lam. Another edition. London, Low, 1885. 

CoUatlon : pp. 11-195. x**. h«lf calf, gilt back, gilt top. 

Senior, William. By Stream and Sea. A book for wanderers and anglers. 
London, Chatto and Windus, 1877. 
Coltation: pp. vHI-aax. 19», cloth. 

Senior, William. Another copy. 


Senior, William. Travel and Trout in the Antipodes. An angler's sketches 
in Tasmania and New Zealand. London, Chatto and Windus, 1880. 

Collation: pp. «il-3iS. Illu»traaont. S^. cloth. " ReprinhBd In part from the ' Gentleman'! 
Mapuine ' anS from wwkly Journal* publUhed In BrUbane." Bii. puc. 

Senior, William. Near and Far; an angler's sketches of home sport and 
colonial life. London, S. Low, 1888. 

Collation- pp. xv-3(u. la^. clo<h. ChapterarepubUfhedftwmthe '•OentlOTan'iMafjriB^^^^ 
" cS°. FiairM&ne." the " Fleld^' " FU^lng Gaiette." " BeUs Ufe." and the " lUut- 
trated Sporting and Dramatic New»." 

Senior, William. Another copy, 

Seymour, R. Seymour's Humourous Sketches, comprising eighty-six carica- 
ture etchings. Illustrated in prose and verse, by Alfred CrowquiU. London, 
Bohn, 1843. 

Collation : pp. tTa. 8», ftiU poliahed calf, gilt back, gflt edm, by ZaAwdorf. ,"M«*'S?'?i 
caSaS? on Mgliiig •ubjectk; They wei.iorijglnaUy «««w3;Jb«:»???.rt3» * rt36jl>y "«»>«* 
- -- - -— iteUtno 

>he^printa, price three-penoe each : an<i w«» ttant- 
eei DT ncoiT »»~u. — --....ihed in iSj* with letteroreM by CrowquiU (Alfr<rf 
The edition of z8«6 oontaftw a memoir of Seymour ud a Ilrt ot his woiltf by H. O. 

Carlisle of Fleet-street, as sl 
ferred to steel by Henry Wallu 

Forrester). The edition of z8e6 c^........ - — ^ , •- — -- - - 

B^n." Bit. pise. Fine impresdons of the plates afterwards reprinted. 

ai M tt c » iif ' i SpB«)!*«^^ 

ij^ i ;im ii w ri i iM wMW'^afe; 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Seymour, Robert. The Odd Volume ; or, Book of variety. Illustrated by 
two odd fellows, — Robert Seymour and Robert Cruikshank. . . . London, 
W. Kidd (n. d.]. 

Collation : ppvl 1-348. xfP, half brown morocco, ?«t back. g<U top, by Zaehnidorf. " The 
Angler and the Fowler," pp. 157. BU.pitc. 

Shaw, John. Experimental Observations on the Development and Growth 
of Salmon-fry, from the exclusion of the ova to the age of two years. Trans- 
actions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (vol. xiv). Edinburgh, Black, 

Vignette title and plates. 4°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnwlorf, with 
original paper coven bound In. at-./ 

Shaw, John. On the Growth and Migration of the Sea-trout of the Solway 
{6almo trutta). , . . Transactions of the Royal Society cf Edinburgh (vol. 
xv). Edinburgh, 1844. 
Vignette title and plates. 40, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Shepherd, Richard Heme. Waltoniana. Inedited Remains in Verse and 
Prose of liiak Walton. With notes and preface by R. H. S. London, 
Pickering, 1878. 

8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. 

Shepherd, Richard Heme. Another copy. 

Full crushed crimson levant morocco, gilt back, gUt centerpieces on sides, gilt inside borders, 
gilt top, nncut, by Rivttre. 

Shipley, William. A True Treatise on the Art of Fly-fishing, Trolling, eU., 
as Practised on the Dovs and on the Principal Streams of the Midland Coun- 
ties; applicable to every trout and grayling river in the Empire. Edited by 
Edward Fitzgibbon. London, Simpkin, 1838. 

Collation: pp. sxsv-a64. lUustration. B", half green calf, gilt back, large paper. "A few 
copies wereon large paper, with cuU on India paper." £it. puc. From Thomas Weslwood'a 
collection, with his book-plate. 

Shipley, William. Another copy. 

Small paper, post 80. half green moroco, gilt back, gilt lop. 

Shirley, Thomas. The Angler's Museum; or. The whole art of* float and 
fly-fishing. Containing, I. The nature and properties offish in general. II. 
Rules and cautions to be observed by young anglers. III. The choice and 


I K iiiil l i llj i I 

i i< » i i|> ii 



\m mm uwn § v l 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

preparation of rods and lines. IV. Of float-fishing, and of live and dead 
baits. V. Of fly-fishing, and the preparation of artificial flies. VI. An ac- 
count of the diflerent sorts of fish, their haunts and spawning times, and sea- 
sons to angle for them. VII. An account of some of the principal sea fish, 
their nature, qualities, and the manner of catching them, etc. VIII. Particu- 
lars respecting the laws and customs of angling. The whole carefully collected 
from actual experience by Thomas Shirley. London, printed for John 
Fielding, 1784. 

Collation : pp. v«i-i36. Portntit 
ure MSS. dlrecHont for hooks, tr< 
BMt Way of Angling for Salmon 

(^oiiaiion : pp. viii-ijd. ronnui. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. _.. . 
are MSS. directioni for hooks, trout-flies, and glue, and on pp. 58-9 MSS. directions for 

On fly-leaf 
- The 

Shirley, Thomas. The second edition. To which is prefixed the Sermon 
of St. Anthony to a miraculous congregation of fishes. London, John Field- 
ing, [n. d.]. 
Collation : pp. xii-136. Portrait. i«°, sprinkled calf. 

Shirley, Thomas. Third edition. London, Fielding, [n. d.]. 

Collaiion : pp. viii-i3S. Portrait. 16°, full polished calf, gilt back. 

Shirley, Thomas. Another copy. 


I* a,-|- _ 

.„* w-..-. «.- . ."-•■ — — -;.■- How'far he h'as succeeded therein must be 

P K.' ..r— , . . laa, but ten lines are afterwards saved by 

35. The preface is that of the ' Second 

__ _ jappears from the title-page of both these 

editions. "Theport'ralt prefixed is tliat of ' J!lr. John Kirby, the celebrated fisherman.' who wa» 
keeper of Newgate and died in 1804, aged 8a" Bit. fise. 

SIcelldes. See Fletcher, P. 

Silvester, Rev. Tappins* Original Poems. 1733. See Ford, Simon. 

Simeon, Cornwall. Stray Notes on Fishing and Natural History, 
bridge and London, Macmillan, i860. 

, Cam* 

Collation: pp. xx-efis. Vignette titie. plate, and mustntions In the text, 
morocoo, gUt back, gilt top, br Zaehnsdoril " A woA of much interest 
and woodcuti in text?' Ba.fuc. 

.. taP, half brown 
Has a firontispiece 

Catalogue of Books on /Ingling 


**SV\tt." pseud. Fisher's Rivera (North Carolina). Scenes and characters 
by " Skitt," « who was raised thar." New York, Harper, 1859. 
lUttttraiad by John McLenan. la", cloth. 

Skrine, Henry. A General Account of all the Rivera of Note in Great Brit- 
ain. .. . and the entire sea coast of our island. . . . London, Bensley, 1801. 

Collation : pp. n-^ia. Double-page plate and mapa. 8°. half maroon morocco, dlt back. 
|ilt top, ' 

Slosson, Annie Trumbull. Fishin' Jimmy New York, Randolph, 1889. 

Collation : pp. 53. Portrait and iUuttrations. 10°, linen cloth. 

Smith, Arthur. The Thames Angler. London, Chapman, i86o. 

Collation: pp 80. Illuatrationt. itP, half green calf, gilt back. "Partly practical, partly 
humorous. The illustrationi are borrowed from Halls ' Book of the Thames.'^' Bih.tttc. From 
« iSf* **^"'**'*^ ■ collection, with his book-plate and autograph, " T. WestwoodTiSeo," on 

Smith, Arthur. Another copy. 

Half neen calf, gilt back. Bound with " Rules ... for the Fisheries in Thames and Med- 
SrFrand *'*''^' ' inserted from " The Field ' of July. 1865, on "Angling," by Fran- 

Smith, Arthur. Second edition. London, Chapman, i860. 

ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Smith, Arthur. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Smith, Qeorge. See Angler. The " Angler's Magazine." 1754. 

Smith, John. England's Improvement Reviv'd : in a treatise of all manner 
of husbandry and trade by land and sea. . . . Also. . . . fish-ponds, etc. 
London, B. Southwood, 1673. 

•Xvvn^^'M'J!^^' ^'■■"4°»'«K«'»«»"^- "The utility of fish-ponds is brieflymentioned 

Smith, John. Profit and Pleasure United; of. The Husbandman's Maga- 
zine. Being a most exact treatise of horses To which is added the art of 

angling, hunting, hawking, and the noble recreation of ringing. And making 
fireworks. The whole elusterated with copper cuts. By J. S. London, 








Catalogue of Books on Angling 

printed for S. Lee at the Feather* in Lombard-street, 
come, at the Golden Leg, on London Bridge, 1684 

And Andr. Thom- 

ColUtlon •. Title. I unnumbered leaf. pp. Mio. Jp. ao8 mliprlnted »n "dp- «9 '".'»P'l")^'^ 
908.) 4 pl«tei. 16°. full polished calf, gilt back, gilt top, by RW kre. ' Chap. «"'■ , »'^« ^" 
of AnirMi ImDroved.' ttc li begins : ■ Of all recreatloni angUng li held the most contemplative 
wd S. 7JuS with the leMt charge and Ubour; though, a. the re.t. " «q"^'«« "•'^ 
Sriotw Induitry and experience.' He lavt the 'line muit be either of silk or hair, though the 
iSte^YpwlSrKthXmer: andln twf.tln, or breadteg. you "»«'«b«>rYe w exacteve^nw, 

test one'^halr being shorter than the rest, the wTiole ij^" 'y^«3e°" »«• '"1" ^f'tirift," by I S 
rait too weak ' The latter passage may be compared with • The True Art of Angling, oy 1 . o. 
nST Tt suigests Uie b^uK we hav'e prevloSriy stated, that In '•"•'•'ri'".''' "^Jf*: fe" 
tl^^the IS oT'The true art.' " BU. f!ut. Very rare. Mr. Gregs says, Not before cited 
Ky itSopie or li.t^ booka on Angling I have met with." MsTi. note on fly-leaf. 

Smith, John Frederick. A Hand-book up the Seine. London, Cnichley, 

Collation: pp. vtli-146. Map. xfi^, doth. 

Smith, John Russell. See Catalogues. Smith, J. R. 

Smith, Thomas. Every Man His Own Fisherman ; containing an account 
of the different sorts of fish, etc., in alphabetical order, with the fish laws. . . . 
London, printed for C. Moran in the Great Piazza, Covent Garden, 1770 (?) 
CoUatlon : pp. xil-jo. 94°. half green calf, gilt back. From the Ubrary of William Keate 
Haseltlne, with hit book-plate. 

Smith, Thomas. Another copy. 

Fun mottled calf. 

Smith, W. Anderson. Lewsiana, or Life in the Outer Hebrides. London, 
Daldy, Isbister and Co., 1875. 

Collation: pp. vlli-aa;. lUustrationi. laO, 
. . _..>;■■ ^ ._ _t . i».v.. . _ j,jj, 1 


Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. See Rau, Charles. 

Snart, Charies. See Trent Practical Observations on Angling in the River 
Trent. 1801. 
Snart, R. Elegant Extracts in Verse. Newark, M. Hage, 1813. 

. »>i« Pmt 8° half calf From ihe library of Mannaduke Robert Longdate, with his 
r?5l^8o.,o«,the B«J«of U« Wy«i- p. i^_3^^ 

!•<», doth, uncut. " ' Farming '«!«t'n?'*'5*''.'*'.& 
• l^b.Te7FUl5ne "p. 5'. ■ FiSei.' p. 833. Mr. Smith it the author of ' Off the Chato. b^ 
. oSwrie'' ?J2r ' Sii%c. Some if 5» w«" originaUy appeared in the " Glatgow Herald. 

Ji^Woh XngUng at Kdhim ;''?. W. '*0«%!iS?J! W J*^* «»' JJt"' * 
436. -To the May-i^ ; ' toL H, p. 147 ud 401. • Angler s Wiih. Bit. ptH. 

gj^4«rf' tmt nrniniiiirTWin "<•- ■ ' 

r. Thorn- 

> misprinted 
i. 'The Art 
{ulnt much 
though the 
ict evMinM* 
[, rcnaer tb« 
ng,' by J. S. 
length fden- 
before cited 


n account 

laws. . . . 
1, 1770 (?) 
UUam KealA 


ihlng,' p. 65. 
e Chain, ' by 
[ow HtnXd. 

1 the River 

lala, with his 
lae Walton;' 
Abtence ; p. 



Catalogue 0/ Books on /4ngling 189 

Sncllinff, Thomas. See Catalogues. Tutet, M. C. 
Soltau. a. W. Trout Flies of Devon and Cornwall, and when and how to 
use them. London, Longman; . . . Plymouth, Nettleton, 1847. 

Collation: pp. 100. Illustrated. ia\ half brown morocco, gik bacli, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. 

Somervile, William. The Chace ; a poem Sixth edition. London, 

Bowyer, 1773. 

Collation: pp. xv-ija. Plates, la^ half brown morocco, gilt bacli, gilt top. Bound ia 
tha lame volume is ■• Hobblnol ; or. The Rural Games," by same author. ^ 

Somervile. William. The Chase; to which is annexed Field sports . . . 
with a sketch of the author's life, eU. By Edward Topham. London, T. 
Hurst, 1804. 

Sp^S'!;"n''A«aV^A„K-'^^^ 160. full tree calf, gilt back, gilt edges. ".Field 

Songs. Songs of the Edinburgh Angling Club. 1858. See Edinburgh. 

South London Angling Society. Rules and regulations of the society . . . 
held at Mr. T. Curry's " Prince Regent," Beresford street, Camberwell gate, 
S. E., every Thursday and Sunday evening. EsUblished Feb., 1871. Lon- 
don, Lindsey, 187 1. 
Collation: pp. 15. x«°, original paper. 

South, Theophilus./j^M/. The Fly-fisher's Text-book. London, R. Ack- 
ermann, 1841. 

Collation : pp. vi-aai. Vignette title and plates. 8°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

South, Theophilus. pseud. The Illustrated Fly-fisher's Text-book ; a com- 
plete guide to the science of fly-fishing for salmon, trout, grayling, eU. Lon- 
don, Bohn, 1845. 

m???'**'^' PR- »*-*S»; With twenty-three engravings after paintinn by Coooer Newton 

South. Theophilus. pseud. Another copy [n. p. n. d.]. 

Half green moroooo, gilt back, gUt top. 

South Kensington National Fish Culture Association. See Chambers. W. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


SpMdy . Thomas. Sport in the Highland! and Lowlands of Scotland ; with 
rod and gun. Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1884. 
CoUktlon: pp. xvlil-4is. lUustnltd. 8°, oloth, uncut. 

Sportlns Anecdotes. Sporting Anecdotes; original and select; including 
characteristic sketches of eminent persons who have appeared on the turf, 
with an interesting selection of the most extraordinary events which have 
transpired in the sporting world ; a correct description of the animals of chase, 
and of every other subject connected with the various diversions of the field. 
By an Amateur Sportsman. London, James Cunde**, 1804. 

Illuitrationt. 8«>, h»lf c«lf. glU back, yellow edges. "A collection of «necdote« in whldi w« 
And 'The Patient Angler." an/the ' method of fl.hrng with foxhounds.' describwl by Col. Thorn- 
ton." M.piu. 

Siwrtinc. The Sporting Magazine, or monthly calendar of the transactions 
of the turf, the chase, ttc. London, Pittman, 1830-4. 

Platet. 8 »oU. «». cloth, uncut. " A ' new series ' commenced with toI. 51 ; a ' •««>"'^ «f" 
riei' with vol. 76 : and a • third series ' in the year 1843. /rom Julpr iM, this periodical is Iden- 
tical except title-pages, ttc., with the ' New Sporting Magazine.'- The Sportsman, and Th« 
Sporting ReTiew.'^ Priced lao guineas in a recent catalogue. Btt. ftK. 
TniB^. »ol. 4. begins the new title page " The New Sporting Magaiina. 

Sporting Review. The. A Monthly Chronicle of the Turf, the Chase, and 
Rural Sports in all their varieties, edited by " Craven," firom July, 1844, to 
end of June, 1847. London, 1844-7. 

Plates. 6 Tols. fP, half red levant moroxo, gilt backs, gilt 
" From 1845 the volumes are identical except title-pages, etc., with 
Magaxinr and ' The Sportaman.' '" Bii. pise. 

tops, uncut, bj Zaahiisdorf. 
those of ■ The New Sporting 

Sporting. The Sporting Sketch Book, a series of characteristic papers by the 
most distinguished sporting writers of the day. Edited by John William Carle- 
ton. London, Howard Parsons, 1843. 

CoUation: pp. vit-aoo. lUustrations. 8<». half red inorocco. by Zaehiudoit " Contains 
' Hint, to angim. Probably by the late Jonathan Swift. D. D. " p. 7»-«. Bit. fiu. 

Sporting. The New Sporting Almanack, a manual of instruction and amuse- 
ment. Edited by " WUdrake," 1844. London, Rudolph Ackermann, 1843. 

lUustrations. ifio. half itsd morocco, gilt bade, gilt top, by Zaehnidorf. " Contains • A K«h- 
- ■ - ~ ••--* * Mr„^ Bit.fitc, 

lUustrations. ifiP, half red morocco, gilt b*dc, gilt t« 
ing froUc on Lake Horicon. By Hookey out West 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 191 

Sporting. The New Sporting Magazine. London, Baldwin and Ackermann. 
183 1-4. 

Ptatei. 9 vpli. tP, hair calf, not uniform In blndins. No more Dubllihed After iR^< th. 

cept the title-pages, etc. 'Bit. pitc. 

Sportf. Aquatic Sport*. Angling, swimming. 


BcSiriliwTril'Jd' '*'"• '"°'°*"*' **" *'*"'•• ''y ^-hnKJorf. pp. «3,-,5. of the "Boyi own 

Sports. Angling Sports. See Browne, M. 

Sports. British Sports. See TroUope, G. 

Sportsman. The Compleat Sport.sman ; in three parts. Part 3. Of fish and 
fishing, the most successful methods of angling, the only proper baits, tackle, 
and agreeable seasons for taking all sorts offish . . . London. In the Savoy,' 
printed by Elii, Nutt and R. Colling, for T. Tonton, 17 18. 

ia?ha'f«lf, Ju bii!*""""**""^ '"""' "P- '"'*'• "'^' '^■'"•''" • «"'»»mbered lea^et. 

Sportsman. The Sportsman's Cyclopaedia. See Johnson, T. B. 

SporUman. The Sportsman's Dictionary; or, The country gentleman's 
companion in all rural recreations: with full and particular instructions for 
. . . fishing, eU. C. Hitch, 1735. 
Plates, avols. 8°, halfcalf. 

Considerably improved and enlarged. Lon- 

Improved and eniarged by H. J. Pye, illus- 
London, Stockdale, 1807. 

Sportsman. Fourth edition 
don, Robinson, 1800. 
Plates. 4°, old tree calf. 

Sportsman. Fifth edition, 
trated with seventeen plates. 

4^, half brown morocco, gilt top. 

Sportsman. The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet. See Armiger, Charles. 

Sportsman. The Young Sportsman's Miscellany in Hunting . . . Angling 
. . . including a reprint of Barker's scarce tract on angling. With a frontis- 
piece and twenty-two fine woodcuts. London, printed by Compton and 
Richie. 1836. 

poSllnnMi^i."''**"' '*°' ^^ '■"^'» morocco. The running title is " ' Young sporUnuui'a 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

J 1 



SportMnan in Ireland. See Ireland. 

St. John. See Saint John. 

SUtutc*. See Great Britain, Parliament. 

SteeCc. Sir Richard, and ailimorc. Joseph. An Account of the Fiib-pool : 

consisting of a description of the vessel so call'd, lately invented and built for 
the importation of fish alive, and in good health, from parts however distant. 
. . . London, 1718. 
ColUlion: pp. vll-«a 1°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by ZMhntdorf. 

Steele, 51r Richard, and Qillmore, Joseph. Another copy. 

Full poUsbad calf, gilt back. 

Steele, Sir Richard, and others. The Town Talk, the Fish-pool ... By 
the authors of the " Tatler," " Spectator," and " Guardian " ; now first collected 
with notes and illustrations. London, J. Nichols, 1789. 

Colladon : pp. l»^45a. Vignette portrait and plates. 8°, (ull calf. 

Steele, Sir Richard, und others. Another edition. Dublin, Z. Jackson, 

Collation: pp. lv-36o. Plates. 16P, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehntdorf. 

Stevens, Charles. See Estienne. 

Stevens, Charles W. Fly-fishing in Maine Lakes ; or, Camp life in the wil- 
demcss . . . Boston, Williams, i88i. 

Collation : pp. 19ft. PUte and illuitratloni. la", half red morocco, gUt back, gUt top, by 
Alfred Matthews. 

Stevens, Samuel. The Spiritual Fisherman ... a sermon preached ... at 
the Old Meeting-place, Broad-street, Reading , . . Aug. 39th, 1769 .. . Lon- 
don, Dilly, 1769. 
Collation : pp. if-4t- *•. «><»*• 

Stewart, W. C. The Practical Angler ; or. The art of trout-fishing, more par- 
ticularly applied to clear water. Third edition. Edinburgh, Black, 1857. 

Collation: pp. «lii-i93. Illuilnitlons. tfP, half gtewi morocco, gUt back, gilt top. 

Stewart, W. C. Fourth edition. Revised and enlarged, 186 1. 

ColUrton : pp. «Ti-«i4. muitratloni. ttP, half gre«n morocco, gilt bwsk, gilt top. 

''m-ji"^* '" " * *"' *" " ''^ "'' ^ * ' *'*"*"" ' '* •'--' ' "" 


11.^1 ■ ■•iivi«M|^ 

Catalogue of Books on /Angling 


Stewart. W. C. Fifth edition. 1867. 

ColUtion : pp. xvl-ais. Illiutratlont. lO'', half fraan morocco, gUi back, £(U (rtp, 

Stewart. W. C. A Caution to Anglers; or, The practical angler [by W, C. S.) 
ami the modem practical angler |by H. C. Pcnnell) compared. With remarks 
upon the decrease of trout and proposed remedies. Edinburgh, Black, 187 1. 

Collation pp. l»-5«. iff", half blue morocco, ytll back, gill top, by Zaehntdorf, with original 
p«p«-r rover, bound In • Portions apiMared In ■ Ihe Field.' the writer't object li • «o iliow 
that the »imilarity \% alniont entirely confined to the lltia, and that no two nyttaint could bt mora 
different than thota advocated ' by the author and Mr. Pennell." Bit. pin, 

Stoddart. Thomas Tod. The Art of Angling as Practised in Scotland. 
Edinburgh, Chambers, 1835. 

/ D.°'i!*'i? o' PP '*;?5? niu.tratloni. itjo. half red tnorocco, gilt bMk. From Ihe coUecttont 
of Richard Penn and Thomaa Wetlwood, with their respactlve book-platct. 

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Second edition. Edinburgh, Chambers, 1836. 

Collation : pp. Iv-ift4. lUuitratlons. itP, half graan morocco, gUl back. fUt top, 

Stoddart. Thomas Tod. Another copy. 

Half green momcco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Angling reminiscences. Edinburgh, Edinburgh 
Printing and Publishing Co., 1837. 
Collation : pp. ix-ajo. Illiutratlon*. ttP, half graan morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. [With new title-page.] London, republished by 
Henry Washboume; Edinburgh, Oliver and Boyd, 1848. 

Collation : pp. ix-aao. Illustrations. i«°, half graan morocco, gilt back, gUt top. 

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Songs and poems: in three parts. Edinburgh, 
Blackwood [Kelso printed], 1839. 

CoUation : pp. >v-«i6. «<>, half blua morocco, gilt back, gilt top. Lwga papar copr. " Tha 
angling songi are fifty-saven in number and some of tham of great merit.* Bit. fist. 

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. The Angler's Companion to the Rivers and Lochs 

of Scotland. Edinburgh and London [printed], Blackwood, 1847. 

CoilaUon: pp. iiii-43i. lUtulratlons. Crown V>, half graan moioeoo, gUt bMk. sib Iod. 
uncut. • '^ 

stoddart, Thomas Tod. Another copy. 

Half graan morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 



' I 



Catalogue of Books on /Angling 





Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Second edition, 1853. 

ColUtion : pp ixil^7. lUuttraikifii. ttP, half gnan morocco, gill b«oli. gill lop. 

Stoddart. Thomas Tod. An Angler'i Ramblei and Angling Songs. Edin- 
burgh, Edinoniton and Douglaa, 1866. 

ColUilon . pp. IV-4IO. Crown •«. fiill brown c»lf, gill b»ck. " Horn* of lh« long* •« r*> 
printed from ' Songj and f'oamt.' and • K«iiible» l)y I w««d «re Included In ' Kithing (iot.lp. 
itM. S«« Panncll |M C.) An Ailioblography, with lnl«r»»llng no««i of aniler*. •ceom- 
p«nl«i Mr. Sloddarl t • Hongi of lh« Sauooi. KaUo, iMl. ' M. fin. From IliomM WmI- 
wood I cull«ctlon, with hit book-plate. 

Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Another copy. 

H»lf green morocco, gill back, gill lop. Pasted on Ihe «r»i flyleaf U a nhoiograph of T. T. 
Stoddart, glv^n by him To David Douglaa, Btq., of Edinburgh, who gava It to Mr. Saga, Majr. 
— *- — ika flyleaf I* aa obituary notlca of Stoddart from iha ■■Saturday Review." No». ty, 



Stoddart, Thomas Tod. Angling Rerainiacences; of the riven and lochs 
of Scotland. London, Hamilton, 1887. 

ColUUon : pp. aM. t ', cloth, uncut. 

Stona, Marry. The Angler's Asiistant. Shewing at one view where fish 

that are usually angled for are found ; their seasons ; times of angling ; depths 

to angle ; and the various baits generally used for each fish. With a list of 

the most approved artificial flies and palmers for every month in the season. 

London (H. Stone, Uckle maker, 13 Crooked-lane] (n. d.). 5 leaves. 

16P, half calf. ■■ Printed on one aide of the leaf only." Bit. fin. From the coltoction of 
lliomat Ootden, with hli book-plala. 

Stone. Livingstone. Domesticated Trout. How to breed and grow them. 
Boston, Osgood, 1873. 

16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gill top. 

Stpne, Livingstone. Domesticated Trout How to breed and grow them. 

Third edition, revised and enlarged. Charleston, N. H., for sale at the Cold 

Spring Trout Ponds. 1877. 

Collation : pp. Iv-afly. Illiutratloni. ttP, half brown morocoo, gilt back, gilt lop, by Zaaha*. 

Stone, UvlnffStone. La trota domestica ; manuale di troticultura. Tradu- 
zione condotta sulla terza edlzione Americana da Ugolino Ugolini. . . . 
Milano, Dumolard, 1884. 
C<dUtlon: pp. XV-4M- lUuatnulons. lao. p«^Mr, uacnt. 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Ston«h«ngt. /i/W. (/./., John Henry Wthh.| Manual of Britith Rural 

Sports; comphaing shooting, hunting, coursing, tiihing, racing . . . and (he 

various rural gamti and amusements of Great Britain. . . . Second edition. 

London, Routledge, 1857. 

Collailon pp ivt-^. lllutirailona. itf>, half brovB nMrocca, gUl Uiek, flU lop. "TlM 
m<Ml tiiMfn«dorinod«ni maniMte," Bit. fit, 

Stonehenfc. /x/W. (1. /. John Henry Walsh.] Sixth edition. I.ondon, 
Routledge, 1863. 

Illuitrailont. t«P, half rad morocco, c«lt hack, gtli lop, by Zachnidorf. 

Street. Alfred Blllinf e. Woods and Waters ; or, The Saranacs and Racket, 
with map of the route and 9 illustrations on wood. New York, M. Doolady, 
Collation : pp ii-MS- Vlfsatla itUa and map. tiP, ofodi. 

Strutt. Joseph. The Sports and Pantimef of the People of England. IIIus- 

trated. ... A new edition by William Hone. London, Tegg, 1845. 

CollaUpn : pp. «»ll-,4io. tf>, hill pollihad calf, (Itt back. Chap, a, Mctlon «v. " FowUng and 
Fltblng. Bit. fi$*. " 

Sylvan. Sylvan's Pictorial Handbook to the English Lake*. . . . London, 
Johnstone, 1847. 

Colla«lon : pp. Iv-*^. Map and illuitratlont. itP, half blue morocco, gilt back.gill top. br 
Zaahntdorf. r- / 

Systema Agrlculturae ; the mystery of husbandry discovered. ... The 
second edition, carefully corrected and amended. By J. W. [orligej, Gent. 
London, printed by J. C. for T. Dring . . . 1675. 

'","•• J'**"*'' oi^f*"** <»'t " Chap, xil traalt • Of Fowling and Flihing ' (pp. aso-aw. ad. 
1675). ' Thara ii not any eiarclia,' lays the author, ' more pleasing and agreeable to a truly 
•oberand Ingenious man, than this of angling: a moderate, innocent, salubrious and delightful 
exercise. ... It injureth no man, ... he being esteemed a Beast rather than a man that will 
oppose, an eieroise, In which ' Health and Pleasure go hand In hand.' ' What can be more 
said of it, he asks, ' than that the most Ingenious most use it ' ? " Bit. fitt. 

Taunt, Henry W. A New Map of the River Thames from Oxford to Lon- 
don ; . . . with a guide giving every information required by the tourist, the 
oarsmaix and the angler. Illustrated with 80 photographs. Oxford, Taunt, 

CoUation : pp. vi-jr8. Oblong i«P, cloth. " There is also a pockat edition on the scale of 
«Ba Inoh to the mlk. Bit, fin. 







196 Catalogut of Books on y^ngUng 

Tayl««ir». Sm Cautoguca. Tayknir*. 

Taylor, 5amu«l. Angling in all iu branches, re^ticrd to* cawi Icte idcnc* t 

being the result of more than furty yean' real prar..;-j an. i arlctobwrvation . . . 

In three partt. Fini, describing (among other inin j the countiea of Kng- 

land, Wale* and Scotland . . . theri 'ertau'l therwaten . . . Secondly, a full 

deachption of the different kinds of Aah . . . Aiid how to angle for each; with 

many curious, useful, and pleasing observations. Thirdly, a list of artificial 

flies . . . The whole lurming a work ... of a very different nature from those 

insignificant little pamphleu hitherto published, which treat chiefly of angling 

in the Thames, the New River and other waters of etjual <ons*qtuH<t about 

London. London, Longman and Kees, 1800. 

Collation : pp. iv-agl. Eiira UluMf •i««l bjr Um ISMrtlua of taa platM, nln« of wbldi srs cot> 
Ourad. 1°, liali maroon morocoo, 

Taylor, Samuol. Another copy. 

Half r«d morooeo, (lit iMck, (III lop, uncut, by ZMhnMlorf. 

Taylor, Samuol. Another copy. 

Half (r««n Uvani morocco, (Ut back, gUl top, unout. Lar(« pap«r. 

Thamoa. Considerations on the Present State of the Navigation of the River 
Thames from Maidenhead to Isleworth ; and also on the utility and advan- 
tage of a navigable canal from Boulter's Lock near Maidenhead to Isle- 
worth [n. p.]. 1791. 
CeUatkM : pp. ay. •<>, papar. 

Thamoa. A Plan to/ tac tt 'proYemen* of the Fial.^ry in the River ITiamet. 
London, Reyne*!, '\if'i. 
CoUalioii : pp. 41. •*. iMlflirown moroeeo, (flt tiaek, (flt lop, \»y ZathiiMlorf. 


Thamea. Report of a Survey of the River Thames from Lechlade to the 
dty stone near Staines ; by a committee of the commiaaioners of the upper 
districts of the navigation . . . Reading, Snare [n. d.]. 
CoUatloa: pp.9». I", papar. Raad at a maatlaf bald al iUadiaf, August 13. ilxi. 

Catalogue 0/ Books oh Angling 197 

Thant**. Rul«, Orden. tnd Ordinance,, n, Comm«nf« tntl Take PUre 
froraehe ittday of Novemt»er 1785 . . . forth# governing , , of all p«nion« 
who «hall fiih or dredge on the rivet of 1 h«mc«, *iid alio in the mtun of 
Med way. London, printe*! by Henry ten wick, 1785. 
Coll.iion pp 3I r. full iprlnklMt c«l( (III baeli. by W PtM. 

ThamM. Rule, Ordcri, and Ordinance, for the f itherim In Thamea and 
Metlway. London, printed by Arthur Taylor, i8t|. 
Coll.iloB t pp. ji, Bound with " Th« Th«m«« Angltr," by Artlmr Smiih, itteb 
ThamM. Another edition. 1835, 

ColUilon I pp. j6, I '. half brown morocco, gilt back, «m lop. 

ThamM. Another edition. 1856. 

ColUilon ; pp. jft. I", half grMn calf, gili bMk, gilt top, by Zathntdorf. 

ThamM. Mackay, Charlea. The Thame, and its Tributariea; or, Ramble 
among the rivert. London, Bentley, 1840. 

Illuitrttioni. • »ota. r». half crlmton calf, glli backi. 

ThamM. The Thame. Angler. By A. W. S. and M. W. H. Third edition. 
London, 1846. 

Coltailon: pp. 6«. Pfcla. ttP. half gTMn morocco, gill bwk. gill lop, b» ZaabnMiorf wlih 
original clolh eovtri bound In. Nawtpapcr cllpplngt Inwrtad. ' liaannwon, wiih 

ThamM. The Thame. Angling Pretervation Society, 1848. London, Brad- 
ley, 1848. 

-4^°"!."?" '. PP '' •"'' •■''i* ^<V»r9 3gP. half man calf, glli b^k, gilt top, by /a«hn»dorf 
S'll:^''''".?' PV!'"***" bound In. "^I. ^fcfy rMull.,f from .mealing ^ild In ilOai 
.«^?P"il ^7.u *r ••"«•««»» "' «»»• netghbourhootJ, upon whom th, nec«Mli\of uklng iieM 
to "JPpwt. ' tha Incettant poaching and aealiuctlon of he young brood and ipawn "hJd bM? 
foroja. by th. deterioration of the ir.hln> in the ri»er R.pirt. o'V iheXc'e yVTucc;«f!d Z,l 

the rul«-» of the Society and the nam«l of the members. ' Bi*. fiu, ■»•'""• «:«™pn«»f 

ThamM. See Bacon, G. W. New Map of the River Thames. 1869. 

ThamM. See Binnell, R. A Description of the River Thames. 1758. 

ThamM. See Griffiths, R. An Essay to Prove that tin Jurisdiction ... it 
committed to the Lord Mayor. 1746. 

ThamM. See Murray, J.'F. A Picturesque Tour of the Thames. 1849. 

Thames. See also Ravenstein, E. G. j NeU»eidift, J. ; Taunt, H. W. 






Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Theaktton. MIchMi. A List of Natural Flies that are Taken by Trout, 
Grayling and Smelt in the Streams of Ripon. Ripon, W. Harrison, 1853. 
PlaMt. \(P, half grMn morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Theakston, Michael. British Angling Flies. London, Simpkin; Ripon, 
Harrison, 1863. 

IllustraUoni. iff», half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Alfred Matthew*. The edition 
of I8S3, with a new title and addenda. " A plate of minnow tackle accompanies the atUtHda. 
The work It by Michael Theaksion and U praised by Kingiley In hit ' Chalk Stream Studlea. 

Theakston, Michael. British Angling Flies; revised and annotated by 
Francis M. Walbran. . . . Ripon, Harrison, 1883. 
Collation : pp. xUl-145. lUuitrationt. ia°, cloth. 

Theocritus. The IdylUums of Theocritus, with Rapin's Discourse of Pasto- 
rals done into English. By Thomas Creech. . . . Oxford, printed by L. 
Lichfield. . . for Anthony Stephens, 1684. 

Hate. 19°, full tprinklcd calf, gilt back, yellow edges, by Zaehnsdorf. " ' The Fisherman,' IdyU 
ni, contains 67 lines and has for lU subject a dream of catching a golden fish, which an old man 
relates to his comrade. It is chiefly notable for the enumeration of the fishing implements in 
the hands of two poor Syra'.iisan fishermen. The poetical translators take great liberties with 
this Ust, Mr. Calverley being the least and Fawkes the most accurate. In plain prose the ' wea- 
Dons of their trade, were : ' wicker baskets, rods, hooks, baits covered with seaweed. Unes of 
horsehair, and weels ind wicker-work mazes, cords, and oars and an old boat on props (il. 
o-ia). Theocritus, who was a naHve of SiclW and at the height of his reputation B.C. 977, brought 
pastoral poetry to its highest perfection, tlje Greek editions of his writings are rery numerons, 
the most Important being those of Reiske, with a Latin translation . Lelpiig, i7«5. 4° i of Thomas 
Warton, Oxford, 1770. 4* ; and of Valckenaer, Leyden, 1779 ft X7«i- There we versions in most 
modem Eniopean language*. Into EngUsh ver»e they have been traMlated by Creet^, iMi, 
X684, 17x3 ft iTSi, 8"; by Franci* Fawle*. I7«7- •": by Polwhele, 17«6. 4". ^1^ **'".• " ' 
byt. M. Chmman. 1896, 8°, A prose translation by I. Banks, w^tii Oiapman s mertcal ver- 
^on. Is included in • fiShn's Classical Llbrar/. London, 1853. 9P- The best French transla- 
tion 1* by J. E. Gail. Paris, x8o8, 4», and the best German, by J. H. Voss, Tttblngen. 1808, 8°, 
and by Witter, HiUburghausen, 18x9, 8^." Bit. pitt. 

Thomas, Henry Sullivan. The Rod in India; being hints bow to obtain 
sport, with remarks on the natural history of fish, otters, etc., and illustrations 
of fish and tackle. Mangalore, Stolz . . . London, Triibner, 1873. 

CoUation : pp. xxiii-3»9- 8°' ^'^ "«' morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdort 

Thomas, Henry Sullivan. Second edition. London, HamiUon Adams 
& Co., 188 1. 

Collation: pp. xzvi-436. 8°, cloth, uncut. 



by Trout, 
n, 1853. 

n; Ripon, 

The edition 

the addtnda. 

kin Studies.' " 

lotated by 

e of Pasto> 
ited by L. 

Iiennan,' Idyll 
cb an old nuin 
mplementi in 
llbertiet with 
rose the ' we«- 
ireed, line* of 
on props ' (H. 
;. 077, brought 
ery numerous, 
'; of Thomas 
nions in most 
Creech, 1681, 
8 ft 1811, 8"; 
I metrical ver- 
'rench trantla- 
igen, i8oa, 8°, 

w to obtain 


ton Adams 

' m m m« ' •* 

Catalogue 0/ Books on Angling 199 

ThompMn. Francis Benjamin. The Angler's Manual: a complete in- 
structor m the arts of fly and bottom-fishing for the tyro and proficient. 
[Woodcut.] London, Dipple [n. d.J. 

-ii?*!lli'ii" '■ ?^- \k , I""««"°n»- •''. h«W green, crushed levant morocco, back with small 
5^l.hZ'.^"J*' rl 'op. *".h oriflnaJ plcto^al covers bound in, by Rivlire. "Concludes 
with the 'Song ofthe angler, by Uie author." Bib. put. '-wuwuuw 

Thomson. James. The Seasons. Ludlow, Procter [n. d.]. 

of^^'nnf '■ P"- '.!'"'??• "'"""tions. 16°, half calf. <• In ' Spring • there occurs a passan 
SftteiSSl. nc5m,if;iMT: *•*"•»"'"« "^ thepn«ti,ed angler fs a. evideS?"s tTriSl 

' When with his lively ray, the potent sun 
Has pierc'd the streams and rous'd the finny race, 
Then, issuing cheerful, to thy sport repair,'*^." Bit. fitt. 

Thomson. James. The Value and Importance of the Scottish Fisheries, 
comprehending fully every circumstance connected with their present posi- 
tion, London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1849. 

Collation : pp. 914. Post S", half purple morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 
Thorne, James. Rambles by Rivers. The Duddon, the Mole, the Adur, 
Arun and Wey; the Lea, the Dove. London, Charles Knight, 1844. The 
Avon. London, Knight, 1845. 
Illustrations. x(fi, % vols, in x, half brown calf. 

Thorne, James. Another copy. 

Half brown calf. 

Thorae, James. Another copy. The Thames only. 1847-9. 

a vols, in X, half brown calf. 

Thorne, James. Another copy. 

Ai?.'IL'*""7' '^-i. "These little works are only admissible by complaisance, and through 
Aeir annexion with the scenery of angling and s<^e of the streJns most remoi^rf for s^^- 

Thornton, Col. T. A Sporting Tour through Various Parts of France, in 
the year i8oa : including a concise description of the sporting establishments, 
mode of hunting, and other field amusements, as practised in that country, 
. . . Illustrated with upwards of eighty correct and picturesque delineations 
from original drawings from nature, by Mr. Bryant and other eminent artists. 
London, Longman, 1805. 

■.T***?'. 5*'y"'i!' •'•J' fed morocco, gUt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. dd. axT-agohavn h*M> 
neatly inlaid, "the Rev. Henry Kett* refers i^CoX. fiioratoS ta (£e lS& S uTlXi <oS 



•i 'I iiwii 'isr?ii«wi 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 

i , 


AnKUn«.' printed in the ' New Monthly Magwine • for iSm vol. il, pp. 6«»7-9)- ' ' conclude thta 
Uttfrwl h emretiing. wi.h. thai you may resemble this renownerf brother of the angle m one 
ws^T-anTih" uThi* uniform siccew. ' According to hi. account m the hUtorian of hi. own 
witoit.. he always meets with the finest linh ; and such 1, hi. 'n'«'"bl« 'kjU that he alway. 
«""?'." "v. ^, exertions are equally fortunate when he pursue, other dlrersion.; a. a 

catche. them. 

run so swiftly, 

hi. own. 
vtU be in- 
The refer- 

'yiiutor and an Auctfs; for no hawltsfly'si high, no a-v"- -■-•-, tt -..vr'„V.;r«rii tv. in. 

And I think it probable, that when you have perujed all he ha. said o^hj" »«''.¥?«» ?LL «f«C 
dined to add to hi. fame, and declare, that no archer .hoot.with .o |ong a bow I The refer- 
unces to fishing in the French tour are few and unimportant. Bu. pise. 

Thorpe, Thomas Bangs. The Mysteries of the Backwoods; or, Sketches 
cf the Southwest, including . . . rural sports. . . . Phila., Carey, 1846. 

Collation : 203. Illustration, by Darley. m°. half calf. " Piwatory Archery." p. 30. With 
it is bound "A Quarter Race in Kentuckv " and other tale., 1846. 

Thorpe, Thomas Bangs. The Hive of " the Bee-hunter" ; a repository of 
sketches, including peculiar American character, scenery and rural sports . . . 

Illustrated. N. Y., Appleton, 1854. 
Collation: pp. 31a. 8°. half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " Arrow-fiahlng," p. S4< 
Thorsteinson, Arna. Saxkynjaxoir Fiskar, og fiskiraekt. Reykjavik, Isa- 
foldar, 1 88 1. 

8° ijaoer Salmonidw and teb culture by Ami Thorritlnwn. Extract from the " Magaiine 
of thiffiidte UteHtrTs^e^' vol. a. Ama Thorsteinwn is Treasurer of Iceland, a genUe- 
man. Khoiar, and angler. 

Three Anglers. /*«*</. How to Catch Trout; by three anglers, 
burgh, Douglas, 1888. 
Collation : pp. vii-83. rau.tration.. 16°, original pictorial boards. 

Thurston, R. H. Forms of Fish and of Ships [n. p. n. d.]. 

a" oaoer Read at the aSth wwion of the Iiutitutlon of Naval Architect., April x, i8»7 ; with 
inJcri^oni on cover. " Mr. Wm. H. Sage, with compUmenta of the author. 

Tod, Suetonius M. Trout-fishing in the Isle of Man; where to go and what 
baits to use, with a few practical hints on trout-fishing in general. lUustrated 
with 2 photographs. Douglas, Glover, 1865. 
CoUatkm : pp. vM«. i6»», half oUve morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Srikeman. 

Tolfrey, Frederick. The Sportsman in Canada. London, Newby. ^ 

PUte». s voU. Post 80. half red levant morocco. gUt back., gUt top., uncut. 

Tolfrey, Frederick. Jones's Guide to Norway, and Salmon-fishers' Pocket 
Companion. Edited by F. Tolfrey. London, Longman, 1848. 

Collation: pp. 9*-«39. lUuitrationi. ifiP, half green morocco. gtttbMk, gilt top, with original 


paper cover* 



ooncladc this 
I angle in one 
an or hU own 
lat he always 
•rsions; a» a 
, as his own. 
'ou will be in- 
' Th« rafor- 

r, Sketches 
. 1846. 

p. 30. with 

pository of 
sports . . • 

ng." P- 54- 

kjavik, Isa- 

Ite " Magasine 
land, a gentle- 

lers. Edin- 

Ux,i8a7; with 

go and what 


ihers' Pocket 

>p, with original 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Toll rey, Frederick. Another copy. 

Illustrations. 160. half Kfeen morocco, gilt bacic, gilt top, with original paper covers bound 
in. " Contains several well-coloured plates oi flies." Bii.pise. » «- •' 

Tolfrey, Frederic. The Sportsman in France; with twelve illustrations. 
London, Colbum, 184 1. 

anVvof'ii "ch*'" '*** '"°'«x«o. B*" back. Angling subjects are treated of in vol. i, chap. 3, 

Tolfrey, Frederic. Another copy. 

Half red morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Alfred Matthews. 

Town Talk. See Steele and others. 

Townshend, J. K. Sporting Excuraions in the Rocky Mounuins; includ- 
ing a journey to the Columbia River and a visit to the Sandwich Islands, 
Chili. London, H. Colbum, 1840. 
Plates, a vols. 8°, cloth, 

TozzettI, Targtonl. See Itoly. Dept. Agricoltura, 

Traherne. John P. The Habits of the Salmon. London, Chapman, 1889. 

Collation : pp. vii-163. 8°, cloth. 

Translation of a Letter. See Ja^obi, S. S. 

Treatyee of Pyshynice with an Anile. See White, W. 

Trent. Practical Observations on Angling in the River Trent. By a gentle- 
man resident in the neighbourhood, and who has made the amusement his 
study for upwards of twenty years, etc. Newark, Ridge, 1801. 

Collation: pp. i«. x6o, full polished calf, gilt edges. "Attributed to Mr. Charies Snart, 
attorney-at-law, ofNewark-upon-Trent. The work has become scarce." Bit. Pise. "A rather 
rare book. T. W. ^ " .»»uw 

Trent. Another copy. 

Half dark morocco, gilt back. 

Trent, QitXzt. pseud. See Martin, J. W. 

Troller. The Compleat Troller. See Nobbes, Robert 

I * 











Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Trollope, Anthony. British Sports and Pastimes. Edited by Anthony 

Trollope. London, Virtue & Co., 1868. 

Collation : pp. iii-3M. Pott 8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Zaebnidorf. 
•' Reprinted from • St. Paul's Magaflne.' ' On Fishing,' p. is»-i9a." 

Trout. How to Catch Trout. See Three Anglers, pseud. 

TufpwtW, Rev. Qoorce. On the Mountain ; being the Welsh experiences of 

Abraham Black and Jonas White, moralists, photographers, fishermen and 

botanists. London, Bentley, 1863. 

Collation : pp. Tii-«6«. a cotoured plates. Post 8<», half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt lop, 
by Zaehnsdorf. 

Tugwell, Rev. Qeorge. Another copy. 

Half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Turton, John. The Angler's Manual ; or, Fly-fisher's oracle. With a brief 
compendium on bottom-fishing. London, Groombridge; Sheffield, Ridge, 

Collation : pp. viii-Se. Plates. ia°, half broirn roan. 

Tutet, Mark Cephas. See Catalogues, Tutet, M. C. 

Tweed. Tweed and Don. See Locke. 

Tyne. The Tyne Fisher's Farewell to his Favorite Stream on the Approach 
of Winter. Newcastle, printed for Emerson Chamley, 1824. 

CoUadon: pp. 8. tP, half green morocco. " First sketched out by the Rev. Henry Cotes, 
Vicar of BedUngton. and oomplet«l by WilUam Gill Thompson, aoo copies were printed for 
Chamley, April la, iSas. with woodcut on title, of a winter scene designed by WiUiam CoUard 
and engraved by Isaac Nicholson. Twelve copies were subsequently reprinted by Chamley s 
successor to complete seu, with woodcut on title of an anf^er wading, with rod and landing- 
net" Bit. fite. Scarce. 

Tyne. See North Country. A Collection of Right Merrie Garlands for North 
Country Anglers. No. 15. 

\Msm^. pseud, [i. e. Parker Gillmore.] Gun, rod and saddle. Personal ex- 
periences. London, Chapman, 1869. 

Ccdlation : pp. viU-a^s. ta°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. Some of 
the artides have been published before in " Land and Water?' 



y Anthony 

>y Zaehnidorf. 

periences of 
lermen and 

back, gilt top, 

iVith a brief 
ield, Ridge, 

le Approach 

. Henry Cotet, 
ere printed for 
/iUiam CoUard 
by Charaley't 
i and landing- 

ds for North 
Personal ex- 

dorf. Some of 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Ubique. [1. ^ Parker Gillmore.] Accessible Field Sports: the experiences 
of a sportsman in North America. London, Chapman & Hall, 1869, 

CoUalion: pp. «ll-336.^ Plate and vignette title. 8°. haJf green calf, gilt back. "Chap. 3. 
Tro'lt-fithing on the Androtcogan ; Chap. 13. Salmon-fishing in Labrador; Chap. 16. Trout- 
Bshing in Maine; Chap. a^. The split bamboo fly-rods." Ba.fisc. 

Ubique. See Gillmore Parker. 

Uncle Charles. See Boy. Boy's Book of Sports, 1850. 

United States. United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries. Part I. 
Report on the condition of the sea fisheries of the south coast of New Eng- 
land in 1871 and 187a, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1873. 

^'fPiv ^' lifW green calf, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. " This commission was ap- 
pointed by resolution of Congress on the oth of February, 1871. and up to 1880 476,300 dollars 
had l>een appropriated to its use. Thanks to the selection of an able commissioner in the per- 
son of Professor Spencer F. Baird. the work done has been commensurate with the expenditure. 
Ihe propagation of food-fishes' forms the sUplc of the reports, and several excellent papers, 
original and translated, are inchided in the Appendices." BU.fise. 

United States Commission. The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the 
United States. . . . ByG. B.Goode. . . . Section i. Natural history of useful 
aquatic animals, with an atlas of 277 plates. Washington, Government 
Printing Office, 1884. 

United States Commission. Another copy. 


United States. Interior Dept., National Museum. Contributions to North 
American ichthyology. No. 2 ; based primarily on the collections of the U. S. 
National Museum . . . by D. S. Jordan. Washington, Government Printing 
Office, 1877. 

Plates. 9P, paper. 
Bulletin No. 10 

United States. Another copy. No. 3, by D. S. Jordan, and A. W. Bray- 
ton. Washington, 1878. 

Plates. 8°. paper. 
Bulletin No. la. 

United States and Mexican boundary survey. See Girard, Charles. Ichthy- 
ology of the boundary. 



l-i^*«HU»«S(jHjj,,.VJJt.j , *,i,TJ»Ji,.ta'!r».-*«. 1.^, ..;:,gy,j.j^am.jjy^ 





304 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Unit«d SUtM War Dept. See Girard, Charles. Fishes. 

UnlverMi Angler. See Angler and Walton, I. 

Urashlma. Translated by B. H. Chamberlain. Tokyo, Kobunsha [n. d.]. 

ia°, paper. lUumlntted cover and coloured lllu»tr»tioin. Japaneie F»lry T»le Serist No. I, 
printed on Japanese paper. 

V«n Doren, Louis O. The Fishes of the East Atlantic Coast, that are 
caught with hook and line; including the fishes of the east coast of Florida, 
by Samuel Clarke, N. Y. American Angler, 1884. 
CoIUtlon : pp. 177. lUMlrated. go. cloth. OriginaUy publiihed In the " American Angler." 

Van Dyke, Henry. Little Rivers; a book of essays on profitable idleness. 
New York, Scribner, 1895. 

8°, doth. Autograph letter of the author inierted. 

Van Dyke, Theodore S. Flirtation camp; or, The rifle, rod and gun in 
California, a sporting romance. New York, Fords, 1881. 
Collation : pp. v-999- »"°- «=loth. 

Van Stolen, O. W. See Barnes, Dame Julyans. American edition of the 
Treatyse of Fysshynge with an angle. 1875. 

Vanlire, Jacques. Fishing. A translation from the Latin of Vanier. Book 
XV. upon fish. By the late Rev. John Duncombe. With a brief introduction ; 
and passages from English writers, selected as notes. London, Triphook, 


CoUaUon- do. 44. 8°, half brown calf. "An article in the ' Cenrora Llterajia,' of whichafew 
«lS?ionil M^& -were printed for general diitribution.- Mr. Hajlewpod hu added miuw ^o« 
Sotei The^ev. J. Duncombe wit Rector of Heme. Kent. He «»«ed Jan. 19 h. 17M. «*^S«. 
2m 'Gentleman* Magailne," vol. 56. pp. 187-451. That he was no ' Mapster in tfie An po- 
SJTca^?! "halation i"e. »rrowlui SemoMtStion. It waa tran.ferred'Wily by Daniel into 
histipplement to ■ Riml Sport..' without acknowledgement." Bit. pise. Scarce Bound with 
Pl»c"to?»" Observation! oS^the public right of fuhTng." and a manuscript of The Angler • 
Guide, 1807." 

Vanlire, Jacques. Another copy. Bound with William Chapin's " Anec- 
dotes and History of Cranboum Chase," i8i8. 

Venables, Robert. The Experienc'd Angler; or, Angling improv'd. Being 
a general discourse of angling ; imparting many of the aptest wayes and 
choicest experiments for the taking of most sorts of fish in pond or river. 


iha [n. d.]. 

• SeriM No. I, 

It, that are 
; of Florida, 

rlcan Angter." 

ble idleness. 

and gun in 

iition of the 

inier. Book 
1, Triphook, 

; of which • few 
d many curious 
1, 1786, mtat 56, 
In the ' An po- 
by Daniel into 
t. Bound with 
"The Angler'i 

>in'8 "Anec- 

ov'd. Being 
: wayes and 
md or river. 


The fourth edition, much enlarged. London, Richard 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 205 

London, printed for Richard Marriot, and are to be sold at his shop in St. 
Dunstan's Church-yard, Fleet-street, 1663. 

Collation : Enmved title, printed title, A»-H8 in eighu. (Signature B3 mitprinted 5. i i(P, 
full cniihed green l.vant morocco, tide* tooled in gill, with center piece of a Aihing design, inl 
^.1.5».^?t"' *'i '"^«"' ^"f^^- '''■'.'., "The title wai engraved by Vaughan. Tfie en- 
whilSf.i .•**."• ">•.»•'»• " ^hoM. In Walton • ' Compleat angler. The lecond edition, of 
which the date ii uncertain, was burnt in the * Great flreT" Bi». fiu. Very scarce. 

Venables, Robert. Another copy. 

in.M"J'jnl'?!l*i "^'1}^"^^ morocco, sides tooled in gilt, with center-piece of a Ashing design, 
Inside gilt borders, gilt edges, by W. Pratt • • ■ 

Venables, Robert. Another copy. 

Half brown morocco. Lacks pp. 101-106, and i leaf of the Ubie, 

Venables, Robert. 

Marriot, 1676. 

Collation : Engraved title by Vaughan ; printed title, Aj-H8 In eights ; table. Bound with 
Walton s UniversiU Ang er, 187*. "Torm* the third part of The Universal Angler, 1676. See 
Walton (I.). This edition has a new engraved Utle, signed ' F. H. Van Hove,' and inferior 
in execution to that by Vaughan used in previous editions, of which It is a copy. The plates of 
Bsh are the same as those in Walton's firth edition and have been re-«ngravcd in reverse, pro- 
bably by Van Hotte, Bii.puc. 

Venables, Robert. Another copy. 

16°, half green morocco, gilt top. 

Venables, Robert. The fifih edition much enlarged. London, B. Tooke, 
and Thos. Sawbridge, 1683. 
Collation : pp. xiv-96 and table. la". full brown morocoo. 

Venables, Robert. Another edition. [With memoir of Col. Robert Vena- 
bles.] London, Septimus Prowett and Thomas Gosden, 1835, 
Plate, and illustrations in the text on India paper. 8^ half green morocco, gilt top, uncut. 

Venables, Robert. Another edition with new title-page. London, T. Gos- 
den, 1837. 

j_5*'?* °^ "*" "* "" '"*"■ P*P*''- ***■ •'•If brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehns- 
dorf. Large-papw' copy. ■ ■ Gosden 's reprint, of which a few copies were on larger paper, con- 
tains some very minute and finished engravings of fish, mounted in the text, sometimes to be 
had separately on one sheet. 

"The first edition was advertised in the ' Kingdom's Intelligencer ' of Sept. oth, 1661. as ' now 
newly extant, and was no doubt issued in the Autumn of that year. The running tiUe is • Ang. 
ling improved, or profit and pleasure united.' As a manual the book deserves honorable men- 
don. Col. Venables served in the Pariiamentary Army and in 1644 was made Governor of Chea- 
ter. He was sent with Penn in 1654 in command of the expedition for the conquest of Hispan- 
iola, and on their return from that disastrous enterprise, the generals were imprisoned in th« 







f Mnv nmSu Mmmm 






Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Towtr. ■ It would M«m,' obMrvet Dr. B«thun« in hli cdidon of Walum, il47. ' that Ih* brava, 
once moil luccetiful, but in the end unfortunate, toUtier found consolation in angling and writ- 
ing upon hl« quiet pleaiurei. It It impoitible to read hit book without t>elng convfncad that, 
whatever may naTc lieeii \\\% in>utfiei, ti« mikm a wiic And piouiiy uiap«'>iwd roan. 

"J- W.[iUtonl has contributed a courtly commendation of the volume, addmaed tohit 'Ins*- 
nloui friend the author,' In which he stale* that he • could never find in [other booki] that judf- 
ment and reason which you have manifested in this (as I may call it) Kpllome of An|linB, i' 
my reading whereof I cannot look upon tome nolei of my own gsiherlng, but methlnu 
putriUa trmttn.' " Bit. fin. 


Veiiationis. See Bol., J. 

Vox piacis ; or, The book-fish, contayning three treatises which were found in 
the belly of a cod-fish in Cambridge market, on Midsummer eue last. Anno 
Domini J1636. London, printed for James Boler and Robert Milbourne. 

Collation : Till* ; pp. i-i« (pp. i»-«o mlsiing). pp. n-\%, pl««e, which li misplaced, should 
precede the title. 19°, full scored calf, gilt edges. " With no claim to admission, beyond 
the slender one furnished by its tttlo, and the fact that collectors appear to make a point of 
possessing a oopy. It Is said to have been wiittan by Richard Tracey (see Wood's ' Athen. 
0>on.'). In the <H»me category Is also : • A most strange and true report of a monsterous Ash, 
who appeared in the forme of a woman, from her waste vpwards. [Woodcut. 1 Imprinted at 
London for W. B.' 4 leaves, ^to. This prodigy was found In the Parish of Ptndine, Carmar- 
then, on the iTlh February, 1603." Bik. pitc. Rare. Bound with several other wotks. 

Wade, Henry. Halcyon ; or. Rod fishing with fly, minnow, and worm. To 
wl)ich is added a short and easy method of dressing flies, with a description 
of the materials used. With eight coloured plates containing one hundred 
and seventeen specimens of natural and artificial flies, materials, ttc, and four 
plates illustrating fishes, baiting, eU. London, Bell and Daldy, 1861. 

Collation : pp. xvl-aia. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. 

Wade, Henry. Rod Fishing in clear waters by fly, minnow, and worm. 
With a short and easy method of dressing flies. With one hundred and 
seventeen illustrations of natural and artificial flies. London, Bell and 
Daldy (n. d.). 

Collation : pp. xvi-aia. la", cloth. " The author, a skllfbl ily-dresser and angler, haa bat 
one hand." Bti.pitt. 

WalpoZe, Spencer. A manual of the law of salmon fisheries in England and 
Wales (with a copious index). London, Field Office, 1877. 
Collation : pp. XV-X33. xa°. cloth. 

Walsh, John Henry. See Stonehenge. puud. Manual of British Rural 
Sports, 1857. 

isa waga^ . i .iMUlii i i i" " * 


. ^:. ...r-i-.- 

)•! th« brav*, 
ling and writ- 
nvincml thai, 

1 to hit MnM' 
U} thai )ud(- 
infllDB, sine* 
hinlia i do 


>re found in 

last, Anno 


lUced, thouM 
wion, btyond 
ke • point of 
ood's ' Athen. 
>ntltrotti Ash, 
Imprinted at 
dine, Carauur- 

worm. To 
ne hundred 
k., and four 

and worm, 
indred and 
I, Bell and 

ngier, has but 

ngland and 
itish Rural 

Catalogue of Books on /Angling 207 

WalUr. John. HinU to Young Sporumen ; or, The gun, saddle, and rod. 
London, Bailey, 1871. 

• T^S"i^?"pp''^^- e^ ^^, ""^ •"°"^"' «'" ^^' «"• '"P' ^y Zwhnidorf. ■• Chap. vl. 

Walter, John. Another copy. 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of fish and fishing, not unworthy the perusal of most 
anglers. Simon Peter said, I go a fishing ; and they said, we also wil go with 
thee. John ai. 3. London, printed by T. Maxey for Rich. Marriot, in S. 
Dunstans Church yard. Fleet-street, 1653. 

Tahlif'AT' .74!!,' 'V "T° •'•• Wgh. Wofthlpful." A^4; "To the Reader." A fH\ The 
Ir.„'.^.u^ I*"" <^TP'*" Angler, B-R3; In eighti. Kl". MX crimoed red morodro. gil" 
22'«^M i?^ri I'h? °"? '"°'«««9P»"-<>ff c"« " The nrti •««enco ol^he tide I. •ngT;»ed 
^J^^ nJT^iS ,''"'P»''"« ''T' ""** »^'««'! •nd ='"»««" "^ fi»h pendant on elthrr »lde. Ve^ neat 
OTgrav ngi vt the 'rout. Pike, carp, tench, perch, and barbel are inierled in the ten The ,n- 

£UJilJrm«.T«;i''„"J&*' Loj'H*'*. •»"'«' F'^chman then re.ldent In thit country and 
tngagwl Inilliutrating book., and also Fallhom.< and Vaughan are poiiible candidates for the 
«?.''.^ Cf^ ^"""V^^L'^V^^ menUoned was emoloy^by Marriot on overwork ThesI 
E^ir-.ZH'"'' "* •"'*• ''"h "««• probability, to haveWn of illver. served for the ftm four Jd* 

Diurnal . . From Munday May o to Munday May 16. .es? • [Ssl There^are flie b^kad- 
rlTi^SIL??' •/'*' J*'.?' "i; '°" °'^'*° B-W'ni*- '» 'h'« n^bir.^ne second m followT- Thi 
£r^ir«n^J& .k' •'" ' Contemplative Man% Recreation.' being adlscoursSof Fish Ind F sh- 
tog, not unworthy the gerusal of most Anglers, of 18 pence price. Written by It Wa Also 

ui I. "^ 1 o 1 .vT^' ■""""•■ •""• puoiisnea. uotn pnniea for Kichard Mai^ 
I h U riiopin Saint bunstans Church-yard. Fleet street. Another advertlsernent 

» is newly axlant. a Book of i8d "'*— .•"--» .1.. ■ r- ■__. "_ ="'»^en«. 

found at the foot of the last page (1470) of no. 154 < 

' »-•■* ^FBa^vB* ■«■ k^^«»fls«a A' %*aa9ae%if V ^^ilUiUS _^_ 

-"^/^'.•Krir'/ •*""/• • P"?"* °' 'MyriMTtVlM'thV'Compleat Ilniler.'7*.7is 
d.T. May jMJJidirlry'^'X.?' "° '^ °' '"' ' ^"^"^"* '•°""- ' • '^°-^ T"-- 
I. .L^ ' ^'*'!.*j'*i'"=»"'Qf ' ■ddressed • To the right worshipful John Offley of Madelev Manor 
S^X^^^^llf^^J^' '/ ^Iff*';^!'- ^« •■ •"<• 'he auth^ors n,S7dirnTap~ "o" 
W.r'n'SK'io ■ M^'i's^iS'^onT^ commendatory verse, in the second edK^ are. 

•ai' t S^^rS? rl^ ^^^ '''" ''T •*""*'"• «»»!"•',«> by Dr- Belhune In 1847 at twelve guin- 
S«tS™^ Vtif^i" **"• S? •"hancement of value In which the oiherlaitlons havfnot 
pwUcipated. This advance will probably continue, for the number of collectors has increai«l 
2S?il \»'*!f^»« *«* *»»om U.e rule obtains, ' aut C.sar. aut nulhu." A I^mt wSS^ 
fcndUtlnctlon upon its owner. A Second is but a Stccmi, though it may be ran.'! If a wpy hi 
E^;j'£.2'"6il*'" ^""^"t" ■**'» '•• '■■"•• »>'" " Imperl&t copy 'seekTrmarketlS'^JiSl 
2.7.h A^Pl? K.^*.?''*'" *r^"f •'«'***° P'*"*'- Cop'" raritreach Ae auSioi^ roIT 
and theprices^ wWch they mayliavo g«en occasionally sold there, a^oid no criterion of^S; 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

.. i^'iJ! ■^° ™«»l«. gilt back, gilt edges, enclosed in a brown morocco pull-off case bv W Pratt 
•• Both copies mearare 5M * 3H inche., and Kiaroely any book ha. mori apprecli!^ in vVliirSHfl 


i"«>W i »ll!IDl. i 



Catalogue of Books on /Angling 


In lUj •! ih« Backford t*U on* 

brouihl' £^ 'thnt'or taut fi«»« b««n'»<)fcl •( •ucHon tines, jiach hr(nclnit m\»t^r\j incn»»ad 

iBf ih» pail i«n yjiMi, than • p«rf«ct copy of ih« ftni W«l«on. 

prlca ovar iu pradMaiaor; ih«i la»» one having »old for ,^310 In Ilia front <>f tha altova copy a 
aome Intereallng niamoranda hy Mr (.rawhaii. thuwing ihe prioai iim vuiuine uiulei m>iit;a hi 
fairhad M vartoui aucllnn ulea, ranging from £90 lo £ts Tha copv balnngad l<> John Eva- 
ly.i author of Kvelyn > diary, and wa« purchaaairln i8«fl. by William IJpcotI frt>m Uame Mary 
Bvalyn (Sea nolai of Mr Crawhall and Mr. WpcotI In tha tiook.) From tha coltacllon of 
Joaaph Crawhall, a* ara alao tha aacond, third and fourth adilloni balow." D. S. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complcat Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Being a discourse of riven, and fish-ponds, and fish, and fishing. 
Not unworthy the perusal of most anglers. The second edition much en- 
larged. John a I. 3. Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing, they said 
unto him, we also go with thee. London, printed by T. M. for Rich. Mar- 
riot, and are to be sold at his shop in St. Dunstans Church-yard Fleet-street 


Collation: Engraved titia A ; "To the Right Worahlphil," A »%« ; To tha Readair, A <-« ! 
Varaas, A »-m ; Tha Complete Angler, Ek-O la ; In twalvaa. itP, full paan niaala, gill bauk, 
gilt edgai, ancloied In a brown morocco pufl-ofT caae. by W. Pratt. "Tha angravad icroU Is 
Main used on title and to the plaiaa of fiib are added tha bream, the eel. (ha loaeh and the bull- 
head. Tha book haa almoat baen rewrtitati. Tha intarlocui^n ara three In thla edition, Pltoa- 
tor, Aucapa, and Venator, who Uker the place of Viator Commendatory veraea by aevan 
writer! ara for the lint lime Inaarted. The Brat • To my dear brother-ln-iaw Mr. Iiaak Walton 
liaigned 'Jo. Floud. Mr. of Art*'; the next ■ C. H , Mr of Art» that It ' Ch Harvie ai given 
In I07«- than follow ' Tho Weaver. Mr. of Arts.' ' Edw, Powel, MaiUr of Artt," ' Alai. Broma, 
• Rob. houd C' and ■ Henry Baglay, Artlum Magiater. " «*./i»r. , . u. . 

Perfect copy; meaauring sH ' 3H inchea, from Joaaph Crawhall a coltootlon, wltb hii ilgna- 
lure. Thla ii called the Republican edition U*4 n»U im 4#aA), and alao notaa ahowing pricaa it 
haa brought at different aucUon aalaa. D. S. " Mr. Bindley, tha eminent collaetor, waa of the 
opinion that perfect oopiea of the aecond edition ara rarer even than tha flrat. and wa baUava b« 
wai right.'" Watmood'tCknmkU.iVt^ j-. .u u u . 

" Mr. Park aaya that thla aecond edition li still more rare than tha Ant. and Sir John Hawkina 
oonfeatea that ha had never been able to meet with a alngle copy of It." Wtttwotd's Cata- 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Full green morocco, gilt back, gilt center-piec« on sidaa, with oomar omameoU, gill adgas. 
C4 misprinted B4 in both copies. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complcat Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. To which 
is added the laws of angling : with a new table of the particulars in this book. 
The third edition much enlarged. London, printed by J. G, for Rich. Mar- 
riot, at his shop in St. Dunstans Church-yard, Fleet-street, 1661. 

Collation: Engraved title A; "To the Right Wonhioful,' Aa-3; To all Readen, A4-5; 
Verses, A6-«i The Complete Angler. B-S8 ; in eighu. Siie, 5H x 3H '"=^e«. 16°, full grewi 
russia, gilt back, gilt edges, enclosed In a brown morocco pull-on case, by W. Pratt. " The en- 
graved scroll Is again used. The changes in the body of the work are few and unimporUnl. 
Bronea commendatory verses are omitted, and the Laws of angling and a Table of contents 


ikford laU oim 
mr\y incr««Md 
i>K>v« copy AT* 

lU«l rMp4it;4 iiAi 

(o John E»«- 
n Dun« Mary 
I oollaciton oif 

i man's rec- 
and fishing, 
n much en- 
ig, they said 
Rich. Mar< 

Iradar, A S-* i 

Ida. fill lM4.k, 
[rrnvM MToU It 
h ttnd the buU- 
edition. [Mica- 
triM by seven 
IimOi Wation ' 
mrtU ' M glvm 
'Al«>. Brome,' 

with hi* ilgna- 
iwing pricat It 
;tor, wu of (he 
I w« b«UaT« he 

'John Hawklni 
ulm»Kt't Cata- 

mtt, flit edgts. 

't man's rec- 
. To which 
in this book, 
r Rich. Mar- 

lleaden, A4-5; 
tS', full green 
ratt. "Theea- 
d unimportant, 
ible of contents 

Catahgue of Books on Angling 


A copy of thlt adlllon. ..nee al Chaliworth. formerly belnngM) 10 Chart** iht Neeond 
•r • merry memonr. whu <•■• an angler, a* Hochetlar » yer»e*. <iu«led at p itS. Intimata In an 
unworthy jneer II Imm-* the rf>yal autograph Tar; Re*, on (hecnvravedilil* Th. W»l.en 

1 HTOTi <n« myai auiograpn ■ i ar ,• K««. on (he cnvraved llllii Ih. Walton 
tuoui < •latoKur of ihU llt.rary «rr among lh« < urt7i«Ule« of bihllographieal 
irll. uUr fopy l« «jii<ar<-nil* aulgnrd lo (he year l«7 i»a Utt. 
ownrd by juteph Crawhall. and con(aln* hi* tlgna(ure and now* of price* M 

en(rl»i In the lumiiluout 
literal lire I'hU pa 

" ThI* copy wa* I ,,..,_.. ._ 

kM brought at variou* auction •ale* A perfect copy 

D. S. 

Walton, liaak. The Compleat Angler ; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Being a discourse of fish and fishing, not unworthy the perusal of 
nnost anglers. Simon Peter said, I go a fishing : and they said, we also will 
go with thee, John at. 3. London, printed by I". Maxey for Rich. Mar- 
riot, in S. DunsUn's Church-yard, Fleet-street, 1664. 

CoUatlon : Title A ; • To (he Rlgh( Worehlpful. A s-j . To all Raederi. A 4-5 ; v*r*e*. A 
V L Con(en(», A 9; The Cnmplele Angler. B-RS; lnelgh(». 16"'. half black morocco gilt 

pack, red edge*. Thit al»o ha* In (ha preface 10 the reader. Third lmpre»»lon. bul lack* " 'fM 
l^we* of Angling, ftiuiid In the third edition. MH. memorandum on (ly-leaf from "Thoro'i 
Catalogue, giving prices of different edition* of "l^e Angler." 

Walton, Ixaak. The Compleat Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Being a discourse of rivers, fishponds, fish , and fishing. . . .Tha 
fourth edition, much corrected and enlarged. London, printed for R. Mar- 
riot, and are to be sold by Charles Harper, at his shop the next door to tht 
Crown near Sergeants-Inn in Chancery-lane, 1668. 

ColUllon- EncravadddeA; " To the Right Wonhipftil." An-3; "To all Readers." A 4-5: 
verte*. A 6-8; "The Compleie Angler." B-S8; Intlghd. 16", full green ruiila, gil( back, gilt 
•dge*. anclo*ed In brown morocco pull-off ca»e, hy W. Pratl. " A paKlnary reprint of ihe iliird 
edition. Bit. fin. " Joseph Crawhall * copy, measuring 5H » 3H inches, with hii ilgnutuia 
■nd note* of price* It ha* brought at varlou* *aie*." D. S. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Full green morocco, gilt back, gilt sides, gill edges. Lacks Contanis and Tabt*. 

Walton, izaak. The Compleat Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. The first part. Part L Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, 
and fishing. Written by Izaak Walton. The fifth edition, much corrected 
and enlarged. London, printed for Richard Marriott, 1676. 8', The scroll 
has, on this occasion, been " worked over," much to iu detriment, and " The 
first part" engraved beneath it. The works of Cotton and Venables, the 
former in its first, the latter in its fourth impression, were also appended to 
Walton, and issued under the following collective title : " The Universal 
Angler, made so, by three books of fishing. The first by Mr. Izaak Walton ; 
the second by Charies Cotton, Esq. ; the third by Col. Robert Venables. All 



" n . i^ fii y ' * 


w. r 


Catalogue of Books on /Angling 


Ut," tc., 
To m 

whkh may b« liound together, or told ear h of them Mverally. London, 
printed for Richard Marriott, and lold by moat bookaellert, 1676." 

•itoM : TIU«. •' Th« WnlvarMl AngUr, tie, I !••<, tnipaTwt illla. " Th« Coini)k«l Ai»t- 
!«., I Uml, iliU, Pari I , with bUnk uhui* for Iha tcrnU, A l-V j; In alihu, t>Unk ImI, 
it •vidvnuy V 4 ; Uc«nM !•«/. A I . itila, ■ Th« Comptcai Anglm,' Mc. PmI II , A •; 
Kv wurihy r'sihar. " A j-^ (in biun) . H-H I (In arlghlt) . •n(r**«lilll«. 1 ImI: ilUa, "TIm 
r.iMrtcnGCil AngUr," tie.. tU»1. tiknii l««f (whkh ihouUI prated* the illU) ; " lo tba 
KoMlar.' A 9-H ] , In tlghli. t«r. full gr«wn lavani imirocco, gill b«ch, gill iUUM. gill •dfai, by 

"The MMctnil anit thlrtl paru hava lh« tllla<i givan undar iha namai of (hnir re«|i«cil«a aulhurt 
and »af h pari ha» a iMparala regUiar and paglnallon (" I jiwauf Angling I, and II (Conlanu). 
following Iha collacllvt li a hMlf-tltlc wiih a blank i|>aca laft for iho Hroll ■ Part I Bong • 
dltrourtanf Hver«, lUh-pond*. Ath and Athing. Wrttian by Itaak Walton. Tha Aflh adilloa, 
miirh rorraclad and aniargrd I^ndon. prlnlrd lor H Marrliji. and arr lo Im sold hy C?harlat 
Hartwr at hl» »hop, iha ii««l door 10 lh» Crown n«ar Sargaanit Inn In Chancery t.ana. 1*76.' 

"Thl« I* iha lail adltlon pubttahad during Iha author 1 Itfcilina and ha« ' Laudalorum car- 
■Ina. algnad ' Jaco. Dap. D.D., i. *., Dr. Jamat Duport. Proft»ior of Orcah In Cambrldg* 

" Tha five adltlon* hava told ai llawonh • /Ctt la*. «d. ; at Mllnar't £v> 9*. ; ai Hlgg»'» £»$ 
•a. fcJ. ; at Cotlon'a £ifi in- ; "ltd at Princa't £y> laa. Mora raccnily thev have priK!uv:*il iii>- 
wardi of /too. We may hi Ihclr value balwaan thi* tum and £to, and refer lo our nola on lh« 
nrrtenl prtca of Iha fir«l adillon." /fit. ^tt. 

•• Thli Imu« hai iha flrtt adltlon of the lacond fiart. by Charlat Cotton " L§ w m dt i From lh« 
library of Oaorga Daniel, with following inwripiion on the itv-laaf: " Brauliful copy, with 4U 
theMlilaa^; bound from th« «ha«l»: ttotn Iha /»*«•/< Library of mjr daar frtand, WlUlam Ptckar- 
IngiVala/T a«argt Danlal. CMonbury, Augtui, 1I54. " 

Walton. Ixaak. Another copy. 

Collation tania ai praccding lot, aicepilng ll ladii lb« half-tllla, blank leaf In th« Mcond part, 
bat has the blank leaf ai tha and avidently lacking In Iha Ant oopy. Original calf, anoloMd In 
a brown morocco puU-off ««M. 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler; or. Contemplative man's r^crea- 
tion. In two parts. Containing, I. A large and particular account of 
rivem, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing : written by the ingenious and celebrated 
Mr. Isaac Walton. II. The best and fullest instructions how to angle for t 
trout and grayling in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton, Esq.; and pub- 
lished by Mr. Walton. Comprising all that has been accounted valuable, 
instructive, or curious, that has ever appeared on this subject. Interspersed 
with a variety of practical experiments; learned observations; beautiful de- 
scriptions i philosophical, moral, and religious reflections ; pieces of innocent 
mirtit and humour; poetical compositions, *le., so at to render it entertaining 
to readers of every taste and character whatsoever: with exact representa- 
lions jf all the fish, and the addition of several copper-plates, designed as an 
embellishment to the work. Carefully and correctly published, from the best 
editions, with a number of occasional notes. By Moses Browne, author of 

f. London, 

IK, LUnh ImI, 
Part II . Ai; 
lal; ilito, "Th« 
lit): "To lh« 
I, |lll •dfM, by 

pMltv* aulhor* 
d II (Cunlanli). 
furl I U«ing • 
fi« nfih wllikin, 
K)l<1 hy <:h«rl«» 
y I.ant. 167*.' 
■udatorum car- 
In CMnbrtdg* 

al Hlirf** ^faj 

« prwiuod m>- 
our noca on rha 

■i^M. From iha 
I cTitiy, with 4J/ 
ArillUm Ptckar- 

ha Mcond pan, 
:alf, ancloaad In 

urn's u}cxtt- 
account of 
d celebrated 
} angle for a 
.; and pub' 
:ed valuable, 
beautiful de- 
9 of innocent 
'. representa. 
signed as an 
rom the best 
le, author of 


Catalogue of Books on /liiiiUiig 


CoNnlkmi Mniai ilil«; praftaa, pt 
lanti, I unnumbared laaf, plate; Part I, pp.'i-y 

Part It. 

pp. atn-aaa 
llludralloni. 16", (u 

pUta ; 

" Piscatory Epilogues." To which are added, the laws of angling ; and an 
ap|>«ndix, shewing at one view the most profwr rivers, particulai haunts, 
baits; their seasons, and hours in the day of biting; general direction ia 
prtcUce. for every kin<t of fiih that is to be anglett for ; alphabetically tlU- 
posed, in a method peculiarly useful, and never yet attempte<l. With short 
rules concerning the tackle, baiu, the several ways of fishini(, and weather 
pro|»cr for angling. London, printed and sold by Henry Kent, at the print- 
ing-oftice in Finch-Une, near the Royal Exchange, 1750. 

p. IIM> (varto btnnl't; aulhor'i prafaea, pp il-iW; ttm- 
I, pp. i-ja; plat , pp 3>0; plaia; pp « joo; llila | 
pp my-^fH; plala. j>p. .»-}•»; Intla*, a unnumlmrml laarta. 
il araen levant morucLO, gill back, gilt tiaat, with comrr orna- 
manH, Intlda flU Iwrdar. gill «!dgM, by Tout ' Hr<>wn«!« editing waa dona with giwlo, tin- 
fnrtunalaly iha whim ttxik him l<i prima and pollih hli author • dtyla ; to iut)pi«i« paanagai In 
hi* proaa, to iinooth down roughncMt't In hl« rhtmat, and to ai'apt him to iha ovar-raflnvd and 
•rtlflcUl laata of tha day, a tacRlega all r« varan tlovart of old Itaac will And U hard to eondona." 
Bit. fut 

Walton. Iiaak. The Compleat Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recrea- 
tion. In two parts. By the ingenious and celebrated Mr. Isaac Walton 
and Charles Cotton, Esq. ; I. Being a discourse of rivers, fish- ponds, fish, and 
fishing. 1 1. Instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear 
■tream. Correctly and very accurately publishei. (With draughu of all the 
fish ; ornamented with a number of copper-pktes, lud a great variety of use- 
ful and copious notes.) By Moses Browne, author of" I'iscatory Eclogues," 
tk. The seventh edition, very much amended and improved. With the laws 
that concern angling. And an appendix, whu h shewj at one view the proper 
riveni, haunts, baits, seasons, and hours of biting ; ijencral directions, eU., for 
every fish that is to be angled for; alphabetically digested, in a method sin- 
gularly useful, and never yet attempted. With short rules relating to the 
tackle, baits, several ways of angling, and weather improper and proper for 
the sport. The whole comprising all that is valuable, instructing or curious, 
that has appeared on the subject. Peter saith unto them . . . John xxi. 3. 
London, printed and sold by Henry Kent, etc., 1759. 

Collation: PUte; Utla; pp. Ili-xxW; plate; pp. 1-3^; plate; pp. 35-56; plate; pp. 
plate; pp. Sl-lM; platei; 169-914; plate; pp 915-16; plate; title; 1 unnumbered ' 

•01-040 ; plate ; a^i-^fo 
maroon moroccc, \ji\\ back, giii 
for the (port' have been ditlinKu 
by Burgn htve been added 


Illiutraiioni. 16°, 


plate ; 
:k, gill 
tlmvuithed by 'pattfcular niarki ' *\v\ four new engravln 
I. The platei used in the former edition have been re-engia.iru, 
but the artist't name li not attached to them. ThU it alio tha caae with one of the new platea.*' 
Bit. fix. 

lit side*. ''The prefac« hai been rewritten, the 'direclioni 

ivuithed by 'particular niarki ' xnd four new engri 

The platei used in the former edition have been re-engraved, 





.; ,<aii— )tjn« 


tfc" ' "TahSSBaiijiP' 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recrea- 
tion. Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. In two parts. 
The first written by Mr. Izaak Walton, the second by Charles Cotton, Esq. 
To which are now prefixed the lives of the authors. Illustrated with cuts of 
the several kinds of river-fish and of the implements used in angling, views 
of the principal scenes described in the book, and notes historical, critical and 
explanatory. London, printed only for Thomas Hope, at the Bible and 
Anchor, opposite the North Gate of the Royal Exchange, Threadneedle- 
street ; and sold by him, and Sackville Parker, at Oxford ; Richard Matthews, 
at Cambridge; and Samuel Trimmer, at Derby, 1760. 

Collation: Plate: title: "Dedication," pp. ill-viii ! " AdvertUement," pp. Ix-xj Utt ot 
Walton pp. xi-lvi ; Epi.tle dedicatory, pp. i-il; : " Toall Reader.. " po .v-x : versejK p^ xi-xxil ; 
plate; Part I. pp. 1-56; pUte; pp. 57-76; plate; pp. 78-104; plate, PP- *°5-"0. !>»"«• 

ton ; tftlef " Some Account,^ eJvT, pp. iii -xlvlii ; " To my most worthy Father, pp. i-iv . 1 o 

my most honored Friend," pp. i-ii; 
pp. 35-38; plate ; pp. 39:^ 

'The Retirement," pp. i-iv; ^'a" "• PP- '-"*LP ," V 
.. o.T ■.» . .....M<n.v><>roH Ivavf-i. 8°. calfrebacKea. 

I ; pp. 3tt-4a ; plate ; pp. 43-128 ; Index, 4 unnumbered leaves. - . - 
EdTt^ bV Mr. John (^"er,Jards^ir JoTin) Hawkins, by whom is the hfc of Wahon; that of 

erwaras sir jonni nawnius, "/ niiv.,ii ■» ••■- "v; ~: ", ; y 

Co'ttonTs by W.' &ndvi]-" The engravings, by Ryland from designs by Wale, are dated 1759. 
This editioi;^meSnL^compet>tion%ith that issued by Browne m the previons year a„d^^^^^^ 
rise to 'sundry skirmishes and passages of arms between he rival editors, "rowne s charges 
of plagiarism appear unfounded. Ae annotation is copious and h"* f°f '^J; .""Ji'' P"'* °f*" 
rptainpd in subsrauent reorints." Bit. pise. " The unfortunate Ryland received IS $». a plate 
foJ the ei^eravin« •• ZS^ " In th^new edition the original text was restored to Us ongi- 
nal Jurftv^tre pmnin^l^was laid aside, all poetical tinkering repudiated and old Ua^^ 
•redundancies,*^' superfluities.' and ' absurdities ^broueht back to light, and left to stand or fall 
on their own merits or demerits." Westwocd's Chronuu. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Full polished calf, gilt back, yellow edges. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. Contemplative man's recrea- 
ation . . . Illustrated with upwards of thirty copper cuts of the several kinds 
of river fish, and of the implements used in angling, views of the principal 
scenes described in the book, engraved by Mr. Ryland. To which is now 
prefixed, the lives of the authors and notes historical, critical and explanatory 
... The second edition. London, printed for J. Rivington, at the Bible 
and Crown, in St. Paul's Church-yard; J. Caslon, in Stationers Court; and 
R. Withy, in Comhill, 1766. 

Collation- Same as preceding. 8°, full sprinkled calf, gilt back, r«i edges, by Zaehnsdorf. 
■. This ii the pT?"di"g ?E w!th a f^esh ti&e-pa^. but tfle plates, of whicj 'he ««>/ '3«^ 
sions were remarkably briUiant, have now lost mucTi of their starpness. The engraver, by the 
way, subsequendy had the misfortune to be hanged for forgery. Btt. ptsc. 

•■ ^^*4ii|^4'«it'#»<«ji«*w>-' 


Catalogue of Books on /fugling 


Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
In two parts. By the ingenious and celebrated Mr. Isaac Walton, and Charles 
Cotton, Esq. I. Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish and fishing. II. 
Instructions how to angle for a trout or a grayling in a clear stream. Cor- 
rectly and very accurately published. (With draughts, of all the fish; or- 
namented with a number of copper-plates and a great variety of useful and 
copious notes.) By Moses Browne, author of" Piscatory Eclogues," e/e. The 
eighth edition, with the addition of all the songs set to music. Also the laws 
that concern angling. And an appendix, which shews at one view . . . rules 
concerning . . . weather improper and proper for the sport. The whole 
comprising all that is valuable, instructing, or curious, that has appeared on 
the subject. Peter saith . . . John xxi. 3. Walton's own motto to ist edi- 
tion. London, printed and sold by Richard and Henry Causton (successors 
to the late Mr. Henry Kent), at the Printing Office, No. 21 Finch lane, near 
the Royal Exchange, 1773. 

Coupon: Plate; tUle; pp. ili-xxiv (xxiii-xxiv misplaced bv the binder); pp. i-s6: plate- 

title ; X unnumbered leaf; pp. xjj-a&i ; plaVe ;"pp; a&3-rta IpiatV; aSj-^^ ; 4 unnumGered leave'$: 

id calf, eilt back, by W. Pratt. " Thrs is Moses Browne's third 
_. - = - , -Jproved ... by the addition of twenty 

The music was the work of the editor. The plates are the 


and last edition 

pages, and of several useful notes 
same as in the I7S9 edition." Bib. pite 

i6P, full sprinkled calf, gilt ba'cL, 
It is said, in the preface, to be 

pp. 23-4 misplaced in binding 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler j or. Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish and fishing : in two parts ; the 
first written by Mr. Isaac Walton, the second by Charles Cotton, Esq. ; with 
the lives of the authors, and notes historial, critical, and explanatory, by 
Sir John Hawkins, Knt. The fourth edition, with large additions. London, 
printed foi John, Francis and Charles Rivington (No. 62), eU. '784. 


■. ,c flfJ",' '"',?' advertisement, pp. iii-iv; advertisement to the Foun 
¥** "'.Y;"''*'"' PP.-.^""'*"!. " Epfstle dedicatory," pp. Ixiii-lxvi ; " 

pp. S»-«8 
pp. 3^-iix 

E'^iticn, pp. 

_ Ixxi-lxxxii ; plate ; Complete Angler, Part I, pp. i-ec olate • 

plate;^ pp. 69-93; prate; pp. 03-110: plate of music ; pp. x«-«)8: plate of music 

)p. a6i-968 ; three plates ; portrait of Cotton ; title ; Part 'i, " Some 

(verso blank); "To my worthy," etc., pp. xxv-xxviil; "To my 

.„., r,,. xxix-xxxiv ; pp. i-ao; plcte; pp. 21-32; plate; pp. 33-36; plate: 

Index, s unnumbered leaves. 8°, full sprinkledcalf, gilt back, by \\^ftitt. For 

; pp. 209-260; plate; f 
nt, etc., pp. ili-xxiii 
iredFriena, etc., pp. 

the memoir o» Cotton by Oldvs is substituted a new biography b°y Hawkins' An account of 
?. kJ*^" ^^ ^ 5'°"^»" I" Wales from 1753 to X764 is adde'd to the Appendix, andXw. 
"Eclogapi*catoria,aMetastasio,utdidtur." «■!»"«« 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discotrse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish and fishing. In two parts. The 

->m m 

"" "-•• aMiL"-"-'"'!- 

7aiBar;-- i -* ■MB i-fl i ika se3a»ew!i— li.,.-. 






Catalogue of Books on Angling 

first written by Mr. Isaac Walton, the second by Charles Cotton, Esq. Il- 
lustrated with upwards of thirty copper cuts of the several kinds of river fish, 
of the implements used in angling, and views of the principal scenes described 
in the book. To which are prefixed, the lives of the authors and notes his- 
torical, critical, and explanatory. By Sir John Hawkins, Knt. The third 
edition. London, printed for John and Frances Rivington (No. 63), at the 
Bible and Crown, in St. Paul's Church-yard ; and T. Caslon, in Stationers 
Court, 1775. 

Collation: Plate: title; "Dedication," pp. iii-vii (verso blank) ; advertisement, pp. ix-x ; 
"Life of Walton," pp. xi-lvi: "Epistle dedicatory," pp. Ivli-lx ; "To all Readers, pp. 
Ixi-lxvi ; Verses, pp. fxvii-lxxviii ; blank leaf; plate ; Part I, pp. 1-56 ; plate ; pp. 57"^ i P'ate ; 
pp. 77-104; plate; pp. 105-196; plate; pp. 197-936 ; a plates ; pp. 937-Joo; plate; pp. 3o«-304! 
3 plates; portrait of Cotton; title; "Some account," etc., pp. lii-xTviii;" To my most worthy 
Father," pp. i-iv; "To my most honoured Friend," pp. v-vi; "The Retirement, pp. vu-x; 
Part II. pp. 1-94 ; plate ; pp. 95-38 ; plate ; pp. 39-43 ; plate ; pp. 43-128 ; Index 4 unnumbered 
leaves. 8°, full sprinkled calf, gilt ijack, by W. Pratt. Br&adside of "Anglers Assistant, bemg 
an Epitomy of the whole art of Angling," inserted. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish and fishing. . . . With the lives 
of the authors, and notes historical, critical, and explanatory, by Sir John 
Hawkins, Knt. The fifth edition, with additions. London, printed for F. 
and C. Rivington. . . . 1791. 

Collation: Portrait of Cotton ; title; advertisements, pp. iii-vi;" Life of Waltoii," pp. viii- 
Ixii • " Epistle dedicatory," pp. Ixiii-lxvi ; " To all Readers,'' pp. Ixvii-lxx ; verses, pp. Ixxi-lxxxii ; 
Part I, pp. 1-50; plate; pp. 51-66; plate; pp. 67-99; plate; pp. 93-»o8; plate; pp. io9-«o8; 
plate ; pp. 90$-fl6i; plate ; pp. 96i-«; 3 plates; title; " Some account," etc.. pp. lii-xxiii (verso 
blank) ■ " To my most worthy Father, pp. xxv-xxviii ; " To my most honoured Friend, pp. 

blank ; " 10 my most wonny raincr, pjj. xa»-*»yiii, »v. i..j .^v... ..«..— .^- ---. ri- 

xxix-xxx; " The Retirement," pp. xxxi-xxxiv, mispnnted (xxiv) ; Part II, pp. i-ao; Pla'e;pp 
ai-ili; 5 unnumbered leaves. Illustrations. «° '••" '^""•v-'-rt -"'f <nl» back cilt edees. bi 

itions. 8°. full polished calf, gilt back, gilt edges, by 
Tout. '"Areprint of the fourth edition, edited by John Sidney Hawkins, who 'being wholly 

Tout. "A repnnt 01 tne lourxn eaiuon, eaiicu uy jumi omucjf i>a.Tn.i..a, ■r,^,^ ^-..-e ■•;— -y 
unacquainted with the subject,' has confined himself to making such small 'corrections and ad- 
ditions • as were found in the margin of his father's copy of the last edition. This imprint ii 
very scarce and unusual. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or. Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. . . . With the lives 
of the authors, and notes historical, critical, and explanatory, by Sir John 
Hawkins, Knt. The fifth edition, with additions. London, printed for F. 
and C. Rivington, G. G. J. & J. Robinson, W. Goldsmith, J. & J. Taylor, R. 
Faulder, Scatcherd and Whitaker, and E. Jefferey, 1792. 

Collation: Plate ; title ; advertisement, pp. iii-vi; "Life of Walton, "pp. vii-brii;'' Epistle 
dedicatory," pp. Ixiii-lxvi; "To all Readers." pp. Ixvii-lxx ; verses, pp. IxxWxxxii; Part I, pp. 
i-So; plate; pp. 51-66; plate; pp. 67-99; plate; pp. 93-110; plate; pp. xii-908; plate; pp. 

50, pwvc. HK 3 ^. K,. !r,1...'.Z "ofCotton: title: "Some account." etc., pp. til- 

ao9-96o ; plate ; pp. a6i-a68 ; 3 plates ; portrait of Cotton ; title ; " Some account, etc. 

. ■iJ*%^i8r^*NHSi»'t*»i"»*«'^ 



, Esq. II- 
r river fish, 
5 described 

notes his- 
The third 
62), at the 


nt, pp. Ix-x; 
eaders," pp. 
17-76; plate; 
pp. 30I-3CH; 
most worthy 
t," pp. vii-x; 
sistant, being 

th the lives 
y Sit John 
ited for F. 

;on," pp. viii- 
p. Ixxi-lxxxii ; 
pp. 109-408 ; 
ii-xxiii (verso 

Friend," pp. 
to ; plate ; pp. 
;ilt edges, by 

being wholly 
tions and ad- 
'his imprint i* 

1 recreation, 
ith the lives 
y Sir John 
nted for F. 
, Taylor, R. 

Ixii; "Epistle 
ii ; Part I, pp. 
18; plate; pp. 
" etc., pp. ifl- 

Catalogue of Books on /tiigling 2 1 5 

xviii (verio Wank) : "To my worthy Father," pp. xxv-xxviii ; " To my most honoured Friend," 
pp. xxlx-xxx; I he Retirement, pp. xxxi-xxxiv (misprinted xxiv). Part II, pp. i-ao- nlate- 
&?• ?,'"'.?' •,.5.r"u.'"?'"''«fe'' '«ave» of Index. Illustrations. 8°, full sprinkled caff, gill back. >>C 
ti,;, litin. ,.;.i* 'a ""S-i^' ''^"'°" *','^ ■ r'^ title-page, the title of the seconef part, daiea 
1791. oe'ng re a ned. The greater portion of the impression appears to have txen thus treated 
•ml copies retain ng the oiTginal tit e-p.ige are very rare and have not been hitherto noticed. 
One IS in the collection of Mr. Cooling of Derby. Bib. fiic. 

"This edition is revised by John Sidney Hawkins, son of Sir John Hawkins, who states in his 
advertisement that he had found on the margins of a copy of the fourth ediiion ■ corrections and 
additions by the last editor, which, though not many, have been all made use of on this occasion, 
Catalo ut *" * '■"eive the advantage of his last corrections.' " Weslwood 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fisli-ponds, fish, and fishing. . . , With the lives 
of the authors, and notes historical, critical, and explanatory, by Sir John 
Hawkins, Knt. The sixth edition, with additions. London, printed for F. 
& C. Rivington, G. G. & J. Robinson, J. & J. Taylor, R. Faulder, W. Bent, 
J. Scatcherd, E. Jefferey, and T. N. Longman, 1797, 

Collation : Title ; advertisement, pp. v-vi ; " Advertitement to the Sixth Edition." pp. vii-viii ; 
••Life of >Vajltois.' pp. i-lvi ; "Epistle dedicatory, " pp. Ivli-lix (verso blank); "tS all Real 
ders, pp. Ixl-lxiv; verses, Ixv-lxxvi ; Part I, pp. i-no; leaf of music; pp. 111-904; leff of 
music ; pp. aos-4i69 ; 3 plates; i unnumbered leaf; title; "Some account.*' etc.,7p. iii-xxiii 
(verso blank), "'To ray worthy Father," pp. xxv-xxvi; "To my most honoured FFfcnd," pp 

InZv**!?! i.«,I„'; S^'""^'-'- .PP.','''''''"''''''".' P"' "• PP- '-"': S unnumbered leaves of 
Index. Illustrations. 8°, original calf. "TO copies are said to be on finer paper. The Hawkini 
wnes greatly detenoated in pie edition ofiTgi, closes with this shabby ancTthreadbare volume " 
Btt. ptc. One of the 50 copies on fine paper. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

thJnri*.?H*!2^';„„"°' fij". »Prin"ed crlf. gilt back, by W. Pratt. Has false title, which is no. in 
It fo?!ows them '" "nnumbeed leaf after p. »fia precedes the plates, while in the former 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Conteraplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. In two parts : the 
first written by Mr. Isaac Walton j tlie second by Charles Cotton, Esq. With 
the lives of the authors, and notes historical, critical, supplementary, and ex- 
planatory, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt. London, printed for Samuel Bagst r, 
in the Strand, 1808. 

Extra lUustrated, and extended to three volumes by the insertion of extra title-paees, tnd %ii 
plates; many of waich are proofs. Among the rare prints may be mentioned EvelyS. by Bartti- 
OM ; Hooker, by DoUe (fine impress on) ; Sanderson, by DoUe ; Fishing-scene, from Francis Barl 
lows rare book of Hiui ing. Hawking and Fishing, engraved by Hollar, Aubrey; enmver's 
proof, touched with pencil ; \*s«ius. by GaUe. and two Original watercolor drawings bySabin 
b w"pt*tt *^" "' "»<>«>««»• K"» center-piece on sides, inside gilt borders, gift top. uncut 





m WH \ ttmM L 

' ' ""itrii i BMi'm iBaia Miii * '1 1 'w o. • . , -^ _ 



216 Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. In two parts : the 
first written by Mr. Isaac Walton ; the second by Charles Cotton, Esq. With 
the lives of the autlors, and notes historical, critical, supplementary, and ex- 
planatory, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt. London, printed for Samuel Bags- 
ter, in the Strand, 1808. 

Collation: False tiUe; plate with three portraits; »'«•«: «»^"''?«Tv"'''. 'F^th;*lilahPwo°r' 
Walton." pp. n-98; plate with five portrarts; pp. .9-65 (verso '''»"''>;" if "l»,^^'f^l,rlk': 
shiDful lohnOffley.'pp.lxvii-lxx; "to all Readers.'^p. 7W4; v"se5. pp.7S-87M^eMOblnnlt . 

K- pSrt I. PP V>36: plate; pp. 137-154: pl«te: PP- 'SS-^TS; pUtei PP. '79r?9" !?'?'? : 
Ep 193-080; p'^Kpa8l'-a88 plate ; pp. 289-338 : pfate; pp. 339-345 (verso blank) ; 3 plates 
PP 34M: plate; PP 351-380; opiates; PP 38i-4oa : Plat« ; PP- 4<^4»4 : Pla'e • PP- 4'^^^^ 
KtatX? nn iio-iao- olate DP. 431-5x6; i unnuml>ered leaf of advertisements. 4". full crustiea 
Seen le^ant^^occo gi uM gilt iidei. gilt top. uncut, by Zaehnsdorf. •• Wale s draw- 
Cs have been reinplved by Audinet, whS also executed the seventeen very excellwt en- 
grlvings of fish^ Spper wtich are found amone the letter-press. N«* j'«*'' °f ' f-Ji" 
SIj^i' onH nf rmtons • Fishine house ' taken by Mr. Samuel, are among the illustrations. 
Snfe new edi oHBags er h m elf. we belie") has r^evised and made some fiaiUons to the note, 
IfHa"::ins."°TL Idition was printed in three sixes: demy^^^^^^ 

wnicn ittsi were publisheU at nve guineas. 1 ncse are .mc, ..i^ »'"°;V Jl " * •: mVi. 11 coov illus- 
the fire at Bagster's warehouse, with the stock of this impression. At "'KKf » "I" ? ?°Pyf L'"^ 
«ted with above 370 prints and drawings from rare P°"«'t''.Pf°°»'"'7'„?' PJfi^,"^^^^^^ 
&c sold for /63. It was bound by Gosden, and the bands of the book made oj. *°o? J/.^'" *"? 
d^'r of Couonriishing-house, taken off near the lock, where, it i. to be supposed, Isaac s hand 
must have touched." Bib. pise. 

Walton, Izaak. Another < opy. 

Full sprinkled calf, gilt back, by W. Pratt, 

Walton, Izaak. The Coinpleat Angler. By Isaac Walton. London, printed 
for S. Bagster, in the Strand, 1810. 8?, calf. 

rollation- False title- engraved title ; 7 unnumbered leaves ; pp. 346. Square 16°, fuU calf, 
bflS^aSrsWes S tw. ed^lt edges. "This is a reprint ot Walton's first edition , but scarcely 
to b^ cSued a faSile The fish wire engraved on silver, agreeably with the common credence 
on^is ubject X stock of "his edition shared the fate of tlie previous edition and was partly 
consumed n the fire." Bib. pise. " The plates in this edition were engraved »" *>lver by Au- 
Zet. n is said they were not silver which were used by Lombart for the edition of 1653. 
MSS. Note in book. Scarce. 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish ponds, fish, and fishing. In two parts. . . . 
With the lives of the authors, and notes historical, supplementary, and ex- 
planatory, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt., and the present editor. London, 
printed for Samuel Bagster, in the Strand, by R. Watts, at Broxbourne, on 
the river Lea, Herts, 1815. 

Collation: facsimile title; portrait ; title ; 4 unnumbered leaves ; PP. ""SM. : «> unn«n>bered 
leaves of index. lUustrations. 8°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. "This is Bagster s 
second edhion The engravings of fish are a fresh series. The ' present editor wa. Heniy 
ElHs of ?he Bri ish Museum. tL ed;.ion was in two sizes : small and large octavo. B,b. ftse. 



parts: the 
isq. With 
•y, and ex- 
mel Bags- 

x; "Life of 
Right Wor- 
verso blank ; 
^-193; plate; 
k) ; 3 plates ; 
pp. 4»S-4i8 ; 
, full crushed 
^^ale's draw- 
excellent en- 
ews of ' Pike 
s to the notes 
I and quarto, 
g perished in 
! a copy illus- 
plates offish, 
rood from the 
Isaac's hand 

on, printed 

! 16°, fuU calf, 
1, but scarcely 
moo credence 
ind was partly 
1 silver by Au- 
tion of 1653." 

; recreation, 
parts. . . . 
ry, and ex- 
(bourne, on 

o unnumbered 
lis is Ba lister's 
ar" wa^ Henry 
vo." Btb.fisc, 

Catalogue of Books on /tngling 


Walton, Izoak. Another copy. 

Full crimped yellow morocco, gilt back, large paper. 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler; or. Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. In two parts. . . . 
With the lives of the authors and notes historical, critical, and explanatory, 
by Sir John Hawkins, Knt. London, printed for James Smith, 163 Strand, 

Collatioii : pp. Ix-sBs. Extra illustrated by the insertion of ten plates. 8°, half green mo- 
rocco, gilt back, gilt top uncut. " The plates have been re-engraved. They were i'sued also 
separately aiid were used to illustrate Zouch s • Life of Walton,' 1823. Some copies have por- 
trait only and no plates This edition was produced at the cost of Gosden, the sporting book- 
Wnder. It retams the biographies and notes of Hawkins, and has no innovation, save a fresh 
Preface. Btb. puc. " Edited by T. Gosden." Lawndts. 

Walton, izaak. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler of Izaak Walton and Charles Cot- 
ton : extensively embellished with engravings on copper and wood, from 
original paintings and drawings, by first-rate artists. To which are added 
an introductory essay ; the Linnaean arrangement of the various river fish 
delineated in the work ; and illustrative notes. London, John Major, Fleet- 
street, adjoining Sergeant's Inn, 1823. 

Collation : pp. lx-4ii 8°, half green morocco. Large paper, with the plates on India paper 
™J, « .■J^'* copper-plates and 77 wood engravings, tlie plates being again engraved, but in'''^'!^ Jk^''^'^^ Cook and i'ye, from t^e old drawings by Wale, whfch had'been -greatly 
heightened iii the effect by the pencil of Mr. Frederick Nish.' The woodcuts of fish afe skif- 

mn.UfUrt'"'?^: ^J^^ ""P'lJ? ^S'^T" '*'«^' P^P*" "^"^ "'"« ''^^« the plates on India paper, 
w .K**fr The editor was Mr. R.Thomson, autfior of the • Chronicles of^London Bridge.^iSa? 
but the Introductory Essay, a farrago of twaddle, was written by Major himself." Bib. pise 
We may wonder at the amount of admiration excited forty years ago by this pretty book which 
7,^ 'r''!?."'?!'" 5" aniarvel of its kind, pointed out as .ucfi on the shelves of fibraries, or passed 
fromhand to hand, amidst the encomiums of delighted connoisseurs." H. Thomson. 

Walton, izaak. Another copy. 

19°. full maroon calf, gilt back, gilt sides, with center-piece. 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler of Izaak Walton and Charies Cot- 
tonj . . . and illustrative notes. Second edition. London, John Major, 

Collatiori : pp. Iviii-ai6, with 77 woodcuts, 3 plates of music, and 13 copper-plates, the latter 
re-engraved. fUustratlons i2«, full crushed green levant morocco, gilt Tack. ^Itedeesbv 
?ft!^'l°'^- ^-h ^J^'^** ^"?"i ^"'^ ""'' Nish. A copy of verses fSm the per of the^cdi'to7 


af- ilMf.m iiUfc.^-'*"**' 


— 1 y<|g> 



Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler of Izaak Walton and Charles Cot- 
ton. {Half-title : The complete angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. By Izaak Walton 
and Charles Cotton. With the lives of the authors; and notes, historical, 
critical, and explanatory, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt.). Chiswick, printed 
by C. Whittingham, College House; sold by Thomas Tegg, ftc, 1824. 

roUaiion' DD viii-267; xl-a84. Portraits, a voU. i8°. full polished calf, gilt back. gtU 
uoiiation . pp. viii-wv . »'.,^^ , .. „.^ ^,.„ Contain, Us. copy on the fly-leaves of 


••a' reprint of the edition of iw.'' ffii. pise -- 
Invocation from the first book of John Davori ' Secrets of Angling. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing; with the lives of the 
authors, and notes, historical, critical, and explanatory, by Sir John Hawkins, 
Knt. London, Dove, 1825 

Collation; portrait; engraved title; printed title; ««vertlseinent; 1 unnumbei*d leaf; pp. 
title, I*art II : p. a93-4ao; 4 plat" <*' «»»» "» P- SN- '"^ "''°'""' '^"""'*- ""="'■ 


18°, original boards, uncut. 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or. Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a dUcourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. By I. Walton and 
C. Cotton. With the lives of the authors, and notes, historical, critical, and 
explanatory, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt. London, printed for the proprie- 
tors [of the English Classics] by J. F. Dove, 1825. 
Collation : portrait; vignette title; pp. 4ao- 16°. full Kreen morocco. " Plates of ftsh from 

sold at V^nnsiie s m reoruary, 10/0. n "=" iSO; f...."- -.....■-.- r-i— ■• "- "rir^„„.„ ,a_a 
'Woodcuts of British Fishes. Engraved by Thomas Bewick. London. James Toovey, 1878 

well-engraved^locks'now in the Denison collection. These blocks, eigl.— -- --- _— . 
bdieveato be the work of Thomas Bewick. They came from th« collection of MnE. B. Ju 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Two parts. The first by Izaak Walton, the second by Charles 
Cotton. London, William Pickering, 1825. 

rnllation- Plate- eneraved title; pp. xvi-3r4i a unnumbered leaves. 48°, lull green mo- 
rocco |u edges ''TK^spiec; S2d engr\v*ed title, both by Thos. Stotharf, were entarged 
for thellition of 1836. Brief bfographies are prefixed and the notes are confined to one page 
at the end of the vohime." Bit. pise. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. In two parts. The first by Izaak Walton, the second by Charles 
Cotton. London, William Pickering, 1826. 

CollaUon : FaUe title ; portrait ; vignette title ; pp. xxv-395. 
trait of Cotton, aa", full green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

a unnumbered leaves and per- 

"ii^-"'- —» "■ < * '' 

^■'^tf?sc!ii^'^£:iSl^yt^^r'*f*-*^^ ■ ^i#^-^: 


Catalogue of Books on /fugling 


Charles Cot- 
} recreation, 
;aak Walton 
s, historical, 
ick, printed 

gilt back, giU 
iie fly-leavei of 

'9 recreation. 
! lives of the 
in Hawkins, 

}eredleaf; pp. 
, uncut. 

's recreation. 
Walton and 
critical, and 
the proprie- 

ites of ftsh from 
in number, are 
4r. E. B. Jupp, 
n with this title : 
svey, 1878.' 8°." 

ve man's rec- 
i by Charles 

full green mo- 
I, were enlarged 
ned to one page 

re man's rec- 
i by Charles 

I leaves and por- 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete Angler of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. 
Chiswick, printed by C. and C. Whittingham. Sold by Thomas Tegg, eic. 


Collation • Vol. I, pp. Ixxlv-api. Vol. II, np, 264. a vols., i8«. full green morocco, gilt 
backs, gilt tops. "A reprint of the 1797 Hawkins, with neat woodcuts on title-pages and in 
text, designed by W. Harvey and engraved by S. Williams ond others." Bit. pist. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. By Isaac Walton and Charles Cotton. Embellished with portraits 
of the authors and engravings of the river-fish described in the work, Lon- 
don, printed for William Cole \circa 1828 J. 

Collation : pp. xx-314, and two portraits, 16°, full polished calf, gilt back, gilt edges, by 
Kauftnann. » ■ / 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 

Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. , . . With lives and 

notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by James Rennie. Edin- 

burgh, published for the proprietors by W. and R. Chambers; London, W. 

Orr; Dublin, W. Curry, Jun. and Co., 1833. 

Collation: Portrait; title; i unnumbered leaf ; pp. i-a ; plate; pp. 3-43; plate; pp. 43-180; 
plate; pp. i8x-ai8; i unnumbered leaf; title; pp. 333-338. Illustrations. I*', half red mo- 
rocco, gilt back, gilt top, bv Zaehnsdorf. " Mr. Kennie was a naturalist, and his notes, all bear- 
ing his initials, chiefly deal with Walton's natural history, which the neglect of previous editors 
made highly necessary. He has not corrected ' the errors of the original' without stumbling, 
however. When Walton (p. 193) speaks of the King-fisher s nest as a curious structure ' not to 
be made by the art of man, Rennie pertly adds, ' Walton here mistakes for a Kingfisher's nest 
the round crustaceous shell of die sea-urchin ' I " Bib. pise. 

Walton, Izaak. Walton and Cotton's Complete Angler; or. Contemplative 
man's recreation. Being a discourse on nvers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. 
With lives, and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by James Ren- 
nie. London, Allan Bell & Co., Simpkin and Marshall; Edinburgh [printed], 
Eraser & Co.; Dublin, W. Curry, Jun. and Co., 1834. 

Title and i unnumbered leaf; pp. 338 ; list of illustrations ; i unnumbered leaf. Illustrations. 
10°, half black roan, gilt back. " Forms a volume of the ' British Library,' and is a oaeinarv 
reprint of the edition of 1833." •- e / 

Walton, Izaak. Tiie Complete Angler; or. Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. . . . With lives and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by 
James Rennie. A new edition. London, Allan Bell and Co., and Simpkin 
and Marshall, 1834. 

lUusU-ations. 16°, half red levant morocco, gilt back, by Tout. " The same with different 
title-page. ' ' Bib. pise. 


mtfc -.-.jiam 



Catalogue of Books on /fugling 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. . . . With lives, and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by 
James Rennie. A new edition. Edinburgh, pubUshed by Eraser & Co.; 
Smith, Elder and Co., Cornhill, London; VV. Curry, Jun. and Co., Dublin, 


Uluitrationi. 16°. h«U blue levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " Still the wme. There are 
probably coplen bearing the name of Slmpkln and Marihall alone. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Illustrationi. 16°, half red levant morocco, gilt back, gilt lop. by Kaufmann. From ThoniM 
Satchelli library, with his quaint book-plate. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton : 
extensively embellished with engravings on copper and wood, from original 
paintings and drawings, by first-rate artists. To which are added, an intro- 
ductory essay ; the Linnaean arrangement of the various river fish delineated 
in tlie work ; and illustrative notes. Third edition. London, J. Major, Great 
Russell-street, Bloomsbury. Printed by W. Nicoll, Pall Mall, 1835. 

Extra Illustrated by the Iniertlon of eighteen plates, lome of which are proofs "°; '"" V"" 
morocco, gilt back, gilt .ides, gilt top. " A paglnary reprint of Major J second edition ( iBaj). 
w^h the 7f woodcutf and 14 copper-plates, a portrait of Dr. Thomas Wharton being, on this 
occasion, ardded. The plates are much the worse for wear. Bit. fitc. 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. . . . With lives and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by 
James Rennie. London, Thomas Tegg and Son, Cheapside ; R. Griffin and 
Co., Glasgow; Tegg, Wise and Co., Dublin, 1835. 

Illustrations. 16°, half green morocco, Kill back, gilt top by Zaehnsdorf. " A paginary re- 
print of the edition of 1833 with the same illustrations. Bit. puc. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing, written by 
Izaak Walton ; and instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear 
stream, by Charles Cotton. With original memoirs and notes by Sir Harris 
Nicolas. London, William Pickering, 1836. 

r-oii.tinn- nn xvi ccxil U' iv-iix-4i6-xxxll. Illustrations. 3 vols. Imperial tP, full 
«^„ tev«t mii^: rilt b«k.'in.wL^ii«>reen double enclo.ln« center of brown levant moK 
S^o,Xan7^o.?e ornaments, gilt ecfges. extra joints. " OriginaUy Issued innumber. 
M^mJSdne In i8\s al six guineas, or. with impressions of the plates on India paper, at ten 
Srn?«T% s suprb ^itifn conlaini the variations of all the 6r.t five ««l'«»«n»; J"!"""'"""* 
K with origin J and elaborate memoirs of Walton and Cotton, presenting manynew facts. 
AU tfie musttat'ons. with the exception of Cottons Fishing House, which ii on wood, we en- 

1 = 


an's recre- 

Edited by 

ler & Co. ; 

0., Dublin, 

e. There art 

r'rotn Tbonts 

les Cotton : 
)m original 
J, an intro- 
. delineated 
[ajor, Great 


ia°, full green 
rdition ( 1804), 
being, on (hit 

jan's rccre- 
Edited by 
Griffin and 

\ paginary re- 

nan's recre- 
I written by 
ig in a clear 
f Sir Harris 

ipcrial SO, ftill 
>wn levant mo- 
ed in numbers 
1 paper, at ten 
>t, voluminoui 
any new fact*, 
wood, are tn- 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


f raved on copper or »teel. They were also Issued separately, In small folio form, at proofs on 
nUla paper. ' Bit. put. 

" The illustrators are Siothard and Inskipp, the former being charged with the scenic plalet 
and the views of the localities, and the latter, prmclpally, with tlie fish. Ihe engravers are Kox, 
Cooke, Richardson, and other rininenl hands . . . The seniimeni inipired l)> a cursory survey 
of [these volumes) it. no doubt, one of pleasure and admiration ; but the after an<i more prema< 
nent impression results, we arc pained to confeus, in a sense of comparative failure The Ixiok, 
•ooth to say, is a pompous booli, and with much that Is overtlone In it We seek for our m<Klest 
king-cups and pimpernels, and find these »>urled beneath a heap of bvitned and lieieroBtneous 
lumber. We turn the leaves over with " ' • ■ ' . 

and unfitness, 

aye; but StothardY ^ ....^ .,.„, ,.._.„, .. 

W' rk In which they figure, and unworthy, alike, Iwth 0/ it and the artist, . .". He was no angler, 
b« aei, and the fact betrays Isself, as might be expected, in many minute but conclusive 
po '».... Again we have an editor who is no angler, a deficiency inat is painfully felt as we 
pet .« these dryly written, matter-of-fart, unsympathetic pages . . . This fine luKik, in u word, 
'•over-dressed. It is Maudlin, the milkmaid, tricked out in a gown of brocade, with a mantle 
of cloth of gold. . . Nevertheless as this monument kat been reared, let us accept It for what 
It is— one of the handsomest publications of mixltrn times, an ornament to Ihe Anglers Li- 
brary, unique of Its kind, and perhaps destined to renioln so, • Chronicle of (he Compleal 
Angler, pp. 50-4. BU.pitc. 

|M>ii|>riiici;i, miu iinii inrso -luricu oeneain a neap 01 iivirneii an« iieierogcneout 

urn the leaves over with " ' . nng of diiproportloii, a |>ercepllun of incongruity 

Inskipn's fish, indeed, have all the force and freshness of nature, and rejoice the 

ard s pl,iles seem to us weak and silly insignificant, as regards the site of th« 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy 

Platei and illustration 
rocco, yllt back, gilt top, uncut. Lacks portrait 

Platei and Illustrations in the text, both on India paper, a vols., imperial 8", full brown mo. 
ceo, gilt back, gilt top, uncut. Lacks portrait o(^ V ' ' 
both of which are loosely Inserted. 

Walton to face page i. and original title, 

Walton, iznak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. . . . With lives, and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Kdited by 
James Rennie. Edinburgh [printed], Frascr & Co. ; London, H. 
bourne, 1836. 

Illlustrationi. 16P, half green moroci»>, gilt back, gilt top. "A paginary reprint of the 1833 
edition. Bih.fiisc. - / r m 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton. 3 vols. London, Charles Tilt, 86 Fleet-street; Edinburgh, J. 
Menzies; Philadelphia, T. Wardle, 1837. 

Collation : pp. xi-i5a-i49. yfi, half green morocco, gilt backs, gilt topi. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

a Tola, in x. Cloth. " An edition without notes and forroing a volume of ' Tilt's Miniature 
Classical Ubrary.' " B». pise. 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of rivers, fisli-ponds, fish, and fishing. By Izaak 
Walton and Charles Cotton. With notes, biographical and explanatory, and 
the lives of the authors. London, L, A. Lewis, 125 Fleet-street, 1839. 

Collation: pp. lzxii-396. 11 unnumbered leaves. Illustrations. 8°, full brown morocco, 
gilt back, gilt sides, gilt edge*. 


Catalogue' of Books on Angling 

Walton, Izoak. The Comi)lete Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
By I^aak Walton and Char!e» Cotton. Embdli»he<l with portraita of the 
authors, and engravings of the river-fish described in the work. London, I. 
J. Chidlcy, 1841. 

ColUtlon : pp. xx-314. lfl°. ».«lf i[r«en morocco, «'''•'«'''•«''« '°P^ 'ci|'^ 
ll Cole . edllioi.. with ffMh tillr-ntig- The ,>..rtr«Tl of Walton bear, the nnme of W. CoU. 
while Colton'i Is IntcribeU with thai of ' Modgion and Co. Oit. put Scarce. 

Walton, iMUik. The Complete Angler ; or. Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. By Izaak Walton 
and Charles Cotton. With notes, biographical and explanatory, and the lives 
of ihe authors. London, Henry Washbourne, 184a. 

Collation pp. lxxil-396. II unnumbered leaves. ia°, full red "J»»l«.,f<l« ^«:''i,J»*" .'«l«••• 
.• A I'epiine oYMaJors^ltlon of 1839. both as regards matter and Illustrations. 6 


Walton. Iiaak. Facsimile of the Compleat Angler; or, The contemplative 
man's recreation. The original frontispiece. 1653. London, Sherwood and 
Bowyer, 1844. 

Collation- DP vil-33S. m", half green morocco, gilt back, gill top. " No. 17 of * P' k«t 
English Classfcs.- A riSucS woodcGt facsimile of scroll is on the title-page.' BU. t»t. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or. The contemplative man's rec re- 
aMon, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major. Fourth 
edition. London, D. Bogue, Fleet-street; H. Wix, New Bridge-street, 


Collation : 

False title; portrait; title; 

' Introductory Essay," pp. 

_, 'Contents," pp. Iv-xIt; . ---•, — -^. r. 

xv-lMv'er^o' blankY; plate;' •'Dedication, "pp. )ili-lvi: "To all Re»<l«s, ' pp. Jvil-lx ; pUt« ; pp. 

, .6'nl»ie"DD~M-^' platc ; pp 7»-ioa;''piate ; pp. ioj-i8a; plate; pp. i8s-«I4 ; pl««i PP- 
!Ii t\ lustrated 8°, full green morocco, gill back, gill Hides, gilt edges. , k„ t T 


?^^?,tmrr«,ue have the slKnal merit of seeming an emanation from an efflorescence of he 

ST^kCelf rSrh^rthanasetofw^^^^ The woodcuts of fish give th. 

^it^rton" andsuXes wTth great success; and the vignette, of scenery by Creswick and 
ofhJrsleavrfar behind those offormeredltions.' -ChronicTeof the Compleat Angler. pp^fS-f- 
Dr BithSne says of this reprint : • Art could scarcely go further, and no more elegant volum. 
could find place in a library." BH. fuc. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Half red morocco, gilt back, gilt edges. 

du of the 
^ondon, I. 

(op. •' Thli 
f ■ W. CoU.' 

ik Walton 
d the Uvea 

ha piu. 

irwood and 

t7 of ' p< 
lit. fitt. 


nan's rer re- 
ar. Fourth 

r E««ay, " pp. 
Ix; plate: pp. 
14 ; pU(« ; pp. 
Ute; pp. 333- 

raveU by J. T. 
revioui eflbrU 
Imaiion. The 
deal of an edi- 
I's deslipii, re- 
,lnt, unufected 
escence of the 
of fish give (he 
CreswTck and 
Bier; pp. «-«• 
■legant volume 

CataloKHc of Books on AiigUiig 

33 9 

Walton, liaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Contemplative mnn's recreation. 
Being a discoupie on rivers fi»h-pond», fi»h, and finhing. . . . With lives, and 
notes, by Sir John Hawkin*. . . . Kditcd by James Rennie. . . . Man- 
chester, Samuel Johnson and Son, 1844, 

lllmtrytloni. 16", half green morocco, gilt back. |l!t top. •' A paginary reprint of the Edin- 
burgh edition of iljj with the tame llluiirailont." Bit. flu. »'•'»' 

Walton, liaak. Another copy. 

Half green levant imiriKco, gtit back, gill (op, by Tout. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. Contemplative mnn's recre- 
ation. . . . With lives, and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight, i.dited by 
James Rcnnic. Manchester, Samuel Johnson and Son, 1846. 
Bo' iil^^'°^^ "'°'^'°' *"* '"'''' '"* '"'' '^ •tereotypereprint of the prevloui entry." 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. By Isaac Walton. And instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling 
in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton. With copious notes, for the most part 
original, a bibliographical preface, giving an account of fishing and fishing 
books, from the earliest antiquity to the time of Walton, and a notice of Cot- 
ton and his writings by the American editor [1. e., George W. Bethune, D. I).). 
To which if added an appendix including illustrative ballads, music, papers 
on American fishing, and the most complete catalogue of books on angling, 
etc., ever printed. Also, a general index to the whole work. New York, 
Wiley and Putnam, 1847. 

Collation : pp. cjii-«4Sf-xxix-aio. ia«, half black roan. " • Nowhere else do we find united 10 

"«r?P'«'« ,• bony of angling-book statiitlcs and to large an accumulallon of collateral data. 
Chronicle of the Complete Angler. The book Is poorly primed and the illustrations are from 
the wornout plates of Major s edition of 1844. .Some copies were in Imperial octavo with dupli- 
cate impressions of the plates." Bit. piu. " The annoUtlons to this work are. by far, (he most 
complete that have yet appeared, and exhibit a great amount of research. Jesse alludes to it in 
terms of commendaiion. IJnfnrtiitia>»lw ih.. itt*r#wi,. #..{»» ^t ^...«. c* n.c _i-.-- l.. .1.. ^ ■ 

lf^'!'f 'S^"'"*?! "!/,''" '" England, and It Is, consequently, not so welTknown there ai'inThe 
\iti\^tA ^\M«%. WynntisPmHtt* l^mritt 0/ N.Y. i860. Original edition Scarce. A» 
<»ple» occMlonaUy appear without the plates, ft would seem that tome were so issui.-d for sate 
on the Cngllsh market. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or. The Contemplative man's recre- 
ation. By Isaac Walton. And instructions how to angle for a trout or gray- 
ling in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton. With copious notes. . . . Also, a 
general index to the whole work. New York, Wiley, 1848. 
ii", cloth, uncut. " A paginary reprint of the preceding entry." BU. put. 




Catalogue of Books on Unfiling 



Walton, liaak. The Complete Angler : or, The contemplative man'i recre- 
inion. In i parti. By Iwiac Wtlton and Charlet Cotton. With a new intro- 
duction and notes, and cmlKslliihed with 85 engraving! on copper and wood. 
London, Henry Kent Causton, 1851. 

Collmlun (>p, l«vlll-4ii. ift ■, h«lf rul morocco, fill b«ch. ftll lop, hy Zaahuidorf. '' ' Mr. 
C«u»ton, on ih« iirmgih of hli il«»cent from KkharcTiind H«nry C:«u»lon. the prlnier* •nrt puh. 
lUhert of MoMi Browne • r«vtv«l (I57»». «"<•• '« Incumbrnl on him lo •tirmp« • rjulEolk r'n*'*- 
llliallon of Brown*'* cMiltlna nncj even to p«r|)«lu«le »om« of hli " (ii)ur|Mloni, •n,l kll hli 
m)»o».' ' <.hronkl« of III* Comiil"-*! Angler Th« plaUt r«produc« W«l« • MsrWi of dr«wln(|t 
borrowed f^om M«Jor." IM. fitt. 

Walton, liaak. The Compleat Angler ; or, Contemplative man'a recre- 
ation. . . . With livea, and notc», by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited l.y 
James Rennie. Manchetter, printed and published by Thomas Johnson, 
Livesey Street, 1851. 

i(P, half green morocco, gill twck. gilt lop. " Another Impraulon o( iha Msncheiwr litue of 
It44. Bit fitc. 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, The contemplative man'a recre- 
ation. By Isaac Walton. And instructions how to angle for a trout or gray ling 
in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton. With copious notes. . . . Also a 
general index to the whole work. New York, Wiley, 185*. 

llluilratlon». la", helf red morocco, gilt back, gill lop, by K«ufm«nn. "A P«g<n»nr reprint 
in duodecimo of Dr. Belhune't edition of i»47. from ttereolype pUlei. Bit. piu. Could '■e 
■dmit the neceiilly cf erudition in ihii c«»e, we ihould \m dltpoted 10 Mtign lo Dr. Belhiin. » 
version • foremoit rank in the annotated serlei. The wisdom '.« brlngi to hear upon hli - iik 
li of the Jjenevolent ord-r, cordial, reverent, and sympaiheiic, auv! hl» crlllciim has nothing in 
common either with ilie flippant or dry-as-dusi school. Kor the love of anKJing Ixmks and for 
the collector especially, there it no edition M uieful u this. ' CkrnmUo/tk* LamfUlt Augur. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 


Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. New edition. Edited by Ephe- 
mera. London, Ingram, 1853. 
lUuitraUoni. ia°, cloth. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charles 
• Cotton. [Woodcut.] New edition. Edited by " Ephemera," of " Bell's 
Life in London " [1. «r., Edward Fitzgibbon]. London, Ingram, Cooke nnd 
Co., 1853. 

Collation: Plate; engraved title; vignette title; pp. v-x; facsimile plate; 1 unnumbeired 
leaf; pp. xiii-xlv; pp. i-ia8; plate; pp. 199-946; tlUe; pp. 949-394; 3 plates; pp. 395-326. 

nan'i recrt- 
I new iniro' 
r and woml. 

tdorf. " ' Mr. 
ni«n and pub> 
:|ul>«ilt: ro'nat*- 
•.' and all hii 
ti of drawlni* 

i«n • recre- 

Editcd l)y 

as Johnson, 

:hMttr laait* of 

man's recre- 
tor grayling 
, . . Also a 

aginary reprint 
It. " Could ■"• 
I Dr. Belhunu I 
r upon hi* usk 
has nothing In 
{ lK><)k» aniffor 
mfMt AngUr. 

ed by Ephe- 

and Charles 
•• of " Boll's 
, Cooke and 

I unnumbered 
!i ; pp. 345-336. 

Catjlofine of Books on Angling 

luMrailont !•». helf r*«t morwco, (lit hack, gili top. by Zaehntdorf 
llllon. AvolumeofihK llluMraiMl Library. //li W " I hl» •ditl. 

' A pratiy and uaafiil 

f round.. d«Mrv.« r,.mm*n.U.l..n ihi^ijlm, ^,'^t\{m IJ, in' n"er«n"i "JLIwrniicr. hii owS 

fdlilon, on p'raiiical. wurklng 
■«(, hii a« 

Walton, liMk. The Complete Angler. By Tzaak Walton and Charlei 
Cotton. Edited by Kphemera. London, Routlcdge, 1853. 

..5.!!l-!"*"' qPE fJ'-iM: • unnum>M.r«d leavei : portrait, title-page, j p|«iei, Md table. Iltu*. 
UaUoiu. le". »i»l/ green morocco, kHi bwk. gtit top. by ZaehniiJorf. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. Uy Izaak Walton and Charlet 
Cotton. (Woodcut.) Edited by " Ephrmera." . . . Second edition. Lon- 
don, Nathaniel Cooke, 1854. 
Collation : Same a* preceding lot. u«. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec- 
reation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton, With lives of the authors, and 
variorum notes, historical and practical. Edited by Edward Jesse, Esq. To 
which are added papers on tishing tackle, fishing-stations, *tt. By Henry 
G. Bohn. London, Bohn, 1856. 

Collation: pp.«i«; i unnumbered leaf; |<|>. ^96; 1 unnumbered leaf; extra illuilrated by the 
InMiiion of la plate., la-. full i»ll,hed calV, gllT Lack, kIU edc«. bv Tout. '• Th'reTare io5 
th^'.^ li«f »«'?«'•*'"«»• ''r«*" ''•o"> varlou. .ourc-.. Overcrowded with note, under whiefi 

«!.. •..■ lii. T,...i.-« " i: * — • — •"". »t,uiv,.-». wvrrcmwaea wiin note, under whcti 

;i:-'i.'.'u-;,":tth'".rw .id:.T.^^ir.fc^:.""5,':](';';; *'"' •"'^"'""«»- ■^■•- --"^ «»'"« -« 

chiefl^tnlrriry'w'llrm'or'/"' ^^^^^ ^''""*"'" '''^^'' *"'* «"••' d'«'"«"i.h«l p-lnter.. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
. . . With lives, and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by James 
Rennie. Manchester, Johnson, 1857. 

thi'Manc'h'eTer i.t; of '.'C" 'bT^T'^"''' «*" "'"•'' "' '"''"'•• " ^-•"»'« ""P"'''"'' «' 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
. . . With lives, and notes, by Sir John Hawkins, Knight. Edited by James 
Rennie Halifax, Milner & Sowerby, 1857. 

IMuitrationi. 16°. half green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdort. •' A similar 
reprint and ttom the lame platei, which had been purchased from Mr. Thoraaa Johnson." Bit. 


• tfi ir^ — Illicit 



Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Isaac Walton and Charles 

Cotton. London, Groombridge, 1858. 

a vol*. 18°, half green morocco, gilt backs, gilt topi. "This it > reprint of Tilt's edition of 
X837. " Bib. pise, 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton. Edited by Ephemera, of " Bell's Life in London." London, Rout* 
ledge, 1859. 

Collation : pp. xii-'3|i4 ; and a unnumbered leaves. Portrait, title, 3 plates and table. ia°, 
half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Walton, Izaak. Der vollkummene Angler von Isaac Walton und Charles 
Cotton, herausgegeben von Ephemera, tibersetzt von I. F. Schumacher. 
. . . Hamburgh, Solomon, 1859. 

Collation : pp. xii-308. Illustrations. 8°, half green moroccn. gilt back, gilt top, uncut, b' 
Zaehnsdorf, " The only translation of ' The Complete Angler ' into a foreign tongue with whici 
we are acquainted." Bib. pise. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing, written by 
Izaak Walton, and instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear 
stream by Charles Cotton. With original memoirs and notes by Sir Harris 
Nicolas. Second edition. London, Nattali & Bond, i860. 

Collation: Vol. I. Por»"<it; 7 unnambered leaves; pp. i-ccxii; a unnumbered leaves ; por- 
trait; engraved frontispiece, pp. 1-199, Vol. II. Title; pp. 131-436; index; z6 unnumbered 
leaves. Illustrations, a vols. 8°, half red morocco, eilt back, gilt top, uncut. "A reprint of 
Pickering's edition, with pedigrees of Ken and ChaUihill added. " Bib. pise. Large paper, 
with plates on India paper. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. With lives of the authors and 
variorum notes, historical and practical. Edited by Edward Jesse, Esq. To 
which are added papers on fishing-tackle, fishing-stations, etc. By Henry G. 
Bohn. London, Bohn, 1861. 

Collation: False title; portrait of Walton ; title; "Dedication"; "Pietace," pp. vU-x. 
Contents, pp. xi-xiv ; " List of engravings on wood," pp. xv-six (verso blank) ; " Lite of Wal- 
ton," etc., pp. 1-43; "The Complete Angler," pp. 43-338; portrait of Cotton; Part II, " Life 

, half I 

of Cotton, "etc., I 

•P.- %»-3SS (verso blMjkl ; pp. 357-,4( 
red morocco, gilt back, giii 

I unnumbered leaf of advertisements. 


Walton, izaak. Another copy. 

Half green morocco, gilt bad' gilt top. 
out the a6 steel engravings." 

' The edition of 1856, with fresh title-page and with- 

iSlf l ili l* ! m il I 

— ■ iBiiaiii, WW'., 

. ■ .^|. ■.^i..w.i-< ^TfMMMwIi^i ,1.1111 ».-,<iii,)tii^iwB,|igi,. I - ■ 


nd Charles 

ilt's edition of 

nd Charles 
idon, Rout- 
id table. ia°, 

nd Charles 

top, uncut, bv 
^e with whicD 

man's rec- 
, written by 
g in a clear 
f Sir Harris 

I leavei; por- 
> unnumbered 
"A reprint of 
Large paper, 

man's rec- 
luthors and 
s, Esq. To 
f Henry G. 

e." pp. vil-x. 
Part 11, •■ Life 

lage and with- 

■ * » i «f i t i i i»>i i ai i ' WM h t ii » « w i '-n ii iT' I.- 

44,^^jgjg|l^,tti^fi^>U ■•'4^ " 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton. London, Bell & Daldy and Sampson Low & Co., 1863. 

Collation : pp. xvi-vH. 18°, half red morocco, gilt buck, gilt top, uncut, by Kaufmann. 
grtraitof Walton, after Houiman, as a frontispiece: and of Co( - - - - - 

lotton, after Sir P. Lely, 
Finely printed at the Chiswick Press. One 

" With 1 

before Part a. A reprint without note or comment. 
of ' Bell and Daldy's pocket volumes.' " Bit. puc. 
" Handy, well edited and well printed." A&*naum. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charle* 
Cotton. London, Bell & Daldy, 1864. 

16°, (till crimson levant morocco, gilt back, inside gilt border, gilt edges, by Tout. With a 
plate instead of the two portraits in preceding edition. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy 

Half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. ' ' The same as the preceding on a little larger paper. 
A volume of the •Elxevir series.' Bit. f he, 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec 
reation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major. Bos- 
ton, Little, Brown & Co. [Cambridge printed], 1866. 

Collation : pp. xiv-T445. Illustrations. 8°, half green morocco, gilt top, uncut. " For this 
reprint of Major s 1844 edition, the woodcuts have been re-engraved and are held to be finer than 
those used in the English edition. The steel engravings are from the original plates. There 
are twelve of the one and seventy-four of the other. Only 100 copies were taken." Bib. pise 
With following inscription on fly-leaf. " R. A. Night, Esq., with the kind regards of T. Bartlett. 
Nov. 30, 1866. '' 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec- 

reation, of Izaak Walton and Charies Cotton. Boston, Little, Brown & Co. 

[Cambridge printed], 1867, 

16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, "A second impression of the preceding edition." 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler ; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of fish and fishing, not unw orthy the perusal of most 
anglers. . . . London, Murray, 1869. 

eolation : pp. 106. ia°, half brown calf, gilt buck, gilt top. 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Half blue morocco, gilt back, yellow edges. "A reprint of the first edition without notes, 
edited by A. Murray." Bit. pise. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation, of Isaac Walton and Charies Cotton. With lives of the authors, and 


Catalogue of Books on Angling. 

variorum notes, historical and practical. Edited by Edward Jesse, Esq. To 
which are added papers on fishing-tackle, fishing-stations, etc., by Henry G. 
Bohn. Illustrations. London, Bell and Daldy, 1870. 
ia°, cloth. The edition of 1856, with fresh title-page. 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler ; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse offish and fishing, not unworthy the perusal of most 
anglers. . . . London, Murray, 1873. 

Collation : Title ; pp. 3-106 ; z unnumbered leaf, which ik not in the edition of 1K9. ia°, half 
green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. A reprint of the edition of 1869. 

Walton, tzaak. The Complete Angler ; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing, written by 
Izaak Walton, and instructions how to angle for a trout or grayling in a clear 
stream by Charles Cotton. With original memoirs and notes by Sir Harris 
Nicolas, K. C. M. G., and sixty illustrations from designs by Stothard and 
Inskipp. London, Chatto and Windus, 1875. 

Collation : pp. cci-aao; a unnumbered leaves. Post. 8°, half green morocco^ gilt back, gilt 

■eprint, on thinner paper and with well-worn illusl ' ~ 

The illustrations are all printed on separate leaves." 

top. "The thud n 
Hon of 1836. 

[lustrations, of Pickering's edi- 
■ Bii.puc. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation, of Izaak Walton and Charies Cotton. With lives of the authors and 
variorum notes, historical and practical. Edited by Edward Jesse, Esq. 
To which are added papers on fishing-tackle, fishing-stations, ete., by Henry 
G. Bohn. London, 1876. 

Illustrations. ia°, full green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt sides, with comer omamenu, gilt 
edges, by Tout. " A paginary reprint of Bohn's edition of 1856." 3it. pise. 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler ; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. By Izaak Walton. Being a facsimile reprint of the first edition, pub- 
lished in 1653. London, Stock, 1876. 

Collation : pp. x-46a ; 8 unnumbered leaves. " A reprint with a short preface. ' To mv« all 
risk of departure from the exact form,' it U stated in the prefiice, ' the sharp, vigorous little cuts 
offish, and the very tasteful title-page, have been reproduced by a photographic process which 
it simoly inCsUible.' It is to be regretted that the process adopted has made illustrations look 
rough and ragged which have always been commended for their neat and delicate execution. 
We fear, however, that the ■ process'' cannot be held accountable for the fact that in the last line 
of the title-page, ' Churchyard ' of the original appears as ' Churcheyard ' in the photographic 
tac^raile." Sit.piu. 

, .,-. .- ^.^ MH Wlin' . » aa)>t<w ' . *. ji 'v <0|tfi^-'.T) 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Walton, Izoak. The Complete Angler, By Izaak Walton and Charles Cot- 
ton. Edited by "Ephemera." . . . London [printed] and New York, 
Routledge, 1878. 

Collation: pp.ili-314; a unnumbered leaves and table. ia°. half blue morocco cilt back 
yellow edgei. "The publishers have issued other undated reprints of this ediU^ti'th no a'terl 
B^^'^r llltutrations. They are unable to himish aSy Informalion resiling them." 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton. A new illustrated edition, with notes by G. Christopher Davies, 
author of " The Swan and Her Crew," eU. London, 1878. 

Collation: pp. xii-467. ia° half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " The smaller illu'tratloni 

Ch!.„^H?^f Mh^" •■•""i*" ■»'«ve been incorporated lith the presen?volume^ Xh i oneonh' 

note? and a^Sal i^T^B^.^is?!' ""' "' '"' •="""'' '°"*""* *""°^"' *"'' «"«"»» 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Half olive morocco, gilt back, gilt top. Lacks the portrait. 
Walton. iMak. The Compleat Angler ; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of fish and fishing, not unworthy the perusal of 
most anglers. . . . London, Ward, Lock and Co., 1878. 

"A paginary reprint of Alex. Murray and 

Post 8", half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 
Son's edition of 1869." Bit.puc. 

Another copy. 

Walton, Izaak. 

Boards, uncut. 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation, by Izaak Walton; and instructions how to angle for a trout or gray- 
ling in a dear stream, by Charles Cotton. With copious notes ... by the 
American editor (Geo. W. Bethune, D. D.). New edition, with some addi- 
tions and corrections from the editor's own copy. New York, John Wiley, 

Collation: yoUt.pp ^■-«';^- JoWJ;,{>P-«ll-iS,. Illustr^ions, a vol.. Imperial 

Jie tyMDi 

worthy manner." Bit. f% x. 

-lehai been reset, and Dr. Bethune's matter for the first time presented in a 

tbis oocaaion the I 

Walton, izaak. The Complete Angler. By Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton. Edited by "Ephemera." . . . London and New York, Routledge, 


"■.SRI" PP'i?,'"3yi Vignette portrait, and iUuitrations in the text 
>, gilt back, gilt edges. " A volume of the ' Excelsior Series.' " BU 

_-— la", half blue mo- 

'II., Mil iMii irMrtMi 

,,. - .,.^,— .,-...,.. . , .,.....».■ <-«j,,g ^ 

2)0 Catalogue of Books on y^nglitig 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation, of Izaalc Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major. Phil- 
adelphia, Lippincott, 1881. 

Collation: pp 
le Luxe 

tv-AAK. nates and Illustrations In the text on India paper. tP, cloth uncut. 
I." No. ISO. "A reprint of Major's 1844 edition from the »_«f I^°«y^«_P'.»^*|; Jf.*f.** 

" Edition de Luxe. " l>J'o. 150. " A reprint of Majors 1644 cuiuuh »uiii ...= »>^.«x-.^j~ k — '.—-- 
for the ediUon published brLittle. Brown and do., of Boston, In 1866 and 1867. fhe woodcuts 
which were re^sngraved in America, are printed on India P»Pe' ""<» '"'5^, ''°r,",. "fRmhi ' 
The plates are also printed on India paper and are very bright and clear. I he List of tmbe - 
lishments,' repeated from the original edition, only enumerates twelve steel engravings, but 
twelve others by Creswick. Cooper, and others, all veterans m service, have been added. 150 
copies were printed for America and loo for England.' Bit. fisc. 

Walton, izaak. The Compleat Angler ; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation. Being a discourse of fish and fishing, not unworthy the perusal of 
most anglers [n. p.]. [1882] ? 

Collation : pp. xvi-a46. 16°. cloth, uncut. Reprint of the edition of 1653, but where or by 
whom not known. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler ; or, The contemplative man's recre- 
ation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major, with six 
original etchings and two portraits. London, Nimmo and Bain, 1883. 

Collation : pp. XV-44S. 8°. cloth. The woodcuts are printed on India paper, as in the edi- 
tion of 1881, anS ' laiddown ' in the text. Eight plates in duplicate, one copy being on What- 
man and the other on Japan paper. ' ' Wtitwoods ChronUU. Large-paper copy, uncut. 

Walton. Izaak. The Complete AngI jr ; or. The contemplative man's recre- 
ation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major from the 
fourth London edition. New York, Crowell and Co., 1884. 
Collation : pp. U-418. ia°. cioth. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec 
reation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major. With 
50 steel engravings, 74 wood engravings, and 6 original etchings, and 2 por- 
traits. London, Nimmo, 1885. 

Collation : pp. XV-44J-16. Imperial 8°. full crushed green levant morocco. B»>t *>*«*. gUt top. 
uncut by zieSnsdorP" To thisTs added a practical treatise on fUes and fly-Books, by the Ute 
iShn lackton of Tanfield Mill, with 10 steel plates, coloured, representing lao flies, natural and 
S.^'^Xr^PMisl^Tnote. Only lao copies printed : this it No. 19. wfth the pUtes on India 
paper. Large-paper copy. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contempUtive man's rec- 
reation. By Izaak Walton. Being a facsimile reprint of the first edition, 
published in 1653. New York, Baker and Taylor, 1885. 

i«o, imitation antique binding. A paginary reprint of Bohn's edition of 1856. 

lan's recre- 
ajor. Phil- 

, cloth uncut. 
)« plates used 
'he woodcuti, 
I ' in the text. 
Mt of Embel- 
{ravingi, but 
1 added. 150 

aan's recre- 
perusal of 

t where or by 

nan's recre- 
jor, with six 

as in the edi- 
sing on What- 
, uncut. 

man's recre- 
jor from the 

: man's rec- 
tajor. With 
, and 2 por- 

t back, gilt top, 
>ks, by the late 
les, natural and 
plates on India 

; man's rec- 
first edition, 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 251 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Being a discourse on fish and fishing . . . with instructions how to 
angle for trout and grayling in a clear stream, by Charles Cotton. Lon- 
don, Allen, 1885. 

the''Knten£?ediU?'; "'""«'""»• ^°' 'hee'*- Was Issued In twelve n,onthly par,, and I. 

Walton, izaak. The Compleat Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec 
reation. Being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. Written by 
Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited and arranged by R. B. Marston, 
with 54 photogravures and about 100 woodcuts, and containing a reprint of 
" The Chronicle of the Compleat Angler," a biographical record of its various 
additions and imitations. By T. Westwood and T. Satchell. London, 
Sampson Low, 1888. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec 
reation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. Edited by John Major. . . . 
New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1889. 
8°, cloth, uncut. A paginary reprint of the edition of 1885, 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec- 
reation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. With an introduction by 
James Russell Lowell. Boston, Little, Brown & Co., 1889. 

nH^?il?!*^S.; y*i; '' PP- '?!*-*?• Vol. a, pp. vi-46s. a vols. 8°. cloth. Only 150 eopiea 
printed; this is No. 104. The plates on Japan paper. wmy lyj eupiea 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler. A new edition, with notes by G. 
Christopher Davies. London, Gibbings, 1890. 

Illustrations. 8°, cloth, uncut. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or. The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. With an introduction by James Russell Lowell. Boston, LitUe, 
Brown & Co., 1891. 

jCoUadon: Vol. i, pp. bcxvi-ao8. Vol. a. pp. 465. lUustrations. a vols. ia°, cloth. 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. Edited, with an introduction, by Edward Gilpin Johnson. Chicago, 
McClurg, 1893. 

Portr«it of Walton, and each leaf turrounded wlih an engraved border In light men, depict- 
ing fiihliic scenes. 8°, cloth, uncut, Only 500 copies printed, of which this is No. 96, Do«i 
not contain Cotton's part, "We have ventured (with some compunction) to divorce for th« 
nonce ' hearty, cheerful Mr. Cotton' from his lifelong companion. Cotton wrote his essay hur- 
riedly in ten davs: and though still of some technical interest, it falls far short of it* prototype 
In literary wortn. Extract trom preface. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man's recreation. 
Being a discourse on rivers, fish-ponds, fish, and fishing. With an abridgment 
of the lives of the authors, by Sir John Hawkins, Knt. Edited, with 
notes from a naturalist's point of view, by J. E. Harting. London, Bagster, 

Fifty-three illustrations, including etchings by Percy Thomas, from paintings by John LInnell, 
Sen., and engravings of riverside animals and birds, by G, E. I^odge. a vols. Imperial 8°, half 
vellum enclosed in cloth covers. The " Tcr-centen»-y edition" with the etchings on Japan 
paper. Only 350 copies printed, of which this Is No. 43. 

Walton, Izaak. The Complete Angler; or, The contemplative man's rec- 
reation. . . . Edited, with an introduction, by Edward Gilpin Johnson. 
Chicago, McClurg, 1893. 

8°, cloth. 

Walton, Izaak. His Wallet Book. 1885. See Crawhall, J. 

Walton, Izaak. Plates to the Complete Angler; or, Contemplative man'« 
recreation. London, published by William Pickering, 1833-36, 
Plates on India paper. Imperial 4°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Walton, Izaak. Walton's Angler, Illustrations to. See Gosden, T. 

Walton, Izaak. The Life of Izaak Walton. 1830. See Zouch, T. 

Walton, Izaak. Waltonian Library. See Catalogues. Bethune, Rev. G. W. 

Walton, Izaak. The Life of Mr. Rich. Hooker, the author of those learned 
books of the laws of ecclesiastical policy. . . . London, printed by J. G. for 
Rich. Marriott, 1665. 
Collation : pp. u-ao8. ia°, original calf binding. "Xlie rare first edition. 

»;^ -<;. k* «i*» j. -iciS!aMrta>R«-riaM>rtai«»B^ 

man's rec- 
I. Chicago, 

grtcn, depict* 
No. 96. Du«t 
livorce for th« 
: his esiay hur- 
f iu prototyp« 

s recreation, 
idited, with 
on, Bagster, 

y John LInnell, 
nperial 8°, half 
ing» on Japan 

; man's rec- 
in Johnson. 

lative man's 

>y Zaehntdorf. 




hose learned 
by J. G. for 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Walton. Izaak. The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. 
Richard Hoolter, Mr. George Herbert. The fourth edition. Eccies. xliv. 7. 
These were honourable men in their generations. London, printed by The. 
Roycroft for Richard Marriot; sold by most booksellers. 1675. 

Collation : Portrait of Wotton ; title, "The L:ve«."*/jr. ; 6 unnumberpd leaves; pp. i-«4 ; title. 
LH "..°^^°"?'' ' PP 'S-iSo; portrait of Hooker; title, "Life of Hooker'' ; pp. isi-aM 
portrait of Herl)ert; title • Life oT Herbert"; pp. w-^, title, " Letters," tit.; pp. ni-Xii 
(p. 191 misprinted 171), Three portraits, should be four, that of Uonne lacking. ij«, oriBlnal 
calf enclosed in a pull^ff case. " U is undoubtedly one of the very few personal relics of 
Walton extant The volume is in its original binding, and In addition to the presentation 
una Kev. Mr. Leadbooter, U. Wa.,' contains the autograph of Mr. Leadbooter over tha 
memorandum ' Ex donor auioris.' 

" One of Dr. Johnson's most favorite books." LmimtUs, 

Walton, izaak. The Lives of r r. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. 
Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson. With 
notes and the life of the author. . . . York, Wilson, 1796. 

Collation : pp. lv-518-i. Plate and portraits. 4°, full crimped yellow morocco, gill back. 

Walton, Izaak. The Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. 
Richard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson. By 
Isaac Walton. With notes and the life of the author, by Thomas Zouch. 
Second edition. York, printed by T. Wilson and R. Spence, 1807. 

Collation : pp. xlill-447. Seven portraits, one folding plate, and one inserted. 8°, original 
t .1 1 ."? * library of Sir Henry Ellis, with inserted and marginal notes. Also, MS. coplea 
of original letters in the British Museum. Autograph letter of Thomas Zouch inserted. 

Walton, Izaak. Another edition. 

Original calf. 

Walton, Izaak. Another edition. To which is now first added, " Love and 
Truth," by Isaac Walton. . . . York, 1817. 
Portraits and plates, a vols. 8°, full calf. 

Walton, Izaak. Another edition. To which are added the autographs of 
those eminent men, now first collected ; an index and illustrative notes. . . . 
London, Major, 1835. 

Portraits and illustrations. 19°, full polished calf, gilt back, gilt sides, slit edges. " Of the n 
portraits and sa woodcuts, 6 sets of proofs before letters were taken off. This edition wai 
intended as a companion to Major's editions of ' The Complete Angler.' It was republished 
withanewsetofp!:iies." Allitone. r „ r 


I — ii '| » " * '' «| '.l"L 


'"""^ '~iiiliwir'"''"-''iVi'iifc" 



Catalogue of Books on Angling. 

Walton, Izoak. The Lives of Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert, and San- 
derson. " These were honourable men in their generations." Eccles. xliv. 7. 
London, William Pickering, 1827. 

48°, full bl«clc morocco, Frontiiplece by Stoih*rd. conlnlnlnf flv« portrailt. These reprinli 
were likewise Intended •* companlont to Pickering's editions of the "Angler "of i8as and 

Walton, Izaak. Walton's Lives of Dr. John Donne, Sir Henry Wotton, Mr. 
Ricliard Hooker, Mr. George Herbert, and Dr. Robert Sanderson ; to which 
is added a memoir of Mr. Isaac Walton. By William Dowling . . . with 
illustrative notes. A new edition. London, Washboume, 1858. 

Illustrations. ia°, full brown calf antique. " Founded on Major's first edition, but having 
,ie notes with some additions at the fo 
the same woodcuts, but only six of the 


the notes with some additions at the foot of the page instead of at the end of the volume. It hat 

plates, the lists oU>oth being given at the end. " Lonmdts, 

Walton, Ixaak. The Life of John Donne, D. D.; with some original notet 
by an Antiquary. London, Causton [n. d.]. 

lao, cloth. 

Walton, Izaak. The Life of John Donne, D. D., Late Dean of St. Paul's 
Church, London; with some original notes by an Antiquary, London, 
Causton, \%f>i. 
lUuitrationi. ia°, half brow'n morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Walton and Cotton Club. Rules and Regulations of the Walton and Cotton 
Club. Instituted March 19, 1817. London, i8ai. 
Plate. 19°, half roxburghe. 

Walton and Cotton Club. Another copy. 

Plate. 4°, half brown morocco, eilt edges. Large paper copy. ' ' A pretty volume Illustrated 
with woodcuts taken from Major's Walton, 1844. " Btb. pise. 

Walwyn, R. Walwyn's Complete Art of Angling; containing every neces- 
sary instruction for that pleasant and rational amusement. . . . With other use- 
ful information, being the best written work on the art of angling ever pub- 
lished at so small a price [3d.]. London, R. Walwyn [1844]? 

Plate. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Riviere, with original paper coven 
bound in. " The writer was a printer residing at aa Kirby-street, Hatton Garden. ' Btb.puc. 

Wanny Blossoms. See Armstrong, James. 

ii£ u' ' II " 1 m ri iiii T [m"t?""-''^-'-'- 

t, and San- 
:lei. xliv. 7. 

ri)«M riprinti 
" of iSaj and 

l^otton, Mr. 
1 ; to which 
; . . . with 

>n, but having 
olume. Iihai 
nd." Lovmdti. 

iginal notes 

f St. Paul's 

and Cotton 

lima illiutrated 

ivery neces- 
:h other use- 
g ever pub- 

paper coven 

Catalogue of Books on /tufiling 


Watkins, Rev. Morgan Q. 

Fysshynge with an Angle. . 
London, 1880. 

See Barnes (Dame Julyans). The Treatyse of 
. . With an introduction by the Rev. M. G. \V, 

'• Mr Waiklns, one of our mo«e icholarty and accompliithtd writer* on anKllns, has aho con. 

; • 

tribuii-d many imprrsof (wrmanentlntcrcM lojM-riiKlknU AmonK them ; • A Kly-fuhlnirSon* ' 
' Oenllemf,ru Magazine, May. 1871 ; ' With a I rout R.xl, • Krasern MiiBailne/ October 187a : 
'Autumnal I rout-fi»hlng In the Llncolnihire Wolds,' • Cornhill Macaiine ' r' 

'The ny-fi.her In Winter Quarter*,' ' Cornhill Magazine, April, 1873; 'Salmon I'lihln^' 
' Fraser 1 Magailne,' March, \iu, ' t>own the Beck,'^' London Society. '^May, 1S74 ; • Annllng 
Worthlei. • Fraier's Magaxine. June. 1875 ; • Irout and Trout FUhIng,' • Quarterly Review? 
October 1875 ;■ Iiaak Walton. 'FraiersMagailne,' May. 1876: 'Trout Fi»hlng In Sutherland- 
L*' ,^°!'"''''!Magaiine, October, 1879 ; and 'An Angling Sympotlum,' • Field,' December 

Watson. Berlah Andr6. The Sportsman's Paradise ; or, the Take-lands of 
Canada. With illustrations by D. C. and H. Beard. Philadelphi.i, Lippin- 
cott, 1888. 

8°, cloth. 

Wayth, C. Trout Fishing ; or, The river Darent. A rural poem. London 
Mortimer, 1845. 

ia°. half green morocco, gilt Mtck. From the collection of Thomas Westwood, with his book- 
plate, and MS. note* on the fly-leaf. " A rather Karce little book. T. W.'" 

Webber, Charles Wilkins. The Hunter-naturalist. Romance of sport- 
ing; or, wild scenes and wild hunters. Philadelphia, Bradley, 1851. 
vignette title, tinted plates, and IllusUation* in the text. Royal 8°, cloth, uncut. 

Webster, David. The Angler and the Loop-rod. . . . Edinburgh, Black- 
wood, 1885. 

Portrait, map, and iUuatratlons, some coloured. 13°, cloth, uncut. 

Wecker, John. Eighteen Books of the Secrets of Art and Nature, being 
the Summe and Substance of Naturall Philosophy, Methodically Digested. 
First designed by John Wecker, Dr. in Physick, and now much Augmented 
and Inlarged by Dr. R. Read, a like work never before in the English Tongue. 
London, printed for Simon Miller, 1660. 

Engraved plate by Gaywood, containing portraits, among which are those of the author. Dr. 
Harvey, and Lord Bacon, folio, panel calf, red edges. " Book vii. 1 " ~ 

Fish and Fishing.' '■ Bit. pise. ' 

rr Tilii 'rimmi 





Catalogue of Booh on Angling. 


Wclgal, Chrlstoph. Eihica naturalii ; mu Documenta moralia e variii 
rerun) naturalium proprictatibus virtutum vitiorumque lymbolicit imaginibus, 
collecta a Chriitophoro Weigelio. NorimbergK [n. d.]. 

Ona hundred plattt, with •xpluiailon tn vtraa b«n«Mh. 4°, half calf. pp. 79, lo, li rtprt* 
Mnl Achlug tcenct 

Weld, Charle* Richard. Two Months in the Highland)), Orcadia, and 
Skye. London, Longman, i860. 

Coltallon: pp. ixl-^. PUtci. ia°, half brown morocco, gilt back, gilt lop, by Zuhnidorf. 
" Flihing It mentlonea In many placet. The vulumt hat coloured lithographi," Bii. fiu. 

Wells, Henry P. The American Salmon Fisherman. New York, Harper, 

Collailon : pp. iM. lUuttraied. Squara ia°, cloth. Newipaper cutting Intertcd. 

Wells, Henry P. Fly-rods and Fly-tackle; suggestions as to their manu* 
facture and use. New York, Harper, 1885. 

Collailon : pp. 364. Illutiraled. t9°, cloth. 

Wells, J. The Contemplative and Practical Angler; being a complete trea- 
tise on that pleasing artd healthful recreation, with all the most approved 
methods of angling . . . and a variety of other useful information never 
before published. London, T. Miller, 184a. 

Collation : pp. laj. Plate. 18°, cloth. Not in the Bit. pise. 

Westwood, Thomas. A New Bibliotheca Piscatoria. 1861. See Cata< 

Westwood, Thomas. The Chronicle of the Complete Angler of Izaak 
Walton and Charles Cotton, being a bibliographical record of its various 
phases and mutations. London, Willis and Sotheran, 1864. 

Collation : pp. XV-A4. 4°, half roxburghe, uncut. Large papar. " Twenty-five coplei wara 
pri: .ted on large paper. ' ' BH. pitc. 

Westwood, Thomas. Another copy. 

Half roxburghe, uncut. 

Westwood, Thomas. A new edition, with some notes and additions by 
Thomas Satchell. London, W. Satchell, 1883. 

Collation : pp. xxii-M. 4°. half roxburghe. gilt top, uncut. Clipping iniartad fitom th« 
London " Albanaeum," containing a poem by Thomas Westwood. 


ii« e vanii 

•o, li r«pr«> 
cadia, and 

1 Zuhntdoff. 
Bit. fiM. 

rk, IIarp«r, 


beir manu* 

aplete trea- 
t approved 
lion never 

See CaU- 

r of Izaak 

its various 

e oopiei wMt 

ididoDs by 

rted from th* 

Catalogue of Books on Angling ijy 

WMtwood, Thomai. "The Quest of the Sancgreall," " Th« Sword of!ihip," and other poema. I,ondon. Smith, 1868. 

Wcstwood, Thomas. Twelve Sonnets and an Epilogue. London, Sotch- 
eli, 1884. 

5mall 40, cJoih. wit.ut. •• In mcmorlam, IimIi Walton, obllt 13 Dec., 1M3. " 

WMtwood, Thomai, and Thomas 5atchell. Bibliotheca Piscatoria ; a 
catalogue of books on angling, the fisheries and fish culture, with hibliographi- 
cal notes and an appendix of citations touching on angling and fishing, from 
old English authors. London, W. Satchel, 1883. 

Collalion : pp. i«W-397. Imperial 40, half r«l moroeco. gilt t>ack. gilt top, uncut, by Zathns. 

Jori. Large-paper copy. •■ The ^''^ •^'•'-" -'••—"-• 1 i_"..*- v._j_„ .V ' " . 

of (he I'leld' newtpaper." Ay/ 

?!!• rVfT''"'^' "*P'' , " ^"* ""• •*""°" °' ">• "»' »ppe«r«l In i86i, under the auipio«« 
rihe I'leld newtpaper. />»/. i""=« 

" Long desired, long promUed, thli book I* a Ireaiure to the ichotarly angler." AeaJ , aj, 

Westwood. Thomas, and Thomaa Satchell. Another copy. 


Wastwood, Thomas, and Thomas 5atchelL Another copy. 

Cloth. The laat copies contain notes and newspaper clippings. 

Westwood. Thomas, and Thomas SatchelL The Chronicle of the Com- 
pleat Angler. See Walton, Izaak, The Compleat Angler. 1888. 

Wastwood, Thomas. See D. J., Secrets of Angling. 1883. 

Westwood, Thomas. Gathered in the Gloaming. Poems of early and 
later yean. London, Chiswick Press, 1885. 

T^T? k'«! 'i?'!l' ""hJoUowing inacription on (he fly-leaf: "To Deui Sage, Esq., with 
Tho. Satchcll's kind regards. Xmas, iMs. ' • > "i . ""« 

Wheatley, Hewett. The Rod and Line; or, Practical hints and dainty 
devices for the sure taking of trout, grayling, etc. In five parts. London 
Longman, 1849. 

CpUation : pp. 157. Coloured plates, iffi; half crimson calf, gilt back. " Charactenied by 
• ml.turepfcaustic humour and sound, practical knowledfre." m./iu. From Thomas West- 
wood s collection, with his book-plate and monogram on fl> .eaf. 




Catalogue of Rooks on Anglinn 


WhMldoft. J. P. Angling Reiortt near London — the Thame* and ihe Let. 

Lon«ion, IrUbner; Edinburgh jprintf*!!, 1878. 

CotUllon i pp. vllMil. it°, cloth • lnform«(ton orlitnally flven In ' B«U'i LIh,' of whieh 
lh« wrii»r U plie«iorl«l corrMpond«nl. ' Bit.piM. 

WhMlwrIf ht, Horace William. See Old Duthman. pstud. 

White, P. ObaervatioM upon the Present State of the Scotch Fisheriet, 
and the Improvement of the Interior Partt of the Highianda. . . . Edinburgh, 
printed for the author, by Grant, 1791. 

Collwlon : pp. •«»•. iV, half m«roon morocco, gill bwlc. flU top. " HlghUnd SocHiy priw 
MMy In I790.'' Bit t^. 

White, p. Another copy. 

Full mottled c«lf, gilt b»ck, gr«in edg«i, by W, Pr«ll. 

White, William (of Cric'ithow.ll). A MS. verbatim copy of Julyani 
Barnes' " Fyaahynge wyth an angle," with note*; pen and ink reproductions 
of iUustration* and two old woodcutt. At the end is a MS. " Catalogue of 
all the Books that have been published on the Pleasant Art of Angling," and 
a note of the books in the catalogue in the possession of the author, " this 
January at Crickhowell, 1803." 

Small *o half calf by Hayday. Inwrted in ihe front li a table. "William While ii referred 
to in M Vi'ai he author of an annotated copy of ' Nobbe." See 'Manu.crlpi.. p 143. 
mtA 'YhH copy 1. referred to by While at the end of ihl. volume, which alw coniaini part 
ofoneof U»lontonibroad»heet».' D. S. ...... a^ ^„ 

•' White'i library was diiperied by auction, about iSoO. aif. fut- 

Whitehurit, Frederick Felld. On the Grampian Hills. Grouse and ptar- 
migan shooting, deer-stalking, salmon and trout fishing, and other sketches. 
. . , London, Tinsley Brothers, i88i. 
CoUaUon : pp. aso. ia°. half brown morocco, gilt back, ^ilt top. by Zaehnidorf. 

Whitney, John. The Genteel Recreation j or. The pleasure of angling. 
A poem. With a dialogue between Piscator and Corydon. London, printed 
in the year 1700. Reprinted. London, J. H. Bum, 1820. 

Collation DP. xiv-78. ia°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. " too coplei were taken 
of the reprlnt!TwobJng on vellum" The original edition doe. not appear to have been pub- 

"*"John^Xl^5-i"<^i'on .eems to have been to chant, with :»«kbu^p.alt.ry dulcimer, 
Md-lSl kind, of mu.ic.' the pral.e. of 'John Hyde, Eiq' and hi. ' great fi.h-pond at Heaver, 

I »«»iii»i iniiii i Miiiiiiiii rr " : mill' 'If —III " "T~ 

Catalogue of Books on /^nglinfi 


id tht L«a. 

Ifo,' of which 


Hoclaijr prlM 

of Julyani 
italogue of 
gling," and 
ithor, " ihij 

lite ii referred 
trlpli; p. 143. 
> contelni part 

le and ptar- 
er sketches. 


of angling, 
ion, printed 

>iei were taken 
eve been pub- 

tery, dulcimer, 
nd at Heaver,' 

art I* 


Md hU ' WBierwnrh*, and hi* ' iumm«r-hou»«,' end •»«ry«hinf thai wae hti llli rhymes ari 
tn« BombMle* Furiotn nyle anil art «ulAcl«ntly rldkuloui to be «om«wh*l amuilna. Kd. I 
M Prtnc* « mI« l»t» Hit f*H. 

"Thi» copy it uno of ilia loo reprint*. In a Hrlitol. Kng , caialoijvja iif lUt, a copy of 
orl|inai adiilun I* advertistd (ulced at Ztj with iht tiaiemcnt that It l« the cin!y perfect c 
known. D. H. "^ 

WilciKks, J. V The Sea-fisherman ; or, Fi«hing pilotage. Compriaing the 
chief methmis of hook and line fishing in the British and o'hcr seas, a glance 
at nets, ami remarks on boats and boating. With . . . illustrations. . . , 
Guernsey, Barbct, r865. 
Collation : pp. 196. la" half blue morocco, (til back, gilt top. 

Wilcock«. J. C. The Sea-fisherman ; Comprising the chief methods of hook 
and line fishing . . . and remarks on nets, boats, and boating. . . . Second 
edition, much enlarged and almost entirely rewritten. London, 1868. 

llliitiratlont. r>, half blue morocco, (tit back, gilt top, uncut. Soma of the artlclea have 
prevjouily appeared In the " Field. ' 

Wild Life In a Southerrt (,U>uiitry. Boston, Roberts, 1879. 

16°, half olWe morocco, giit back, gilt top, by Alfr<d Matthewi. 

Wild Sport* of the Weat. See Maxwell, W. H. 

Wildfowler. /.t<W. Shooting and Fishing Trips in England, France, Alsace, 
Belgium, Htyiland, and Bavaria. Papers . . . contributed ... to " Bell's 
Life in London," under the signature of "W.," and to "The Sporting Gazette," 
and to "The Country," under . . . " Snapshot," //<•. . . . London, Chapman, 

i <-oU. f°, half red levant morocco, gilt hacki, gilt topi, uncut. 

Wlldrake. /i^//</. See "Sporting." The new sporting almanack. 1843. 

Willett, Sdward. The Search for the Star, a tale of life in the wild woods. 
New York, Crowell, 1888. 
Collation : pp. 334. Plates. »°, cloth. Chap. 5, " Fishing sport spoiled." 

Williams. F. T. The Angler's Pocket Diary and Monthly Guide; Contain- 
ing the necessary forms for registering the quantity of fish taken during the 
year; to which is appended a correct and comprehensive account of the 
different modes of angling, how and where to take fish. . . , London, 1867. 

16°, original cloth. " Issued by a Long-Acre tackle-maker." Bit. /iu. 

JSiaiiiMfaii- VirliiTrilgii,, 

' " ■ ""nw t—w— ^aiia 





Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Williams, W. Mattleu. Through Norway with a Knapsack; A new and 
improved edition, with notes on recent changes suggested by a revisit. Lon- 
don, Stanford, 1876. 
Collation : pp. zvi-3aa Plate and map. ia°, cloth, half green morocco, gilt back. 

Williamson, John. The British Angler; or, A pocket-companion for gen- 
tlemen-fishers. Being a new and methodical treatise of the art of angling; 
comprehending all that is curious and useful in the knowledge of that polite 
diversion. As : I. An introduction. ... II. The angler's apparatus. . . . 
III. An exact description of the several kinds of fish. . . . IV. The whole 
practice of angling. . . . Together with supplemental discourses, i. On fish 
ponds and reservations. 2. On the laws against poachers and in favour of 
the fair angler, etc. Embellished with copper-plates curiously engraved. The 
whole compiled from approved authors, and above thirty years' experience, 
by J. Williamson, Gent., who has added a versification of the principal heads 
at the end of each chapter, for the help of memory. Londob, printed for 
J. Hodges, at the Looking-glass on London Bridge, MDCCXL. 
Collation : pp. viii-3x8 and s unnumbered leaves, la", full crashed blue levant morocco, gilt 

" One of the best of the manuals but without any special value beyond. There is a volumi- 
nous chapter on pastes, which is a general raking together of all antecedent recipes of the kind, 
medisevarand modem. A copy (of the samejmpression) in the Denison collection, mutilated 

Hodges was the occupier in X710." Bit. fisc. 

Williamson, Captain T. The Complete Angler's Vade-mecum; Being a 
perfect code of instruction on the above pleasing science, wherein are de- 
tailed a great variety of original practices and inventions. . . . Illustrated 
with engravings [of fish and tackle]. London, Payne and Mackinlay, 180S. 

Collation : pp. xii-316. 8°, full russia, gilt back, gilt sides, inside gilt borders, gilt edges, 
silver comers and clasps. _i v 

" The author says : ' I have not servilely copied from any man ; but when my experience bas 
justified a concurrence with the practices of others, I have adopted them, and now, bv insertion 
in this volume, give them all due praise.' This assertion is borne put by the generd chvacter 
of the work, which is essentially original. All copies of the x8o8 edition bear the imprint of 
' Martin and Cuthell." " Bib. pise. 

Williamson, Captain T. Another copy. 

Half russia. From the library of George Innes, with bis book-plate. 

» iit m mwM .^^mmmt^i*'* 

ii i m iiii miiw » 1 11 111* WDim ii iimnM i sr x^* ' -" '^''*** 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 


L new and 
sit. Lon- 

n for gen- 
f angling; 
that polite 
atus. . . . 
rhe whole 
I. On fish 
favour of 
ved. The 
:ipal heads 
jrinted for 

morocco, gilt 

! is a volumi- 
s of the kind, 
>n, mutilated 
ig-glau com- 
r the ' Bridn 
lis point. V. 

; Being a 
!in are de- 
lay, i8o3. 
1, gilt sdgei, 

iq>eHence has 
, bv insertion 
tral character 
e imprint of 

Williamson. Captain T. 

Half green morocco, gilt back. 

Williamson, Captain T. 

Half green morocco, gilt back. 

Williamson, Captain T. 

Another copy. 
Another copy. 
Another edition. London, Sherwood, 1823. 

Collation: pp. xi-316. Plates. 8°, full green levant morocco, gilt back, gilt edges. Contains 
Klrkman's booK-plate. 

Wilson, James. The Rod and the Gun. Being two treatises on angling 
and shooting. Edinburgh, Black, 1840. 

Collation : pp. xiiw^ag. Plates. Post tP, half red morocco, gilt back, 
"Ori^naily published in the eighth edition of the ' EncyclopaBdia 

words of the author, he ' has strenginened the mid-pieces, repaired the top, 
a coat of varnish.' A ' List of books on angUng,' including about 100 voli 

lit top, uncut, 
ritannica,' but, in tha 
and given the whole 

tween the treatises. 

^ - -,, J volumes, is inserted be- 

ses. Tht' treatise on angUng is much above the ordinary level as a manual. 
Mr. Wilson was the brother of • Christopher North,' and professor of natural history at Edin- 

burgh. He contributed the following articles to ■ Blackwood's Magazine' : ■ Fly-fishing,' June, 


Wilson, James. Another edition. 1841. 

Colladon : pp. xii-468. Plates. Post 8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Alfred 

Wilson, James. Another copy. 

Half green calf, gilt back. 

Wilson, James. New edition. Edinburgh, Black, 1844. 

Plates. Post 9P, half red morocco, 

Wilson, Professor John. The Recreations of Christopher North. 3 vols. 

Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1843. 

Post 8". half red levant morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops, uncut, by Alfred Matthews. " Con- 
tains: 'Christopher in his sporting Jacket : fytte first, second, third.' 'The moors : — Flight 
fourth— down river and up loch.' 'These articles appeared originally in ' Blackwood's Maga- 
sine,' but were revised before republication. To the same periodical Professor Wilson con- 
tributed the following articles more or less concerning our subject : ' Streams, ' April, i8a6 ; ' Sal- 
monia,' Aug. i8a8; 'Christopher at the Lakes,' June, July and Aug., 183a; 'Twaddle on 
Tweedside, May; 'Loch Awe,' June, 1833; 'Stephen Oliver on Angling,' May, 1834; • 
dart's angling,' July; ' Anglimanla,' August, 1835 ; and ' The great unknown,' Nov., ^36. 
' Noctes Ambrosianae,' frequently touched UDon angling subjects. 


ide. May; ' Loch Awe,' June, 1833; 'Stepb 
ngling,'July; 'Anglimanla,' August, 1835; a 
■ nocies Ambrosianae,' frequently touched upon angUng subjects. 

" The 'Isle of Palms and other poems,' EdinburEh,i8i9. 8°. Contains: ' The angler's tent,' 
(p. 181) and 'The nameless stream' (p. 380). These are also :ncluded in his 'Poems' i8as, 
and in his ' Works,' 1859 & 1865." BtS. pue. 




Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Wilson, John. Poetical Works. New edition. Edinburgh, Blackwood, 

Collation : pp. vli-s6o. Post 8°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 
Contains "Trie anjiler's tent," p. 957, 

Wood, Charles William. Round About Norway. London, Bentley, 1880. 

Collation : pp. xv-330. Plate. 8°, cloth. 

Woods. " Fresh Woods and Pastures New." By the authok of " An Amateur 
Angler's Days in Dove Dale." . . . London, Low, 1887. 

Collation : pp. viii-136. 8°, vellum paper, uncut. Large paper. " Many of the following 
letters were written for the ' The Fishing Gazette. 


Wotton, Sir Henry. Reliquiae Wottonianse ; or, A collection of lives, let- 
ters, poems. ... By the curious pensil of the ever memorable Sir Henry 
Wotton, Kt . . . London, R. Marriot, etc., 1651. 

Four portraits. ia°, ftUl brown calf, red edges. Unusually fine, and large copy of the first edi- 
tion. " Contains a poem of 34 lines, ' On a Banck as I sate a Fishing,' a description of the 
Spring, cited in the ' Compleat Angler.' A copy with Walton's signature and some corrections 
in his handwriting was solii at Pickering's sate for /«] ss." Bit. pise. The fourth edition, 1685, 
has the letter from Isaac Walton to Lord Chesterfieui. The )io«ms from page 515-540 are re- 
printed by the Percy Society, No. 31. 

Wraxall, Sir Frederick Charles Lascelles. Life in the Sea; or. The 
nature and habits of marine animals. London, Houlston, i860. 
Collation ; pp. viii-3xa. lUnstrations. 13°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Wright, William. Fishes and Fishing. Artificial breeding of fish, anatomy 
of their senses, their loves, passions, and intellects. With illustrative facts. 
London, Newby, 1858. 

Collation : pp. xi-384. Plates. 16", half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top. From Thomai 
''estwood's collection, with his book-plate and monogram ( 
teresting. The plates represent a gudgeon rake and eel-tongs.' 

ram on fly-leaf. " 'V^ery anecdotical and 
■■ Bib. pise. 

Wright, William. Another copy. 

Inserted plate, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Wild Life on the Fjelds of Norway. London, 

Wyndham, Francis M. 

Longman, 1861. 

Collation : pp. xv-a73. Illustrations, 
vi, ' A salmon river." Chap, ix, ' Trout-fishing, 
two maps, four chromo-lithographs and four woodcuts." Bib. piic. 

Post 8°, half green calf, gilt back, gilt top. 
' ■ ■ ■ Chap, xii, ' Fishi " ~' 

The volume has 

w'%n i > ii»i i«'. i •"" I "■' 'i i wii'tw mwmaB.wiiwg ' J.-Jui'at ''^ ' ' '- '' 


Y Zaehnsdorf. 

itley, 1880. 
.n Amateur 

the following 

f lives, let- 
Sir Henry 

r the firit edi- 
riptioD of the 
le correctionB 
edition, 1685, 
'5-540 are re- 

; or, The 


h, anatomy 
ative facts. 

roin Thomu 
ecdotical and 


op. "Chap. 
s volume has 

Catalogue of Books on /4ngUng 


Yarrell, William. Descriptions of Three British Species of Fresh-water 
Fishes belonging to the Genus Leuciscus of Klein. Read June 19, 183a. 
(No title-page.) 

Bound with "Some particttlars of the natural history of fishes found in Cornwall," by lona* 
than Couch. 

Yarrell, William. A History of British Fishes. Illustrated by nearly 400 
woodcuts. (Supplement, 1839.) London, Van Voorst, 1836. 

a vols. 8°, full green morocco, gilt backs, gilt tops. " Indispensable in every English ang- 
ler's library as a work of reference. Yarrell was, besides, an angler, and his work contains many 
useful hints in connection with the sport." Bit. pise. 

Yarrell, William. On the Growth of the Sah.. .. in Fresh Water. With 
six coloured illustrations of the fish of the natural size, exhibiting its character 
and exact appearance at various stages during the first two years. London, 
Van Vorst, 1839. 

Oblong 4°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf, with original paper covers 
bound in. " Incorporated with the third edition of ' British Fishes. ' Bii.fisc. 

Yellow body, pseud. See Hodge. 

Young, Andrew. The Angler and Tourist's Guide to the Rivers, Lakes, 
and Remarkable Places in the Northern Counties of Scotland. To which is 
added instructions to Your ? Anglers. Edinburgh, Black, 1857. 

Collation : pp. viii-117. Map. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Young, Andrew. The Natural History and Habits of the Salmon, from a 
Long Series of Experiments and Observations. Wick, Reid, 1848. 

Collation : pp. 48. ia°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Young, Andrew. The Natural History and Habits of the Salmon; with 
"easons for the decline of the fisheries . . . also an account of the artificial 
incubation of the salmon. London, Longman, 1854. 

Collation: pp. xi-io8. 16°, half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top, by Zaehnsdorf. 

Young, Andrew. On the Growth of Grilse and Salmon. . . . Read 9th 
January, 1843. (Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Vol. 15, 
PP- 343-348)- Bound with " Improvement of the Fisheries, 1800," by John 

-*«*i^, -<«*»-iMiti'*»*»ta 


Catalogue of Books on Angling 

lA. i 

Young, Archibald. Notes on the Scotch Salmon Fishery Acts of 1863 and 
1868. With suggestions for their improvement. Edinburgh, Edmonston, 
CoUttloii : pp. Hi-S9. 8°. half green calf, flit back, gilt lop, uncut, by Zaehnidorf. 

Young, ArchllMld. See Holdsworth (E. W. H.) and Young (A.) . . . Sal- 
mon fisheries. By A. Y. 1877. 

Young, Lambton, J. H. Sea-fishing as a Sport; Being an account of the 
various kinds of sea-fish, how, when, and where to catch them in their various 
seasons and localities. London, Groombridge, 1865. 

Collation ; pp. xv-aao. Illustrations. 19°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. From the 
collection of Thomas Westwood, with his book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf. 

Young, Lambton, J. H. Second edition. With coloured plates and wood- 
cut illustrations. London, Groombridge, 187 a. 
Collation : pp. Kv-aao. ia°, half blue morocco, gilt back, gilt top. by Zaehnsdorf. 

Younger, John. On River Angling for Salmon and Trout ; more particu- 
larly as practised in the Tweed and its tributaries. Edinburgh, W. Blackwood, 

Collation : pp. 95. 33°. cloth, gilt. 

Younger, John. River Angling for Salmon and Trout, with a Memoir of 
the Author; together with a treatise on the salmon, and a list of the Tweed 
salmon-casts. . . . (Descriptive list of the tributaries of the Tweed, for trout 
anglers [by the Editor.] Kelso [printed], Rutherford; Edinburgh, Black- 
wood, 1864. 

Coltatlon : pp. xliv-906. Portrait. 16°. half green morocco, gilt back, gilt top. 

Younger, John. Ne .v edition ; with Creeper Fishing, by the Editor. Kelso, 
Rutherford; Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1864 

CoUaUon : pp. xii-aao. Portrait. liP, half green morocco, gilt back, red edges, 
collection of Thomas Westwood, with his book-plate and monogram on fly-leaf. 

.. .1 I i. x^..i.» «v.» .»:MUAyi a flTTMa, Inoal rrianutation as fl 

From the 
collection 01 inomas wesiwooa, wiin nis ouuK-iiimc ■..« ».«..•.».-.» — -/ --. "J™"* 
Younger was a shoemaker a(: Kelso, who enjoyed a great local reputaUon as an •ng»«,«M fly- 
dresser, and was a man of original ideas and marked capacity. Some interesting remlnlicences 
of him and several of his poems wiU be found in Henderson • 'My Life as an Angler, 1879. 
and there has since been published an •Autobiography of John Younger, shoemaker, St. Bos- 
wells; Kelso. Rutherford, xMi,' portrait." Bib. pise. 




. . Sal- 

Catalogue of Books on Angling 


Zouch, Thomas. D. D. The Life of Izaak Walton, including notices of his 
contemporaries. London, Septimus Prowett, 1823. 

. UK ^ • PP; ''"93- , P'»"* »"■« P'oof" on India paper. 4°. fuil calf, gilt back, tidei in panel, 
«rl h raised center containing portraTt of Walton on front, and Cotton atliaclc co^er, surroSnded 
?1'.*'.f"l.*''*""""= designs by t. Gosden, 107 St. Marlins Lane. •' Kight copies of the edition 

?!.- .oil'-' *"* °" .'?'** P^'L*'; *'i,^ PF°°f I''"*'"* °" 'ndia paper. The illustrations in this and 
the 1836 issue are hose us< d in Gosdens edition of the ■ Compleat Angler,' i8aa." Bit tiic. 
This IS one of the eight copies mentioned. •- » > ••'• /-"»• 

Zouch, Thomas, D.D. Another edition. London, Gosden, 1826. 

e^g""*"*" ■ '''*■ '^' "'"""•'*»"»• »^°' ^"" 'ed «»1^. B"' b«ck. «"' center-piece on tides, gilt 

Zouch, Thomas, D. D. The Life of Izaak Walton. London, 1830. 

.n ^^M ' o".V'"?*\i'''' ""t '!1T"*'" •?' ** portraits and 90 plates, some of which are proofs, inlaid 
to small 4° site, full crushed brown levant morocco, gilt back, gilt sides, gill top, by W. Pratt. 

Zouch. Thomas, D. D. Another copy. 

Full polished calf, gilt back, gilt edges. 

Zouch, Thomas, D. D. Se^ Walton, I, The Lives of Donne, Wotton, etc. 


This supplement furnishes a complete list 
of the books collected by Mr. Sage after 
the publication of the catalogue of "Boolu 
on Angling" in 1896. 

Sarah M. Sage. 

Hillside, 1904. 

* ■ >, 

^^-.ig^^iiif inartiiwi I Mwa, t§^m ' 


mm ' !!■ !» 





or ALBANY, N. Y. 





7iBH r V^riSffil!Miimiiink«BM 





AfMtii. Loalt. Lake SupcHor ; Its phyilcal character, vegetation, and ani- 
maU, compared with tho»e of other and similar regioni. With a narrative 
of the tour by J. Elliot Cabot, and contribuiioni. by other icientific gentle- 
men. Beaton, Gould, 1850. 

si^rior c"m J^^wtO. tho^ of .h. o.h.r ,r.a. C.n^lUn Uk..." Bough. .. .h. T.hI.1. m1.. 
and contain* t)ook-i»«ala ot SamiMl T. TUdaU. 

Almanack. See London. The illuatraled London Atnunack. 1864. 

Amateur Angtar, Tha. See Mareton, E. 

AmatAr. En. Den lilla FUkare-Boken eller «:nkl.»ste och nOjtammaate afttt 

att finga Lttjor, Mdrtar, Aborrar, Braxnar, GWdof, Alar och Kraftor; med 

trianitt. Andra upplagan. Stockholm, S. Flodins, 1866. 

CiMladon : pp. 49- lW«»««*''on». i«°. P^pw 
AmmlwMC«&«raxiim.Q.C. FltkodUng och Swriget FUkerier. US?. 

Amat6r, i'.n. Another copy. 

Amarlcan. The American Angler's Guide; containing the opinions and 

practice ot t>»e best English and American anglers, with the modes usually 

adopted in aU descriptions of fuhing, method of making artificial flies, etc. 

Fourth edition, revised. New York. H. Long, 1849. 
CollaUoB:pp.aa4. Plat... 160. full gre 5 a Iwant morocco, g^ll badi and top. Writt«i by 

John J. Brown. 
Amarkan game fishes. 189a. Sen Perry, W. A., aW <>/Am. 

Amarkan Sportsman's Library, wlittd by Caspar Whitney. See Sage, Dean, 
amtfiiAm. Salmon and trout New York, 1903. 


™«l.w-*'-' '' 

ii nmwiUMii"'" •'n-i-1 • 

a Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Angler. The Angler's Diary and Fisherman's Guide to the rivers and lakes 
of the world; to which are added forms for registering the fish taken during 
the year. By I. E. B. C. London, Cox, 187 1. 
Collation : pp. 64. ia°. doth. For other edition* see Main Catalogue. 

Angler. The Angler's Guide to the Horse and Groom, Lea Bridge, and 
White House Fisheries. See Martin, Rev. James. 

Angler. The Angler's Library. See Maxwell, Sir Herbert. Salmon and 
sea trout. 1898. 

Angling. See Yale, L. M., am/ tf/>l<rf. Angling. 1896. 

Angling. Clippings from Angling literature. 
Folio, half brown roan 

Aquai-lum. See Naples. Guide to the Aquarium. 1893. 

Ash worth, Thomas. The salmon fisheries of England, x868 . . . partly 
from information published by order of the House of Commons in the Fish- 
ery Commissioners' Reports on England, Wales, and Ireland, &c. Bath, 

Lewis, n.d. 

CoUation : pp. H- ?, photographs. 16°, paper. Contains inscription, "To the Editw of 
the ' Field' with Major Scott'* compllmenU. Feb'y. 1868." 

Barnes, Dame Julyans. An older form of the Treatyse of Fysshynge 
wyth an angle . . . Printed from a MS. in the possession of Alfred Denison, 
Esq., with preface and glossary by Thomas Satchell. London, W. Satchell, 


Collation: pp. vil-98 and gloMary. 8». Roxburghe. Oneofaoocopiet. 

The "Treatyse " as given in thU MS. "differs considerably in orthography, phrase, and 
sense, from that in the Boke of St. Albans ; and Professor Skeat is inclined to assign to it an 
earlier date than 1450" Dkt.Nat.Bwg. For other editions see Main Catalogue. 

Bartlett, John. See Catalogues. Harvard University Library. 

Beever, John. Practical fly-fishing; founded on nature. A new edition, 
with a memoir of the author by W. G. Collingwood ; also additional notes 

.'»i*M^''*>**i***»»^*«*^ "'*" 

.-i'jMrtSti*-*.- ■-" i'"* 


ind lakes 
;n during 

■idge, and 
mon &nd 

. . partly 
1 the Fish- 
&c. Bath, 

be Editor of 

1 Denison, 
'. Satchell, 

phrase, Biid 
ssign to it an 

•w edition, 
iona! notes 

Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Jngling 


and a chapter on char-fishing by A. and A. R. Severn. London, Melhuen, 

ColUtlon : pp. «««-J-M 8°. c'"'**- S* »ople» PH" «5 «» """^h haiid made paper, of which 
this it No. M. Another copy in Main Catalogue. 

Book-Lover*S Library. See Marswn, R. B. Walton and sorae earlier writers 
on fish and fishing. 1894. 

Boyce. W. D. A strikf made by Boyce*8 Big Weeklies. Chicago, The 
Lakeside Press, 1894. 

Collation : pp. laS. llluitratlon*. 8°, paper. ,-, . . 1 

Compiled by Fred E. Pond (Will Wildwood). under direction of the pubUiher. Contain* in- 
formation and stories about fiahlng and hunting. 

Bralthwalte. Oeoff* Poster. Fishes and their food; being a paper on 

the salmon famfly, wth illustrations of their habits, taken principally from 

the counties of Westmoreland and Curaberiand. Kendal, T. Atkinson, ^863. 

ColUUon: pp. 3a. 16°. half green levant moroceo. Read before the Keadal Literary and 

Sdentifte Society, Feb. 9, 1863. 

Brown, John Alejuinder Harvie-. The wonderful trout. Edinburgh, 
Douglas, 1898. 
Collation : pp. xl-173. lUustratloos. xa°, cloth. 

Brov:'R, John J. See American Angler's Guide. 1849. 

Browne, Irving. House of the heart. Buffalo, Peter Paul Book Co., 1897. 

Collation: pp. Tii-is<S. Pl*t«. 16°, cloth. 300 cople. printed. P. 18, poem entiUed " How 
1 go a-fidiing." 

Bund, John Wil!!ani Willis. Handy book of fishery management. Lon- 
don, Lawrence and Bullen, 1899. 
Collation: pp. xii-a8o. x4°, doih 

By meadow and stream. See Marstiont £. 

C. I. E. B. See Angler. The Angler's Diary, 1871. [By Irwin Edward 
Bainbridge Cox.] 

.' (' 







imikiMi * 



.- I ■ 

4 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Call. Richard ElUworth. See Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel. Ichthyo- 
logia Ohiensis. 1899. 

Canada. Department of Marine and Fisheries. Report of the Commissioner 
of Fisheries for . . . 1875. Supplement No. 4 to the eighth annual report 
of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries for the year 1875. Otuwa, Mac- 
lean, Roger and Co., 1876. 
ColUtio :. pp. «xxvUiHM9. Map. iP, half green levant morocco. 

Canada. Department of Marine and Fisheries. Thirty-third annual report 
of the Department of Marine and Fisheries. 1900. Fisheries. Ottawa. 
S. E. Dawson, 1901. 
CoUadon : pp. Ixix-ao/. «*^. paper. 

Carleton. Henry Guy. Advice to young anglers. New York, Mills & 

Son, 1888. 
Collation: pp. 13 (unpaged). IlluitTations. 8°. paper. 

CaUloKues. Ellis & Elvey. 1897 summer catalogue comprising several 
choice iUuminated manuscripts upon vellum, early printed books . . . 
(No. 86). London. (1897.) 
CollaUon: pp.s6. lUustratlon. ia°, paper. 

Catalo«iw. Fearing, Daniel B. Check list of books on angling, fish, fish- 
eries, fish-culture, etc., in the library of Daniel B. Fearing, Newport, R. I. 
New York, Printed for private distribution, i90». 

Collation: pp. 138, interleaved. 8°. paper. Edition of »5 copie. of wWch thi. is No. 8. 
.ign«dby Daniel B Fearing and lnscril>ed by him " For Dean Sage. Esq. 

Catalo|fU««. Harvard University Library. The Bartlett Collection^ A 
list of books on ar.gling, fishes, and fish-culture in Harvard College Library. 
By Louise Rankin Albee. Cambridge, Har/ard Univeftity, 1896, 
Collation: pp. 180. 8°. BibUographical oontributions. edited by Jwtin Wiwor, No. 51. 

CaUlogues. Harvard University Library. The Bwtlett Collection. An- 
other copy. 

4i ^, wjilWW riiii'TiW^^ :^ M'.w j' ^ 

^ta^ilMHiii'iiiir'i I "' I' 

l- . ' Ht 


»:WiKiK»<'M<»<"'»»^<gK»'wtA» ' <»' ' ' ' '*' - "-^'*^ ^^^•■^ *,i< 

Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 5 



lal report 
wa, Mac- 

ual report 

, Mills & 

(ig several 
ooks . . . 

;, fish, fish- 
port, R. I. 

hit it No. 8, 

ection. A 
ge Library. 

w. No. SI* 
jtion. An- 

niuiti«t'.ont. 8 platet, 3 tablet. ia°, cloth. 

CederstrAm, O. C. Fi«kodHng och Sverigen Fiskerier. Stockholm, Adolf 
Bonnier, 1857. 

Collation: fp, 969-1. 

Bound wfh it an: 

Helnt. W. F. Q. PrakUtlw Underritttelier om ... FItk-aiwel. 

Heint, W. F. O. Om den kunstige Frembringelte af Foreller. . . 

Rotelli, C. R. Swentk* Fiskeriboken. 

AmatOr, En. Den lUla Flskare-Boken. Den tkicklige Metaren. 

Leidetdorfft, A. E. Prit-Kurant fr»n Fitkredtkapt-Fabrik. 

Chambers, E. T. D. The Ouananiche and its Canadian environment. 
New York, Harper, 1896. 

Collation: pp. xxli-3S7. Plates. 8°, cloth. Contains newtpaper criticitm of the book. 

ChAzari, EsUbban. Piscicultura en agua dulce ; instrucciones escritas a en- 
cargo de la Secretaria de Fomento. Mexico, Ofic. Tip. de la Secretaria de 

Fomento, 1884. 
CoUation:»-««8. Platet, 8«>. half red roan. FlrttediUon. 

Colbwrt, Adrian. Piscium vivae icones. In ses incisae et editse ab Adrian© 
CoUardo. «. /. or d. 

la", oblong, cloth. Engraved title and as pUtet of fish and ftthing tcenet; foUo'-red by 19 
platet of anlmalt, entided on firtt plate : Animalium qaadrupedum omnis generis verae ct arti- 
ficioiiitimae delineationes in aes incisae et edltae ;»b Adriano CoUardo. See Bibl. pise, where 
these 19 pUtet are not given, Adrian CoUaeri was bom at Antwerp about isao. A tmaU piece 
hat been cut <ml of the lower margiit of the title-page. 

Cory, Charles B. Hunting and fishing in Florida, including a key to the 
water birds known to occur in the sUtc. Second edition. Boston, Estes 
and Lauriat, 1896. 
Collation: pp. 904. lUuttrations. Platet. 8°, cloth. 

Crescenzi, Pletro. Piero Crescientio De Agricultura Vulgare. ColopLn: 
Impressum Venetiis die nono mesis lulii anno dfti M.D.XIX. 

Collation: 935 leaves, numbered on the recto. Tabula {9 smnumbered paget). Pp. 36, 151, 
Vj*. misprinted a6, 161. J70 respectively, and the number aox omitted. 8°, old paper bind- 
ing. Front fly-leaf torn, back fly-leaf missing, many marginal notes added. Printer's dwlce on 
titi»1>age: Justice seated on two lions, the initiala A. B. below. 

An Italian trandation of Ruralium commodorum iibri duodeclm (M7»)- " Cretcenxi indicatet 
the variout m jthodt of rendering ponds and Inland lakes profltaWe." BiU. fiit. 






■ ;^iimiS0ttm0iMmui»»*tti>i*' 





Supplement to the Rural sports. Lon- 

6 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Cox, Irwln Edwar»3 Balnbrldge. See Angler. The Angler's Diary. 1871. 

D.. J. The Secrets of Angling: teaching, The choicest Tooles, Baits and 
Seasons, for the taking of any Fish, in Pond or River : practised, and fa^l- 
iarly opened in three Bookes by J. D. E«iuire. Augmented wUh many 
approved Experiments by W. Lau^n. London, Pnnted by T. H- J^«' J'>J» 
Harison, and are to be sold by Francis Coles, at his shop m the Old Bayly, 
i6(;a. [By John Dennys.] , ^ , 

There are three copies of this edition in the British Museum. /^/"J" c,ulo«ue for other 
■. This is the fourth edition of th.- book and very scarce. See Main Catalogue 


Daniel, Rev. William Barker 

don, Crosby & Co., 1813. 

conation: pp. ,x,)-S<>7«nd index. Plat. I»«-^^-, ^°;;f 3^^ "'';r„p;^cLt::iru^ 
dotes of 6.h and fishing and an account of the nver. of Great ^^'l.;'!^^ ^s^i-T^v.<ii ot 
acknowledger:ient. Sir H. EUi.s list of work, on angUng, and altogether «voun over-mucn 

book-making." Bitl. fiu. 
For another copy see Main Catalogue. 

Days In clover. 189a. See Marston, E. 
Dennys. John. See D., J. 

Dcwar, George A. B. Book of the dry fly; with contributions by the 
Marquis of Granby and J. E. Booth. London, Lawrence and Eullen. i«97. 

CoUaUon : pp. x-a38. Plates. 8°, clotl.. 

Dewai, George A B. Wild life in Hampshire Highlands. London, Dent 

Conaiion:^PP.3<H. ««»«• 8°. <=''>*• Chapter V. pp. 9*-x36. " Angltag In W(«4.p«Wre." 
(" The Haddon Hall Library.") 

Dixon. W. Wlllmott. Kings of the rod, rifle, and gun. By "Thonnanby " 
With 3a portraits and illustrations. New York, E. P. Dutton & Co., 1.^1. 

. vota 80 cloth. Enclo.ed U * letter itcw the editor to Dean Sage, giving fee Krt*w 1 
„1. .l.rtl.e Cy oTa letter torn Edwin Waugh. about P.of. John WlUon. «sat b, t*. O.; 
r^het^ew ofr^k by D. S. which appeared in the '^ Nation." Oee. .9. 190*. 


r. 1871. 

iaits and 
nd famil- 
ih many 
for John 
d Bayly, 

Ion*. John 
I tJtle-page. 

le for other 

w. Lon- 

atwns •nee- 
icea, without 
>v(:r'-much of 

ns by the 
dlen, 1897. 

idon, Dent 


lormanby " 
Co., i«)C'». 

g the KrfiMxr'i 
«at by P. i>. r 



mMmmtgtmtmm i »i ii nfi ii ii iiiii w l >' -*»*** 



Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 7 

Drummond, Wlllifttn Henry. The Habitant, and other French- Canadian 
poems. W a an introduction by Louis Frechette, and with illustrations by 
Frederick Simpson Cobum. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1898. 

Collation : pp. xv-137. 8°, cloth. Pasted in are iOme ver»ei written in his own hand by Dr. 
Dnimmond to Nelson Cheney, sent by h!m to Mr. Burdick of Albany, who gave them to D. S. 
Mr. Bnrdick's letter is also encloaed. 

Edinburgh Anglinff Club. Songs and selections from the Album of the 
Edinburgh Angling Club, founded 1847, with illustrations drawn anc' en- 
graved by members of the club. New and enlarged edition, edited by J, 
Smith. Edinburgh, D. Douglas, 1900. 

Collation : pp. Ktjtt-flifi. Plate. Illustrations. tP, cloth. 

Ellis A Elv«y. Catalogue for 1897. See Catalogues. 

Eilwanger, Qeorge H, Idyllists of the country side ; being six commenta- 
riea concerning some of those who have apostrophized the joys of the open 
air. New York, Dodd, 1896. 

Collation : pp. 963. i«P, cloth. Pp. 9-4I. " 'H** *«"<! o? Walton." 

F., Qi*ville. {of Barnes). (Greville Fenncll.) The book of the roach. Lon- 
don, Sampson Low, 1884. 
Collation ; pp. viii~ii8. :6°, doth. 

Feftting, Daniel B. Check list. 1901. See Catalogues. 

F«ddersen, Artlilir. Fserskvandsfiskeriet. Kj0benhavn, P. G. Philipsens, 

Collation : pp. (fiHM- !lil«i«i»tioa«. tP, paper. 

Fedderseti, Arthur. Fffirskvandsfiskeriet. Anden for?>gede Udgave, med 
165... Afi>ildninger. Kj{i<benhavn, P. G. Philipsens, 1894. 
CoUatlon : pp. XTO-a. x^, papef • 
Fedd«r^n, Arthur. Lidt om den kunstige Fiskeavl. Kjjiibenhavn, J. H. 
Schuiz, 1875. 
ColiaHon : pp. i«. IllustnUiwii. w°. paper. 


■iiii_.mi.iii.< »*wwwiwMiiii immmiimm 



8 Supplemmt to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Pedd«rsen. Arthur. McdddelKr fra Dan* Fiikcri(or«ning ; I, Lidt VeJ- 
ledning til Karpeavl. Kj0benhavn, Christtreus, 189a. 
Collation: pp. 3.. IUu.««lton.. x(P,m^. Author', autograph on UUe-pag.. 

Pennell. Orevllle. Sec F., GreviUc, {of Banus). The book of the roacb. 
PInlav K I. [A book of 16 sketches of angling «cene«, made with the in- 
^en'on oi. producing a volume .imUor to his " Loch and River Side," but 

never completed.] ... 

Oblong 8°. cloth, see note on fly-leaf by D. D.. who pre-nted th* b«>k. in which h, «y. 
that thU U the only copy printed to hii knowledge. 

Plskaren. Den praktiske In»j6.Fiskaren. eller nya.ste ^f J^";^f ffj; 
metuder att med nyuppfmmen och biUig redskap f&nga fisk och krilftor. 
jemte beskrifning pi fiskredskap . . . Stockholm, Flodins, 1869. 

Collation, pp. 66.,. „o. p.per. Newspaper dipping. Inmted. (Altotany- 
ttigt handblbllotek, No. 97.) 

Piske En liden artig oc konstrig Fiske-Bog om adstiUige Fiskefang hvor- 

^Idtmand med st^nJe Lyst fordcel Konst oc Behendighed k.nd fange a lie 

ags Fiske baade med Kroge, Ruuser, Hammer oc Garn: AUe oc hver t^ 

tieniste som der til Lyst haffver: Afi Tydsken paa Danske saa vel som 

udaff egen Forfarenhed oc daglige exp^rUm sammen skreffven oc nu til 

Trycken forfoerdiget. Ki^benhaffn, Jj^rgen Hoist, 1649. 

ColUtion : pp. 46- »«°> P»P«'- 
Portln. Pierr*. Annual reports of Pierre Fortin. Esq., ^^-f^'y^ ^ 
mand of the expeditionfor the protection of the fishenes m the Gulf of St. Law 
Tence, during L seasons of 186, and 186a. Quebec. Hunter, Rose and 
Lemieux, 1863. 

CoUation : pp. laS- S". half green levant morocco. 

Prwicls, Prancls. The practical management of fisheries ; a book for pro- 
prietors and keepers. London, Cox, 1883. 
ColUtion: pp. iv-xi3. lUustrationi. Pl«'e». I9°. doth. 

Pre»h wood* and pastures new. 1887. See Marston, E. 


,idt Vej- 

le roacb. 

h the in- 
ide," but 

lich b« Myi 

i kraftor, 


ang hvor- 
fange alle 
3C hver til 
k vel som 
oc nu til 

ite m com- 
of St. Law- 
Rose and 

•ok for pro- 

Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 9 

FrH», Jens AndrcA*. Tilfj«kU i Feri^me filer Jojger- og Fiskerliv i H^if- 

jeldene. aden nogct for^gcdc Udgave. Chriistiania, A. Cammermeyer, 1887. 

ColtaHon : pp. 37«- f''*»e»- Map. tn", p»p«r. 
Fur, Feather and Fin Series. Sec Hardy, Hon. Alfred Erakine Gathorne-. 

The Salmon, London, 1898. 
Olover, Richard Lyra Piscatoria ; original lyrics on fish, flies, fishing and 

fishermen, includsitg poems on all the British fresh-water fish. London, 

Cox, 1895. 

ColUtlon' pp. «»M71. xS>, cloth. Contain* Inicription. "To Dean E»q. with Joel 
W. Burdiok'i complin.ents. J«ny 14. t^oo." Alio a to the Utter from the author. 

Qodbout River. See Salmon-fishing. 

Great Britain. Impectors of salmon fisheries for England and Wales. 
Twelfth annual report. (By F. T. Buckbnd and Spencer Walpole.) Lon- 
don, Eyre and Spoctiswoode, 1873. 

ColUttoa : pp. laS. Ulustratten*. 8", half green levant morocco. 

Oreen, Seth. Sec Roosevelt, Robert Barnwell, and Seth Green. Fish 
hatching. 1879. 

Owy, Sir Edward. Fly fishing. London, Dent & Co. 1*^99. 
C0lUtton:pp,xHl-«76. Plate*. 8". cloth. <"Tlie Haddon Kail Library.") 

Qrlmble, Augustus. The salmon rivers of Scotland. London, Kegan 
Paul, Trench, Trilbner, 1899-11900. 

4V0U. PUtea. lUu»trBtlons. Maps. Square 4''. board*, 

Haddon Hall Library. See Dewar, G. A. B. Wild life in Hampshire 
Highlands. 1899. Grey, Sir Edward. Fly rishing. 1899. 

Hansen. Victor. lUustreret Idratsbog; udarbejdet paa Grundlag af Victor 
Ealcks lUustrerad Idrottsbok. Kj^benbavn^ Philtpsens, 1890-1893. 
avcls, Ulu»trations. 8°, paper. 

nttt'Ay, Hon. Allied Erslcinv. Oathorne-. The salmon. With chapters on 
the law of saJmon-feihing by Ckud Douglas Pennant ; Cookery, by Alex- 




10 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on /Angling 

ander Innes Shand. Illustrated by DnugloH Adams and Charles Whymper. 
London, Longmans, Green & Co., 1898. (Fur, Feather and Fin Series.) 

ColliUion : pp. tfbj. ia°, cloth. 

Harris, William Charles. The fishes of North America that are caught 
on hook and line. New York, Harris Publi.shing Co., 1 881-1898. 
Parts 3-to. Colored plates. Folio, unbound, Part* i-a, 1881, in Main Catalogue. 

Harris, William Charles. See Sage, Dean, andotfurs. Salmon and trout. 
New York, 1903. 

Harvard University Library. The Bartlett Collection. 1896. See Cata- 

Harvie-Brown, J. A. See Brown, John Alexander Harvie— . 

Hay, a. U. The Restigouche ; with notes especially on its flora. St. John, 
N. B. Barnes & Co. 1896. 

Collation : pp. i»-35. 8°, paper. Read before the Natural Hiitory Society of New Br«ni. 
wick, December 31, 1896, and taken from Bulletin XIV, 1896, of the Society's Proceedings. 

Heins, W. Kort Fremstilling a£ de forskjellige Sorter Fiskeredskaber, led- 
saget med Lithographic. Ffiirste Afdeling. Gamfiskeriet. Kjj«benhavn, 
Thieles, 1858. 
Collation : pp. ai. a plates. ia°, no cover. 

Heins, W. Kort Fremstilling a£ de forskjellige Sorter Fiskerier, ledsaget med 

Lithographic. Anden Afdeling. Krogfiskeriet. Kjjiibenhavn, Thieles, 1858. 

Collation : pp. 8. Plate. 13°, no cover. .Awm/ uitM Aw Kort FrenutUUng af de forskjellige 
Sorter Fiskeredskaber. 1S58. 

Heins, W. F. Q. Cm den kunstige Frembringelse af Foreller, 0rreder og 
Lax m. m,, efter den franske Original og cgen Erfaring, ledsaget med Litho- 
graphic. 5te for^gede Udgave. Kplding, B. C. Mellers, 1853. 

Collation : pp. 16. Plate. ia°, no cover. 

Heins, W. F. Q. Another copy. 

B4nmd with Cederstr6m, G. C. Fidcodling och Sverigrs Fiskerier. 1857. 



Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling \ i 

Heins, W. P. Q, Praktiska Underriittelser om konttmcsxig befordriin ftf 
Fisk-afwel ; Efter wunnen erfarenhet, it&wiiil i g^dra lilnder, iti«om Frankrike, 
som ock i Uanmark, f6rfa(tad. Utdrag efter Femte Danska upplagan, 
tryckt, pi Inrikes-Ministerieu bekostnad, i Kolding 1853. Wcsterwik, G. 
Lybeck, 1856. 

Colkdon : pp. 16. la^. Btund wUt CcderitrOn, O. C. FltkodlinK och Sveriget Flikerier. 

Henshall, Jam** A. Ye Godi and Little Fishes. A travesty on the Ar* 
gonautic Expedition in quest of the Golden Fleece. Designs by J. L. Lud- 
low. Cincinnati, Clarke, 1900. 

Collation : pp. zv-atj. FrontUpiece and borders. 9P, cloth. 

Hetting, M. O. Beretning om hvad der til Ferskvandsfiskeriemes Fremme 
er udf0rt i Tidsrummet fra Juni 1865 til Juli 1868. Christiana, Br^gger & 
Christie, 187 1. 
Cdlatloo : pp. 19. 8", pap«r. 

HettinffiM. a. Same. Fra iri., Oktober 1871 til iite Oktober 187a. 
Christiania, H. T0n»berg, 1873. 
Collation : pp. 40. 8°, paper. 

HettincM. Q. Same. Fra iste Oktober 1873 til 3ite December 1873. 
Christiania, C. C. Werner & Co. 1874. 
Collation : pp. 35. 8°, paper. 

Hettinf , M. Q. Kortfattet Beiledning for dem, der ville tndrette Udklae- 
kniugsanlag for de vinterlegend<^ Ferskvandsfiske. 4 Oplag. Christiania, 
P. T. Mailings, 1869. 
Collation : pp. 69. 11 plates. 8°, paper. 

Hill, Lord Qcorgtt. Facts from Gweedore; compiled from notes, with ad- 
ditions up to the present time. Fourth edition. Dublin, Hodges, Smith 
and Foster, 1868. 

Collation^ pp. 15, with appendix, pp. 3. Plate. la", half green levant morocco. Containi 
rulei a&d regulations for the angling for aaUnon and white trout on the RiTer Clady. 




, I 


12 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on /IngUng 

Hcuffhton, Rev. Wllilam. British freshwater fiihes; Ulustfftted wiJh « 
coIoure<l figure of each Rpeciet drawn from nature by A. F. Lydon, and 
numerouH engraving;*. London, William Markencie. (1879.) 
CalUllon : pp. ivI-wh. Imp«rul 4°, quarter t>Uck ro«ii. 

Hultfaldt, FrIU. Baade Fugl og Fiik. Kriatiania. Cammermeyer, 1898. 

CoUatlon : pp. 137. PlMea. t^, paper, 

HuUtoldt, Fritz. Ude med fii<»se ug Fiakestang. Kristiania, Haflner St 
mi: m.d. 

Collation: p(). 131. ta", boards. 

Hunting. Hunting, trapping and fiHhing made easy . . . including gunning 
and nfle shooting, the manufacture and use of traps, snares, nets, baits . . . 
New York, Ilancy & Co. «. J, 
ColUiion : pp. 70. Illuatratloni. 16°, paper. 

Hutchinson, Robert D. Om Flugfiskeri. t ; eller, Konsten att med artifici- 
ella Flugor fiska Lux och Oring samt om fdrdelaktigaste uilttet, att med agn 
fiska Lax, Oring, GMdda och Aborre. (Ofwersfittning.) Upsala, 0. Tors- 
sell, 1844. 
Collation : pp. 4a. a plates. lO, paper. 

Uye. Cotswoid. psttdif. See Glover, Richard. 

Keene, John Harrington. The boy's own guide to fishing, tackle-making 
and fish-breeding. Boston, Lee and Shepard. (1894.) 
Collation : pp. aoo. lUuttrationt. ia°, cloth. 

Kelson, Qeorge M. The salmon fly ; how to dress it and how to use it. 
London, Published by the author, 1895. 
Collation : pp. xlv-510. lUuatrationa. Colored plate*. Portnlt. 4°, cloth. 

Klngsley, Qeorge Henry. Notes on sport and travel. With a Memoir 
by his daughter, Mary H. Kingsley. London, Macmillan, 1900. 

Collation : pp. vUi-544. 8°, cloth. Pasted in it a review of the book by D. S. 

Kings of the rod, rifle, and gun. 1901. See Dixon, W. Willmott. 

Ill »i*illlilnMHii 


■ M''' ;p M BW i \y' fp I I ■ »- 

SuppUment to Catalogue of Books on A Haling i } 

Knox, Arthur iidward. Autumnaon the Spey. London, Juhn Van Voorit, 

ColUtioo pp iji. PtaUM. ii^,«loih Inwrip««oii on Jljr-lttI; "A tmall •drfiikm 10 III* 
HlUaldf AnrJlng Ubrwy Horn H|My*l<la. Ailwy, 0»:t. 1. 191M. D.D. " Kor •noihcr wjpy M« 

Kr0y«r, H«nf1k Nogle Bemcrkninger om F^Hkerierne* Fremme vcd kunt- 
tig Befrugtntng. Kj(»brnhavn, S. L. Mfjilerg, 1851. 
CoiUiion : pp, ao. itP, p»put. 8«pwal«lr printed from " Jmirntl <rf Agricuhure, " rol. 14. 

Lanf , Andrtw. Izaak Walton. 

The MS. of hl» " Tarcmio =ry ol iiuK Wtltoa." coiMtMliig of m I««vm wrillan on th* nwlo. 
r>, whole calf. 

Lang, Andrvw. The Ter entenary of Izaak Walton. London, PriiUcd 
for private circulation ^nly, 1893. 
ColUtlon: pp 14. liluUmt ni. PortrmJt, 4», TeBum pap«. 

Only 30 coplei prialad, 6 cop.r » of which went to the lU Englith public libraries. Another 
copy in Main (;aiaio|tM. 

Ltfidcsdorffs.A.B. Pris-Kunnt frftn Fiskred.skaps-Fabrik. GOteborg. (1866.) 

An illuitrated folded sheet of ft*htng iwpleraenti. B«mmtw^tk CederatrOm, O. C. Fl»kodllng 
och Srcrtget FItlMrler. 1857. 

London. The illustrated London Almanack for 1864, containing . . . 
pictuies of frei^i-water fiah. New York & London, Published at the office. 

Collation : pp. 7*. lUuttrationi. 4°, paper. 

Lundberff, Rudolf. Fiske med metbpd. Stockholm, C E. Fritze, 1889. 

Collation: pp. 114. Illiutrationt. 80, paper. (Uluitreradt BibUotek fiir Idrott.) 

Maine. Inland Fisheries and Game Commission. Report of the Commis- 
sioners of Fisheries and Game of the State uf Maine for the years 1884, 
1889-1896. Augusta, Burleigh & Flynt, 1884, 1889-1896. 
6 number*. 8°, paper. Vol. for 1893-1694, in cloth. 

Malm, A. W. Om Sjdbruk i allmSnhet och lax-afvel isynnerhet. Gdteborg, 
Bonnier, 1863. 
Ccdlation : pp. 31. a platet. 8°, paper. 

ai W M 




14 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Marston, &. \\y meadow anc! •tream. I'kuant m«iUun«ao( ple«Mnt pkc«i. 

By the Amateur Angler. London, Sami»on Low, 1896. 

ColUUo* : pp. «lll-i34. M", hall pMohmmt. i« pUiM, Th* auilMr'i unograpk ti !•• 
Krtbmt on IK* tl(l«-|)«|«. 

Mar«tofl, B. By meadow and itream ; pleaaant memoiiet of glcAMnt plaretk 
London, Sampaon Low, 1896. 

ColUUon : pp. |U-I34- PUlM. itfi, cloth. 

iVUrfton. B. An old man'a holidays. By The Amateur Angler. London, 

Sampaon Low, 1900. 

Collation : porirali. froniUplM*. pp. ill, eoflltnti, Uit of llluatrallont, pp. i-t^o. 1$ platM. 
ta', rad inorocco, limp covin. 

Maraton, B. Dayt in clover. London, Sampaon Low, 189a. 
Collation ; pp. vlll-iao. Ptataa. 84°, half calf. 

Martton, E. Fresh woods and pastures new. London, Sampson Low, 


Collation : pp. s-ijO. a4°, brown cloth. 

Baan tha aulhor'i autograph on tha (lila-pafa. Enaloacd It a latlar from R. B. Mariion. 

Maraton, B. Another copy. 
it/*, graan eloth. 

Maraton, B. " On a sunshine holyday," by The Amateur Angler. Lon- 
don, Sampson Low, 1897. 

Collation: pp. vlii, contenu, lltt of illuttralions, pp. t^o. la", rioth, parchment back. 16 
iUiutratlont on India paper. Edition, tyt copie* on handmade paper, of which tbit It No. 5S, 
•Ignad with the author'* Initials. The author's autograph is inscribed on the title-page. 

Maraton, Robert Bright. Walton and some earlier writers on fish and 

fishing. London, Stock, 1894. 

Collation : pp. (xv-a64. Illustration. ia°, full Russia. Uncut " Leather tooled &nd em- 
botacd by Susannah Firth of the Kirltby Lonsdale Handkrafi Clasaea " and Guild of VVoman- 
bindert. In a green cnubed morocco case. (The Book-Lover's Library.) Contains a letter 
from the author to Mr. Sage, alto a book-plate of John Oerard Heckscher ; a copy pratentad by 
him to Mr. Saga. For other copies see Main Calalogiia. 
















fca|28 |2.5 
|5o "^* M^H 

US U2 12.2 

^ 1^ lillio 

11.25 i 1.4 








WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 


I ft I |- II iiiiMWiWM*'''"'" 

7 i^ 






Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical MIcroreproductlons / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

i ! 

Supplement to Catalogue of Books an Angling 15 

Martin, Rev. James. Angler's Guide to the Horse and Groom, Lea 

Bridge, and White House Fisheries ; describing the principal swims^ suitable 

tackle, methods, baits, and haunts for fish generally. London, H. Brown, 


Collation : po. 44. Plates. Map. 34°, cloth. First editioc. For second edition see Main 

Mather, Frederic. Men I have fished with ; sketches of character and in- 
cident with rod and gun .... New York, Forest and Stream Publishing 
Co., 1897. 

Collation : pp. 371. Portraits. 8°, cloth. These sketches originally appeared in the " Forest 
and Stream" . . . between July xi and Dec. a6, 1896. Pre/act. 

Mather, Frederic. My angling friends. Being a second series of Sketches 
of men I have fished with. New York, Forest and Stream Publishing Co., 

Collation : pp. 369. Portraits. 8", cloib. Pasted in is a reriew of the book by D. S. 

Maximilian 1. Das Fischereibuch Kaiser Maximilians I. Mit acht gleich- 
zeitigen Bildem und einer Lichtdrucktafel. Unter Mitwirkung von Ludwig 
Freih. v. Lazarini herausgegeben von Dr. Michael Mayr. Innsbruck, Verlag 
der Wagner'schen Universitats-Buchhandlung, 1901. 

Collation : pp. xxviii-5g. Folio, parchment. 9 plates in facsimile, 8 of them colored. 

Facsimile reproduction of one of the books planned and ordered written by Maximilian I. 
Executed by Wolfgang Hohenleiter, from material provided by the Imperial Master of Fisheries, 
Martin Fritx. 

Maxims and hints for an angler. 

1833. See Penn, Richard. 

Maxwell, Sir Herbert. Salmon and sea trout; how to propagate, pre- 
serve and catch them in British waters. London, Lawrence and Bullen, 

Collation : pp. xii-a79. Illustrations. Plates, some of them colored. Map, is°, cloth. ("The 
Angler's Library.") 

Meissner, J. B. Fiskerbog eller Anviisning til at fiske til Huusbrug og for 
sin Fomf^ielse med Gam, Kroge, Ruser og Hsendeme . . . oversat paa 
Dansk af Johan Werfel. Kj0benhavn, A. Soldins, 1801. 
Collation : pp. iv-ia4. x6<', paper. 

*m iitiiv 



i6 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Metaren. Den skicklige Metaren eller ny Handbok f6r Fiskare. F6rra 
Afdelningen om mete med agn eller bete af alia slag, med i texten in- 
tryckta 17 trisnitt. LinkSping, A. Petr6, 1851. 

CoUatlon: pp. vm-i9». lUuttrations. la". Bound with CtAtnU6m,G. C. Fiikodling och 
SveriKea Fiskerier. 1857. 

Montpetit, A.-N. Les poissons d'eau douce du Canada. Montreal, 
Beauchemin & Fils, 1897. 

Collation : pp. xlv-ssa. Illustrationi. colored plates. 4°, paper, uncut. 

Naples. Guide to the Aquarium of the Zoological Station at Naples. Third 
edition. Leipzig, Breitkopf & Hartel, 1893. 
Collation : pp. 93. Illustrations. 8°, paper. 

New York State. Forest, Fish, and Game Commission. Annual reports. 

1895-1898. New York and Albany, 1896-1899. 
4 vols. IllusUations. Plates, some colored. Imperial 4°, cloth. 
New York State. Forest, Fish, and Game Commission. First annual 

report, 1895. Another copy. 

Full morocco, presented by Eilward Thompson. 

New York State. Forest, Fish, and Game Commission. First annual 
report, 1895. Another copy. 

Northrup, Ansel Judd. Camps and tramps in the Adirondacks, and gray- 
ling fishing in Northern Michigan; a record of summer vacations in the 
Wilderness. Syracuse, N. Y., Davis, Bardeen & Co., 1880. 

Collation: pp. 303. 16P, cloth. 

Old man's holidays, An. 1900. See Marston, E. 

"On as4inshlneholyday." 1897. See Marston, E. 

Ontario. Department of fisheries. Second annual report. 1900. Toronto, 
Collation: pp. 83. 8°, paper. 

Ontario. Game and fish Commission. Report for the year 1899. Toronto, 

Collation : pp. 85. 8°, paper. 



Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 1 7 

Out of Door Library. See Yale, L. M., and others. Angling. 1896. 

Penn, Richard. Maxims and hints for an angler, and miseries of fishing, to 
which are added maxims and hints for a chess player. London, Murray, 

Collation : pp. vi-59. i' plates on India paper. 16°, half black roan. Containit name of 
Mr. Charlei Carow, book-plate of Governor Theodore Roosevelt and inscription, " For Mr. 
Dean Sage from Edith K. Roosevelt." For other editions see Main Catalogue. 

Pennant, Claude Doaflas. See Hardy, Hon. Alfred Erskine Gathome-. 
The salmon. London, 1898. 

Perry, W. A., and others. American game fishes ; their habits, habitat, and 
peculiarities ; how, when, and where to angle for them, by W. A. Perry, A. A. 
Mosher, W V . H. Murray, W. D. Tomlin, A. N. Cheney, Prof. G. Browne 
Uoode, W. N. Haldeman, Francis Endicott, Fred. Mather, S. C. Clarke, 
Rev. Luther Pardee, Charles Hallock, F. H. Thurston, J. Harrington Keene, 
Prof. David Starr Jordon, William C. Harris, B. C. Milam, G. O. Shields, 
J. S. A. Creighton, Dr. J. A. Henshall. Chicago, Rand, McNally & Co., 189a. 
Collation : pp. 58a Illiutrationa. Plates. 6°, cloth. 

Pond, Fred E. (Will Wildwood.) See Boyce, W. D. A strike. 1894. 

Raflnesque, Constantlne Samuel. Ichthyologia Ohiensis; or, Natural 

history of the fishes inhabiting the River Ohio and its tributary streams ; a 

verbatim et literatim reprint of the original, with a sketch of the life, the 

ichthyologic work, and the ichthyolcgic bibliography of Rafinesque by 

Richard Ellsworth Call. Cleveland, Burrows Brothers Co., 1899. 

Collation: pp. 175. Illustrationi. Portrait. 8**, cloth. Edition of 950 copiea, of which this 
is No. 61. 

Ralmondl, Bufenlo. Delle caccie, di Evgenio Raimondi Bresciano. Libri 

quattro, aggiuntoui'n questa nuoua 'mpressione altre caccie che sperse in 

altri libri andauano. (1630.) 

Collation: engraved title, U. 5, pp. 513, II. 14. Plates. 8°. half vellum. Pp. 487, 488 are 
supplied in mannicript. Pp. 9a, 46a, 4M, ^, 470, 471, misprinted 84, 450, 476, 477, 480, 481, 
respectively. Dedicatory letter signed : Di Venetia U 14 di Settembre, 1630. Fourth book, pp. 
3*3-5", treats in aiz chapters " De pesd." 




i8 Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

Raich, H. Om den kunstige FiskeformereUe og om Biavlen. Kristiania, 
P. T. Mailings, 185a. 

CoUaiioD : pp. 54- '«°i P»P«r- Second lupplement to the " Folkevenneni " flrit annual 

Rasch, H. Om Midleme til at forbedre Norges Laxe- og FerskvandsfiHke- 
rier, Christiania, P. T. Mailings, 1857. 

Collation : pp. 133-3. P^*'*- •°' P*P«f' 

Rau, Charles. Prehistoric Ashing in Europe and North America. Wash- 
ington, 1884. 

Collation : pp. xvili-34a. lUuttratlont. 4", half green morocco. " Smithsonian contributions 
to knowledge. 509." 

Rhead, Louis. The speckled brook trout (Salvelinus Fontinalis), by various 
experts with rod and reel ; edited and illustrated by Louis Rhead, with an 
introduction by Charies Hallock. New York, R. H. Russell, 190a. 

Collation: A-O. pp. 184. V, paper. Pasted in Is a review of the book by D. S., also a 
letter from Mr. Rhead to D. S. Enclosed is a catalogue of an ashibiUon of pictures by Louis 
Rhead, signed by him, and an invitation to the same. 

Roosevelt, Robert Barnwell, and 5eth Qreen. Fish hatching and fish 
catching. Rochester, N. Y., Union and Advertiser Co., 1879. 
Collation : pp. 045. Illustrations. xa°, cloth. 

Rose, Fred W. Angling in troubled waters ; a serio-comic map of Europe. 
London, Bacon & Co., 1899. 
ia°, paper. A folded colored map. 

Roselli, C. R. Swenska Fiskeriboken, om Hafs-och insj6fisket i Swerige ; 
beskrifning p4 fiskar inom Swerige och wid dess kuster; alla'harstades bruk- 
liga fiskredskap; afwensom Utdrag af fiskeristadgan samt af Kon. Bef: 
des resolutioner, m.m. Stockholm, S. Flodins, i860. (AlUnSnnyttigt hand- 
bibliotek, No. 3.) 

Solution: pp. 40. lao. Bound mtk CederstrOm, O. C. FiskbdUng och Sveriges Fiskerier. 

Rowlant Club, Cleveland. See Waltoniana. Exhibition of Waltoniana. 
Rules, orders and ordinances. See Thames. 

^x.' -^S*^' 



Supplement to Catalogue of Books on /fngling 19 

Ruiselt Alexander. Memorial volume. Printed for private circulation. 
Edinburgh, 1876. 

Collation : pp. 195. 8°. cloUi. Author of "The »«lmon." InMriptlon on fly-le«f ; To D. 8. 
from D. D. Not. 19, 190s. 

8., T. S. Den Swenske Fiskaren, eller Walment Underrattelse om det I 
Swerige nu Mr tiden brukeliga Fiskeri, jemte Beskrifning p4 de bekanta 
Fiskar och Fiskeredskap. Stockholm, Trykt i Kongl. 'I'ryckeriet, 1778. 
ColUtion: pp. 8-456-11. Poldtd pUle. ia°. quarter calf. 

Sage, Dean. Salmon angling, A few remarks on. (In " Outing " for July, 
1900, vol. 36, pp. 389-393.) 

5age, Dean, an</ others. Salmon and trout. By Dean Sage, C. H. Town- 
send, H. M. Smith, and William C. Harris. Illustrated by A, B. Frost, 
Tappan Adney, Martin Justice, and others. New York, Macmillan, 190a. 

Collation : pp. x-417. r>, half olive morocco. 

Edition of 100 copies on large paper, of whinh this is No. is. (The American Sportsman's 
Library, edited by Caspar Whitney.) 

dalmon-fishing. Statement of Salmon fishing on the river Godbout from 
seasons 1889- 1900, inclusive. Ottawa, The Mortimer Co. n. d. 
Collation: pp. no. 8", paper. 

Sandeman, Fraser. Angling travels in Norway. London, Chapman and 
Hall, 1895. 
Collation: pp. xii-a86. lUiutratlons. Colored plates. Map. 4°, half vellum. 

5chrdder, Gustaf. Vagledning i Fiske. Med ofver 50 illustrationer. Stock- 
holm, Alf. Samuelssons, 1900. 
Collation : pp. ii6-ii. ia°, paper. 

Shand, Alexander Innes. Sec Hardy, Hon. Alfred Erskine Gathome-. 
The salmon. London, 1898. 

Sigurdsson, Jdn. Lftil Fiskib<5k, med uppdr&ttum og (itsk^ngum, handa 
fiskimdnnum A Islandi. Samin eptir fiskivei{!ab6kum W. Heins. Kaupman- 
nahofn (Copenhagen), Thiele, 1859. 
Collation : pp. 4a. a plates. lao, boards. 





ao Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 

5loMon, Annie Trumbull. Fishin' Jimmy. Edinburgh, D. Dougltu, i88«. 

Collation ; pp. 30. 16°, h»lf brown levant morocco. 
5niltll, H. M. Sec Sage, Dean, and others. Salmon and trout. New York, 

T«nnant, Robert. Sardinia and iu re«ource8. Roma, Spithflver, or London, 
Stanford, 1885. 

CoUatlon: pp. 311. PUtei. Map. 4", cloth. Chapterxllcontain* "Trout and river flihlnf." 
Pretanted to Mr. Sage by Bernard Quaritch. whole autograph ii on the fly-leaf. 

Thames. The annual report and "Blue Book" of the Thames Angling 
Preservation Society, containing useful information to Thames anglers. 1879. 
Hounslow, Gosden. (i88o.) 
Collation : pp. 99. i<S°i half green levant morocco. 

Thames. Rules, orders and ordinances for the fisheries in Thames and 
Medway. London, Arthur Taylor, 1848. 

Collation : pp. 36. ia*>, half brown levant morocco. 

Thomas Henry Sullivan. The rod in India ; being hints how to obtain 
sport, with remarks on the natural history of fish and their culture, and 
illustrations of fish and tackle. Third edition. London, Thacker & Co., 


ColUtlon: pp. xxvll-435. lUmtrationi. Platei. 8°, cloth. New matter Included In thU 

"Thormanby." See Dixon, W. Willmott 

Thorstelnson, Arna. Laxkynjaffir fiskar og fiskirlekt ; Or Timariti hins 
islenzka b6kmenntaffelags IL Arg. Reykjavik, Isafoldar, 1881. 
Collation: pp. 73-»^' 8», paper. 

Townsend, C. H. See Sage, Dean, and othen. Salmon and trout. New 
York, 190a. 

Trout. The speckled brook trout. See Rhead, Louis. 




Supplement to Catalogue of Books on Angling 2 1 

Van Oyk«. H«nry. Fisherman'* luck, and some other uncertain thingi. 
New York, Scribner's Sons, 1899. 

Collation: pp. 1VIM47. Plata*, r. half yaUutn. Walton Edition of " FUhannan* Luck " 
printed by th« D« Vlnna Pratt on Vaji Gcider paper, limited to 150 copici, of which thii It 
Numbar at. The " Dedication " page conlalni an original poem with the author'* ai:tocrNpb, 
written for Mr. Sage. Thi* edition containt a chapter In verte called ■• The Angler's Keveillea " 
which do«t not appaar In the other editiont. 

VenabiM, Robert. The Experienc'd Angler; or. Angling improv'd. Being 

A general Discourse of Angling; Imparting many of the aptest wayes and 

choicest Experiments for the taking of most sorts of Fish in Pond or River. 

London, Printed for Richard Marriot, and are to be sold at his shop in St. 

Dunstans Churchyard, Fleet-street. i66a. 

Collation: engraved title, prinf^ title, A»-Ht, In elghtt. 16'. bound with Walton, The 
Compleat Angler, 16&4, In old calf binding. 
For other copies tee Main Caialogua. 

Wagner, Qottfrled Jacob. Dcr In der Edlen Fischerey wohl-unterrich- 
tende und-erfahrne Fischer, welcher lehret, Wie man soil die Teiche anlegen, 
bauen, warten . . . NUrnberg, Johann Albrecht, 1730. 

Collation : pp. a6i-8 (unpaged). Plate. i«o, board*. Pp. 15, 16 misting; pp. 146, aio ml*- 
printed 147, 908, re*pectively, 

Walton, Ixaak. The Compleat Angler; or, The Contemplative man's 
Recreation. Being a Discourse of Rivers, Fish-ponds, Fish and Fishing. 
To which is added The Laws of Angling : with a new Table of the Particu- 
lars in this Book. The third Edition, much enlarged. London, Printed by 
J. G. for Rich. Marriot, at his shop in St. DunsUns Church-yard, Fleet- 
street. 1 66 1. 

Collation : A-S8, in elghtt. Size sA«3|. 16°, full green morocco, gilt edges, silk filet. The 
title-page hat been remounted and a or 3 page* are *lightl/ torn, otherwi*e a perfect copy. For 
other copie* »eo Main Catalogue. 

Walton, izaak. The Compleat Angler; or, The Contemplative man's 
Recreation. Being a Discounie of Rivers, Fishponds, Fish & Fishing. To 
which is added, The Laws of Angling : With a new Table of the Particulars 
in this Book. The third Edition, much enlarged. London, Printed for R. 



as Supplement to Catalogue of Books an /Angling 

Marriot, and are to be lold by Simon Ctp« neer the Inner Temple-gate in 
Fieri atreet, 1664. 

Collatwa: A-S8. !nd8t>t»(p.«3ml.prlnud.33>. »Im?|«s|- i**. «"• ••>! copy l» otd 
calf blB<Mnf . Bound wilh li It Th« K-p«f lenc'd Ai>i»er, i«S««. Sw under 

" Th« ihlrd •dllton wm HtvmA in 1661. b«i b«for« many copl.. had b««n told, .nd '"' »°^ 
mton (not now dltoo»er«bl«. thoufh pottlWy p«c«nl«ry). Ih« lato of ih« book w.t •«"»'«^ 
from Richard Marrlol 10 Simon Gape, by whom «ha r«.«liid«r of Uw imprwion wat »••>« »o«» 
with a freth litU-page dated iM4. ' ►♦'«/««^. CkrtihtU »f tkt " OmfimI Angltr. iMj. f. 
/J. See note from I'ickering k Chatto catalogue patted wllWn. 

The edition of 1664 In Main Catalogue It imperfect. 

Walton. IsMk. The Complete Angler, or; The contemplative man'i 
recreation, and instructions how to angle for a trout or fnyUng in a clear 
•tream, by Charles Cotton. With copious note* . . . AUo a general index 
to the whole work. New York, Wiley & Son, 1866. 

Collation: Part I: pp. vi-*Kil-a49: ?"» U : pp. aio. Illuttrmtioo.. PUtt. P°rtraJti. 11^ 
half red morocco. A reittue of the 1847 •dUion of B«thun«, for entry of which tee Main Catv 
logue. Containi book-plate of Edwin F. Snow. 

Walton, ixaak. The Compleat Angler: by I«aak Walton and Chariea 
Cotton, edited with an introduction by Richard Le Gallienne. Illuatrated 
by Edmund il. New. London & New York, John Lane, 1897. 

Collation : pp. UxKiv-H-y »«»«» 7 U. containing The Anglert Calendar, compiled by Hi Regan. 
Illuttratlont. Hortraltt. 4°. cloth, uncut. The te.t of thit edition It a reprint of the Mth. In- 
MTtod it a cupping from " The Bookbuyer." a criUcitm of thlt editkiii writtw by Mr. Saga. 

Walton, izaak. Another copy. Uncut and unbound. In thirteen partt, 
issued between April 1896 and April 1897, paper. 

Walton, liaak. The Compleat Angler; or. The Contemplative Man's 
Recreation, being a discourse of rivers, fish-ponds, fish and fishing. Lon- 
don, Frowde. (1900.) 

Collation: Portrait, engraved title, pp. xl«-5«7- niuttratkitw. 
"The Fifth edition, much correctMl and enlarged." She "i*!! 

«4«, i«d morocco. 
It U called the "Thiunb 

I I 

Walton, Izaak. Another copy. 

Black morocco, with the intcription: D. S. for the Compleatett Angler I know. In hnpe« that 
thU wUl not be ali«ady In hit " compleat Ubrary." W. C. D. Chrittmai. 1900. 


wmafci II yin— Wi^. 

i\tm m m m .nuiugnmw wifiWKiiriT-pi ' n--^ 

SuppUment to Catalogue of Books on /Ingling a) 

Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler ; or, The contcmpUtlve man'i recre- 
ation. Being a di«cour»e of Rivem, fiah-pondii, fi»h & finhing. Written by 
Mr. Izaak Walton, and Iniitructions how to angle for a Trout or Grayling in 
a clear Stream liy Charlen Cotton, Emj. Edited by George A. B. Dewar, 
with an Eniay by Sir Edward Grey, Hart., & numeroiu etchings by William 
Strang & D. Y. Cameron. The Winchc»ter edition. London, Freemantle 
& Company, 190J. 
Collation: rol. i.pp. \%^\-i^< vol. «. pp. il-as*. 40. black parchmmt. 
Edition or ISO coplM, of which ihli It No. 49, tlgned by I). Y. Cameron and Wm. Strang. 
The text ;• an exact reprint of the flfth (1676) edition. Tha plates ara in duplicate, tha illuitral 
llonion India paper. 

Walton, Izaak, Jun. pseu<i. The complete fisherman ; or, Converaations at 
the International Fisheries Exhibition, 1883. No. i. London, Page and 
Pratt. H. d. 
Collation : pp. 1. •*>, half gnMn lavanl morocco. Original papar cover bound In. 

Waltoniana. Exhibition of Waltoniana; at the Rowfant Club, Cleveland, 
October a6th, ayth and aSth, 1896. Finding-List. 
Collation : pp. 33 and Addenda. ia°, paper. 

WelU, Henry Parkhurst. Fly-rods and fly-tackle. Suggestions as to their 
manufacture and use. Revised and enlarged edition. New York, Harper, 
ColUUon : pp. 4411. Illuttraiionf. la", cloth. Patted In la a review of tha book by D. 8. 

Wergeland, Hagb. Fra Skogsmarken, Skildringer fra J«ger-og Fiskerlivet. 
Kristiania, A. Cammermeyer, 1896. 
Collation : pp. 148. Illuxtratlons. IP, paper. 

Whitehead, Charles E. Camp-fires of the Everglades ; or. Wild sports in 
the South. New York, Forest and Stream Publishing Co., 1897. 
Collation : pp. x-ogS. PUtea. 40, cloth. Chapter xxli, " Tarpon-flabing," pp. aii-aip. 

WIdegren, HJalmar. Bidrag till kannedonien om Sveriges Salmonider ; 
Akaderoisk afhandling. Stockholm, Norstedt & SOner, 1863. 
Collation : pp. 78. Plates. 8°, paper. 

Willis Bund, John William. See Bund, John William Willis. 




34 SuppUment to Catalogue oj Books on Angling 

Wliloughby . Hufh L. Actom the Ever flmdw ; a c«no« Jounity o( «»j»lor«. 

tion. FhiUdel|>hi«, J. B. LippincoM Co., 1898. 
CoOmIm : pp. i«ft Pta««. >*«p«. !•». «l«h. 
Wllaon. John. (Chrittopher North.) Chrittopher In hit iportlng jtcket 

New York, McClure, PhlUipe 8c Co., 1901. 

ColklJofi: pp. iU-«j3 • colofwl ptinu. I». h«l( r«l cMh. F.«JI«»oo, tsoo ooptM. App««ni(l 
orlalnaliy In " Blackwood for JWp4«mb«r, iM. •ml ••• U««r IneMtd l« Chrl«up»»« North! 
•• RMrMtloM.'- i&t*. Pm«*« »• »• • r«»Uw by D. ». whkh appufMl In lh« " N«ik«.' 

Wotton, Sir H«nry. Reli«iul«5 Wottonianie ; or, A Collection of Mvet, 
Letter., I'oemii Wilh Character! of Sundry I'erionagea; And other Incom- 
parable Piece* of Language and Art. Hy the curioua Pencil of the Ever 
Memorable Sir Henry Wotton, Kt., Ute Provoit of Eton College. The 
aecond edition, with large additiona. London, Thomai Maxey, 1654. 

ColUilon: tlil«-p«g*. pp. (IhSft-SiS- ?««»«. H". <«««' »>"»■ «<»»oocft Ff«m Mr. John 
Bcrtktt't AnfllDg Llbrwy. 

Wotton, Sir Henry. Reliqui« Wottonfan* ; or, A Collection of Lives, 
Letten, Poemi . . . Also Additional Letten to teveral Peraons, not before 
Printed. The Third edition, with large additions London, R. Marriott, 


CoUatkm : iIUm*I«. PP- (MhS**. •'ibte. 9 portnUU. it", ftill brown morocco. From Mr. 
John Bvtlctl • AngUnf Ubmry. For wUdoo ^ iflsi ••• M»ln Cnulogue. 

Yak, L. M., anti others. Angling, by L. M. Yale ; J. G. A. Creighton ; A. R. 
Macdonough; A. F. Higgina; Robert Grant; Alexander CargiU; C. F. 
Holder. New York, Scribner'a Sons, 1896. 

Collntton: pp. 11-305. lUuitrntloni. tP. cloih. ("Th. Out of Door Llbrwy.") Thachapeert 
have appearwl at different tlmat In " Scrlbotr't Magaiint." 

■i I I Ill) I* 11 '»'<'"" 


f o( fliplorft- 
rting jacket. 

)l«t. App«*r«d 
Mwphtr North'! 

n of Livei, 
jther Incom* 
of the Ever 

ullege. The 

Krom Mr. Joh« 

m of Livet, 
s, not before 
K. Marriott, 

000. From Mr. 

ghton ; A. R. 
ugill; C. F. 

") The ebapion 



mmmMmMii ■■••in I II I, nil 

KTi WW -Tifl «* i li*" ■ 'l[!l'